What Are The Top 11 Web Analytics Tools to Boost My Business? Best Rated Analytics Tools. #digitalmarketer

Feedback is very necessary in all we do in life, ranging from our relationships, jobs to your website performance in this case. This is the only way to know how we can perform better. In summary, this is majorly the essence of web analytics tools – providing an evaluation of how websites are performing, as well as pointing to areas where need to be improved on the website. 

What Are The Top 11 Web Analytics Tools to Boost My Business?

If you wish to have a website that performs highly well, then you must not compromise on the quality of tools you use. In fact, one of the most effective means of ensuring promising results is by creating your website with a professional website builder. 

After this, you have to resort to the help of web analytics tools in order to understand the specifics of the performance of your site. One of the advantages of these tools is that they provide deep insights which will enable you to make more informed decisions about your website and heighten its performance. In a bid to make sure that your website excels, we will provide a brief explanation of web analytics in this article as well as providing a list of a few of the top analytics tools found in today’s market.

How can I use web analytics?

You have to set clear site goals for you to make sure that that you are understanding and correctly utilizing your web analytics and these goals are set based on the type of site you have. The data provided by web analytics tools can only become more digestable if you are able to identify the appropriate KPIs (key performance indicators) for your site. 

After you must have understood your data, analytics will help you decide what you can improve upon in your site or in your marketing plan for better productivity. Let us use online businesses and stores for instance, with the help of web analytics, site owners are permitted to have a better  understanding of their customers which will enable businesses to know the products that sells the most and how site visitors landed on those products. Companies can utilize this information to drive business decisions, and work on their strategy based on the data.

What are the top web analytics tools?

1. The first is Wix Analytics

If you are in search of general website performance metrics, and maybe in-depth insights, then you may want to consider Wix Analytics. This is as a result of the information it provides on traffic trends and also its ability to allow you to drill down using a myriad of metrics with its detailed reports. It gives you a summary containing where your website visitors come from, how they got to find your site, which of the site pages they dwell on, and so on. Also, you are provided insights on your best customers, evaluate your income, and understand traffic trends which can assist you know how to strategize and primarily grow your business.

The most important advantage of this tool is that it is easy to use and offers natural site integration. First of all, it’s free of charge and is automatically available on all Wix user’s dashboards. Furthermore, it can give a detailed picture of your website and identify the particular areas you need to improve on since Wix Analytics is connected with the Wix website builder. 

Generally, we recommend this for people who desire to boat their business.

As for the price: Free | Customizable reports: $35 per month

Most suitable for: Wix website owners seeking free and detailed analytics tool having an easy-to-use interface.

2. The second is Google Analytics  

Google analytics suite is considered to be most suitable for many users because of the wide range of information it offers, including live traffic data, website traffic data, useful insights about your audience, and integrations for other Google products such as AdSense and Adwords. Irrespective of the chunk of information you can view, the layout is majorly uncomplicated.

In addition to this, it offers numerous features free of charge that competitors give for a fee. Newcomers seeking to access general web analytics tools can do just fine with the standard version. And of course, a premium version is available for more advanced needs, such as raw data, unsampled reporting, advanced funnel reporting, Salesforce integration, and more.

As for the price: Google Analytics Standard: Free | Google Analytics 360: Custom pricing (you have to request for a quote) 

Most suitable for: A free option for those seeking a free option from a popular brand.

3. The third is Open Web Analytics

This is yet another great, interesting free web analytics tool. In as much as the open-source framework has a lot to do with installation, but there are useful guides to let you know what you should do.

Just like other websites, Open Web Analytics offers numerous features with some supplementary options. Furthermore, it provides page heatmaps which permits you to see where your visitors clicked on a page aside from referrals, tracking live site traffic,  alongside other expected metrics. Please note that such a helpful feature permits you to reevaluate your CTA (call to action) placement and act accordingly.

As for the price: It is free

Most suitable for: A user who is a bit more technically savvy looking for a free tool.

4. The fourth is Adobe Analytics

Web Analytics Tools
Web Analytics Tools

Adobe Analytics can rescue you if you have several sources aside from your website to pull data from. In other words, it permits you to collect data from virtually anywhere and keep it all in the same place, thereby making it a significantly robust tool especially for people on the more advanced side. You’ll be permitted to take, evaluate, and take action on everything Adobe Analytics shows you ranging from the marketing, web, and multichannel data collection to custom variables and audience analytics, and it has heavy visuals in case you do not like the bland interface.

As for the price: This is not showcased on the website because the price differs from one to another business. However, you are encouraged to request a demo. 

Most suitable for: Businesses with several sources of data seeking advanced features.

5. The fifth is Mixedpanel

As we earlier mentioned, Adobe Analytics has a visual-heavy aspect, but if you wish to buy before you try, pay attention to Mixpanel. You are allowed to visualize your data at no cost using this tool while the tracking features permit you to get insights on your users. In addition to this, you can include users to groups, compare them to others, and do even more just with the well-rounded set of features. We cannot avoid mentioning the fact that you have the ability to build your own plan, if you desire an upgrade, just go ahead and select the attributes that reflect your business needs to design pricing and a custom plan. 

