Vocal Clone AI – The #1 AI Voice Cloning Platform Built For Marketers That Clone Your Voice Or Create Custom, Unique AI Voices In Seconds, Making Your Marketing More Engaging, Authentic and Human.

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Vocal Clone AI - The #1 AI Voice Cloning Platform Built For Marketers That Clone Your Voice Or Create Custom, Unique AI Voices In Seconds, Making Your Marketing More Engaging, Authentic and Human.
Vocal Clone AI – The #1 AI Voice Cloning Platform Built For Marketers That Clone Your Voice Or Create Custom, Unique AI Voices In Seconds, Making Your Marketing More Engaging, Authentic and Human.


Artificial intelligence has disrupted many industries by automating manual processes and improving efficiencies. One area that AI is revolutionizing is voice generation and cloning. Vocal Clone AI is a groundbreaking new platform that leverages advanced AI technologies to clone voices and generate unique synthetic voices.

Vocal Clone AI was created by serial entrepreneur Yogesh Agarwal to be the world's first voice cloning platform built specifically for marketers. It allows users to effortlessly clone their own voice or create custom AI voices in just a few clicks. This transformational tool gives marketers the power to humanize their content and skyrocket their results.

In this in-depth review, we will explore all the innovative features of Vocal Clone AI, how it can be used to profit both personally and for clients, real user case studies, and more. By the end, you'll understand why Vocal Clone AI is truly a game-changing tool that every serious online marketer should have in their toolkit.

Features and Content

Let's begin by looking at the powerful features included within Vocal Clone AI and the different types of content it allows users to create.

Voice Cloning

The signature feature of Vocal Clone AI is its ability to flawlessly clone voices. Users can either upload a 10-second audio clip of their own voice or choose from a library of synthesized AI voices. The platform then analyzes the sample and generates a seamless cloned version that sounds identical to the original. This opens up endless possibilities to humanize marketing content with one's authentic voice.

Text-to-Speech Conversion

Vocal Clone AI utilizes cutting-edge Polly and Wavenet technologies to transform any written text into high-quality synthetic audio. Users can customize various properties like voice type, pitch, speed, and more. This makes it simple to effortlessly turn blogs, articles, scripts, and more into engaging audio formats.

Customizable Voices

An entire catalog of unique AI voices across different languages, accents, and styles is available to choose from. But Vocal Clone AI also offers advanced customization capabilities. Users can tweak voice properties, add special effects like emotions, and even generate customized voices not present in the standard library.

Content Creation Tools

Powerful tools are integrated to simplify content production. Users can merge audio files with background music, images to quickly create videos. Auto-generated scripts, images using AI models, and a 1-click video maker further streamline the process. Intelligent enhancement improves audio quality and consistency.

Multilingual Support

With over a dozen supported languages like English, Spanish, Hindi, German, and more, Vocal Clone AI empowers locals to reach wider global audiences. The platform handles voice culture and accents appropriately for each region. Additional languages are regularly being added too.

Benefits and Who Can Use It

Now that we understand the capabilities of Vocal Clone AI, let's explore the key benefits it provides and suitable user profiles:

Personalization and Authenticity

Using one's real voice or customized AI voices allows content to feel much more genuine and relatable. This helps build stronger emotional connections and trust with the audience.

Saves Time and Money

No more expensive voiceover fees or lengthy recording sessions. Vocal Clone AI automates the process, providing results nearly instantly for a low one-time fee.

Increased Engagement and Sales

Human voices capture attention better than text. Conversions can jump as audiences feel more invested in the message and brand personality.

Scales Effortlessly

Unlimited use means producing infinite marketing materials without bound. Leverage content across all platforms from podcasts to videos to blogs.

Suits all Marketers

Whether an affiliate, coach, local business, agency, or solo entrepreneur, anyone can exploit AI voices for content, lead generation, or client work.

Good For Non-Native Speakers

Produce appealing, professional content in any language without needing fluency through customized multilingual AI voices.

Benefits Clients Too

Agencies and freelancers can use Vocal Clone AI to humanize client work, opening new profit streams from AI voice generation services.

In summary, any serious online marketer stands to dominate their niche and profit more by incorporating personalized voices into their strategies using Vocal Clone AI. Its range of advantages simply can't be matched.

