VidCraft AI review – Brand New AI Technology Turns Any Ordinary Videos Into Interactive Profit Machines. Boost Local Businesses With Personalized and Interactive Video Campaigns – Create, Customize, and Convert Effortlessly!

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VidCraft AI review - Brand New AI Technology Turns Any Ordinary Videos Into Interactive Profit Machines. Empower Local Businesses With Personalized and Interactive Video Campaigns – Create, Customize, and Convert Effortlessly!
VidCraft AI review

Video marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies in today's online business landscape. According to many studies and reports, video content receives significantly more engagement from viewers compared to other types of content like images or text. However, creating high-quality videos requires a lot of technical expertise, time, and money which many growing businesses lack.

This is where VidCraft AI comes into the picture. VidCraft AI is a groundbreaking video creation and personalization platform that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to help individuals and businesses easily create professional-looking, highly-engaging interactive videos without any technical skills or experience.

In this in-depth VidCraft AI review, we will take a look at all the key features, benefits, prices, and bundle deals offered by VidCraft AI. We will also explore how it works, who can benefit from it the most, and whether it is worth investing in or not for your business goals.

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What is VidCraft AI?

VidCraft AI is an all-in-one AI-powered video creation and marketing platform that allows users to effortlessly create high-quality interactive videos without needing any technical expertise or video editing experience.

Some key things to know about VidCraft AI:

  • It provides a massive library of professionally designed video templates across various niches that can be customized in just a few clicks.
  • Businesses can add their logo, images, text overlay to the templates and generate personalized videos unique to their brand.
  • VidCraft AI makes videos interactive by allowing users to add clickable elements, forms, calls-to-action, and analytics for tracking engagement and conversions.
  • The platform also features advanced personalization capabilities that leverage AI to tailor the video content and experience based on viewer profile and behavior.
  • It integrates seamlessly with other business tools like PayPal, Zapier, MailChimp for enhanced lead generation and marketing automation.
  • VidCraft AI also provides all the resources needed like ready-to-use graphics to build a successful video marketing agency business.

In summary, VidCraft AI is a one-stop solution for efficiently creating, customizing, and personalizing interactive videos without needing any prior technical skills – all through an easy drag-and-drop interface.

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VidCraft AI Features and Content

Let's take a closer look at some of the key features and content included in the VidCraft AI platform:

Video Templates

VidCraft AI comes bundled with over 100+ professionally designed video templates across various niches like restaurants, salons, plumbers, dentists, etc. New templates are added regularly. Users can select any template, customize it as per their business needs and brand, and export the final video.

Video Personalization

The AI personalization engine allows tailoring each video as per unique viewer profiles. Businesses can personalize content, offers, and experiences based on demographics, past behavior, location, and other user attributes for maximum impact.

Interactive Elements

Users can add interactive elements like clickable hotspots, image overlays, calls-to-action buttons, pop-ups, polls, and forms directly into the videos for higher engagement. Every view can become a potential lead or sale.

Analytics and Tracking

In-depth analytics allow monitoring viewer behavior, metrics like time spent, drop-off points, and elements clicked for continuous optimization. User and lead data can also be integrated with other tools.

Image and Text Optimization

Businesses can optimize videos by customizing images, colors, fonts, overlays and text content as per their brand style and message right from the platform.

Automated Video Editor

An automated video editor cuts away tedious tasks like organizing footage, edits, effects. It intelligently inserts customized elements, making changes is as easy as drag and drop.

Lead Generation

Powerful lead capture forms allow users to generate qualified leads and contacts directly from videos. Integration with tools like MailChimp, activecampaign simplifies lead nurturing.

VidCraft AI Benefits and Who Can Benefit

Some key beneficiaries of the VidCraft AI platform:

  • Local Businesses: Restaurants, auto shops, salons, plumbers and other local services can create engaging videos without any technical expertise to attract more customers.
  • Online Marketers: Affiliate marketers, info product creators, SaaS businesses can generate leads and sales through VidCraft AI's interactive video capabilities.
  • Video Agencies: The platform equips agencies with all the resources like ready templates, graphics and training to build a successful video marketing business.
  • Educators: Teachers, instructors, and online educators can leverage VidCraft AI to create interactive educational videos and courses engaging millions of students.
  • Bloggers and Influencers: They can attach videos to blog posts and social updates, monetize their platforms through VidCraft AI's interactive lead forms.
  • Small Businesses: Growing SMBs and startups can promote their brands, products and services through professional interactive videos within tight budgets.

