The SocialRebel Review - Legitimate or Scam?

Have you heard of SocialRebel? It is a site that claims you can earn up to $500 immediately after you sign up. All you need to do to earn this amount is to just invite friends or test out free apps and games to earn this amount.

This idea is tempting, it sounds like a pretty good deal, right? Well, if you have zero experience in online rewards sites, then upon seeing this, you might perceive this offer to be a very interesting one. Besides, you can earn hundreds of dollars daily.


Nevertheless, watch out for anything that sounds too good to be true. Before you hurriedly sign up as a member, take your time to read this SocialRebel review first just to find out if the site is legitimate or otherwise. 

Without mincing words, this review will expose the complete truth about what the site has to offer to its members, you can make your decisions afterwards.

What is SocialRebel all about and what does it have to offer?

SocialRebel is best described as what we know as a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that will compensate you for finishing short tasks.

For you to have a comprehensive understanding of how the site operates, we have to take a closer look at the earning opportunities therein which will expose you to the earning potential of the site.

The first option is paid surveys

One of the ways it is assumed that you can earn from SocialRebel is to provide answers to paid surveys. You will be conversant with this if you have been a member of GPT or survey sites before now. Nevertheless, if you are just coming across this opportunity for the first time, then, let us explain to you how it works.

SocialRebel Review

In our opinion, SocialRebel offers high-paying surveys that are, unfortunately, unrealistic.

The major issue here is that most of these surveys aren’t actual surveys though we must admit that some are real surveys and they are offered on other websites as well. What then is the difference? It is that the reward for the actual surveys isn’t in any way close to what SocialRebel is offering.

This is where our doubt comes in, how are they able to pay such an amount when the reward for the same survey on another website is significantly less.

There is only but one reason why they would promise you that ridiculous amount, it is to lure you to answer that survey to earn, but in the real sense, they are not willing to pay you $50 or more for it. Later, we will explain But, whether you can get paid by answering these surveys.

The second option is social media posts

Another way you are supposed to earn is by creating social media posts on several social media platforms. For you to gain access to this opportunity, all you have to do is just log in to the site and click “Social Pay” found on the left side of the dashboard.

Furthermore, you are expected to earn $30 or even more for each social media post you make.

We consider this action to be unethical because you are dishing out information that is not verified in a bid to get rewarded. In our own words, SocialRebel is utilizing this medium to spread information about the site.

Aside from this, the reward for this act is ridiculously high making it an unrealistic offer.

Who pays this much (about $50) just for creating a post on social media without any further requirements, that in itself is a big red flag. We will talk about if you will get paid or not later in this article.

The third option is the referral program

Finally, you can earn extra money by engaging in their referral program. Well, this is very common amongst GPT sites where you are allowed to earn by inviting others to join the site.

SocialRebel Review

For every referral you get for the site, you can earn $20 according to them. Of course, you have to share your link with the person you wish to invite, and if you are fortunate enough to get them to click the link and sign up, they automatically become your referral. $20 is by far the highest reward for referrals we have seen. 

Interestingly, eleven if your referral doesn’t sign up but clicks the link, you will still earn $2. This, we can confidently say that it is an unbelievable claim. No legitimate site will reward you for just clicking a referral link.

Is it true that SocialRebel pays?

Here comes the crux of the matter. We have earlier explained that once you finish your task, you will see earnings go into your SocialRebel account.

But this is not the problem because you will see the money in your account, the big question is if SocialRebel permits you to withdraw your earnings from this site. Before you can withdraw your supposed earnings, there are several conditions attached to them, and you must meet them. 

The requirement on the checklist states that you have to finish a minimum of 5 offers.

After which you have to get up to 5 referrals as well as 15 clicks from your referral link before you are allowed to withdraw your earnings. In addition to this, you have to earn a minimum of $200 from referrals. Invariably, your referrals have to answer surveys continuously for you to withdraw your earnings.

Truthfully, any website, not just SocialRebel, that operates using such a payment structure cannot be trusted.

If you are observant, you will notice that their payment system is tailor-made to mandate you to get new people to sign up for the site. The idea behind this is that the site will get paid when people complete their offer, and it will become a vicious cycle, whereby, in the end, you find out that the site is the only one benefitting because they have o plans of paying you.

Consider plugging into their system and concept a waste of both your time and the time of the person you invited. Withdrawing your earnings from a GPT site should not be a hard nut to crack as long as you have met the requirements (which should not be enormous) to withdraw your earnings. Attaching outrageous conditions to this is a means of discouraging you from withdrawing what you’ve labored for.

In fact, on their site, when you meet the initial conditions, you will be required to meet another set of conditions to continue. You end up crossing from one hurdle to the other just to withdraw your earnings.

What then is the essence of earning a huge amount of money from their earning opportunities when you can withdraw neither the money nor the gift cards that will be useful to you in the real world? 

Are there extra red flags you need to be aware of?

Earlier on, we discussed the main red flags we discovered about this site, focusing on both their earning opportunities and payment system. Let us summarize the red flags for the sake of clarity. 

First, the reward attached to their earning opportunity is unrealistic. Nobody plucks money from a tree, therefore no legitimate site will pay you that much for doing something as easy as providing answers to surveys or creating a social media post.

Secondly, as much as you will receive the reward into your SocialRebel account for finishing their earning opportunities, withdrawing your rewards will be a problem as a result of the additional conditions expected of you to meet before you can withdraw your earnings.

Also, you will see some testimonials looking like stock photos on their site. Invariably, these testimonials are fake, they are honestly not convincing enough.

The pictures of the testimonials as we earlier said are just stock photos or photos you can buy online from other platforms, also, there are no real means of verifying if the testimonials are real or not. Putting up a fake testimonial is never a hard thing to do.

This is yet another suspicious thing about the website – they upload logos of notable companies on their homepage to prove to you that they are trusted when in the real sense, these companies have no connections whatsoever with a GPT site like theirs.

Coming to the payment proofs provided on the page, photoshop can easily take care of that. We reiterate that there is no means of verifying these payments to know if the payment proofs are real. Worst still, once you log into that site, you will be notified immediately and from time to time that a member was able to withdraw thousands of dollars from the site, it seems like they are trying so hard to prove their authenticity but anyone familiar with GPT can even perceive them to be a scam just by this act alone.

What is our final verdict?

Without mincing words, we can say that SocialRebel is not a site we would recommend anybody to join.

Let us discuss this further by looking at its pros and cons so you can get a summary of what the site has in stock for you.

The Adavntages

None that we can tell.

The Disadvantages

For a newbie to GPT sites, it may be difficult for you to easily identify the red flags of this site immediately after you sign up. You are most likely going to work so hard to reach the point where you can earn enough money to be permitted to withdraw your earnings. Only for you to realize that it is almost impossible for you to do that.

But for an experienced member of GPT sites, you do not need anyone to tell you that the site is suspicious by merely going through the rewards it offers. Their rewards are ridiculously high, which we can best describe as being too good to be true.

And we all know what they say about something being too good to be true, then it must be false. We generally advise you to avoid this site like a plague so that you won’t be wasting your time.

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