Voice Clone AI Demo: Watch How VocalClone AI Generate Voiceovers for Marketers

How To Profit From Vocal Clone AI

Now that we understand the powerful features and wide-ranging benefits, let's explore several impactful ways Vocal Clone AI can be monetized:

Create Engaging Video Content

Transform scripts, blogs and more into eye-catching videos using the 1-click video generator. Publish to YouTube, Facebook etc. to profit from ad revenue and affiliate links.

Launch High-Converting Podcasts

Easy to produce unique podcasts around any profitable niche using AI voices. Monetize via ads, affiliate promotion, or paid newsletter subscribers.

Boost Website Traffic and Engagement

Generate audio versions of written content to improve searchability and user experience. Boost time on site, social shares, and potentially referral traffic.

Run Profitable Webinars

Deliver webinars and online courses using cloned voices. Earn recurring income through high-ticket coaching programs or one-off webinar registrations.

Sell Voiceover Services

Freelancers and agencies can offer professional AI voice generation and editing to clients while pocketing the entire fee. Repurpose work across multiple campaigns.

Drive More Sales Conversions

Humanize high-performing sales videos, emails and product descriptions. AI voices improve social proof and emotions to encourage purchases.

Generate Passive Income Streams

Create evergreen audio content like audiobooks. Monetize through platforms while content works for you indefinitely without effort.

As you can see, Vocal Clone AI opens up an endless number of profitable uses. With some creativity, marketers can earn both one-time commissions as well as build sustainable new revenue streams.

My Vocal Clone AI Experience As A Beta Tester

After discovering Vocal Clone AI, I was excited to test its capabilities myself. As a beta user, here was my experience:

I began by uploading a 10-second audio sample of my voice. Within seconds, Vocal Clone AI perfectly replicated my vocal tones and intonations. The cloned voice was nearly indistinguishable from the original.

Next, I tried writing a script and having it converted to natural-sounding audio using Text-to-Speech. I was amazed by how human and conversational the generated voice sounded compared to other text-to-audio tools I've tested.

From there, I started merging the AI-generated audio with images I found online to make demonstration videos for YouTube using the 1-click video creator. The whole process took me under 5 minutes from start to finished video uploads.

Finally, I experimented monetizing some videos through affiliate promotions and saw encouraging early engagement metrics. Audiences seemed to connect with the personalized AI voices in a meaningful way.

Overall, I was blown away by Vocal Clone AI's ease of use and quality of results. The platform absolutely delivered on its promise to humanize content without effort. I look forward to utilizing it more extensively across my business and recommending it to clients too.

Vocal Clone AI Funnel and OTOs

For new users and affiliates promoting Vocal Clone AI, it's helpful to understand the sales funnel structure:

Front End – $17

The basic access features voice cloning, text-to-speech, multilingual support and more. Sufficient for beginner users to experiment.

OTO 1 – Pro Upgrade $37

Targeted at power users, removes content and voice generation limits. Adds priority rendering and premium voice packs.

OTO 2 – DFY Edition $127

A highly profitable offer for entrepreneurs. Vocal Clone AI completes projects from scripts provided by the buyer. Saves massive time.

OTO 3 – ViralFaces Edition $47-67

Leverages breakthrough emotion-infused AI faces to create psychological engaging videos. Helps content spread rapidly.

OTO 4 – ChatGPT Edition $47-67

Automates content creation using AI writing models to multiply productivity. Fits all entrepreneurs and agencies.

OTO 5 – Agency Licence $117-147

Enables freelancers and agencies to resell Vocal Clone AI access and keep all profits. Opens new recurring income stream.

This well-laid-out funnel progression introduces Vocal Clone AI's abilities and then upssells premium features. It guides users from experimenting to profiting at an affordable pace.

Pros and Cons of Vocal Clone AI

No product is perfect, so it's only fair to also consider Vocal Clone AI's potential downsides:


  • Saves huge amounts of time and money compared to traditional voiceovers
  • Generates authentic, human-like voices rather than robotic computer voices
  • Empowers users to create unlimited engaging content without limits
  • Simple yet powerful interface requires no technical skills to operate
  • Constant updates and improvements to cloned voices over time
  • Strong performance track record based on creator Yogesh Agarwal


  • Upfront investment required compared to free text-to-speech options
  • Results may vary depending on quality of input sample provided
  • Requires stable internet to access cloud-based software features

Overall, the pros far outweigh the minor limitations. For serious online marketers, Vocal Clone AI offers unparalleled advantages that easily justify its low one-time cost.

