Which is the #1 Best Yoast Alternative Between Rank Math And SEO Squirrly?

Which is the Best Yoast Alternative Between Rank Math And SEO Squirrly?

One may want to ask what is the best SEO plugin right now?  In this article, we will be giving a quick comparison between Rank Math vs SEO Squirrly plugins.

According to pro bloggers, these two are the best WordPress SEO plugins and WordPress is one of the best and popular blogging platforms if you want to make money.

When it comes to downloads, people perceive Yoast SEO to be the #1 SEO plugin, nevertheless, we are here to let you know that you can still get premium features in the free version of the “Rank math SEO plugin”, and more advanced features are obtainable in ‘Squirrly SEO’.

Let us take a good look at these best Yoast alternative which is Rank Math vs SEO squirrly.

1. As regards Plugins

RankMath:  It is okay to say that this plugin is likened to a newborn baby in the WordPress plugins directory. This is because it was recently launched, and it needs to grow. Irrespective of that, most people have grown to love the RankMath plugin as a result of the features the free plugin cannot provide.

You can still get the same features in the Rank Math free plugin just like in the top WordPress SEO plugin. Interestingly, it is totally free of charge, there is nothing like a premium version of the plugin. You can utilize the assistance of this plugin to correctly optimize your on-page content. 

Squirrly SEO: Squirrly SEO plugin is well-known and has earned the recommendation of most bloggers. You can easily complete your Optimization work, you don’t have to get a Master’s because it will assist you in getting your content optimized for search engines.

Another interesting fact about this plugin is that it is user-friendly for beginners with a ton of features, very simple, and effective.

2. As regards Installation and Configuration

Both plugins can be installed using the WordPress plugin directory. All you need to do is just search for SEO plugins, and these two will appear at the top of the search results. Please note that you have to ensure that you don’t use two SEO plugins at a time. 

You can visit the WordPress plugins area and search for rank math but you need a free rank math official account to use this plugin while you do not need an account in the Squirrel SEO plugin. When you are done installing the plugin, you have to activate the plugin which will take you to the dashboard for setup and settings.

Rank Math

Once you are through with installing the plug-in, you will find a basic setup wizard at the rank Math dashboard having a wide range of features such as  SEO analysis, 404 monitor, link counter, local SEO and Google knowledge graph, rich snippets for better rankings, role managers,  AMP integration, redirections, search console, WooCommerce set up and  sitemap. For every single feature on this page, you have access to the settings page.

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Squirrly SEO

After installing the plugin, you are given access to SEO issues feature and you also have the ability to conduct an SEO test to see the error pages. Any time you want to check the SEO issues from your website, you can use this option.

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In addition to this, you can build high-quality internal links from your existing or new pages by selecting some focus pages which will serve as pillar articles to your website. From there, you can also run an SEO audit to check errors.

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Furthermore, you can operate bulk Optimization for all pages from a single page, edit the social media sharing options, automation and finally, track and read the behavior of your visitors. 

3. As regards Dashboard

screenshot 2021.12.07 11 07 01 Which is the #1 Best Yoast Alternative Between Rank Math And SEO Squirrly?

It is possible for you to find out the quick ratings of your published articles from the dashboard itself. This is yet another amazing feature because with this, you don’t have to open every post to know the optimization score.

Rank Math: You can directly check your SEO score out of hundreds of others in the Rank math dashboard overview. Also, you can find out the links and the basic focus keyword.

Squirrly SEOThe same feature in Rank Math is obtainable in Squirrly SEO where you can see the snippet of SEO score. All you need to do is to just evaluate the score, and re-edit it to make it happen for full marks. But if you intend installing another plugin, then get ready to check the SEO score of every article, this is the only way you will have an idea.

Endeavor to make a list of which articles you need to update for them to get the maximum score. Moreover, observing the SEO score from the dashboard will be beneficial.

Which is the #1 Best Yoast Alternative Between Rank Math And SEO Squirrly?

In addition to this, upon clicking the Squirrly SEO dashboard option, you can track the performance of keyword research and keyword storage, in fact, you will see the report of your top-rated pages in the top 100 Google search results.

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4. As regards Content Optimization and Analysis

In evaluating an SEO plugin, you cannot ignore its content optimization features. It is no longer news that Yoast SEO provide you with the maximum readability and SEO settings options.

This plugin further helps to optimize the content for users and search engines.

Rank Math: For beginners, Rank math, is the best content optimizing solution guide. It assists in writing contents that are meaningful, search engine friendly and also user-friendly judging by how it suggests to you how to write it through evaluating  the writing style of your content.

Once you provide your keyword in the snippet area, it will evaluate the whole article, and find out if the keyword is present in the title and URL of the article, if not, it will suggest to you the update to change.

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Also, you have to know that  in some cases, a good length article will be rated higher when compared to the short length articles. This is why most of the SEO plugins will always insist that writers should write up to minimum of  600 words. 

You are ready to publish the content once you obtain all green marks in the SEO analyzing area from this plugin.

