All You Need To Know About Starting A Successful YouTube Channel for Your Business: 13 Tips To A Successful Youtube Channel.

Taking the plunge into YouTube for your business is a commendable step, given that every single minute, 300 hours of video are uploaded to the platform, thereby making it an interesting way to amplify and expand your business. One of the major advantages of YouTube channels is to enable you to achieve exposure online and share your content across the world. A significant addition to a YouTube channel is a website, which can serve as a hub for your content and also supply adequate information concerning both you and your business. So let's begin our starting a successful youtube channel guide.

Starting A Successful YouTube Channel

We have made available a breakdown of some fundamentals to enable your YouTube business channel to function very well as well as how you can design a website that will complement your channel, all these are in a bid to help you along the line.  

We have listed below the steps you have to take for you to start a YouTube channel: 

01. You should begin with the basics

The initial step you must take is to build your business channel, and the good news is that you can easily achieve this with YouTube. A couple of clicks is what you need to dive into creating your new channel. The steps below are how you can kick start a YouTube channel:

  • The first step is to sign in to YouTube and tap on the user icon located at the top right of your screen
  • The second step is to tap on the gear icon to locate the settings of your YouTube account
  • The third step is to click on Create a new channel
  • The fourth step is to select “Use a business or other name”
  • The final step is to include the name of your Brand and click create. You can craft a new with using a YouTube name generator if you do not have any name in mind.

02. You should solidify your web presence

After you must have done the basic thing, you have to ensure that you have a complete web presence to follow it. The truth is that when viewers find your channel, they are most likely going to search for your website, and also your presence on other social media platforms in a bid to get more information about you. 

We bet that you do not want to disappoint them, therefore, make sure that your website is up and running. If you have one already, we advise you to redo it to ensure that it aligns with the style of your new YouTube channel, if you do not have any, you can still create one with the help of designer-made templates. 

03. Make sure you complete the about section

You may be wondering what the next step to take after building up your complimentary web presence is. The next thing you should do is to focus on how to lure people to your brand and bring in new viewers and to achieve this, you have to make sure you fill and complete your profile and channel description. This is the first option you see after creating your channel as well as where you are expected to describe your brand and what your viewers should expect to see on your channel. In addition to this, you can include links to your website and any other social media networks that you engage in.

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04. You should channel your art

On getting to a YouTube channel, the first thing you will be welcomed with is a large banner showcasing the name of the channel. This is what is known to be your cover photo and it is the best way to introduce your brand.

It is your duty to choose whether you want your cover photo to be extravagant or minimal, however, ensure that your brand is the central point, because that is the first impression someone gets upon entering and you know what they say about first impression.

05. Have a knowledge of your market, and your content type

As someone who is starting a YouTube channel for his/her business, it is assumed that you have more than enough source material to work with thereby enabling you to have several approaches to your video content.

Video tutorials comes in handy if you have a wide range of product and you want to empower your customers to have more information about it. Furthermore, testimonials are tools you can use to display great reviews from your customers.

Never forget to put into consideration the contents that is targeted at the demographic of your business as you learn how to become a YouTuber. You cannot compromise on this because it is a powerful inbound YouTube  marketing technique that attracts customers toward your brand. 

06. Employ the use of Lights, camera, trailer

You may want to create your YouTube channel trailer which is normally short and sweet, and a wonderful way to introduce yourself to your new visitors. Start by letting them know the necessary things about you, a brief description of your business, and the kind of content they should expect from you in the future. Also, this is an opportunity to practice your first video.

07. You should upload your first (official) video

We assume that at this stage, you should have done adequate research about your first video, and if you have done your channel trailer as we earlier stated, then, you must have had a bit of practice as well. It is time to take action.

Upload a YouTube video once you’re through filming and editing, it is not hard to find the upload option given that YouTube depends on video uploads, when you log into your account, you can find it at the top right of your screen.

08. You should optimize for search

You will be required to fill in a title, description and tags when uploading a video because are the important components that make people easily find your video easily in a YouTube search.

YouTube has its set of rules you have to follow if you wish to optimize your video for search just like SEO for your own website. Now you know the essence of this, do we need to still state why it is necessary that you give it your best shot while filling these sections, using keywords to explain the video and your business? Another thing you should pay attention to is your keyword, it should be a rich (but not heavy) title and description, they can in no small measure go a long way and you’ll be able to identify what works for your videos as time goes on.

09. You should stay consistent

If you have the mindset that you can just upload one video and then completely neglect it, please do not expect success. Please it should sink into your mind that creating a successful YouTube channel takes some time and effort, and viewers expect you to be consistent that is why they subscribed to your channel in the first place. That being said,  plan the next few videos ahead after your first video.

You are also advised to take a day out of your schedule to shoot several videos if you are unsure that you will have time to shoot a video every week and then release them at your own pace. Consistency is key if you want to have more people subscribe to your channel.

10. You should incorporate your channel in your website and social  

Since you have a website and a YouTube channel, you should start sharing your videos beyond YouTube and let your website should be their first stop. Below is a few ways through which you can display your videos on your website.

Front and center: We all know that a lot of time and effort went into creating your video, so why should you hide it? Include your YouTube video on the homepage of your website so that when a visitor visits your page, it would be the first thing they will see.  

Always blog all about it: Your YouTube videos should be able to have a space on your blog if you have a blog on your website. They can be incorporated right into new blog posts and you can notify your website subscribers know by sending them a newsletter.

Add a YouTube Playlist using Wix Video: Want the help of Wix Video, you can directly include a YouTube playlist to your site thereby keeping your website visitors immersed in your video content.

Go Social: Be proud of your work by sharing your content on your business social networks, talk to anyone that cares to listen about t, and you will discover that the more you share it, the more visibility, and that’s the aim of sharing.

11. You should engage with your community

Without viewers actively engaging with video content that businesses create just like yours, YouTube wouldn’t be what it is today. How can you pay them back? It is by engaging them in return, this way, you can build trust among viewers. You cannot ignore this if you intend to leverage your popularity to make extra cash on YouTube. 

You can engage viewers by replying to comments, ask and answer sessions, and listening to them, these are important steps geared towards building a community around your channel.

12. You should consider investing in YouTube Ads

Investing in YouTube Advertisement is for people who are willing to take things to the next level, people who want to give visibility to their brand, we suggest you join this set of people. 

YouTube advertisement goes the extra mile to assist you in targeting a particular age group, gender, interest, or location.

Please note that using YouTube Ads is not compulsory, but as we stated earlier, it could be a very suitable offering for your channel. Do not forget that the appropriate combination of content and engagement will help you have organic growth, however, YouTube Ads is an added help. 

13. You should analyze, optimize, repeat

If you are already the best, know that you can do better, therefore fix your gaze on what is ahead and not get carried away. You can achieve this by getting a bird’s-eye view of how these things work. We recommend YouTube Analytics because this is what will assist you along the way and guide you on how you can optimize your videos for the future.

The function of Analytics is to give you insight into the people who are viewing your videos, thereby permitting you to explore your target demographic even more. In addition to this, you will have an idea as to the reason why a video performed better than the other. 

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