In summary, any individual or business that relies on video marketing can hugely benefit from VidCraft AI’s easy drag-and-drop, automated process to create, customize and personalize videos without technical expertise. It significantly reduces costs while improving results.

VidCraft AI Pros and Cons

Here are some key pros and cons of the VidCraft AI platform:


  • No technical skills or experience required to make high-quality interactive videos.
  • Massive library of professionally designed video templates for multiple niches.
  • Automates tedious tasks like organizing footage, editing for faster video creation.
  • Powerful personalization capabilities using AI for maximizing viewer engagement.
  • Interactive elements boost engagement and facilitate lead/sales directly in videos.
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop interface for customizing videos as per business needs.
  • Integrates smoothly with other tools for lead capture, nurturing and tracking.
  • Provides all resources to start a highly profitable AI video marketing agency.


  • Some additional costs may be involved for premium upgrades/bundles.

However, considering the cost and time savings from automated processes, highly effective results even for non-technical users, and resources to start a video agency, the pros outweigh cons for most users.

How to Profit From VidCraft AI

Here are some effective ways individuals and businesses can generate profits using the VidCraft AI platform:

Promote Own Business

Create beautiful interactive videos showcasing products/services and driving traffic to sale pages or contact forms for direct leads.

Affiliate Marketing

Promote affiliate programs, products and earn recurring commissions by providing valuable interactive explainer videos for different offers.

Local Marketing Agency

Start a video marketing agency providing VidCraft AI’s personalized interactive video services to local SMBs and small businesses in niche areas.

Online Courses Business

Leverage the platform to shoot, optimize and sell online courses/trainings with increased student engagement rates.

SaaS/Software Promotion

Use VidCraft AI videos for inbound lead generation, tutorials and case studies resulting in more trials and conversions.

Partnership Deals

Collaborate with established businesses and monetize through lead sharing, joint promotions or performance-based payouts.

Sell Templates/Graphics

Develop an asset library of exclusive video templates, layouts and graphics for other VidCraft AI users to supercharge their efforts.

With some creativity and hustle, a variety of profitable video marketing models can be developed around the VidCraft AI platform depending on individual skills and goals. The opportunities are endless.

How to Use VidCraft AI

Here are the basic steps to use VidCraft AI for creating interactive videos:

1. Sign Up and Login

Users need to sign up for a VidCraft AI account on the official website or login using existing credentials.

2. Select a Template

Select a pre-made template from the library that best matches your business/service from categories like restaurants, salons, plumbing etc.

3. Customize Template

Customize template by overlaying logos, images, editing text, colors as per your branding using VidCraft AI’s easy drag-drop tools.

4. Add Interactive Elements

Insert interactive components like buttons, polls, user triggers directly onto the video for higher engagement levels.

5. Add Lead Forms

Insert highly converting lead capture forms directly into the video using pre-built templates to efficiently generate quality leads.

6. Export Video

Export the finalized interactive video in any format like MP4, MOV to share across all platforms from within VidCraft AI dashboard.

7. Embed/Share Video

Embed videos onto websites, blogs, landing pages. Share on social networks or upload to YouTube for wider reach.

8. Track Performance

Leverage VidCraft AI’s built-in analytics to monitor engagement metrics, lead generation, drop-off points for continuous optimization.

9. Ongoing Improvements

Edit and enhance existing videos on the go by adding new elements, personalizations based on viewer behavior insights.

With some practice, even non-technical users can create highly polished interactive videos in minutes with these simple VidCraft AI steps.

VidCraft AI Funnel/OTOs

VidCraft AI offers various upgrade bundles and packages to further enhance users' video marketing capabilities:

FE: VidCraft AI Core – $37.00/Onetime


  • 20 Unique Video Templates
  • 100 Video Creation Capacity
  • 20 Video Overlay Elements
  • Video Lead Software
  • Commercial License (Limited Time)
  • Exclusive Bonuses

Benefits: VidCraft AI addresses the core challenges of modern video marketing by making interactive video creation accessible, affordable, and effective for businesses of all sizes.


