9 Top-Rated Software Review Websites to List Your Application or Software On in 2021

Software evaluation websites are an excellent way to introduce and present your solution to possible clients.

They grant a level of trust and acknowledgement for your brand and their ratings and reviews significantly influence purchase decisions.


With a remarkable number of software evaluation websites available, it can be daring to select the right one!

To clarify the selection process, we have collected the 9 most reliable software review websites for you to pick from.

Whatever your software is, there is a magnificent site for you on this list. Study on to find the ideal solution, for your solution!    

Software Review Websites: Why Are They Valuable?

Software Review Websites perform a vital role in a buyer’s opinion of your software and their final buying decision.

The knowledge software review websites compare and present give the user more comprehensive insight into the software. It enables them to really involve with the product and find more detailed, impartial information.

Many websites also give extra resources like buyer’s tips, blogs and research papers.

are there Benefits of Listing your Software on a Software or App Review Website?

One of the most important advantages of listing your software on a review website is the essential role they play in the buying decision process.

As the profusion of available software alternatives (especially B2B solutions) makes the decision method more challenging, customers are turning to applications review sites to help them obtain the right decision.

Applications review websites are regarded as ‘unbiased third parties’. They are also very great at giving the dishonesty of each option.

No software is faultless. While salespeople may promise perfection, those are not true or fair descriptions. Users know this which make them trust a third party, which highlights both the pros and the frauds.

Trust is the most important advantage of listing your Application on a review site. Especially from websites that offer unbiased, verified reviews from true-life users and qualified specialists.

Another benefit of listing your software on a review website is greater visibility for your product. Review websites usually rank high on Google so a listing and great reviews with them can profit you too.  

Software Review Websites how do they Work?

In the most simplistic terms, Software Review sites reexamine software and give a comprehensive summary of these studies to the user.

The purpose is to correlate users to a filtered list of important and beneficial software choices.

The report presented is often extremely detailed in terms of product knowledge and features.

Some websites use their own ‘specialists’ to review and rank various software choices. Others only use studies from genuine-life users or a combination of both.

These ratings range from mild star ratings to elaborate proprietary algorithms that are incomparable to that review website.   

The 9 Top Software Review Websites

All the software review websites pitched here give users a broad variety of software choices, with a comprehensive report on the software, pricing, peculiarities and, of course, user reviews.

1. P2P Marketing (Free)

Screenshot of the P2P Marketing Software Review Website Homepage

P2P Marketing gives free software reports centred on peer to peer marketing solutions. These encompass influencer and representative marketing, affiliate marketing plus loyalty marketing solutions.

Each review is granted a score out of five, dependent on several elements. These include user satisfaction and usage, pricing and a comprehensive semantic analysis of all available online reviews.

Compared to the other websites on this list, P2P Marketing is targeted specifically marketing managers who are looking for solutions in this niche. This will benefit marketing niche software solutions but may be a disadvantage for software aimed at other industries.

P2P Marketing regularly publishes top performing guides and blogs. Once your solution is listed with them, it will also be featured in a blog article that is relevant to your audience. This means you will also benefit from both the extra exposure and the trust signal of an authority website in your niche.

Website: P2P Marketing

2. GetApp (Free Basic, Paid Premium)

Screenshot of the GetApp Software Review Website Homepage

GetApp is a great option for software aimed at small to medium businesses, particularity Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. It is one of the Gartner Digital Markets websites, alongside Capterra and Software Advice.

GetApp offers users a really simple filtering and refining process based on the size and nature of their business. This process leads to recommednations for the best software for that user.

GetApp is a great choice for SaaS vendors, who provide solutions for small to medium-size enterprises.

Website: GetApp

3. G2 Crowd (Free Basic, Paid Premium Options)

Screenshot of the G2 Crowd Software Review Website Homepage

G2 Crowd is one of the biggest and most established software review sites. Each month more than a million users use the platform to search and research different software options.

Their categories cover everything from simple apps to the most complex software solutions for any number of global and niche markets.

They offer detailed comparisons and give users an overview of how each option stacks up against the opposition. Their reviews are structured, so you can compare ‘apples with apples’, based on specific review questions.   

Website: G2 Crowd

4. Capterra (Free Basic, Paid Premium Placement and Pay Per Click)

Screenshot of the Capterra Homepage

Capterra (Gartner Digital Markets) and is one of the best sites to get your software listed for free. They offer over 400 categories, which can be searched and refined based on ratings, size, deployment options, and key features.

