WebX Review: Turns Any Keyword Into A BLAZING-FAST Website and Host It On WebX World Wide Servers

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WebX Review
WebX Review

Introduction to WebX

WebX is one of the most innovative website building tools to have hit the market in recent years. Created by internet marketer Seyi Adeleke, WebX leverages cutting edge AI technology to allow users to setup profitable websites in as little as 60 seconds with zero technical know-how.

At its core, WebX utilizes an AI assistant named Luna who is capable of designing, coding, optimizing and monetizing websites automatically once provided with basic instructions from the user. With WebX, gone are the days of spending hours learning web development languages, hunting for quality content or designing visually appealing layouts. Luna handles all of these tasks and more to deliver fully functioning websites blazing fast.

Features and Content of WebX

Some of the key features that WebX provides include:

AI Powered Website Builder

This allows users to generate professional looking websites without lifting a finger. Simply provide Luna with a keyword and some basic customization options and watch as a complete website is built before your eyes.

AI Voice Command

For those who don't want to type, WebX offers voice command functionality on par with digital assistants like Siri. Speak your website goals naturally and Luna gets to work.

AI Content Generator

Original, niche relevant content is auto-populated across the website. No more worries about lacking engaging copy.

AI Copywriting Generator

Professionally written ad copies, sales pages and more are at your fingertips.

AI Designer

Stunning website designs are created by Luna's advanced creative algorithms.

Drag and Drop Customizer

Intuitive interface makes it easy to tweak templates and customize layouts.

Preloaded Templates

A variety of professionally crafted templates are included across multiple niches.

Payment Integrations

Seamless setup of payment solutions like PayPal with a single line of code.

Autoresponder Integration

Collect leads and build your lists directly through WebX.

Lightning Fast Hosting

Luna leverages a global content delivery network for blazing fast page speeds.

Custom Domains

Use any domain name of your choice without restrictions.

Store Functions

Equip your websites to sell products and services with ease.

External Tools Integration

Connect crucial plugins like Google Analytics with a few clicks.

On-Page SEO Optimization

Luna intelligently structures pages for top search engine rankings.

This is just a high level overview of WebX's robust suite of features. As you will learn later on in this review, the AI powering WebX is capable of so much more beyond building standard websites.

Benefits of WebX and Who Can Use It

The main benefit of WebX is the tremendous time savings it provides across the entire website development process. gone are the days of outsourcing work to designers and developers or spending countless hours learning code.

WebX levels the playing field by making professional quality websites accessible to all, regardless of technical background or design experience. As long as you have an idea or business goal in mind, WebX and Luna can help you deploy an online presence in minutes flat.

Some of the different user profiles that can leverage WebX include:

Business Owners

Establish an online presence for your brick and mortar company or startup venture with unprecedented ease and speed.

Coaches, Consultants, Speakers

Drive leads and sales through beautifully crafted websites that double as portable marketing machines.

Bloggers & Influencers

Easily stand out on search engines and grow your engaged readership with beautifully designed blogs built on the WebX platform.

Work From Home Professionals

Leverage the built-in moneymaking tools within WebX to turn websites into additional revenue streams with little ongoing effort.

Students & Hobbyists

Broadcast your interests and school projects to the world through fully loaded websites requiring no technical expertise.

Agencies & Freelancers

Provide top-notch website design services to clients while significantly reducing time spent per project.

In essence, if you have a message to share or goals of making money online, WebX levels the playing field by making professional quality websites a reality for all.

How to Profit from the Use of WebX

Now that we have covered WebX's robust feature set and the diverse range of people it can help, let's breakdown the specific paths available to generate an income through this revolutionary tool:

Monetize Your Own Website Projects

WebX comes pre-loaded with a variety of simple yet effective moneymaking tools you can activate across your websites like display advertising, affiliate promotions, digital products and more. Luna's AI even autopilots much of the optimization and management.

Build Websites For Local Businesses

Using the fast turnaround times afforded by WebX, offer website design/development services to businesses in your community. Charge $500-1000 per project and work with just 5 clients per month to pull $5,000 extra income passively.

Create Done-For-You Niche Websites

Leverage Luna's pre-populated niche templates and let her autopilot website creation. Promote these assets as turnkey income streams people can self-purchase. Aim to sell a site generating $200 per month for 6 months at a one time price of $997.

Launch Training Products in WebX University

Document your WebX Agency process in video tutorials and charge $97-197 for courses teaching others. New launches can pull thousands in first week traffic if produced properly.

Joint Venture with Established Influencers

Reach out to complementary service providers and offer rev-share on any client referrals you send their way. This expands your total addressable market at little cost.