Squirrly SEO: Squirrly SEO is best described as a hard hitter when it comes to content optimization suggestions. This is because it is clear that this plugin is tailor-made to assist professional bloggers.

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You can use this plugin easily, and not depend on the basic rules of content Optimization guide if you have the important Search Engine Optimization friendly content writing skills 

These two plugins cannot be neglected when you are starting your blogging career because they will definitely be of help.

Another difference between the two is that while the rank math permits you to write up to 65 characters for the SEO title, the Squirrly SEO plugin allows you to write 75 characters in length.

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You also have the luxury of researching keywords and selecting the best keyword for your article from the sidebar, and this is by far one of the coolest features this plugin offers.

In addition to this, you can choose the length of your choice: length of characters for SEO title, open graph title length, open graph description length, and description length. Moreover, you are free to effect changes and save it. 

5. As Regards Focus Keyword

Keyword allowance is the next parameter we are going to consider, and you are permitted to use only one focus keyword in the free version of the Yoast SEO plugin.

If you must unlock and include up to 50 words, you have to buy the premium version. Though this will not affect your search engine rankings, instead it will help you write better.

Rank Math: As you know, the plugin is free and it will permit you to select up to 5 keywords. Also, it will not just mix up things but even suggest the correct keyword and these five keywords made available to you will boost the rankings.

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If you are on the right track, you will get green but if you get red, it means that you need to improve.

This is a sign that the plugin is very helpful when selecting the keywords because it will suggest to you the appropriate searching keywords in search engines.

Squirrly SEO: Just like the former, this plugin permits you to select up to 5 keywords and interestingly, it suggests to you the best keywords in the market which is from Google fetch.

Which is the #1 Best Yoast Alternative Between Rank Math And SEO Squirrly?

Furthermore, this plugin provides you with the same feature of giving similar keywords and better keywords. So it is safe that between these two plugins, there is no competition because they have the same functionality.

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The greatest advantage of this plugin when you are using the keyword research graph is that it permits you to choose a Keyword and once you select the next step, you will see suggested keywords that will be important for better rankings. 

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6 As Regards Pricing

For now, the both plugins are free and offers various features when compared to the other premium plugins. With the assistance of these plugins, you can create better content without having to buy any premium plugins.

Irrespective of the fact that other plugins may have premium features, nevertheless, these two plugins are more than enough for beginners and medium-level bloggers and you will get better options of optimizing the content.

7. As Regards Support

You may get support for both plugins through the developer's FAQ section, they are active and can solve more problems within a few days. 

Squirrly SEO: As for Squirrly SEO plugin developers, they are active 24/7 and whenever an issue arises, they will solve it.

You may be wondering why Squirrly SEO developers are so active in resolving issues?

In this WordPress plugin, there have 2 major contributors who take their products very seriously.

  •  The first is Florin Muresan who doubles as the Co-Founder and CEO of the company and also a contributor to this Squirrly SEO plugin.
  •  The second is Calin Vingan who is a Co-Founder, CTO as well as a contributor.

Since both CEO and CTO are involved, you wouldn’t expect anything less than perfect for their products.

Rank Math: Do you know that rank math SEO plugin has an official Facebook group where you can easily get supported anytime. 

You do not have to go through the stress of search your problem in the frequently asked questions section just like other plugins, because anytime you make a post in this group, you will get the support you need within a few hours. 

Let us keep enjoying this premium support while it lasts because we think that once the downlaods crosses 1 million, we may not be able to get the same swift response rate from the group.

Nevertheless, if you have a problem, you can directly talk to the developers.

8 As Regards Social Previews

Irrespective of how good your article may be, if you are not active on social media, you may not be able to build a brand.

Based on popular opinion, Facebook and Twitter are the top two social media sites that serves as a platform for you to promote your content and build a brand.

When it comes to Facebook, you must have the right marketing skills to attract the audience that you desire. You can also utilize Facebook groups, and create your fan page.

Where the problem lies is when FB is not able to find the actual thumbnail from the WordPress article when you share the content on Facebook.

This is as a result of settling for the wrong featured image size. This is the major reason why these plugins offer you a different section to upload the featured image in accordance with the size, title and description.

Rank Math:

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Squirrly SEO

What is an open graph? It is a protocol developed by Facebook and held by the open web Foundation that permits web pages to be represented with desired content in the social media platforms.

The essence of this development is to make the integration between social media platforms and other websites easier by showing rich snippets and paragraphs.

Additionally, you can find the option of a Twitter card in Squirrly SEO where you can preview the Twitter description and title.

rank math vs yoast

Final judgement

We have given a quick comparison between the two great plugins. In as much as they don’t have many downloads, we promise you that you won’t get disappointment after using any of them.

While one can assist you in building successful SEO strategies from the beginner level, the other one will assist in improving the SEO authority at your expert level. 

Please note that this is not to say that we are against any plugin, that being said, feel free to install and explore the outstanding features of these two because they are the game-changers in their respective field.


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