Money-Back Guarantee

Understanding potential downsides, Vocal Clone AI's development team has users' best interests in mind. That's why a reassuring 30-day money-back guarantee protects all purchases.

If for any reason Vocal Clone AI fails to satisfy or deliver promised capabilities within one month of buying, buyers can request a full refund – no questions asked. This removes all financial risk associated with a one-time investment.

Frankly, it's highly unlikely users would need to exercise this safety net. Vocal Clone AI is extremely capable right out of the box. But the guarantee builds much-welcome confidence for new customers to dive in without hesitation.

Pricing and Deals

During major product launches, Vocal Clone AI temporarily offers discounted one-time deals through its sales funnel:

  • Front End: $17 (regular $37/month)
  • OTO 1 (Pro Upgrade): $37 (regular $97/month)
  • OTO 2 (Done For You): $127 (regular $297/month)
  • All other upsells are priced between $47-147

Additionally, a $3 discount coupon (“VOCAL3”) can be used site-wide throughout launches. And prices will progressively increase hourly to spur quicker action.

But the true value extends far beyond these nominal one-time fees. Lifetime access means users derive return through endless uses of their AI voices. When compared to traditional costs, Vocal Clone AI appears incredibly reasonably priced.

Vocal Clone AI Bundle Deal

For a limited time during major product unveilings, the ultimate Vocal Clone AI bundle deal is offered to early adopters. Here are its exclusive features:

  • Everything in the front end + OTO 1 (Pro Upgrade)
  • OTO 2 (Done For You) project automation add-on
  • OTO 3 (ViralFaces Edition) advanced AI faces module
  • OTO 4 (ChatGPT Edition) writing bot upsell
  • Commercial license allowing full income from resale

The bundle merges the most powerful features into one exceedingly affordable package. Normally retailing over $350 combined, it's sold for just $97 as a highly discounted premium bundle – representing over 70% in savings.

For busy entrepreneurs or agencies maximizing profits now, Vocal Clone AI's limited-time bundle deal is simply unrivaled value that can't be ignored. It empowers maximum monetization from day one by combining the top-tier editions in one bundle.

The Creator of Vocal Clone AI

Behind Vocal Clone AI's development is renowned online entrepreneur, Yogesh Agarwal. An expert coder and serial SaaS launcher, Yogesh brings deep expertise across software, internet marketing, and artificial intelligence domains.

Previously, Yogesh launched multiple 6 and 7-figure generating software and service businesses. He has over $8 million in total online launches completed through platforms like WarriorPlus and JVZoo.

Yogesh' proven track record of successes demonstrate his understanding of market demands and abilities to satisfy major pain points through streamlined innovative solutions. With Vocal Clone AI, he aimed to revolutionize content production specifically for marketers.

Buyers can feel assured Vocal Clone AI comes from a trustworthy and experienced creator who backs promises. Yogesh maintains regular updates to continually improve the platform based on user feedback too. His pedigree inspires full confidence in the product.

When Vocal Clone AI Launches

To provide early adopters with exclusive access at maximum savings, Vocal Clone AI launches periodically through online retail platforms. The next scheduled unveiling events are:

  • Pre-Launch: Begins June 25, 2022 at 10:00 AM EST
  • Main Launch: Runs until July 1, 2024 at 11:59 PM EST

During these dates, the front end, bundle discounts, and all bonus offers will be accessible. Hourly price increases also take effect throughout the launch window on a set schedule.

This structured timeframe creates scarcity and urgency for both new users and affiliates to participate. It's smart for anyone interested to prepare in advance and take swift action once Vocal Clone AI launches again. Being an early bird ensures grabbing all value opportunities on offer.

Where To Access Vocal Clone AI

Vocal Clone AI is distributed through the popular affiliate marketing networks WarriorPlus and JVZoo.

