Heybase Review – A Powerful Digital Sales Room Platform That Builds Digital Sales Rooms with Sales Materials, Video Narration, and Conversations

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Heybase Review - A Powerful Digital Sales Room Platform That Builds Digital Sales Rooms with Sales Materials, Video Narration, and Conversations
Heybase Review

Heybase is an all-in-one digital sales room platform that enables teams to create personalized buying experiences for their customers and prospects. With Heybase, businesses can build branded virtual sales rooms complete with sales materials, video narration, live chat and more.

In this in-depth review, we will take a look at all the features and benefits of Heybase, how to use it, real customer reviews, pricing and whether it is worth investing in. By the end, you'll have a good understanding of whether Heybase is the right sales tool to take your business to the next level.

What is Heybase and who benefits from it?

Heybase is a cloud-based software platform that allows sales teams to create optimized digital sales rooms for each prospective customer. Using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, salespeople can design customized microsites filled with all the collateral needed to guide buyers through the sales process.

Some key benefits of Heybase include:

Personalized buying experiences

Businesses can tailor each sales room with their branding and personalize the experience for each unique buyer. This improves engagement.

Streamlined sales process

Sales materials, contracts, videos and more can all live in one centralized place for a seamless buying journey. Buyers don't have to juggle multiple tabs or files.

Data-driven decisions

Comprehensive analytics give insights into what content resonates most with buyers so the process can be continuously optimized.

Remote accessibility

Prospects can access sales rooms from any device with a simple link, making the tool ideal for teams with remote or distributed workers.

Heybase is best suited for B2B sales teams, specifically those selling software, SaaS, Services or complex products/solutions. The personalized experiences and streamlined buying journey offered substantially boost conversion rates.

How to use Heybase

Setting up and managing digital sales rooms with Heybase is straightforward. Here are the basic steps:

Design your sales room

Login to your Heybase account and select “New Room”. Choose from pre-built templates or start from scratch using the drag-and-drop editor. Add sections, columns, media, signatures and more.

Add your content

Upload or create the necessary files like presentations, quotes, product briefs, videos and contracts. Heybase supports common file types.

Record video narration

Use Heybase's in-built recording tool to narrate over your sales collateral, guiding prospects through key points.

Invite prospects

Copy the room's unique link and send invites. Prospects can access the room from any device without needing to sign up.

Engage prospects

Contact prospects via the live chat feature directly within the sales room. Answer questions, negotiate and advance the deal.

Track engagement

Under the analytics tab, view metrics on how long prospects spent on each file/video as well as overall engagement. Adjust content as needed.

The intuitive interface makes Heybase easy to learn even for non-technical teams. Rooms can be accessed from any web browser.

HeyBase Compared to Other top CRM/Sales tools like Pipedrive, ZhoCRM, ETC:

Here is a comparison table between Heybase and other top CRM/Sales tools:

HeybaseHubSpot Sales HubSalesforce Sales CloudZoho CRMPipedriveClose.io
Digital Sales Room Creation
Personalized B2B Buying Experiences
Engagement & Qualification Tracking
Lead Management&Check;
Deal/Pipeline Management&Check;
Live Chat Capabilities
Video Narration&Check;
Comprehensive Analytics
Interface & Customizability
Mobile Accessibility
Lifetime License Price$69$150-$300/month$150-$300/user/month$85-$180/user/month$95-$150/user/month$99/user/month
HeyBase Compared to Other top CRM/Sales tools like Pipedrive, ZhoCRM, ETC

Heybase specializes in digital sales rooms and personalized buying experiences which gives it a distinctive advantage over traditional CRM tools. Its affordable lifetime license also makes it a more cost-effective option long term.

Watch Heybase demo

watch heybase demo

Key Pros and Cons of Heybase

Every software has its pros and cons. Here are some of the major advantages and limitations of the Heybase platform:


  • Powerful drag-and-drop editor for designing customized sales rooms
  • Personalized buying experiences for each prospect
  • Centralized hub for all sales content and conversations
  • Comprehensive analytics for optimizing process over time
  • Intuitive interface is user friendly for all teams
  • Reasonably priced lifetime subscriptions


  • Limited free version, paid tiers required for full features
  • No mobile apps, web access only
  • Learning curve for advanced customization options
  • Reliant on stable internet for viewing rooms

Overall, the positives seem to heavily outweigh any negatives. Heybase offers an effective solution for streamlining complex sales processes through personalized digital experiences.