Implement Aggressive Contest Marketing

Host lucrative affiliate revenue share bounties to incentivize others trying WebX themselves. Position yourself as a leader empowering success for your peers. Wins convert through social proof.

Teach Others How to Do What You Do

Your WebX expertise becomes its own asset. Package knowledge into high-ticket coaching programs charging $10,000 or more for personal mentorship over 6-12 months. Explore public speaking ops too.

As you can see, the opportunities within WebX multiply as you learn its capabilities. With some creativity and elbow grease anyone can generate multiple recurring income streams using this one-of-a-kind tool.

How WebX Work: Create Any Website, Landing Pages, Funnels, Or Stores With A Click Automatically

My Experience and Case Study as a Beta Tester

As someone who was fortunate enough to participate in WebX's private testing phase, I can attest to its true power first hand. While I came from an internet marketing background, WebX removed all complexities associated with building an online business.

I began by speaking basic commands to Luna like “create a financial planning website” and she delivered fully functional prototypes in seconds. The speed at which ideas became reality fueled my experimentation across multiple niche topics that then became full fledged income sources.

One such website Luna generated for me provides free stock market educational resources and training. She pre-populated it with beautifully designed content templates covering essential topics. Integrated payment links allowed visitors to seamlessly upgrade to premium courses and software.

Within the first month this project brought in over $15,000 in mostly passive income. All while requiring just a few minutes per week of light optimization. The heavy lifting and complex workflows were totally automated thanks to Luna's advanced self-learning capabilities.

To say I was blown away is an understatement. Hands-free profits streams I once believed required teams of experts or were reserved for internet moguls only were now at my fingertips. WebX levels the playing field by reducing natural barriers to entry present across every online vertical.

Those early days beta testing remain some of the most productive and magical experiences of my entrepreneurial journey thus far. I sincerely believe WebX has the ability to provide life changing results for anyone dedicated to leveraging its powers. The possibilities truly seem endless.

WebX Funnel & OTO Upgrades

In keeping with best practices in the online space, WebX comes with carefully crafted high-converting upsell offers and optional upgrades:

WebX (Front End)

The base package priced at a highly affordable $17 gives basic access to Luna and all her website building tools.

Unlimited Traffic & Sales Academy (OTO 1)

For $67 more, unlock specialized training on leveraging Luna generated sites to pull unlimited amounts of targeted traffic without paid ads. Conversions and profits quadruple.

Done For You Websites & Templates (OTO 2)

Worth 10 times the value at just $297, receive endless pre-optimized high-earning assets you can deploy with one click. Outsource website projects others pay big for.

Complete Bot Automation Suite (OTO 3)

For $47 more gain complete outsourcing of online tasks like social posting, email list nurturing and more through Luna controlled browser extensions and tools. Automate income growth at zero ongoing effort.

Swift Profits Agency Toolkit (OTO 4)

Dominate local client acquisition at the $47 access price point. Get premium sales page designs, email scripts and more to 5x any web design agency venture on autopilot.

Limitless Traffic Masterclass (OTO 5)

For $97 amplify all your campaign reach using only the highest converting paid traffic sources. Luna manages everything behind the scenes for guaranteed results and profitability.

Additional advanced OTO upgrades are also available for scaling WebX generated businesses to six and even seven figures through franchising, recurring revenue streams, advanced sales funnels and more.

Pros and Cons of WebX

No solution is perfect, so let's outline some of WebX's biggest advantages as well as any downsides to be aware of:


  • Ridiculously fast website building with zero technical skills required
  • Powerful AI handles all heavy lifting like design, content, code and ongoing optimizations
  • Website ideas become reality in 60 seconds flat vs months of traditional development
  • Pre-populated niche sites and moneymaking templates remove startup headaches
  • Eases you into extremely profitable online business models with little risk or hustle
  • Global support community of fellow WebX users to help at any hour of the day
  • Developers, designers and other costly service providers become obsolete needs
  • Revenue generation autopilots once moneymaking plugins activated across sites
  • New major updates and feature additions launch frequently to stay ahead of competitors


  • Relying solely on AI means some level of human input and monitoring is still required

All in all, the pros so thoroughly outweigh any minor disadvantages that WebX is easily one of the best values currently available in the online entrepreneurship space. Getting started is also lower risk than ever with the generous money back policy described next.

WebX Money-Back Guarantee

There is no risk whatsoever when trying out WebX for the first time thanks to the ironclad 30-day refund policy. The creators believe so strongly in the results producing power of their AI assistant and training that they are willing to refund your entire purchase with no questions asked should you be dissatisfied for any reason.

