How To Easily Create A Verified Paypal Account That Can Receive And Send Money In Nigeria

How To Easily Create A Verified Paypal Account That Can Receive And Send Money In Nigeria

Introduction To How To Create A Verified Paypal Account That Can Receive And Send Money In Nigeria:

Hello Friends, This day I want to show you how you can create a verified Paypal Account That can receive and send money from Nigeria. For this tutorial the best of such Paypal is a verified Lesotho PayPal account. Lesotho Paypal can send and receive money from where you are right here in Nigeria.

It’s not new knowledge that Nigeria PayPal has no feature to receive money but can only send money, this has made it unfavourable to be used for online transactions except for paying and buying of goods and other online services. I have pondered on this a number of times and was determined to investigate this. That is when I learned about a new way out of this and Lesotho business PayPal account is the perfect way out of this which has all the features of PayPal. This implies that  Lesotho business PayPal account can be used to send and receive money as well as do every other thing a US PayPal account does.

Why You As Person Living In Nigeria Need To Open a Lesotho Business PayPal account From Nigeria?

.How To Easily Create A Verified Paypal Account That Can Receive And Send Money In Nigeria

It provides you with the ability to reclaim your Paypal account back easily with the basic Nigerian govt-issued documents needed in case your account is having issues with Paypal admins. US-based PayPal accounts are excellent, but then the chances of losing your money are very high that any minor mistake can trigger PayPal to freeze or ban your account.

Recently, there has been enormous complaints that most US PayPal account users from Nigeria are not able to reclaim their US PayPal account in Nigeria because they do not have US Govt-Issued documents to provide that will let Paypal unlock their US PayPal account.

The truth is, Most internet marketers aren't going to tell you about the disadvantage of using a US PayPal account in a country like Nigeria because all they want is to make money off you and let you suffer the consequence.

For you to be reading this article I believe You desperately need a PayPal account that can perform almost everything Paypal offers. Do not worry because I am going to show you how to Create A Verified Paypal Account That Can Receive And Send Money In Nigeria without any hitch.

Are My funds secure in a Lesotho PayPal Account in Nigeria?

Yes, your funds are secure in a Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria.

Can I Use Lesotho PayPal Account  From for Drop-shipping?

Definitely Yes you can if you are thinking of changing how you receive your payment or funds. Lesotho Business PayPal is great because you can always use your original Nigerian Government-issued papers when opening the Lesotho Paypal account and readily present them to Paypal if any time your account gets the Paypal hammer.

Can Affiliate Marketers, Bloggers Make Use of Lesotho PayPal In Nigeria?

Definitely you can. if you are an affiliate marketer, internet marketer, or blogger you can create a Lesotho PayPal in Nigeria to receive and send money easily and quickly.

Requirements Paypal Need on How To open a Lesotho PayPal business Account In Nigeria

By now I guess you are ready to set up your Lesotho PayPal business Account and I have listed the required information you will need for you to successfully open one for yourself. See the Requirements below:

  1. Your Full Legal Name as it appears in your Nigerian Govt issued documents.
  2. Your Email Address: This will be used to receive payment from clients, bloggers, affiliate merchants or anyone using a PayPal account. As well as, you will need it to log into your account any time you want.
  3. A Valid Nigerian Government-issued means of identification: It can be your Voters Card,  National ID, Driver License, International Passport, etc.
  4. Your Nigerian Phone Number: Please use your Nigerian phone Number
  5. Your complete Nigerian Address: Make sure Your Address matches the one on your Nigerian Government-issued IDentity card.

If you are convinced that you have all the above information ready, you may now proceed to create your Business PayPal account.

Complete Guide to Open and Verify Your Lesotho PayPal Business Account Successfully In Nigeria 

The Following is the step by step tutorial on how you can open and verify successfully any Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria at most 10 minutes. Carefully follow the steps below;

STEP 1. Visit this link, or copy and paste this URL in any of your browsers preferably a desktop browser. After you have done that this page like the image you are seeing below will open. Now click on the Signup button

AVvXsEjktPadw35aKUIJh73hr8 ONaeCfz6rmSVD0J3md56x2n8CyYDo9ig c9rCTDGyPpywPyH yIQOC6cpXGeb3 eixY iYb53z W3lv gTqdbWihejKzUu094iGZ0YzX 4qSnOvkz5uzhAy3zhGaXKw0VgIjQn7ddsmLpw Uiy How To Easily Create A Verified Paypal Account That Can Receive And Send Money In Nigeria

STEP 2. After clicking on the signup button,  you will need to select business account next, because it is a business account we are opening. This is business account has all the entire features of paypal that we need.  

AVvXsEhN l 7yGKI gCcaeAEHBdycLEYVqqCOY6hjQzzV99n EbX5FB8NbFnA07Z7UCWhRQapxT8lyeYIlH42hv2dE1PpGCusMmcDqeUoZpuUuS8Z8N4UHgg4eP5K3eA6 AsVVEOrtP5 9ThrgUQfaUy2gSc1mPn4U How To Easily Create A Verified Paypal Account That Can Receive And Send Money In Nigeria

STEP 3. After you have done that Paypal will take you to the next page where you will be asked to supply your email address as displayed in the screenshot below. It’s most suitable if you create a brand-new verified Gmail email address for this purpose. Enter your email address in the box provided and click on the continue button. Please it’s important you use a Gmail account email address or a custom work email if you possess one. Please avoid yahoomail email address at all costs. After you enter your email, Tap on the Next Button and Paypal will take you to the next page.