Bonuses Included With Vocal Clone AI

To further sweeten the deal, Vocal Clone AI provides several high-value bonus gifts bundled with all purchases:

Exclusive Bonuses:

  • WP Multipurpose Creative Theme (Value: $97)
  • AI YouTube Masterclass (Value: $97)
  • Audiobook Marketing (Value: $97)
  • Virtual Networking Success (Value: $97)
  • Music Loops Pack 3 (Value: $97)
  • Google Bard Prompts (Value: $97)
  • Viral Secrets Exposed (Value: $97)
  • $10k Case Study (Value: $97)
  • Creator Economy (Value: $97)
  • Web Profits Club (Value: $97)

Semi-Exclusive Bonuses:

  • Viral Vidly App
  • VidMazon Product Video App
  • Traffic Booster Secret Guide
  • Social Plugins, Tools and More

Collectively worth thousands, these bonuses remove all risk. Even if Vocal Clone AI somehow fails to satisfy, buyers still come out massively ahead from all the premium extras bundled at no additional cost.

Should You Use Vocal Clone AI?

After this extensive review of Vocal Clone AI's capabilities and value proposition, the question remains – is it worthwhile for your specific needs? Let's break down who should and shouldn't use it:

You Should Strongly Consider It If:

  • You're an online marketer seeking to scale content output and results
  • Reducing time/cost spent on content production is a priority
  • Building authentic brand personality through unique voices is important
  • Leveraging AI can open new profit streams or market expansion
  • Generating new recurring or residual income interests you
  • Scaling without limits while saving a bundle appeals greatly

You May Want To Reconsider If:

  • You only need basic text-to-speech without voice customization
  • Producing marketing material is an extremely minor part of your role
  • Your budget cannot accommodate even a nominal one-time investment
  • You dislike change and hesitate adopting new technologies

Overall, unless extremely limited situations apply, Vocal Clone AI seemingly has earned a spot in any serious online marketer's toolbox. Its ROI potential far outweighs its modest one-time access fees for the lifetime value returned.

Get Vocal Clone AI Here


In conclusion, Vocal Clone AI stands out as the ultimate all-in-one AI voice automation platform built specifically for online businesses and marketers. By leveraging advanced AI models, it empowers users to effortlessly clone voices and generate customized synthetic speech.

This game-changing capability gives marketers the power to efficiently produce an infinite volume of authentic, humanized content at a fraction of traditional costs. Vocal Clone AI simplifies content production workflows while boosting results through personalization.

With growing markets seeking audio and video, the need for streamlined AI content solutions will only increase. Vocal Clone AI is perfectly primed as the leading provider. As artificial intelligence continues advancing, so too will the platform providing even greater capabilities.

For any entrepreneur, freelancer or agency serious about dominating their online business, Vocal Clone AI represents a must-have tool. Its value delivery and profit potential are simply unparalleled. Considering the funnels, deals and educational resources provided, there has never been a wiser time than now to invest.

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Vocal Clone AI FAQs

 FAQs about Vocal Clone AI:

How does Vocal Clone AI work?

Vocal Clone AI utilizes advanced deep learning models to analyze voice samples and synthesize identical replicas. It can clone live voices within seconds or generate AI voices from text using text-to-speech technology.

What languages are supported?

Vocal Clone AI currently supports over a dozen languages including English, Spanish, Hindi, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and more.

Is the interface easy to use?

Yes, Vocal Clone AI has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that requires no technical experience. The workflow involves uploading/selecting a voice, adding text, customizing properties and downloading the finished audio file.

How quickly are results delivered?

Voice cloning and text-to-speech generation happens nearly instantly. For larger files, render times may vary from a few seconds up to a few minutes depending on internet speeds.

Is voice quality consistent?

Voice quality depends greatly on the input samples provided but continuously improves through updates. Initial clones sound natural while further refinements make voices even more indistinguishable from humans.

Can I access it on multiple devices?

As a cloud-based solution, Vocal Clone AI can be accessed from any desktop or mobile web browser. Files are saved online and synced across all devices linked to your account.

What is the file format output?

Vocal Clone AI outputs high-quality audio files as standard MP3 files compatible with all major social & digital publishing platforms. Audio can also be merged into video formats.

Is technical support available?

Yes, friendly support is provided through the Vocal Clone AI website. Users can submit tickets for any issues and usually receive responses within 24 hours or less.

Does it integrate with other tools?

While Vocal Clone AI is fully standalone, its audio outputs can be exported and seamlessly dropped into other video/audio editors, DAWs, CMSs and more through common file formats.

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