Twelve Strategies for Earning Money through Writing in 2024

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Twelve Strategies for Earning Money through Writing in 2024
Twelve Strategies for Earning Money through Writing in 2024

Writing is a rewarding career that allows you to be your own boss and have flexibility in your schedule. With some effort and planning, writing can also be highly profitable. In this article, we will explore twelve strategies you can use in 2024 to earn money through your writing skills.

Strategy #1: Build a Blog and Monetize it with Ads

Having a successful blog is one of the best ways to earn an income from writing online. In 2024, focus on building an authority site in a lucrative niche by publishing high-quality, unique content on a consistent schedule. Some monetization strategies to consider for your blog include:

Display Ads

Websites like Google AdSense allow you to display text ads from their ad network on your blog pages. The more traffic your site gets, the more you can earn from ad views and clicks. Aim to get at least 5,000 monthly visitors before you can expect to earn a meaningful side income from ads alone.

Affiliate Marketing

Promote relevant products or services you actually use and recommend to your readers through affiliate links. Earn a commission every time someone purchases through your unique affiliate link. Be sure to fully disclose your affiliate relationships to build trust.

Selling Products or Services

Once your blog has an engaged audience, you can create and sell your own ebooks, online courses, templates, presets, or offer services like consulting or coaching. Tailor your offerings to solve specific problems or meet needs for your readers.

Strategy #2: Freelance Writing for Publications

In 2024, focus on building connections and a portfolio of published work to increase your freelance writing opportunities and rates. Consider reaching out to local newspapers, magazines and online publications to pitch article ideas and your writing services. Some avenues for freelance writing include:

Journalistic Writing

Publications always need writers who can research and compose engaging articles on various topics. Build your clip file by targeting regional lifestyle magazines, newspapers and websites.

Technical Writing

There is high demand for skilled technical writers who can explain complex topics simply. Consider niches like healthcare, finance, technology or business publications.


Businesses of all kinds require copywriting services for website content, ads, landing pages, social media posts and more. Build a specialized portfolio and reach out directly to potential clients.

Strategy #3: Write and Self-Publish eBooks and Courses

Authoring and self-publishing digital products like ebooks and online courses allows you to earn money from your writing while having complete creative control. In 2024, capitalize on proven non-fiction topics and follow these steps:

Research Popular Topics

Analyze bestseller lists and search data to identify proven topics readers consistently purchase for topics like career skills, hobbies, health or business ideas.

Outline and Write Your Book

Craft an outline detailing each chapter and section. Write using an engaging, conversational tone. Aim for 40-80 pages for ebooks and 6-12 hours of content for courses.

Design Your Book/Course

Format your content and add images if needed for visual appeal. Learn basic graphic design skills to stand out from competitors.

Publish and Promote

Self-publish on the major online marketplaces like Amazon, make it affordable at $2.99-$9.99, and promote heavily on social media, your blog, and other relevant sites and forums.

Strategy #4: Monetize Your Writing Skills on Upwork or Fiverr

Online freelancing platforms provide an excellent opportunity for writers to find writing jobs from all over the world. In 2024, consider building a versatile profile on one or more of these platforms to gain clients for:

Content Writing

Create blog posts, articles, product descriptions, website content, social media posts and more for clients.


Write ads, landing pages, email campaigns and other copy for businesses trying to capture attention and generate leads or sales.

Proofreading and Editing

Offer manuscript assessment, content editing, copyediting or proofreading services that are always in demand.


Ghostwrite blog posts, books or articles in your clients’ voice on various topics while allowing them to publish under their name or brand.

Market your services effectively and keep bids competitive while maintaining quality to stay booked with work.

Strategy #5: Sell Your Writing through Self-Publishing Platforms

Take advantage of sites offering writers a global platform to showcase their work, connect with readers and earn royalties. Popular options include:

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Publish and distribute your ebooks to the Amazon store, keeping 70% of sales. Invest in professional covers and editing for greater success.


Publish serialized stories or novels to build an engaged fanbase voting and commenting. If your work is highly popular, you can pitch traditional publishing deals.


Publish long-form non-fiction articles on topics that interest you. If articles garner significant engagement and shares, you may join Medium's partner program earning up to 90% of revenues they generate.


Create a paid email newsletter through platforms like Substack on your niche of expertise. Subscribers directly support your quality journalism.

Strategy #6: Try Content Mills

Content mills hire writers by the word or piece for search engine optimized generic content. While payment for individual submissions tends to be lower, the volume can still add up to a significant monthly income. Reputable ones include:


Offers writing gigs including blogs, articles, newsletters and website content projects for businesses and individual clients.


Specials in SEO content that is aimed at ranking higher in search engines without writer accreditation. Niches focus around business, marketing and technology.

Constant Content

A marketplace connecting writers and businesses seeking content or design assets. Apply for writing projects from clients bidding on topics and category listings.

