Consolto Review: The Powerful App To Boost Remote Meetings With Customers Through Video Chat, Appointment Scheduling, Messaging, And Analytics. Best Alternative to Zoom, Calendly and Intercom. Get Lifetime Access to Consolto

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Consolto Review: The Powerful App To Boost Remote Meetings With Customers Through Video Chat, Appointment Scheduling, Messaging, And Analytics. Best Alternative to Zoom, Calendly and Intercom. Get Lifetime Access to Consolto
Consolto Review

Introduction to Consolto

Consolto is an all-in-one video conferencing and CRM platform designed to simplify, organize, and enhance remote sales and consultations. In today's digital world, being able to effectively communicate and conduct business remotely is crucial. However, remote work often comes with its own set of challenges when it comes to scheduling meetings, keeping customers organized, and collaborating across distances.

Consolto aims to solve these problems by providing businesses and freelancers with a single platform for conducting virtual meetings, managing contacts and customer data, and analyzing engagement insights. With features like built-in video conferencing, appointment scheduling, CRM functionality, and analytics, Consolto streamlines the entire remote work process.

Who Can Benefit from Using Consolto?

Remote Consultants and Coaches

Consolto is especially well-suited for consultants, coaches, trainers and other professionals who work with clients remotely. Its appointment booking and video conferencing tools allow users to seamlessly schedule and conduct one-on-one sessions from anywhere. Consultants can also utilize the built-in CRM to track past discussions, shared documents and next steps.

Online Teachers and Instructors

Similar to consultants, online teachers and instructors can leverage Consolto to deliver live or prerecorded classes through its integration. Instructors gain visibility into student engagement and can communicate effectively through messaging, file sharing and screen sharing capabilities.

Customer Support Teams

For businesses with remote customer support needs, Consolto provides a centralized hub for agents to conduct video calls, chat sessions and collect customer information. It allows multiple agents to handle requests simultaneously through customizable profiles.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing firms can use Consolto to conduct virtual pitches and presentations with clients. The platform streamlines the proposal process through centralized contact and file management. It also provides engagement metrics for optimizing outreach strategies.

Remote Sales Teams

Sales representatives can use Consolto to qualify leads, provide product demos and close deals entirely through virtual meetings and screen sharing. Automatic scheduling and real-time messaging keep communication seamless across locations.

How to Use Consolto

Consolto can be used in several ways depending on your specific remote work needs:

Embedding the Consolto Widget

Perhaps the simplest way to start using Consolto is by embedding its lightweight widget code onto your website or application. This allows anyone visiting your site to instantly start a video call or chat session with your team. Embed code can be generated through the Consolto dashboard.

Creating ClickNTalk Pages

For businesses without custom websites, Consolto provides customizable ClickNTalk landing pages that can be used to conduct virtual meetings. Users simply visit the unique page URL and are guided through the calling or booking process.

Scheduling Appointments

The calendar feature allows any user – whether client or consultant – to request and manage scheduled meetings. Appointments can be directly synced with Google calendar for a holistic view.

Using the CRM

Consolto's CRM functionality stores all customer, contact and meeting details in one centralized location. Profiles can be created, notes and files attached, and next steps set directly from within the platform.

Engaging Through Chat and Video

Live text, audio and video chat sessions can be launched right from customer profiles. Features like screen sharing, file sharing and virtual whiteboards enhance collaboration. Meetings can also be recorded for future reference.

Integrating Third-Party Apps

Consolto supports key integrations with tools like Stripe, PayPal, Zapier and more for simplified billing and automations. This expands its remote work utility.

comparison table between Consolto Versus Zoom, Calendly and Intercom:

Main FunctionalityAppointment SchedulingSupport/MessagingVideo ConferencingVideo Conferencing, Scheduling, CRM, Analytics
CRM FeaturesNoBasic Contact ProfilesNoRobust Customer Profiles, Document Storage, Notes
SchedulingGood OptionNo Meeting SchedulingNo SchedulingAdvanced Bi-Directional Calendar Integration
MessagingNo Live ChatLive Chat, Auto-ResponsesNo MessagingLive Messaging Across Platform
Video QualityNo VideoNo VideoReliable Video QualityHD Video & Screen Sharing Quality
Mobile ExperienceWeb & Mobile AppsWeb & Mobile AppsWeb & Mobile AppsWeb Responsive, No Native Mobile Yet
Pricing ModelMonthly SubscriptionsMonthly SubscriptionsMonthly SubscriptionsLifetime Purchase, No Recurring Fees
IntegrationsLimitedRobustLimitedWide Range Includes Zapier, Stripe, Google & More
CustomizationLimitedStrong Branding OptionsLimitedFully White Label Solutions & Skins
ScalabilityCannot Scale RobustlyScales WellScales WellUnlimited Users Scaling Through Tiers
Overall ValueFocuses on Scheduling AloneSplit Solutions NeededLacks CRM FunctionsAll-In-One Communication Platform
comparison table between Consolto Versus Zoom, Calendly and Intercom:

In summary of this comparison table between Consolto Versus Zoom, Calendly and Intercom, while options like Calendly, Intercom and Zoom excel in specific areas, only Consolto offers an integrated solution combining video, scheduling, data & analytics management into one centralized REMOTE collaboration hub with tremendous lifetime cost savings.

Watch Consolto Demo

Watch Consolto Demo

Consolto Pros and Cons


  • All-in-one solution for video calls, scheduling, CRM and analytics
  • Easy to embed widget code or create ClickNTalk pages
  • Intuitive dashboard for managing appointments, customer profiles and meeting details
  • Built-in features like screen sharing, file sharing and chat enhance collaboration
  • White-label branding allows customizing the platform appearance
  • Supports common tools like Google Calendar for scheduling and Stripe for payments
  • Lifetime deals provide great value compared to monthly subscription SaaS


  • Video call quality depends on individual internet connections
  • No mobile apps yet, though a web app works well on mobile browsers
  • Learning curve for setting up complex automations through third-party integrations

Overall, Consolto strikes an excellent balance between functionality and usability for most small business users. While not as full-featured as specialist CRM software, it offers video conferencing capabilities alongside contact and document management in one affordable package.

Consolto Lifetime Deal

Consolto is currently offering lifetime access to its platform through a special promotional deal on AppSumo, a digital marketplace for software and online courses.

The lifetime deal provides permanent use of all core Consolto features for one low price instead of ongoing monthly or annual subscriptions. This includes unlimited video calls, appointment booking, contact profiles and more – with upgrades to any future functionality offered by the developer.

Some key details about the Consolto lifetime deal:

  • Lifetime validity: Once purchased, access remains permanent with no expiry date.
  • Future-proofed: The deal is mapped to all new product updates and changes in the future.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee: New users can test drive the tool risk-free for 2 months.
  • Five distinct tiers: Licenses can be upgraded or downgraded flexibly based on needs.
  • Existing clients: Past AppSumo buyers can upgrade their current Consolto access.

This lifetime purchase model removes ongoing subscription renewals and offers phenomenal long-term value for money. It also provides permanence and budget predictability compared to annually billed software-as-a-service.

Consolto Lifetime Deal Pricing Structure

The Consolto lifetime deal comes with five distinctive pricing tiers or license levels on AppSumo:

Tier 1 – Clever Plan

Good For: Solopreneurs, small businesses
Price: $59
Features: 5 active users, 50 monthly video minutes

Tier 2 – Genius Plan

Good For: Growing startups, small agencies
Price: $149
Features: 10 active users, 100 monthly video minutes

Tier 3 – Mastermind Plan

Good For: Established businesses, large agencies
Price: $249
Features: 25 active users, 250 monthly video minutes

Tier 4 – Automation Plan

Good For: Advanced automations, high volume teams
Price: $399
Features: 50 active users, 500 monthly video minutes

Tier 5 – Custom Plan

Good For: Enterprise needs, unlimited scaling
Price: Custom quote
Features: Unlimited everything

Users can upgrade or downgrade between any tier at a prorated price adjustment based on feature usage and needs. This provides ongoing flexibility to scale usage over time.