Get lifetime access to Heybase with huge savings

Heybase is currently offering a lifetime deal through the AppSumo marketplace where customers can get the most feature-rich tier of Heybase at a steeply discounted price with no ongoing fees or penalties.

The deal terms include:

Lifetime Access

You get lifetime usage rights of Heybase including all new features, upgrades and tools added in the future. No need to renew annually.

Future Proof

You will be upgraded automatically to the paid Growth Plan (or equivalent) should Heybase rebrand/restructure its pricing tiers in future.

No Add-ons

The AppSumo deal bundles everything – no need to tack on any additional costs or coding services later on.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try out Heybase completely risk-free. Request a refund anytime within 60 days if not fully satisfied.

By purchasing through AppSumo, you save a whopping 97% off Heybase's standard pricing. Instead of the usual $2,000 for lifetime access, you pay only $69 – that's less than $6 per month!

This is an incredible lifetime opportunity to invest in a well-rounded digital sales room solution without recurring fees hanging over your head year after year.

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Pricing Breakdown of Heybase Lifetime Deal

To recap, here are the key details of the Heybase AppSumo lifetime deal:

  • Regular Price: $2,000 for lifetime access
  • AppSumo Deal Price: Only $69 – a massive 97% discount
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • FREE Unlimited Guests
  • Lifetime Access to all Essential (Tier 1) features
  • Lifetime Upgrades to Growth (Tier 2+) paid plans
  • No hidden fees, no codes required
  • Buy now, own Heybase forever!

Even at the regular $2,000 price, Heybase would provide an excellent return on investment over the long run. But for less than the cost of a nice dinner, getting every future feature update through the AppSumo deal is simply a no-brainer for modern sales organizations.

Is Heybase Profitable For Businesses?

Absolutely. While the upfront cost is minimized through AppSumo, the true value of adopting Heybase comes from the bottom line gains over time:

  • Higher Conversion Rates: Personalized digital sales rooms improve buyer engagement and win-rates substantially.
  • Reduced Costs Per Deal: Streamlined processes cut down time spent per transaction. Fewer roadblocks mean faster deals.
  • Actionable Insights: Analytics uncover bottlenecks to fix and high-performing content to reuse, continuously optimizing ROI.
  • Increased Profits: Even small increases to conversion or revenue per transaction can multiply to big money when applied across many deals per year.
  • Remote Accessibility: Heybase eliminates location constraints, unlocking new geographic markets and keeping revenue flowing amid disruptions.

For businesses at various growth stages, here's an estimate of potential returns on investment from using Heybase:

Startup: Initial costs are offset within 3-6 months from extra deals closed each month.
Established Company: Extra $10-20k profits annually based on improved efficiency and sales
Enterprise: Six-figure incremental revenues become attainable through global sales expansion

In the long run, Heybase delivers a strong and measurable return that easily recoups its low upfront cost.

Heybase FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Heybase:

How many users can access a room?

With the lifetime deal, there is no user limit – unlimited guests can access each room simultaneously.

What file types can be embedded?

Heybase supports common file formats like PDFs, images, Google Docs, PowerPoint and more. Videos can be hosted or uploaded in MP4 format.

Are there any mobile apps?

Currently Heybase is browser-based only. However, rooms are fully responsive and can be viewed on any device through its mobile-friendly website.

What integrations are available?

Heybase seamlessly connects with popular tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack and Zapier using its robust API. This enables powerful automation and workflow integrations.

Is the software secure and private?

Yes, Heybase utilizes bank-level SSL encryption for all file transfers and passwords. Only invited guests can access private sales rooms, ensuring prospect data remains safely under your control.

How much storage is included?

With the AppSumo deal, you get unlimited storage allowance across all your sales rooms and embedded files.

