Affiliate Profitz AI: The AI-Powered App That Creates Profitable ClickBank Affiliate Campaigns For You

Affiliate Profitz AI: The AI-Powered App That Creates Profitable ClickBank Affiliate Campaigns For You


Affiliate Profitz AI is an AI-powered app that automates the process of creating profitable affiliate marketing campaigns for Clickbank products. The app aims to save affiliate marketers time by handling all the tasks involved in running an affiliate campaign like creating landing pages, emails, social media posts, etc. This review will go through the different features of Affiliate Profitz AI, its pricing, benefits, and conclude with a verdict on whether it is worth purchasing.

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Features and Content

What is included?

Affiliate Profitz AI allows users to select a Clickbank product and the app takes care of generating all the campaign assets. It creates emails, blog posts, social media images and posts, landing pages and even scripts for YouTube and TikTok videos. It handles over 60 different tasks to set up a complete campaign.

How does it work?

The user starts by selecting a Clickbank product they want to promote. Affiliate Profitz AI then uses its AI training to analyze the product and generate relevant content. It creates different elements of the campaign like a 3-email sequence, social graphics and more. The user can preview and edit the generated content before publishing the campaign.

Benefits and Who Can Benefit

Saves Time

By automating the process of content creation, Affiliate Profitz AI helps save affiliate marketers a huge amount of time that would otherwise be spent researching, writing and designing campaign elements from scratch. This is helpful for everyone but especially beginners.

Beginner Friendly

The app handles all the technical aspects and doesn't require any experience in creating landing pages, ads, emails etc. This makes it ideal for complete newbies who want to get started with affiliate marketing easily.

Experienced Users

Even experienced affiliate marketers can benefit by using the app to scale their business and run multiple campaigns simultaneously without having to spend time on tasks it automates. This allows focusing energy on other important areas.

Pros and Cons


  • Saves significant time in content creation
  • Beginner-friendly interface and workflow
  • Automates majority of tasks involved in a campaign
  • Integrates directly with Clickbank for product selection
  • AI is continuously trained to generate better content


  • Limited to Clickbank products only
  • Some human input may still be required to edit generated content
  • Changes to the algorithm can impact performance over time
  • May be expensive for solopreneurs and smaller businesses


Affiliate Profitz AI has the potential to hugely improve profitability for affiliate marketers. By automating processes, it allows them to scale up by taking on more campaigns simultaneously without getting blocked by time constraints. The better quality of content optimized by AI can also positively impact conversion rates and earnings over time. For experienced affiliates especially, it can multiply their incomes by freeing up time and focus to take a business to the next level.

How to Use Affiliate Profitz AI

  • Using Affiliate Profitz AI is quite simple. After purchasing, the user signs up for an account on the dashboard. 
  • They can then start by browsing through over 60 Clickbank products integrated into the system. 
  • Once a product is selected, the user inputs some basic campaign details. Affiliate Profitz AI then automatically generates a complete set of campaign assets within minutes. 
  • The user previews and tweaks the content as per their needs before publishing. 
  • All subsequent tasks like sending emails, posting on social media etc. can also be scheduled using the dashboard. 
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions and tutorial videos are provided to help users learn the system quickly.

Affiliate Profitz AI OTOs

Front End (FE): $17/$24

The primary offering is our Affiliate Profitz AI software, providing users with 50 credits to leverage our A.I. for creating profitable affiliate campaigns. This includes the activation of up to three campaigns, generating a total of 500 assets.

OTO1 – Pro: $47

Unlock three powerful features with Affiliate Profitz AI Professional. First, access our eBook Creator for crafting impactful eBooks. Second, unlock the Image Generator for social media and video content images. Lastly, gain access to the Content Rewriter, empowering you to create unique and human-like content.

OTO2 – Unlimited: $297

Supercharge your Affiliate Profitz AI software with the Unlimited upgrade, removing all limits on affiliate campaign building. Users can activate up to 60 affiliate campaigns, unlock unlimited credits and assets, and gain access to new features like campaign requests, subusers, priority support, and a special unannounced bonus app.

OTO3 – The Prompt Bible: $47

Access the Prompt Bible Offer in OTO3, streamlining your digital marketing tasks with 1000+ copy-and-paste prompts, 99 automation areas, and expert tips for mastering ChatGPT. Save time and boost efficiency with 1800+ tasks and 10,000+ tested prompts.

OTO4 – Traffic Booster: $39

Unlock the Traffic Booster system in OTO4 to effortlessly drive targeted traffic to your offers and skyrocket commissions. Access 66 red-hot traffic sources for cost-effective and optimal results.

OTO5 – Done-For-You: $197

Hire our expert team for free with this upgrade to create all the assets needed for a profitable affiliate campaign. From blog posts and article reviews to email sequences and social media content, we take care of everything for you. This offer is exclusive to one affiliate campaign.

OTO6 – AffTrack: $97

Access 25 ReadyMade Affiliate Review Videos for ClickBank products, fully customizable videos using PowerPoint (tutorial included), guaranteed affiliate approval for ClickBank products, and a YouTube Keywords List for ranking with OTO6.