How To Get Consolto With a One-Time Payment For Lifetime Use

To purchase lifetime access to Consolto at a discounted rate through AppSumo, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Consolto Lifetime Deal page on AppSumo here
  2. Review the tool's features, lifetime deal details and testimonials.
  3. Select the license tier that matches your business needs from the five available options.
  4. Click the “Buy Now” button and complete checkout with a one-time payment using a credit/debit card, PayPal or Bitcoin.
  5. Shortly after purchase, you'll receive activation instructions via email.
  6. Sign up for a Consolto account, enter your activation code and start using the platform!
  7. Reap the benefits for life without recurring fees. Enjoy future upgrades automatically at no extra cost.

It's that straightforward to instantly transform your remote operations with an affordable lifetime investment in Consolto through AppSumo's exclusive deal.

Visit the Consolto Lifetime Deal page on AppSumo here

Consolto Price and Value

Pricing a lifetime purchase model always depends on assessing long-term value versus recurring subscription costs. With Consolto, the lifetime deal pricing provides tremendous savings and advantages:

  • Month-to-month subscriptions would total $700-3000 in just 2-3 years at competing prices.
  • Feature-rich video calling tools average $15-50 per user monthly, adding up to thousands after several years of usage.
  • Common CRM software starts at $10-30 per user per month, with costly add-ons/upgrades.
  • Even just booking 15-20 hours of a consultant's time pays off the entire lifetime license fee.
  • Discounted deal prices are 70% lower than Consolto's regular retail rates.

Considering future-proofed access to all upgrades, integrated functionality replacing separate point solutions, and lifetime support – the upfront cost delivers massive returns on investment for any remote business. Powerful enough for enterprises yet affordable for solopreneurs, Consolto ‘s value is unmatched in this premium package deal.

Is Consolto Profitable?

With the right implementation and usage model, Consolto has strong potential to drive new revenues or improve profit margins:

For Consultants

  • Schedule and conduct paid sessions remotely to serve more clients globally
  • Simplify invoicing by integrating Stripe and track time spent per customer
  • Analyze engagement metrics to optimize service offerings

For Online Teachers

  • Deliver live or recorded lessons to a larger student base without location barriers
  • Automate payments and track student activity/assessments
  • Upsell supplementary course materials and coaching packages

For Remote Support Teams

  • Provide frictionless video support interactions that improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce staffing/overhead costs compared to physical help desks
  • Cross-sell or upsell additional products and subscription services

For Digital Agencies

  • Qualify and close deals faster with streamlined proposal demonstrations
  • Measure lead engagement for improved marketing campaigns
  • Bill clients easily for virtual project management capabilities

When utilized to their fullest capability, the insights and efficiencies gained from a central platform like Consolto can noticeably boost top and bottom line financial results over the long run for knowledge-based businesses.

Consolto FAQs

How many users can be added per account?

The number of users permitted depends on the license tier purchased. Tiers range from supporting 5 users up to unlimited scaling for advanced needs.

Is there a mobile app?

Currently Consolto does not have native mobile applications. However, their web interface is fully responsive and works well on mobile browsers for basic usage.

What video call/screen sharing quality can be expected?

Call quality depends on individual internet speeds but Consolto supports full HD 1080p video and screen mirroring. Most users report clear video even on average home internet connections.

Can additional integrations be customized?

While Consolto has APIs for select pre-built integrations, advanced custom coding would be required to interface with non-supported third party tools on the developer's end.

How secure is customer data stored on Consolto?

Consolto implements industry standard data security protocols and is GDPR compliant. They do not store any sensitive financial information directly.

Can support be contacted directly?

Consolto provides self-help resources like documentation, guides and a community forum online. For urgent issues, they can also be reached through a contact form on their website.

Which web browsers does Consolto support?

The platform is optimized for Chrome but also works well with recent versions of Firefox, Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer 11. Mobile browsers like Chrome and Safari are fully supported too.

Is there a free trial available?

While a full-fledged free trial is not offered currently due to the lifetime pricing model, AppSumo does provide a generous 60-day money-back guarantee to effectively demo the tool risk-free.

Visit the Consolto Lifetime Deal page on AppSumo here

Consolto's Generous 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Consolto understands that investing in a lifetime software purchase is a big commitment. To ease customer concerns, they provide an unconditional 60-day refund policy through AppSumo on their exclusive lifetime deal.