The larger categories also include lists of the ‘top 20 ranked software’. The top 20 are ranked by things like popularity, pricing and user-friendliness.

They are also a great resource for buyers as they offer extensive buyer’s guides, educational infographics and comparisons.

Website: Capterra

5. Crozdesk (Free + Paid additional features)

Screenshot of the Crozdesk Software Review Website Homepage

Crozdesk offers over 290 different software categories for applications across virtually all industries and sectors.

The site provides highly detailed product information and side by side comparisons. Their reviews are from real-life user reviews, as well as aggregated data from various online sources.

They also use their own ‘Crozscore’ system to rank software based on their relative position in the market.

The ‘Crozscore’ is a useful indicator to see where your software falls, in relation to your competitors. It also includes a ‘buzz score’ based on how much ‘buzz’ there is about your software online. This is also a useful bit of information to know, as a vendor.

Website: Crozdesk

6. Software Advice (Pay Per Lead)

Screenshot of the Software Advice Homepage

Software Advice (Gartner Digital Markets) features an extensive range of software categories. Categories are filterable by industry, business size, price range, user rating and platform compatibility.

They also offer side by side comparisons and links to more detailed product pages. The site offers extensive buyer’s guides that detail what to look out for and what to consider when purchasing.

What sets Software Advice apart is that they give buyers a curated list of software options, based on a telephonic conversation. Vendors set up a free listing but pay per lead directed to them through this service.

Website: Software Advice

7. AlternativeTo (Free)

Screenshot of the AlternativeTo Software Review Website Homepage

AlternativeTo is a fully crowd-funded site. They offer cheaper (or even free) alternatives to just about every software you can name.

Users can search the name of the software want an alternative to and it will provide a list of suitable alternatives with the same functions and features.

AlternativeTo also provides information relating to OS compatibility, prices, support and user reviews. As a community-driven site, suggestions are based solely on submissions from other users and their comments and feedback.

Website: AlternativeTo

8. TrustRadius (Free)

Screenshot of the TrustRadius Software Review Website Homepage

TrustRadius offers comparisons based on ratings, product features and pricing, as well as user reviews from authenticated reviewers. They also offer in-depth buyer’s guides to help buyers choose the best software for their needs.

TrustRadius stands out for its emphasis on unbiased and in-depth reviews. They authenticate all reviewers through sites like LinkedIn to ensure they are legitimate users.

Using LinkedIn allows users to see what their own connections on LinkedIn are saying and creates an added level of transparency and trust.

Website: TrustRadius

9. FinancesOnline (Free)

Screenshot of the FinancesOnline Homepage

FinancesOnline is a rapidly expanding platform. They focus on B2B and SaaS software reviews. They authenticate their reviewers via LinkedIn and request detailed reviews, which offer a lot of information on the product.

In addition to user reviews, they use their own software experts to analyze the software and give it a ‘SmartScore’ rating.

FinanceOnlin is a trusted software review site and they rank high on Google. A listing with them, and having positive reviews on their site, can boost your software recognition significantly.

Website: Finances Online

Conclusion & Our Top Picks

In completion, while there are bundles of great choices obtainable, these are the 9 top software review websites to pick from.

All the websites listed are well established and extremely trusted sites. They give unrivalled value to their users and present in-depth product information, which profits you, as a vendor, too.

These websites all rank favourably on Google and have huge traffic capacities. Registering with them will promote your brand’s visibility, acceptance and trust in the eyes of likely customers.  

Nevertheless, don’t disregard finding the review websites that best suit to your niche. Your niche is an important factor to examine when determining the best software review website to list your product on.

big sites with large traffic volumes won’t certainly mean more sales. Sometimes small sites that have a major focused niche gives better results. This is because the buyers who visit small niche sites are more likely to convert to paying clients.

Our Top Pick #1: TrustRadius

We admire the fact that TrustRadius places importance on honest reviews, from verified reviewers. The enhanced level of trust your software earns from real positive reviews on a website like TrustRaduis is amazingly helpful.

They’re not the hugest website but their traffic is really focused and they give great benefit to users and vendors equally. We also like that listing with them is totally free!

Our Top Pick #2: G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd is one of the largest and most famously-established software review sites today. They comprise just about every kind of software imaginable and they rank high on Google.

your Listing with them will showcase your brand to massive traffic volumes and expand your brand’s visibility and acceptance. A freebie listing is free but you can decide to pay for a premium listing if you want.

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