AVvXsEhbdVmFOLzDF jbWDUZz8isARf0DERMmVV9YrULqN7zaNKPLxdNBq6MMu9dkaIYtlGRXIzb4sTMyVuo7Xy4pBQImkV7 How To Easily Create A Verified Paypal Account That Can Receive And Send Money In Nigeria

STEP 4. When the next page finished loading, you will be asked to input your personal data plus your business information. Don’t panic about the business information but ensure you are making use of your real legal name as it is displayed on your govt-issued document. Therefore in the email text box, we must enter the email address we want to use to create our Lesotho PayPal account. Then we will also enter and retype the desired password we intend to use for this Paypal account. On the business info part, where you are asked for legal names; please input your real legal first name plus last name respectively. For the business name, you can enter any name for your business. A business name does not matter if you registered it or not, but in my case, I just entered my real names combined.

Step 5. In the place of telephone number, Tap on the drop-down button where Lesotho is showing as your phone country and choose Nigeria as your phone country which is +234. you will then input your Nigerian mobile phone number but omit the first zero at the beginning of the number, for example instead of 07035, use 7035…

Step 6. At this stage, you will input your legal address the same way it appears on your bank account. The next thing you will need to do is to choose the currency you want to use on your PayPal, but in this scenario choose the USD currency and then tick the box “ BY CLICKING AND CONTINUE, I AGREE TO THE USER AGREEMENT AND PRIVACY POLICY. 

STEP 7. Then click the Agree and Continue button to proceed

AVvXsEhaVE3jMyHXbVEU5gfODSvDDWOk3PFZnnBVH2LqXFZYUhZVaHSttpD8TcFYhojSe1071VpaYIifZNYPnrc6XfNoIWz4Z h4D4Ld4ouKa8ZhJCkFbZV1dqDPvggFtkYRv9iF8y2zyRM0uatkdzMtUlydnCFWE1K How To Easily Create A Verified Paypal Account That Can Receive And Send Money In Nigeria

STEP 8. Then Paypal will take you to the next page where you will tell Paypal about your business. It is the tell us about your business page. On this page, you will be required to tell Paypal your business type. Just choose individual and then choose anything as the business category and business subcategory and then the next thing is for you to ignore the business URL box and let it remain blank. And proceed by clicking on the continue button

How To Easily Create A Verified Paypal Account That Can Receive And Send Money In Nigeria

Somehow the business website URL is very important if you actually own an e-commerce website.

The following step is one of the most crucial steps while opening your Lesotho PayPal account.

Whatever you provide at this point will ascertain if your Paypal account can be restored if your account is locked or restricted. Consequently, you will enter every exact detail about you when Paypal asked.

STEP 9. After you have clicked on the Continue button, Paypal will take you to the next page which is the account holder information page where Paypal will ask you to submit a document of identification for verification. Input Nigeria as your nationality and select the type of document you want to use, then input the corresponding information there. When I was opening my Lesotho Paypal account I used an international passport for verification. Therefore you will select international passport from the drop-down menu and provide your passport number and your original date of birth the same way it is on your passport. See the screenshot below

How To Easily Create A Verified Paypal Account That Can Receive And Send Money In Nigeria

STEP 10. The next step is for you to submit the document you provided earlier by tapping the SUBMIT button as displayed on the image above. After you have done that you will be taken to a page as displayed below where Paypal will be asking you to confirm the email address you used to signup in order to activate your PayPal account and set up your Paypal payment.

AVvXsEhQ4mlhC2qI0ntqge1OuNeAydUO73cAgcj Zq4XysbRtBRzisOTfB6P19NIlKnjLgpG92mlMJysV BzeQPz2mWI5U9hJMi fvIw4BzE5a FOXyDO5P7NfBtvx7S51 8sMR7HdNJs How To Easily Create A Verified Paypal Account That Can Receive And Send Money In Nigeria

STEP 11. The next thing for you to do is linking your bank account or card to your Lesotho Paypal account so that you can send money from your bank account to your Paypal account or send money from your Paypal account to your bank account or card.

AVvXsEhV77ExM9wGGFV7GLtfe5B9BFr9vOTMMA6ltl4mG8uKQ7OtfSrj3dXhhi3u72DS1cEaow uJg2qXF2XgGB D7 How To Easily Create A Verified Paypal Account That Can Receive And Send Money In Nigeria

How To Verify The Email Address That You Used For Your Lesotho PayPal 

To properly verify your freshly created Lesotho PayPal in Nigeria, Just go over to your email inbox and check for a mail from PayPal requesting you to validate your Paypal account. Tap on the Confirm Email Address button and it will open a new Paypal Page telling you that your account has been confirmed. That’s it, your email address is now confirmed.