This extensive two month trial window allows new users to:

  • Fully explore all of Consolto's core features on real business operations
  • Test integrations with third-party tools to evaluate workflow feasibility
  • Receive support from their community to address initial setup inquiries
  • Obtain feedback from others already benefitting from the platform
  • Continuously assess if the tool delivers promised value or requires changes

Should users decide within the 60 days that Consolto isn't the right long-term fit, they can simply request a full refund – no questions asked. This eliminates all risk associated with such a large upfront investment.

The 60-day refund coverage is considerably more generous than standard 30-day money-back guarantees and underlines AppSumo and Consolto's confidence in the tool. Users can therefore feel assured to take the plunge and adopt the convenience of lifetime access.

Who Created Consolto?

Consolto was founded in 2018 by Ilan Harel, a seasoned serial entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in digital transformation.

Some key details about Consolto's creator:

  • Ilan previously co-founded and successfully exited video solutions platform Camvio.
  • He also held executive roles leading digital strategy at top tech companies.
  • Ilan remains actively involved as Consolto's CEO, continuously spearheading product development.
  • The founding team further includes software engineers, designers and remote work specialists.
  • Headquartered in Israel, Consolto now has a global workforce supporting their rapidly growing user base.

Under Ilan's vision and leadership, Consolto has scaled into a leading video communication and CRM platform trusted by thousands of distributed teams worldwide. Accessible yet powerful enough for advanced use cases, the tool represents Ilan's mission of simplifying remote work through a single integrated solution.

When was Consolto Launched?

Consolto was officially launched as a business in November 2018 after over a year of intense R&D and beta testing.

Some key milestones in the platform's development journey:

  • 2017: Initial conceptizing and requirements gathering begins under founders Ilan Harel and team.
  • Early 2018: Alpha release tested with select users, feedback collected for refinements.
  • June 2018: Beta launch expands user base, core features validated at scale.
  • October 2018: Production rollout following final round of stabilization and performance optimizations.
  • November 2018: Official v1.0 commercial launch as a standalone SaaS offering.
  • 2019: Expanded global reach, Fortune 500 customer acquisition starts. Major v2.0 upgrade released.
  • 2020: surpassed 50,000 user milestone. Integrated new capabilities like breakout rooms.

Today on its 4 year anniversary, Consolto has established itself as one of the leaders enabling the rise of remote and hybrid work through its all-in-one communication and collaboration solution.

Visit the Consolto Lifetime Deal page on AppSumo here

A Case Study on How Consolto Helped An Online Business

Remote Digital is an e-learning platform providing online courses to individual students worldwide. Transitioning fully online during the pandemic, they needed to streamline engagement and operations entirely remotely.

Challenges faced:

  • Instructor scheduling became unmanageable across timezones
  • No central way for real-time student support and Q&A sessions
  • Disjointed processes from lead capture to enrollment and payments

How Consolto helped:

  • Embedded widget scheduled live classes bookable globally
  • Instructors utilized built-in chat, calling and screen sharing for classrooms
  • Automated appointment confirmations and payment links sent to students
  • Detailed analytics identified most effective marketing channels
  • White-labeled dashboard branded per unique courses portfolio


  • Class attendance increased 30% retaining more students
  • First year revenues grew 35% with streamlined conversions
  • Instructors saved 10 hours weekly avoiding tedious scheduling
  • 91% of surveyed students reported an improved learning experience

By adopting Consolto, Remote Digital was able to keep their operations nimble, engaged and profitable even whilst fully shifting online – demonstrating the power of centralized remote work tools.

Where Can Consolto Be Accessed?

Consolto is primarily accessed and utilized through its web-based platform interface. There are no dedicated native mobile or desktop applications. However, their solution was designed and optimized for use across various digital touchpoints:

  • Website: The admin dashboard and core features are web-accessible. Visit the Consolto Lifetime Deal page on AppSumo here
  • Widget Embed: Code can integrate Consolto capabilities onto any website or web page
  • ClickNTalk Pages: For users without their own domains, customized virtual meeting pages are provisioned
  • Mobile Browser: Fully responsive web interface works seamlessly on phones and tablets
  • Integrations: Third party tools like calendars and CRMs also provide backend system access

So whether on desktop, mobile or via traditional or custom-coded interfaces – Consolto delivers a consistent experience spanning any modern digital environment and remains accessible from anywhere internet connectivity is available.