OTO7 – Mastermind Coaching: $57

Join our weekly Mastermind Calls with this upgrade to enhance your results. Benefit from eight weeks of coaching to learn proven strategies for earning a full-time income online. Discover secret niches, trends, and lucrative opportunities through Google Trends analysis and more.

Affiliate Profitz AI FAQs

Is there a free trial?
No, there is no completely free trial available. However, the creators offer a full refund within 30 days if a user is not satisfied.

Which countries can purchase?
Affiliate Profitz AI is available globally but some payment options may vary by country/region.

How long does content generation take?
It generally takes just a few minutes for the app to generate a full campaign package once a product is selected.

Can I promote products outside Clickbank?
Currently, only Clickbank is integrated. Promoting other platforms requires doing work manually without the app.

Does it work on mobile?
The app is desktop-only for now. While the generated content can be managed on mobiles, the creation process requires desktop access.

Affiliate Profitz AI Money-Back Policy

Affiliate Profitz AI comes with an industry-best 30-day money-back guarantee. This allows users ample time to thoroughly evaluate if the tool works as described for their needs and business model before making a committed purchase. No questions asked full refund is available anytime within 30 days of purchase. The generous refund policy ensures users face absolutely no risk in trying out this app.

Affiliate Profitz AI Price

The pricing of Affiliate Profitz AI's main offer and bundles is as follows:

Frontend – $17
Basic access to automate 3 campaigns and 500 assets.

Bundle Deal (Fe + OTO1 + OTO2) – $249
Lifetime access at a discounted price compared to individual purchases.

Bundle Deal (All ) – $667
All products are bundled together for the lowest overall price.

Affordable options are available so the tool remains accessible to users at different budget levels. Recurring and one-time payment options may also be selected as per needs.

Who Created Affiliate Profitz AI?

Affiliate Profitz AI was created by Saad Ahmed, an established name in the online business space known for developing multiple successful products over the years. His company SaadaApps Technologies is behind the creation and ongoing development of this AI-powered app. 

The detailed biography and experience of Saad and his team lend credence to their ability to build a useful solution for automating affiliate marketing workflows.

When is Affiliate Profitz AI Launched?

The scheduled launch dates for Affiliate Profitz AI are:

Pre-launch: January 4th – 8th, 2023
Launch Date: January 16th, 2023 at 10 AM US Central Time

The pre-launch period allows beta testers like us to test the product in preparation for the commercial launch.

On Which Platform Affiliate Profitz AI Launched?

Affiliate Profitz AI is primarily sold via the WarriorPlus platform. Interested buyers can get the Affiliate Profitz AI from the launch page hosted on WarriorPlus. The product sales and license delivery upon purchase occur on the AffiliateProfitzAI official website.

Affiliate Profitz AI Bonuses

Some exclusive bonuses offered to affiliates promoting Affiliate Profitz AI include:

  • Software license and campaign creation giveaways
  • Coaching sessions with the creator

These lucrative bonuses and rewards are designed to incentivize affiliates for this highly anticipated launch.

Should You Buy Affiliate Profitz AI?

Affiliate Profitz AI is an ideal solution for anyone wanting to automate and scale their Clickbank affiliate marketing business. The time and money it can potentially help save affiliates makes it a worthy investment. While the jury is still out on its long-term performance, for its inaugural launch, it brings to the table a power-packed feature set, along with excellent vendor reputation and support. The generous refund policy also takes away any risks, so affiliates should definitely consider promoting this product.

However, given that it is a new tool, some glitches can be expected initially. Also, the generated content may still require human input depending on individual needs. But considering the amazing potential to automate work and scale operations, most users are likely to find it very useful. Even for more experienced marketers, the return on investment seems promising. Therefore, unless automating affiliate marketing through artificial intelligence seems like a misaligned strategy, Affiliate Profitz AI is certainly worth a try.

Call To Action

If the powerful features and benefits of Affiliate Profitz AI have excited you about automating your affiliate marketing campaigns, then do consider promoting this launch. The lucrative pre-launch opportunities from January 4th to 8th provide the perfect window to capitalize on this product.

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In conclusion, Affiliate Profitz AI presents itself as a promising automated solution for Clickbank affiliate marketers. By handling the bulk of repetitive tasks through artificial intelligence, it can boost productivity and scale business multi-fold provided the generated content is properly optimized. The tool seems to achieve an excellent balance between being easy for complete newbies yet valuable even for experienced marketers.

Backed by an award-winning serial entrepreneur and offered at reasonable prices, Affiliate Profitz AI delivers strong value. The generous refund policy too removes all risk factors. While some limitations exist given its newness, overall it seems capable of streamlining workflow tremendously if leveraged well. With active development also committed, performance can only get better. If used to its full potential, Affiliate Profitz AI could emerge as a true gamechanger for those involved in Clickbank affiliate marketing. 

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As an affiliate marketer, I may receive compensation for any purchases made through the provided affiliate links in this review. This in no way impacts my impartial opinion of the product. I aim to recommend only legitimate products that I believe will deliver true value to readers.

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