FINALLY Have The Proof You Need To Land High Ticket Clients...Break Through The Noise, The Gate-Keeper & Predictably Land Clients Leveraging Our RESULTS!
Imagine: If You Knew With Guaranteed Certainty...In As Little As 48 Hrs You Could Flood Your Brand New Water Damage Customer With 257% More Leads!

Imagine: If You Knew With Guaranteed Certainty…In As Little As 48 Hrs You Could Flood Your Brand New Water Damage Customer With 257% More Leads!

FINALLY Have The Proof You Need To Land High Ticket Clients…Break Through The Noise, The Gate-Keeper & Predictably Land Clients Leveraging Our RESULTS!


…. Without Ever Leaving Your PC
…. Without Any Cold Calls…. Without Any Face-To-Face

PLUS You CAN Do This, Even If You’re New!

Our Proven Water Damage Landing Page Has Generated 1,363 More Leads In the Last 12 Months Alone

Full Disclosure: The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.

Look: Local Business Owners want to work with Experts, not generalists…. This means getting your FOOT In The Door with a local business owner is harder than ever… 
But not anymore! 
We are leveling the playing field.

We are going to let you leverage our RESULTS!

You'll get our tested and proven Water Damage Funnel so you can use it with YOUR OWN prospects and customers!
You'll get all the pages of the funnel, and our GDPR compliant Privacy Policy (your client NEEDS one even if they're not running ads).

And we'll get you the funnel in multiple formats, and platforms… more on that later…

Imagine prospecting with these assets as social proof?!?!

You'll finally get the attention and respect you've been after! 
You'll have guaranteed certainty! Why?

Because you know you can deliver the results! 
You'll easily show your value and the prospects missed opportunity not using your proven landing pages!

In As Little As 48 Hrs You Could Flood Your Brand New Water Damage Customer With 257% More leads! And You Have The Proof To Back It Up…

Well now you do… 

When you snatch up this offer before it expires!On average, across dozens and dozens of landing page split tests for companies in the last 12 months, we averaged a 257% Increase in Conversions! That Means 257% MORE LEADS! 
Not in months, or years. 
As soon as it's installed!!! 
But don't take our word for it….

Here's some data we have on clients that didn't have our landing pages versus our clients that used our landing pages. 

You'll want to specifically look at the “Average of Conversion Rate” column. – “N” simply means the landing page the client came on board with. – “Y” means we built them out one of our proven Water Damage Smart Pages. 
The average conversion rate using our landing pages was 10.41% higher than the average conversion rate of not using our landing pages.

Lastly you'll want to take a look at the “Average of CPA” column. 
This is the cost of each acquisition. Using one of our Water Damage Smart Pages cost $2,681.27 LESS per acquisition – that's an 93.86% DECREASE! 

The Single Biggest Lever When Driving Traffic?Landing Pages. Landing Pages Change Lives!Yep, that's right.

The single biggest lever when driving traffic – landing pages. What's the annual benefit of investing using one of our landing pages? In this example, the average water damage client that uses one of our landing pages converts prospects into leads at 18.91%, meaning their total annual benefit is about $182,507
That's right, $182,507, just by adding our Water Damage Smart Page landing page.

Here's another example of one of our landing pages that converted REALLY WELL! This landing page converted prospects into leads at 22.35%, meaning the client's total annual benefit was about $254,052

Okay, okay – we know that conversion rate is an out of this world success for a landing page. Let's show you the benefit of a landing page with more everyday results…

Even when comparing our landing pages to a client's landing pages that convert prospects into leads at 14.40%, the conversion rate increase of 360% amounts to an annual benefit of $136,693. JUST from switching to one of our Smart Pages!

Think you can get your foot in the door now? 

The More Your Water Damage Prospect Spends On Marketing The More They Need YOU & Water Damage Smart PagesMaybe the best part about leading with our Water Damage Smart Pages Landing Pages as a Foot In The Door? 

Prospects who spend the most money on advertising are automatically the clients our landing pages can help the most! 
No more bottom-feeders nor time-wasters.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to be of EXTREME value to the best of the best prospects?

You wouldn’t worry about getting to the pitch and a prospecting giving you the dreaded, “I can't afford it” answer.  
Because you’ll be actively targeting prospects SPENDING big bucks on marketing, and you'll know the IMPACT you can have on their business…. 

It's been backed up by 1,363 Leads In the Last 12 Months Alone.
We'll teach you EXACTLY who to target – that is #1 spending money on advertising, #2 you can easily show your value with a quick win!

What would that mean? 
You'd AT LAST… not hope, wish or pray … but KNOW exactly how many new clients will be becoming a client in the next week. 

Consistency, predictably and reliably… just like clockwork! 
When you have a proven system working for you… it really changes EVERYTHING.  

Water Damage Smart Pages Can Be Used As A Foot In The Door Method To Sell ANY Service…

  • ​ Reputation Management
  • ​ Pay Per Click Management
  • ​​​​ Search Engine Optimization 
  • ​​ Website Builds
  • ​​ Video SEO
  • ​ Facebook Ads
  • ​​ Local SEO
  • ​ Bots
  • ​​ You Name It….

We'll even show you what we recommend to sell after – and why… 

Just For A Moment, Imagine…You wake up in the morning, make a fresh pot of coffee, grab your laptop… 
You do a quick Google search for water damage restoration companies in your area. Looking at the results you can see all the companies trying to sell their high priced, premium services directly from a low-grade website page.