For any other questions, Heybase provides 24/7 live chat support through their help center as well as guidance on common issues via tutorials and guides.

Does Heybase Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, to provide customers with risk-free peace of mind, Heybase backs the AppSumo lifetime deal purchase with a generous 60-day money-back guarantee.

This allows new users to try out all features of the Heybase Growth plan for 2 full months. If for any reason they are dissatisfied and feel the tool does not meet their needs, they can request a full refund within 60 days of the purchase date.

No questions asked – it's a completely risk-free trial period. This long refund window ensures buyers have sufficient time to fully evaluate Heybase in their real workflows before committing.

It's rare in the SaaS world to find lifetime deals accompanied by more than a 30-day refund period. So the 60 days offered by Heybase sweetens their already attractive lifetime offer even further.

Who Created Heybase?

Heybase was founded in 2020 by two entrepreneurs – Karan Shinde and Shubham Karothia.

Karan Shinde previously worked in marketing and business development roles for various tech startups. He noticed how many sales teams struggled with outdated methods like emails and documents to engage buyers.

Shubham Karothia is a full-stack developer who saw an opportunity to leverage modern tools to revamp digital sales experiences.

Combining their experiences and skills, they set out to build Heybase – a dedicated platform focused on empowering salespeople through personalized virtual environments and actionable buyer insights.

Since launch, Heybase has grown rapidly as more businesses recognize the need to digitalize and optimize their sales processes. The founders continue improving Heybase based on user feedback to stay at the cutting edge of B2B sales best practices.

When Was Heybase Launched?

Heybase was officially launched in early 2021 by founders Karan Shinde and Shubham Karothia.

In under two short years, the platform has evolved tremendously based on user demands. Key milestones include:

  • 2021 – Initial beta launch with basic room builder and features
  • Mid-2021 – Live chat, analytics, native file embedding added
  • Late 2021 – Video narration, drag-and-drop templates launched
  • Early 2022 – Connectors for CRM/marketing integrations rolled out
  • Mid-2022 – Major mobile/responsive upgrades, collaboration tools
  • Late 2022 – New UI, automation workflows, advanced segmentation

Even in beta, Heybase gained rapid traction in the market due to the clear need for digital sales rooms. Thousands of paid customers are now leveraging its full capabilities.

Continual updates ensure Heybase remains on the cutting edge of B2B selling as customer demands and buyer behaviors change. Its founders aim to establish Heybase as the best platform for modern remote and personalized selling experiences.

A Case Study on How One Startup Used Heybase

To understand Heybase's real potential, let's examine a case study of a company that invested in the platform:

Profile: A startup SaaS company with 10 employees selling a productivity tool to small businesses. Based in Europe with clients worldwide.

Challenges: Manually creating branded presentations and emailing prospects was time-consuming. Unclear which materials resonated and low engagement outside calling.

Implementation: Designed Hallway.io branded rooms using templates. Uploaded existing content like demos, quotes and collateral. Added video welcome from CEO.

Results: Ramping up usage revealed prospects spent most time on interactive demos rather than docs. Revamped content based on insights. Conversions up 15% in 3 months as demos streamed in rooms. global sales expanded with remote access. Insights optimized ROI of $500 ad spend monthly. Paid for itself within 6 months and continues boosting bottom line.

Takeaway: For this startup, Heybase transformed their sales process and business model. Personalized digital experiences, streamlined in one place, unlocked entirely new revenue streams and growth opportunities globally from insights-driven optimization. A powerful yet affordable tool for ambitious companies.

Where Can You Get Heybase?

Heybase is primarily distributed and purchased through the AppSumo marketplace – an online platform that sources unique and valuable digital tools at exclusive discounts.

Here are the key purchase options:

The AppSumo lifetime offer is overwhelmingly the top-recommended purchase avenue. Not only is it the most budget-friendly long term, customers also get added benefits like the money-back guarantee only from AppSumo.

Should You Buy Heybase?

If your sales processes could benefit from streamlined, personalized digital experiences; then Heybase is definitely worth serious consideration.