Be aware of minimum monthly targets at these sites, and balance lower paying work with higher value freelance projects. The volume can still yield decent monthly income.

Strategy #7: Create informational Products

In 2024, combine your writing skills with in-demand topics by creating digital information products readers want:


Write concise ebooks meticulously covering niche subjects. Price them affordably at $0.99 – $9.99 depending on length and value.

Cheat Sheets

Compile essential tips, facts or how-tos on requested or popular topics into highly shareable one-page printable PDFs for $2-$5 each.


Develop guided self-study workbooks or planners on relevant subjects with exercises, templates and activities for personal use or small group learning.


Structure multi-week online courses teaching skills, providing training or guiding people through self-study with video/audio lessons, assignments and community support.

Market these through your channels, affiliates and publisher marketplaces for ongoing passive income.

Strategy #8: Develop Corporate Sales Materials

Several large companies rely on freelance writers to develop compelling sales, marketing and training materials including:


These in-depth reports sell prospects on solutions to their problems or issues better than competitor options. Well-researched whitepapers can earn $5,000-$20,000 each.


Help businesses craft customized proposals demonstrating their expertise and value when pursuing new clients or projects. Pay may be $2,000-$5,000 proposal.

Case Studies

Interview successful clients and write step-by-step case studies on projects highlighting specific quantifiable benefits companies delivered to past customers. Pay per study averages $1,000-$3,000.

Training/Onboarding Materials

Develop printed and digital onboarding guides, training manuals, new hire packages or certification study materials for profit and non-profit groups needing content. Pay scales with length, complexity and size of client company.

Strategy #9: Provide Transcription Services

Writers have the skills needed to transcribe audio files into written documents. In 2024, consider joining an online platform like Rev, TranscribeMe or GoTranscript to find high-paying transcription work including:

Podcast Transcription

Transcribe conversations from popular podcasts hosted on various apps and platforms. Pay averages $1-$2 per audio minute transcribed.

Interview Transcription

Transcribe audio recordings from conducted interviews, conference calls, speeches, webinars or YouTube videos for businesses, education or legal purposes. Rates are usually higher than podcast work.

Captioning Services

Add closed captions or subtitles in Spanish or other languages to audiovisual content for accessibility. Specialized tasks have higher pay than general transcription services.

Focus on ensuring accuracy while maintaining transcription speed and quality standards required by each platform to keep good standing and access to more well-paying jobs.

Strategy #10: Become an Online English Teacher

With the rise of online learning globally, many platforms now hire native English speakers as online teachers to teach English to students worldwide. This can be a lucrative side gig for qualified writers. Consider platforms like:


Teach English to children in China through flexible online classes. Requires a bachelor's degree and TEFL/TESOL certification which you can complete online.


Work casual hours conducting paid online English conversations with international students of any age to help improve their fluency. No teaching experience or degree needed.


Choose from hundreds of live online classes and activities you can teach on topics beyond just English like art, coding, music and more. Set your own schedule and rate.

Ensure your home setup meets requirements and focus on bringing energy and engagement to virtual lessons while building a student base. Background in education is valuable but not always mandatory.

Strategy #11: Develop Apps or Online Courses

Leverage your writing skills and expertise to develop information products in digital formats:

Mobile Apps

If you have coding experience, research popular niches and white space areas to build educational or productivity apps you can sell directly or through app stores earning 30% commissions on sales.

Online Courses

Self-host comprehensive multi-week training courses through platforms like Thinkific, teaching a skill or topic through video/audio lessons, quizzes, assignments and peer-to-peer forums. Market aggressively and earn 80% commissions.


Craft short, focused single-lesson courses around specific questions, problems or techniques through sites like Udemy or Skillshare. Earn 50-70% of your course sales price.

Develop content strategically leveraging education technology tools and systems thinking approaches.

Strategy #12: Offer Manuscript Consulting and Editing

Many writers require guidance in developing book-length manuscripts and polishing work prior to publication. Consider:

Consultative Editing

Provide line edits and feedback as manuscripts are drafted, assisting with flow, coherence and eliminating inconsistencies. Rate $50-100/hour.

Developmental Editing

Evaluate your clients' book plans, suggest content expansion or pruning, ensure clarity of message and commercial appeal. Improves sellability. Rate $150-250/hour.

Coaching and Mentoring

Guide clients through the entire writing and publishing process with morale support, accountability, process management and marketing guidance to see work successfully completed and launched. Rate $100-200/hour.

Network in writing communities and advertising your editing/consulting services can attract clients needing your expertise. Sign non-disclosure agreements for proprietary work.

Wrapping My Thoughts on Twelve Strategies for Earning Money through Writing in 2024

In summary, with focus and effort, passionate writers have various strategies and monetization options to consider in 2024. Experiment, learn from experience and continual skills development to find the most suitable and enjoyable approaches to earn meaningful income through your writing talents. Commitment and quality output are key.