As for the price: Prices are according to your needs. 

Most suitable for: Any business that wishes to get deep insights, as well as a visually pleasing interface look into their users thereby making them loyal customers.

6. The sixth is Chartbeat

This is a an analytics platform relevant for websites that have heavy content such as news sites and blogs. Moreover, you are provided with a dashboard rich in features for historical traffic, live traffic, and also dashboard for your uploaded videos, thereby considering it a significant tool to find out how your content is doing. The creators of Chartbeat took cognizance of the fact that we live in a mobile-centric world, therefore, it provides numerous features that concentrate on mobile devices. This is why integrations such as Facebook Instant and Google AMP are seen in it. 

As for the price: The final pricing is not showcased on its website, but you are given an option to ask for a demo before committing to its tool. 

Most suitable for: Bloggers and content creators who want to have an understanding of the numbers behind their content.

7. The seventh is Kissmetrics

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Kissmetrics makes use of advanced user-based insights to divide website visitors into groups thereby making it easy for them to track. This way, you have access to the updated user behaviour data and reports from your groups, enabling you to take the fuss out of the process. If you want to keep your audience engaged, do leverage its email that is a trigger-based email campaign system. Beneficial integrations with social networks such as Instagram and Facebook will permit you to target your audience more correctly. Furthermore, you are given the opportunity to import your shopping history and keep track of customer data use on your site. 

As for the price: It also does not showcase its price points on its website, but if you are interested, you can request for a demo. 

Most suitable for: People seeking powerful insights for onboarding, engaging, and keeping their target audience

8. The eight is SEMRush

SEMRush is commonly and widely known for its powerful SEO and SEM capabilities, nevertheless, it also possesses traffic analytics that permits you to view essential metrics of your site and also that of your competitors.

The ability to see how you measure up to the competition is one of the major selling points for SEMRush’s traffic analytics. With it, you can easily find out the geo source market for your competitor, their web traffic sources, and who their customers are. These metrics are considered to be additions to the robust feature set from the SEMRush Pro plans, which includes branded reports, a content marketing platform, historical data, and monthly metrics updates for up to one thousand keywords. 

As for the price: The packages begins at approximately $99 per month and as for advanced package, the pricing is available upon request.

Most suitable for: Businesses that want to evaluate themselves by comparing themaselves with their competition while obtaining a powerful SEO and marketing platform.

9. The ninth is Clicky

When we talk about a real-time analytics platform offering outstanding features at a reasonable rate, then we are referring to Clicky. Just like most of the aforementioned analytics platforms, you are permitted to evaluate site user data such as location, visitors,  bounce rates and time spent on-page. In addition to this, you will have access to uptime monitoring, keyword rankings, and user heatmaps that allows you to group according to goals, visitors sessions, and lots more. 

As for the price, they provide a free plan that gives you primary metrics for one site with up to three thousand visitors while a pro plan for a month ranges from $9.99 to $19.99,  alongside custom pricing thereafter. 

Most suitable for: Businesses that operate on a budget but still desire strong analytics capabilities.

10. The tenth is Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a well-known  tool that has the ability to assist you in boosting traffic thereby getting more sales, with some special features. It is an alternative for people who prefer to look at videos instead of cold numbers.

There is a feature known as user recordings which permits you to have an idea of how users are interacting with your site because it records the entire user sessions. By using video playback, you can see what your visitors are doing on your site and then identify pain points, effect corrections where necessary to ensure a pleasant experience for your visitors. 

As for the price: The plans range from $24 monthly to roughly $249 per month, however, you are provided with the option of customizing a more extensive plan if need be. 

Most suitable for: locating pain points in website flow with the use of visual mapping.

11. The eleventh is Matomo

Matomo is an all-encompassing platform that offers just about anything you could want ranging from event and content tracking, A/B tests, real-time data, to heatmaps and more. Also, Matomo is quick to mention that users are entitled to 100% of their data, without the interference of external sources. Of course, the number of data points you can amass is very impressive and encouraging. Aside from visitors and behaviour, you will also have deep insights on things like acquisitions and eCommerce, and media and web form analytics. 

As for the price: it differs on the basis of the number of monthly page views your website receives and it is $20 per month for the most basic plan, for 50,000 monthly site views.

Most suitable for: If you are seeking a robust, all-in-one analytics platform.

All about reading your analytics

If you are a newbie in the use of analytics for your website, mining the data for actionable changes can be overwhelming and it is worse in a situation whereby you do not even know what to look for. Interestingly, there are certain options available to you upon collecting some website data via your analytics tool.

It is the responsibility of Wix Analytics to provide you with helpful snippets of information next to your metrics and even provide you with actionable tips to help you in knowing the next steps that need to be taken. These insights are all in your dashboard so there is no need searching for assistance though you are free to hire a professional because it can save you some time  and reveal opportunities that you might have missed. 


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