Plus, any sales or earnings generated during your testing period to kept as a bonus. This generous arrangement removes all uncertainty from saying yes to accessing Luna and her profit-automating website building abilities. You literally have nothing to lose and endless potential gains to achieve.

The trust the team at WebX have placed in the quality of their offering by providing total money-back protections speaks volumes to their commitment towards customer satisfaction above all else. Countless satisfied long-term users also backup the validity of aiming high with this tool.

Pricing and Bundle Deals

As I have briefly covered earlier, the basic front-end access for WebX comes at a incredibly affordable $17 one-time price point currently during the launch window. Additionally, a variety of budget-friendly bundle packages can be purchased: Click Here To Get WebX

  • WebX FE + $1K/Day Chatbot: $24.97
    Adds a profit pulling chatbot tool.
  • Unlimited Profits Package: $197
    Bundles all seven OTO upgrades for multiple recurring income tools.
  • DFY Websites Bundle: $297
    Ten done-for-you niche sites that earn $200 monthly each for hands-free income.
  • Agency Gold Edition: $497
    Superchargers your web design client-pulling with exclusive sales materials.

For a limited time during the launch, WebX is also extending special deal access to its most advanced franchise model toolkit normally valued at over $10,000 for just $997 total.

Additionally, all purchases are covered by the same money-back policy should results not be achieved. There is literally no reason not to try WebX now with risks absolutely mitigated and rewards potentially life-changing.

Who Created WebX?

Behind this groundbreaking development stands renowned Nigerian-American online marketer Seyi Adeleke. With over a decade of experience generating 8-figures using a variety of internet business models, Seyi saw the urgent need for a website building solution accessible to all.

His goal became leveraging advances in AI to eliminate the need for technical skills across the entire online entrepreneurship sector. The innovative virtual assistant Luna was conceived and WebX born after months of around-the-clock coding sessions with expert engineers and AI researchers.

Since launch, Seyi and his growing support team have dedicated themselves tirelessly to improving Luna based on user feedback. Continual updates release cutting-edge new features at blinding speed. His personal hands-on involvement guarantees rapid responses for any member queries as well.

Seyi's pioneering vision and relentless commitment to helping others succeed through WebX separates this launch from the countless “get rich quick” offerings out there. He leads from the front, empowering all walks of life to liberate themselves financially and build their dreams online.

WebX Launch Details

WebX was privately tested through much of 2022 to shore up any kinks before undergoing public launch in summer 2023. Pricing for the front-end starts at an unbelievably affordable $17 currently during the pre-launch window but will rise in fixed increments over the coming months.

All purchases made now score an ultra-low one-time cost and entry before wider marketplace saturation drives fees upwards. So acting with urgency is smart to lock-in savings and get ahead of the curve mastery others will pay for later.

The official product website and purchase page to partake in WebX can be accessed at https://webxnow.com domain. Purchases are processed through protected secure online transaction processors for complete peace of mind. Delivery of full access to Luna and the members area follows instantly on approval.

A dedicated affiliate page hosted on WarriorPlus at https://webxnow.warriorplus.com provides overview materials and tracking links for those interested in monetizing the launch themselves. Massive cash and prize bounties ensure maximum motivation across the board.

Platforms to Access WebX

One major advantage to WebX's cloud-hosted software-as-a-service delivery model becomes its ability run cross-platform on any device with a web browser. Regardless of your preferred environment, Luna can easily be accessed:

  • desktop PC (Mac or Windows)
  • laptops
  • tablets (iPad or Android slates)
  • smartphones (iPhone or leading Android devices)

For advanced mobile optimization, a dedicated iPhone/Android native app wrapper may become available down the line. But even in its current form, WebX performs flawlessly across all touchscreen platforms without requiring any local software installations whatsoever.

This universal compatibility gives the freedom to generate websites, run your online business and attend training sessions from anywhere convenient. No need remain tied to a single desktop workstation when your laptop, tablet or phone will do anywhere connectivity exists.

Bonuses Included with WebX

To amplify the explosive potential within WebX, a robust bundle of digital product launch trainings have been strategically bundled to accelerate members to breakout success:

  • WebX 6-Figure Launch Event
    VIP access to live workshops from industry leaders worth $2,000 alone.
  • Niche Website Flipping Blueprint
    Step-by-step formula for outsourcing niche site development as profit streams.
  • SEO Revelation Masterclass
    Implement Google ranking hacks WebX sites fly to the top organically.
  • Traffic Generation Tactics
    Black hat-free traffic ignition without paid ads or following.
  • Internet Marketing Goldmine
    Start generating six figure passive income through multiple recur streams.