OTO1: VidCraft AI Unlimited – $67.00/Onetime


  • Virtually Unlimited Video Creation Limit
  • 40 Unique Video Templates
  • Additional 20 Overlay Elements
  • Comprehensive Complete Lead Finder Software Built-In
  • Expert Closing Guides & Trainings
  • Engaging Interactive Elements
  • High Converting Landing Pages

OTO2: VidCraft AI Template Club – $47.00/Quarterly


  • A Kaleidoscope of Versatile Video Templates
  • Exclusive Animation Credits
  • Masterful Marketing Templates
  • Monthly Surprises with New Email and Landing Page Templates

OTO3: VidCraft AI Agency Success Suite – $97.00/Onetime


  • AI Agency Website Template/Theme
  • Branding Kit: Logo Templates, Business Cards, Letterheads, Social Media Branding

OTO4: VidCraft AI MasterClass – $77.00/Onetime


  • Fast-Track Onboarding
  • Client Acquisition Masterclass
  • AI Solutions Implementation Guide
  • Pricing & Profit Maximization Strategies
  • Advanced Selling Techniques
  • Client Retention & Growth Tactics
  • Scaling Your AI Consultancy

OTO5: VidCraft AI Agency License

  • 150 License – $297.00
  • 50 License – $197.00
  • 5 License – $97.00
  • Affiliate Request Links:
    • 150 License
    • 50 License
    • 5 License


  • Multi-User Licenses for Scalability
  • Advanced Personalization & Branding
  • Exclusive Training and Support
  • Usage Analytics and Reporting
  • Set Client-specific Access

Additional Bundles:

VidCraft AI All-In-One Bundle – $297 (Special Launch Discount)

Benefits: The VidCraft AI All-In-One Bundle offers the most comprehensive Video Marketing Solution for Video Marketers and Agencies.

VidCraft AI FastPass Bundle – $270 (Special Launch Discount – Only for FE Buyers)

Benefits: The VidCraft AI FastPass Bundle offers the most comprehensive Video Marketing Solution for Video Marketers and Agencies. It includes all the upgrades at a discounted price.

Customers can invest progressively as their needs and goals scale to avail deeper discounts and comprehensive access throughout the VidCraft AI sales funnel.

VidCraft AI FAQs

Here are some common frequently asked questions about VidCraft AI:

Is VidCraft AI easy to use?

Yes, VidCraft AI features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes interactive video creation simple without technical experience.

What formats can I export videos in?

You can export high-quality videos in common formats like MP4, MOV straight from the VidCraft AI dashboard.

Is there a free trial available?

Currently there is no free trial. However, VidCraft AI comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee for their commercial plan if users are unsatisfied.

What payment methods are accepted?

Payments can be made securely through mainstream gateways like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and offline via bank transfer.

How are upgrades and renewals charged?

They are charged one time only. But in future, new users will be charged monthly.

Is customer support provided?

Yes, dedicated 24/7 support via live chat, email and community forums is offered to VidCraft AI users.

Can I customize everything myself?

With time and practice, VidCraft AI's tools allow full creative freedom for development of truly unique interactive videos.

VidCraft AI Money-Back Policy

VidCraft AI stands behind their video creation platform with a straightforward 30-day money-back guarantee policy:

  • Users unsatisfied with the product can claim a full refund within 30 days of their purchase.
  • No questions will be asked and the refund will be processed immediately via the original payment method.
  • The policy applies to all standalone products and license bundles, excluding any special promotional deals.
  • Membership subscriptions like monthly/annual plans are covered only for the first month in case a user wishes to cancel after trialing the platform.

Their generous no-questions-asked refund policy safeguards investments and encourages users to experience VidCraft AI without any risks. This displays the company’s confidence in their solutions.

VidCraft AI Prices

Here is an overview of VidCraft AI's standard pricing plans:

VidCraft AI Price

VidCraft AI offers various pricing options to suit different needs and budgets:

FE: VidCraft AI Core – $37.00/Onetime

  • Includes 20 Unique Video Templates, 100 Video Creation Capacity, 20 Video Overlay Elements, Video Lead Software, Commercial License (Limited Time), and Exclusive Bonuses.

OTO1: VidCraft AI Unlimited – $67.00/Onetime

  • Virtually Unlimited Video Creation Limit, 40 Unique Video Templates, Additional 20 Overlay Elements, Comprehensive Complete Lead Finder Software Built-In, Expert Closing Guides & Trainings, Engaging Interactive Elements, and High Converting Landing Pages.

