The 10 Best Top Rated Free Video Hosting webSites

These days, it has become easy to upload videos to the web but the question is what service shall you choose? Furthermore, free video hosting is very common, with just a few restrictions in place. We have listed below a list of the best free video hosting websites services.

1. YouTube

You can’t possibly think about a free online video without YouTube coming to mind. Just like Google, YouTube has become a household name and has become synonymous with video searching such that if you are in search of a song, clip, or meme, you are most likely going to “YouTube” it.


This is because YouTube is a big platform, and notably the world's biggest free hosting video site for every nook and cranny, you can even upload videos up to 256 GB in size, and you can choose to either allow anyone to search for it, keep it private or unlist it so that only people with the link can view it. 

Moreover, it permits streaming to a live audience and saving the videos later to your channel. You can make profits on the video hosting site through adverts If you are a content creator, nonetheless, YouTube Premium removes these adverts for a monthly fee. Also, if you are a premium user, you have access to the YouTube Original programs and a premium Music Service.

2. Vimeo

For people who take videos seriously, Vimeo is a reputable platform. This reputation was earned because, in the past, Vimeo was the only platform that seem to have provided truly high-quality video hosting services for free.

As a result of this, Vimeo became the favourite of filmmakers and animators alike. It is still recognized as the second big name after YouTube in video hosting on the web, though it sadly, does not have the edge over YouTube in terms of its quality anymore.

You can upload 500MB weekly with a Vimeo free account, and, Plus, Pro, Business, and Premium are the four paid account levels. As your level increases, your uploading limit increases, and you have access to additional features such as customizable players for embedding into websites and social media. 

3. Twitch

The 10 Best Top Rated Free Video Hosting webSites

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of live broadcasting is Twitch because it is one of the most popular live-streaming platforms usually for gamers and esports. A lot of people would prefer to watch their favorite content creators live instead of watching a pre-recorded video.

Interestingly, Twitch TV, a subsidiary of Amazon recently started offering free hosting services to their users, this is why these days, you can find so much pre-recorded content as live broadcasts on the site.

4. Dailymotion

Dailymotion was previously known to be a direct competitor to YouTube thereby providing a counterpoint to YouTube in the beginning days of internet copyright law.

With a lot of businesses and new services employing the service for embedded content, Dailymotion's reputation as the cowboy YouTube is now in the past. Furthermore, users are permitted to monetize their content based on view count in Dailymotion.

5. Google Drive

We all know that Google Drive is majorly used for backing up personal files, nevertheless, it is also utilized in hosting videos though you get to miss out on the community part of traditional social media and video sites.

There is an advantage of using Google Drive, just place a compatible video file in your Google Drive, and it will automatically be processed into a YouTube video where you can proceed to share the videos with a link or incorporate them into either websites or social media posts.

In addition to this, there is no hard limit to Google Drive video sizes, you are good to go as long as it fits in your Drive.

6. Facebook

Since the inception of Facebook, the platform has done so much that it might be hard to recall a service they are not trying to provide. Amongst their services is the feature that provides uncomplicated video uploading and live-streaming services for free to all of their users. Doing this is as simple as sharing any other post on your timeline, and videos can be embedded.

7. Instagram

Over the past years, Instagram has exploded in popularity. Well, this should not come off as a surprise considering the features Instagram has such as Stories, Instagram added IGTV, a longer-form video service right?

Please take note that IGTV videos can be between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long, and moving away from the norm, they must be portraits instead of the usual landscape. Famous Instagram users have utilized the service, nevertheless, all users can post videos by creating an IGTV account through either the app or the Instagram website.

8. Twitter

We must admit that Twitter is not widely known to provide video services, but to a large extent, a considerable portion of the video watched daily emancipates from the platform. Irrespective of the fact that the video is limited to two minutes and twenty seconds, it doesn't seem to affect or limit the number of videos being shared daily through the site.

Though you can record and upload video with the use of the Twitter app or the browser, live streaming is available natively through the Twitter app. 

9. VideosHub

This is formerly known as Metacafe, and it is used to occupy a similar space to YouTube and DailyMotion online. Funny enough, users of this site are few, nonetheless, videos still get views in the tens of millions.

Also note that while accounts are free, videos are restricted to under ten minutes, therefore, you will be disappointed if you are hoping to find an NSFW equivalent to YouTube. Unlike the other sites on our list, it does not permit sexually explicit videos, and also videos showing illegal acts of violence and death.

10. Wistia

Formerly, the launching of Wistiawas targeted at artists for storing their video portfolios, but in one way or the other, it pivoted to businesses and is currently for commercial users who are in search of a place to upload videos and receive statistics relevant for business growth.

While Wistia possesses a free tier that anyone can use to host videos for embedding on their site or blog, the paid version of it permits customization and personally branded video players.

Try to make quality videos first.

While it is easy to upload a video, the major task lies in selecting the correct format for your videos.

There are an array of online platforms to select from with your videos, and this could be overwhelming, but do not forget that you have to first learn how to produce quality content, especially if you desire to grow a following.

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