The kind of page that you know with a high degree of certainty is going to be killing their conversions and costing them money.
And their problem isn’t going to go away, because day after day, week after week, month after month, they throw money away, sending their solid-gold Google ads prospects into their bargain-basement landing page.

You know, with absolute certainty that with only a few minutes of effort you can take away their pain. Their knight in shining armor, who, at the stroke of their keyword, can 2x, 3x or even 5x their inquiries and customers.
Without a penny of extra spend, or a single extra website visitor.

The confidence that comes from this certainty drives you to prospect like a demon, and close clients all over town, kick-starting your business growth and pushing you into long-term, ongoing premium-price services, that finally allow you to treat your family to the vacation they deserve. And it all starts with a simple landing page template.

One that had been battle-tested, and evolved so the hard work was done. All you had to do was swipe, deploy and bank the check. Or perhaps, it even allowed you to save that existing client, the one you get traffic for but couldn’t convert. The client that every time they call, your stomach sinks, as you expect them to cancel their retainer with you. But not now. The next time they call will be to thank you for the turnaround and to recommend you to their friends.

Listen up!Even MORE good news for YOU…

You probably know us, Joe Troyer and Rob Warner…

We're the guys behind InvisiblePPC.

Providing marketing services for local businesses allows us to enjoy a pretty sweet life. We get to work when we want, spend as much time with family as we want and the work is rewarding.

Recently we've seen a ton of new Water Damage Clients at InvisiblePPC… We thought long and hard about how we could give everyone of the agencies we work with a leg up in the market…. and our team said: “why not let them leverage our proven water damage landing pages?”

As you can imagine that was a big NO right out of the gate. But the team was dead on. If we gave all our agencies our proven water damage funnel they could add immediate value to any client, and be perceived as an expert! 
So we made it a reality.

Inside, we'll share with you our Water Damage Smart Pages… 
But maybe even more important, we'll show you how to use Water Damage Smart Pages to land new clients as a… 
– FREE Foot In The Door Method- Way To Land Past Water Damage Prospects- One Time 4 Figure Sale- OR A Core Offer Sale At $1,000+ Per Month 
Be sure to read every word on this page – you’ll learn EXACTLY how you can change your local marketing career overnight. This new system is powerful.
We always tell our students when it comes to landing local clients…

Effort Doesn’t Matter! RESULTS DO!Imagine how much easier it would be talking to a prospect and FLAT OUT KNOWING (not hoping) you could add 20% to their bottom line overnight! 

LOOK: Only the RIGHT EFFORT, followed by a proven system will get the results you and your prospects want.
Aren't you ready to feel confident in your services and what you offer?

Before we get into all that, it's important you know you already have what it takes…

If You're Frustrated andReady To Quit Please Read This

You're frustrated because between setting up a Digital Agency, learning Social Media, studying SEO, PPC, LeadGen, Reputation Mgmt, etc, it feels like you need a team of experts just to keep up.

To make it worse, people who are IDEAL to become your best clients, do everything possible to filter out and ignore your approaches, since they're assaulted by every “Tom, Dick, and Harry” every day!
Worse yet, showing up like everyone else shouting for attention makes you look like just like everyone else! And for bigger ticket, premium offline services… 

Looking Like Everyone ElseIs The KISS OF DEATH.

It will (and probably has) cost you $100,000 or more in lost fees over the last few years. In some respects, I'm being conservative.

Your financial future as a local consultant depends on Identifying, Connecting with and Influencing the best prospects… Prospects who can benefit most from AND easily afford higher-priced Premium Services.


Take a look at what's inside the Water Damage Smart Pages Members' Area…

  •  3 Step Proven Funnel
             Including: Responsive Landing Page, Thank You Page & GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy
  •  Funnel Pages Built In Unbounce 
             We build landing pages in Unbounce, and we can't recommend it enough!
  •  Funnel Pages Built In Clickfunnels         
             We know some of you really drink the Kool-Aid so we made them in ClickFunnels too. 
  •  ​Funnel Pages Built In GoHighLevel
             Over the last year GoHighLevel has quickly taken marketshare from Click-funnels and many other platforms!
  • ​​ Funnel Pages Built In HTML 5          We know some of you are old school techies and just want the code – no worries! Now you can do what you want with it!
  • ​ PLUS Over The Shoulders Best Practices Videos
             Yep, don't fret once you get your landing page setup… we'll teach exactly what you need contextually to know in order to get great results with our landing pages!

When You Join Today You Also Get Our
Landing Pages Change Lives Course For FREE!
Landing Pages Change Lives is our best-selling training program that teaches you EXACTLY what you need to know…

When You Join Today You Also Get OUR ROI Calculator & Proven Closing Method…For years Joe has taught a very simple, but powerful method for closing clients…

It all really comes down to showing where a prospect is now, building a plan to show them where they are going, backing that up with numbers, and them making a no brainer pitch! 
See what Adam has to say about the method in the video below.

We've now taken this and applied it to landing pages!

Now you'll have a bulletproof sales method after you get your prospect's attention!

You Also Get All Of Our Templates & Worksheets So You Can Get Started Quickly…

Prospecting Worksheet for easy organization

Landing Page Checklist

Proven copy-and-paste cold email scripts (have landed 100's of clients)

Proven white labeled case studies to copy-and-paste everywhereThis package is 100% complete!

It's perfect for a rookie OR a veteran. You can hit the ground running as soon as you enroll and start running with it!\

Don't Delay Get Started Now

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