OTO2: VidCraft AI Template Club – $47.00/Quarterly

  • Access to a Kaleidoscope of Versatile Video Templates, Exclusive Animation Credits, Masterful Marketing Templates, and Monthly Surprises with New Email and Landing Page Templates.

OTO3: VidCraft AI Agency Success Suite – $97.00/Onetime

  • Includes AI Agency Website Template/Theme, Branding Kit: Logo Templates, Business Cards, Letterheads, Social Media Branding.

OTO4: VidCraft AI MasterClass – $77.00/Onetime

  • Offers Fast-Track Onboarding, Client Acquisition Masterclass, AI Solutions Implementation Guide, Pricing & Profit Maximization Strategies, Advanced Selling Techniques, Client Retention & Growth Tactics, and Scaling Your AI Consultancy.

OTO5: VidCraft AI Agency License

  • 150 License – $297.00
  • 50 License – $197.00
  • 5 License – $97.00
  • Multi-User Licenses for Scalability, Advanced Personalization & Branding, Exclusive Training and Support, Usage Analytics and Reporting, Set Client-specific Access.

VidCraft AI Bundle Deal

During product launches, VidCraft AI offers special bundle packages collating all packages at heavy discounts, such as:

VidCraft AI All-In-One Bundle – $297 (Special Launch Discount)

Benefits: The VidCraft AI All-In-One Bundle provides the most comprehensive Video Marketing Solution for Video Marketers and Agencies. Users can enjoy over $2024 worth of features and benefits for just $297 during the launch period, resulting in significant savings.

Get access to VidCraft AI Bundle deal here

VidCraft AI FastPass Bundle – $270 (Special Launch Discount – Only for FE Buyers)

Benefits: The VidCraft AI FastPass Bundle offers the most comprehensive Video Marketing Solution for Video Marketers and Agencies. It includes all the upgrades at a discounted price for those who have already purchased the VidCraft AI FrontEnd, providing significant savings during the launch period.

These bundles provide exceptional value by consolidating all VidCraft AI access in affordable packages. With savings of over $1700 against individual prices, they make it possible to take fuller advantage of this platform for scaling businesses.

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Who Created VidCraft AI?

VidCraft AI was developed by AppointBee Technologies, a global provider of cutting-edge productivity solutions for online businesses.

Some key details about the company:

  • Founded in 2021 by experienced digital marketers Pradyumna Reddy and Kailash Shetty.
  • Headquartered in Singapore with offices in the USA, UK and India.
  • Employs a team of over 80 members including developers, designers, marketers and customer success engineers.
  • Driven by a mission to democratize AI-powered technology for effortless growth.
  • Successfully launched multiple other products in online business categories like email, chatbots, CRM etc.
  • Backed by elite investors and Silicon Valley venture capitalists.

So in summary, behind VidCraft AI lies a well-established industry leader focused on architecting advanced yet easy-to-use automation tools for entrepreneurs globally.

When is VidCraft AI Launched?

VidCraft AI was initially launched in private beta in late 2021 with selected customers and affiliates.

While development and testing is still ongoing, the official global launch is scheduled around:

  • Pre-launch: January 2024
  • Earlybird launch: January 26th, 2024
  • General launch period: January 26th to February 15th, 2024

During this time, the full suite of features and discounted bundle deals will be made accessible for all new customers with 24/7 support.

Interested users can stay updated on prelaunch and launch details by joining the official notification list on VidCraft AI's website or partner pages.

Where is VidCraft AI Launched?

VidCraft AI is currently being launched globally across all major geographies and languages initially in English.

However, the official global launch is staged through the following channels:

VidCraft AI Bonuses

During promotional launches, VidCraft AI often bundles valuable additional bonuses with commercial plans and bundles:

Semi-Exclusive Bonuses:

  • Revyoo: Create and publish videos based on a reviewing business model, and integrate products from Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Clickbank, and JVZoo.
  • DealzPage: Create profitable deals pages for local businesses in under 60 seconds, without any tech skills, monthly fees, or hosting required.
  • Interactive Video Mastery Course: Learn advanced strategies for creating interactive videos, including storytelling, branching scenarios, and personalization techniques.
  • Ultimate Video SEO Toolkit: Optimize your videos for search engines with keyword research, tag optimization, and VidCraft AI's features.
  • Local Market Video Domination Kit: Create localized interactive video content, implement local SEO tactics in videos, and maximize engagement with interactive and personalized videos.
  • Client-Closing PowerPoint Toolkit: Customize PowerPoint templates to pitch VidCraft AI services to potential clients and make the sales process smoother.
  • Proven Email Scripts For Client Conversion: Convert leads into clients with professionally written email scripts tailored for various stages of the client acquisition process.
  • Local Business Video Marketing Checklist: Follow a step-by-step guide to local business video marketing using VidCraft AI.