Should You Buy Consolto?

Here are the key factors to consider when deciding if investing in the Consolto lifetime deal is right for your specific remote work needs:

Buy It If:

  • Your business relies heavily on virtual communication and collaboration.
  • Scheduling meetings and customer engagement is challenging remotely.
  • You want an all-in-one centralized hub for video calls, contacts, documents.
  • Integrated tools that work together are important for streamlined workflows.
  • The lifetime value outweighs ongoing monthly subscription renewals.

Don't Buy If:

  • Your usage is basic (emails, phone calls) and advanced features won't provide utility
  • You require highly specialized or complex integrations beyond core functionality
  • Tight budget only allows lowest tier which may not fully accommodate needs
  • You prefer spreadsheets, manually coordinating tasks over automated platforms

Overall, the versatile solution Consolto provides at a low lifetime cost makes it compelling for most knowledge businesses operating virtually. However, careful evaluation of specific business processes remains key before investing.

Visit the Consolto Lifetime Deal page on AppSumo here

Take Advantage of Consolto's Exclusive Lifetime Deal Today!

By leveraging Consolto through AppSumo's limited-time lifetime deal offer, you can permanently transform your remote operations with a single affordable investment.

Don't settle for hastily patched together point solutions or ever-increasing subscription fees. Gain hassle-free access to a premium all-in-one communication and collaboration tool built specifically for distributed teams.

Empower your business or services to scale beyond geographical restrictions. Connect effortlessly with clients or students through smooth virtual meetings, messages and file sharing right from their web browser.

Strengthen relationships and maximize profitability with deeper customer insights. Automate repetitive tasks through powerful integrations while maintaining centralized organization and control over your online operations.

Seize this unique opportunity to make the move to a future-proofed lifetime license of Consolto before this exclusive discounted deal comes to an end. You have 60 full days to experience the platform risk-free – so don't hesitate to purchase today!

Visit the Consolto Lifetime Deal page on AppSumo here

5 User Reviews of Consolto:

“As a virtual consultant, Consolto has enhanced my client services tremendously. The ability to conduct video consultations and store past discussions in one place brought a whole new level of organization and efficiency to my business.”

  • Mark K., Business Coach

“Shifting our customer support fully online was a big change but Consolto made it seamless. Agents can now handle high call volumes simultaneously from anywhere while maintaining high service quality. Customer satisfaction scores are the best we've seen.”

  • Jane K., Support Manager at Tech Company

“The return on investment from adopting Consolto paid off within just 6 months. By enabling new revenue streams like live online classes, we've expanded our small business considerably despite limitations of the pandemic.”

  • Michael S., Owner of Photography School

“As a remote employee, tools like Consolto that bring collaboration features to any web browser are invaluable. Especially the screen sharing and streamlined messaging, they enhance my daily work without location restrictions.”

  • Emma W., Digital Marketer

“The lifetime deal provides remarkable value and helps justify major online transitions for our organization. Best of all, Consolto requirements were simple enough that training staffers was a breeze – adoption has been super smooth.”

  • Raj N., Operations Manager

Visit the Consolto Lifetime Deal page on AppSumo here

Conclusion on Consolto Review

In today's hybrid work culture, remote communication and collaboration tools have become must-haves for businesses. By offering an all-encompassing solution encompassing video meetings, scheduling, CRM functionality and analytics, Consolto streamlines distributed operations into a single platform.

The lifetime purchase model and 60-day refund guarantee make Consolto highly accessible with minimal risks. Significant long term savings are realized versus disjointed point solutions or ongoing subscriptions too.

For knowledge enterprises whether starting small or already scaling globally, Consolto empowers conveying services and strengthening customer connections across any distance – driving better experiences and results. With such streamlined remote facilitation, this platform is sure to remain an invaluable digital business enabler for years to come.

Visit the Consolto Lifetime Deal page on AppSumo here

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Visit the Consolto Lifetime Deal page on AppSumo here