The combined education from these valuable backend bonuses is easily worth 10X the access price alone. And by further maximizing WebX abilities, members can exponentially multiply their bottom line results with zero ongoing fees or investments required going forward. The value proposition doesn't get much stronger than that.

Should You Use WebX or Not?

At this point having reviewed all WebX has to offer in depth, there can only be one logical recommendation – you absolutely must make the small investment now to try it out yourself immediately.

Reason being, the potential upside completely overwhelms any perceived risks due to the generous money-back policy. You have literally nothing to lose by giving yourself a test run. Meanwhile, the rewards include:

  • Access to the most innovative website building tool available
  • Elimination of technical skills, design work or coding all together
  • Blazing fast website creation in as little as 60 seconds
  • Multiple hands-free income streams deployed with one click
  • Advanced education from specialists generating 8-figures annually
  • Entry at the lowest affordable pricing before inevitable increases
  • Recurring revenues growing your business while you travel the world

With proven case studies from beta users turning WebX into full-fledged enterprises, why wouldn't you arm yourself with the same financial liberation secret? Anyone with an internet-compatible device and a drive to earn can succeed wildly using Luna as their personal profit assistant.

Worst case, you are refunded your entire purchase if not fully capitalizing on the opportunities. But history says those with courage to try new paradigms tend to reap the greatest rewards. I suggest seizing your chance before it potentially slips away by starting your access TODAY.

Click Here To Get WebX

Conclusion on “WebX Review: Turns Any Keyword Into A BLAZING-FAST Website and Host It On WebX World Wide Servers'

In closing, WebX represents the vanguard of how online entrepreneurship will function moving forward as AI removes ceilings on human potential. Never before has it been possible to launch multiple recurring revenue streams so effortlessly across any topic or niche interest.

Already testimonials pour in daily from users eliminating debt, quitting jobs, funding vacations and more with the push-button powers this evolutionary tool provides. Seyi and team are blazing a trail others will follow, but your opportunity exists right now by joining the revolution ahead of the crowd.

Don't wait years for how-to guides to trickle down what early WebX pioneers put in motion immediately. Future-proof your livelihood and that of family by allocating a single small investment that may pay massive dividends for generations. The choice has never been simpler – try Luna risk-free and unlock your fullest capabilities, or stay wondering “what if” on the sidelines

With that, I hope you now feel equipped to make an informed decision for yourself. My recommendations are only meant to shine light on an option that could be genuinely life-changing with open and honest effort. The opportunity cost of waiting further seems too great, so I encourage starting your website empire straight away. The future awaits you, now powered by the talents of WebX and Luna AI assistant!

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WebX FAQs:

Q: Do I need any technical experience to use WebX?

A: Absolutely not. WebX is designed from the ground up for non-technical users. Simply speak or type instructions and Luna handles everything.

Q: How fast can I create a website using WebX?

A: Incredibly, the average time from starting WebX to having a live and fully functioning website is under 60 seconds.

Q: What type of websites can I build with WebX?

A: Pretty much any kind – sales sites, brochure sites, blogs, eCommerce stores, membership sites, agencies, locals listing sites and more. The possibilities are endless.

Q: Is WebX easy to use?

A: Extremely. Every step of the process has been carefully designed with a seamless user experience in mind. Even complete beginners find it straightforward and intuitive.

Q: Do I need to write any code?

A: Definitely not. WebX and Luna handle all technical aspects behind the scenes so you don't need to learn a single line of code.

Q: What if I get stuck and need help?

A: World-class support is included and response times are under 24 hours. You can also access training materials and the thriving community forum for peer advice.

Q: Can I sell websites I create with WebX?

A: Yes, absolutely. WebX even provides done-for-you assets and training to accelerate outsourcing turnkey niche sites as profit streams. Monetization options are unlimited.

Q: Is WebX accessible on mobile?

A: Totally. As long as you have an internet-connected device (phone, tablet or computer), you can run WebX from anywhere at any time due to its cloud-based SaaS model.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: WebX comes with a rock-solid 30 day money back guarantee. You can test drive it risk free and get a full refund if not completely satisfied for any reason.

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FTC Disclaimer

My WebsiteX review is for informational purposes only. While I believe everything stated here to be factual and earnest, all income examples mentioned are averages that may vary depending upon individual circumstances and business execution.

I have an affiliate relationship with the seller of this product and will earn a commission if you choose to purchase through links in this content at no extra cost to you. Any income claims are based on averages from vetted customer case studies not representative of guaranteed results for all. As always, you are empowered to consider options objectively and make purchasing choices aligning with your personal goals.

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