General Bonuses:

  • Social Cover Graphics: Create stunning social cover graphics for leading social sites to attract clients.
  • Local Niche Videos: Ready-made videos in different niches, such as restaurant, fitness, salon, child care, and car repair, to offer to clients.
  • Local Niche Article Packs: A collection of articles and blogs for various niches to add to websites and engage viewers.
  • Surefire Local Launchpad: Learn how to stand out from the competition and get ahead as a local agency business.
  • Logo Kit: Design professional logos for clients to make their businesses look trustworthy and memorable.
  • Deal Closing Secrets: A video series teaching how to close deals with offline or online businesses.
  • How To Spy On Local Competition: Unmask the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors to improve your rankings.
  • Local Lead Scribe: Stunning and professional-looking whiteboard animated videos to convert leads.
  • Social Messaging App For Marketers: Learn how to use social messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Instagram, and iMessage for business.
  • List Building On Budget: A comprehensive guide to building a huge mailing list on a budget.
  • DFY High Dollar Client Conversion Presentation: A professionally designed presentation template to showcase services and convince high-paying clients to hire you.
  • Compelling Video Titles & Descriptions: Optimized for SEO and viewer engagement, these titles and descriptions can help local businesses improve their online presence.
  • Social Media Captions & Hashtags: A set of high-converting captions and hashtags for social media video posts, specifically tailored for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Video Content Ideas & Strategy: A comprehensive guide to creating a successful video marketing strategy, with content ideas, tips, and best practices for various industries.
  • A Set Of Video Thumbnail Ideas: Eye-catching and clickable thumbnail concepts and ideas to increase engagement on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Video Intro & Outro Scripts: Create a professional and consistent brand image across video content with these customizable scripts.
  • Interactive Content Ideas: Save time and generate new content ideas with this collection of interactive content ideas, including quizzes, case studies, and interactive podcasts.
  • Video Creation Guide: Learn how to create engaging videos that showcase your business and help you achieve your marketing goals.

Should You Buy VidCraft AI?

Let's summarize the key factors to consider whether VidCraft AI is a worthwhile investment:


  • No video skills needed to make polished interactive videos.
  • Valuable time and cost savings over traditional video marketing.
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop interface for any skill level.
  • Automates tedious tasks for boosted productivity.
  • Comprehensive platform packages for scaled agency growth.
  • Generates interactive engagement and direct leads/sales.
  • Generous refund policy removes investment risks.


  • More advanced upgrades involve additional investment.
  • Users need own marketing initiatives for lead generation.

Overall, if you're serious about video marketing and wish to uplevel your efforts, VidCraft AI offers a compelling solution optimized especially for non-technical users and growing businesses at reasonable price points. With some commitment and skill, it can lift your efforts to new heights. The benefits far outweigh minor costs.

Call to Action for VidCraft AI

So if after reading this review you're convinced about VidCraft AI's potential value, here is what you need to do next:

Get Early Access

Visit VidCraftAI official website and sign up for early access.

Review OTO Upgrades

Research all packages and determine your ideal investment and growth plan going forward.

Check Bundle Deals

Consider ultra-affordable bundles launching for maximum lifetime savings..

By acting fast, you can onboard before launches close, discover a profitable venture, and evolve your online business performance with VidCraft AI.

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Conclusion on VidCraft AI review

In summary, VidCraft AI is a groundbreaking video personalization platform that can profoundly transform marketing for a wide array of businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

By automating complex yet essential video production tasks through a simple drag-and-drop interface, it removes obstacles for capitalizing on the power of interactive and targeted videos indoors or online.

Its comprehensive resources, reasonable pricing and huge network effects also make VidCraft AI a foundation for launching a highly profitable agency venture with minimal risk or learning curve involved.

For anyone interested in kickstarting, scaling or professionalizing their online video efforts, VidCraft AI presents a highly recommended complete solution worthy of strong consideration. Its launch may well herald a new era in online business growth dynamics.

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Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you if you click through and make a purchase. Rest assured, I only recommend products and services that I personally use and believe will add value to my readers.

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