Some key factors that indicate Heybase may be a good fit:

  • Your sales cycles are long and involve multiple stakeholders
  • Prospect engagement is low and you lack insights into what works
  • Teams are distributed or selling remotely part of the time
  • Complex products require guided demos and paperwork
  • Closing more deals each month is a top priority
  • Budget limits investing in a full sales team makeover

On the other hand, Heybase may not be ideal if:

  • Your sales are simple one-call close deals
  • Rigid internal procurement policies preclude new tools
  • Budget only allows basic free version features
  • Team lacks skills/patience for learning new platforms

Overall, the 60-day refund ensures you can truly evaluate Heybase risk-free. For growth-oriented businesses, it provides an affordable foundation for optimizing how you engage and convert buyers in today's digital landscape.

Get Access To Heybase Lifetime Deal Here

Call to Action: Invest in Your Sales Success with Heybase

If you've made it this far, it's likely Heybase has piqued your interest as a solution worthy of serious consideration. Truly, there's never been a better time to revolutionize how your sales team operates through the power of personalized digital selling.

Customers who have taken the leap consistently report streamlined processes, higher win-rates, actionable data insights and global opportunity expansion – all translating to enhanced revenue growth potential.

As a business owner, nothing is more crucial than continually removing barriers to closing more deals. Heybase does precisely that by optimizing your buyers' journey from initial appointment to signing on the digital dotted line.

Why wait to take your sales to the next level? Through AppSumo, you can try out Heybase's full feature set completely risk-free for 60-days. If it doesn't exceed your expectations, simply request a prompt and friendly refund.

But for just $69 lifetime access, we're betting Heybase swiftly becomes an indispensable part of your sales tool belt. Don't miss out on this opportunity to invest in your team's success – try Heybase today!

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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

To get a true sense of real user experiences, here are a few reviews and testimonials for Heybase:

Nivedha S, CEO of SaaS App

“We turned to Heybase to improve our outdated sales processes during COVID. The platform enabled us to seamlessly move client demonstrations online through interactive digital rooms. Engagement increased 30% and we closed 10% more deals last quarter. Highly recommend for any remote selling needs!”

James W, Sales Manager at AdTech Startup

“Since implementing Heybase 18 months ago, my team has completely shifted how we structure deals. The easy-to-use interface removes technological roadblocks while analytics provide key buyer insights. ROI already surpassed initial cost within the first year through efficiency gains. An invaluable part of our sales stack now.”

Mary C, BDR at Recruiting Firm

“As an inside sales rep, the main struggles were keeping all files organized and sharing demos. Heybase solved this easily through branded, self-serve rooms. Prospect engagement doubled as they could review materials on their own schedule. My manager was impressed with data showing content ROI too. Streamlined my entire process.”

AppSumo Customer

Heybase is extremely user friendly and the implementation was seamless. As someone new to sales enablement tech, I had it up and running personalized spaces within a few hours. Prospect engagement has significantly increased and we've already closed more deals in the first month than expected. Beyond worth the low investment.”

Overall, recurring themes from verified Heybase users emphasize its straightforward implementation, buyer engagement gains and clear return exceeding initial costs through optimized processes and decision-making.

Heybase Review Conclusion – A Must-Have Tool for Modern SaaS Sales

In conclusion, for any sales team still relying on traditional methods in today's digital landscape, Heybase provides a compelling solution worthy of thorough evaluation.

By enabling beautifully branded, streamlined virtual sales rooms personalized for each unique buyer, it transforms stale presentations into immersive branded experiences proven to boost engagement levels.

Comprehensive analytics then close the loop, empowering data-driven optimization to continually refine processes. As a whole, Heybase delivers everything required to revolutionize sales practices in today's remote, mobile-centric business environment.

Best of all, through the unmatched AppSumo lifetime deal, organizations face essentially zero risk yet gain unlimited long term usage and support access. Few sales tools offer comparable lifetime value at such a reasonable price point.

For sales teams seeking to take things to the next stage of growth, Heybase gives modern, insights-powered selling capabilities that have elevated numerous other growing businesses already. It’s a digital sales room must-have for today and tomorrow.

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