Linking Debit/Credit Card to Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria.

you cannot just go ahead and link any kind of card to your Lesotho Paypal account in Nigeria. You must know which particular card works fine with the Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria. If you do not use the proper card, Paypal will reject it anytime you try adding it.

The Issue could be any of the following;

  1. You have Insufficient funds in card For Lesotho PayPal Verification: If The card you are attempting to add has insufficient money in it for PayPal to debit their confirmation charge. Paypal need your card to have a minimum of $3 (roughly 1500 naira) for PayPal to prove that you are the real owner of the card you are adding. After the verification of your account, your money will be refunded to you by PayPal.
  2.  If Your Card is Expired or Not the Type of Card Paypal accept: you can use a Prepaid card, debit card, or Credit card to verify your PayPal account, but note that not all of these cards are really accepted by PayPal.

I use GTB Bank Dollar Mastercard and Payoneer Dollar MasterCard, which are accepted by PayPal.

What Type of Financial Card Can I Use To Verify My Lesotho PayPal Business Account?

If you possess any of the following bank cards, then you are ready to go ahead with the addition and the verification of your Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria. But if you do not have any of these cards then check below and see the easiest one you can get from your Nigeria bank and use. Or Better still you can get a Payoneer Mastercard

  1. Payoneer Dollar MasterCard
  2. GT bank Dollar Mastercard
  3. FCMB Dollar MasterCard
  4. Access Bank Visa Card
  5. UBA Visa Prepaid or  Mastercard Card
  6. Stanbic IBTC Mastercard
  7. Alat Dollar Card or Alat by Wema MasterCard

All of the cards listed above work effectively with verification of PayPal account and if you possess any of these cards then move ahead to the next step to verify your Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria.

Please ensure you have more than $3 equivalent in your Dollar card or Naira account to proceed.

Verifying Your Lesotho PayPal Account Easily in Nigeria

I believe by now your card is ready. So Let’s get your account verified in about a few minutes;

STEP 1. First, you will log-in to the dashboard of your Lesotho PayPal account, and you will notice an orange-like flag with some text in front of it urging you to Link and Confirm your Credit card or  Debit card. Below it, click see details or visit this url after the page finish loading, choose to link a debit or credit card.

2. Then, input the number of your credit card in the 1st column

3. Then input the card Year of Expiration in the third column, you will see it at the front of your card in the area below the card numbers, e.g., 02/25

4. Then input the CVV code of your Debit card or credit card into the fourth column. The CVV code is the last 3 digit located at the back of your debit or credit card.

5. Then Proceed with the verification of your Lesotho PayPal by clicking or tapping on the Link Card Button

6. Then Accept the question that came next, and your credit card or debit card account will be debited with at least 800 to 1000 naira or 1 to 3USD.

7. Wait for a few minutes for the notification or alert to come up on your bank or card statement, You will see the word CODE boldly written as part of the account statement, the numbers you will see before the word are the code you will use to verify your Lesotho account. The code will likely contain something like this *PP1245PP

8. Now you must copy ONLY the 4 digit numbers inside the code and go back to the card you added earlier for verification.

9. Then Click on the “Confirm Card” Button and verify that youare the  owner of the card by inputting the 4 digit number you earlier copied and click the  “Confirm.” Label. That is it. 

And you can now receive money and send money out.

How You Can Protect or safegurad Your Lesotho PayPal Account in Nigeria from Getting Ban or Limited.

You need to understand these rules and follow them then your Lesotho PayPal account In Nigeria will not be banned. If you fail to follow these policies, you are on your own. You have to know them like you know your name.

1. You should never Request Charge Back or Do a wrong Transaction that will want you to ask for a chargeback using your Lesotho PayPal account.

What you have to Do instead is this: Directly Contact the person you wrongly sent the money to and ask them politely to use the PayPal refund feature to keep the money you sent the way it is when it is being refunded. This will help both of you to bypass additional charges.

2. You must Avoid login into your Paypal account in from Just any device you find or a private Tab, Just assign either your Smartphone or PC to be logging in PayPal account whenever you want. 

Do not also use VPN to Logging into your Lesotho Paypal account in Nigeria.  Rather, use the URL below to log in your paypal acocunt anytime you want to. Or you can bookmark the link

3. If for any reason you have an issue with your Paypal account you are to call PayPal with this number 1-402-935-2050 using the phone number you used for registering the Lesotho PayPal account and your issue will be solved ASAP.  Please take note that whenever you are calling Paypal always ensure you have your one-time unique passcode, you can get your one-time unique passcode from the URL below;

4. This is the proper link to link your debit card or credit card to your PayPal account;

5. Try your best to leave some balance in your Lesotho PayPal account instead of withdrawing everything in it to the last cent, this will help your Paypal account standing

6. Make sure you do not let anyone use your PayPal account for any treacherous activity or unlawful activity because this may cause you to lose your account and money in it when you least expected it.

7. Remember that You can link up to 5 additional emails to your PayPal account by using this URL below To Easily Create A Verified Paypal Account That Can Receive And Send Money In Nigeria