The Easiest Way to Create iOS And Android Apps Without Code Using This AI PWA App Creator. Appz Lets You Create Unlimited Mobile Apps [ Appz Review ]

The Easiest Way to Create iOS And Android Apps Without Code Using This AI PWA App Creator. Appz Lets You Create Unlimited Mobile Apps. [ Appz Review]
The Easiest Way to Create iOS And Android Apps Without Code Using This AI PWA App Creator. Appz Lets You Create Unlimited Mobile Apps [ Appz Review ]

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily lives. From communicating and sharing to ordering food and transportation – apps have streamlined the way we live. However, creating profitable mobile apps requires years of coding knowledge and designer skills. This is where Appz comes into play.

Appz is an AI-powered no-code mobile app builder that allows anyone to create fully functional iOS and Android apps in under 60 seconds – without writing a single line of code or designing anything. Using cutting-edge AI technology, Appz has simplified the process of mobile app creation and monetization like never before.

In this in-depth review, we will explore all the powerful features of Appz, understand how it works, analyze its profit potential and risks, learn how to get started, review OTO upgrades and more. By the end, you will have a clear understanding of whether Appz is the right tool to launch your own mobile app empire. Let's get started!

Appz – Features and Content

Appz comes packed with a variety of powerful features that make app creation effortless. Here are some of the key features:

No-Code AI App Creator
With Appz, you don't need any coding knowledge. Simply enter a keyword or URL and let the AI do all the heavy lifting. It will automatically generate fully functional iOS and Android apps without you writing a single line of code.

Built-in Marketplace
Publish your apps directly to Appz's built-in marketplace with a single click. You get instant access to millions of active users without waiting for approvals from app stores. This significantly boosts downloads and profits.

Drag and Drop Templates
Appz provides dozens of beautifully designed templates that you can customize with a few clicks. No designing skills required. Just pick a template and modify content, images, colors and more.

Push Notifications
Engage users with unlimited push notifications that yield an incredible 98% open rate. This is a powerful way to promote offers, products and drive more sales.

SMS Integration
Send unlimited text messages to your users without any extra charges. Easily notify and reach out to your audience for maximum engagement.

Interactive Elements
Add interactive elements like pop-ups, buy buttons, countdowns, social shares and more right within your app. Users can make purchases and take actions without leaving the app.

AI Content Generator
Simply provide a keyword and Appz uses AI to populate your app with quality, plagiarism-free content automatically. No writing is required.

Track detailed performance metrics of each app like downloads, visits, buys and more. Make data-driven decisions to scale your top-performing apps.

Other notable features include payment gateway integration, AR filters, stock image library, instant monetization options and more. Appz truly covers every aspect of app creation and growth.

Benefits of Appz and Who Can Benefit

With its powerful yet simple no-code approach, Appz opens up opportunities for anyone to profit from the lucrative mobile app industry. Here are some of the key beneficiaries:

Appz removes all technical barriers for complete beginners. Anyone can create successful apps without coding skills through its AI-powered interface.

Small Businesses
Business owners can finally bring their brands to mobile with custom apps created in minutes. Appz also allows them to monetize and grow their customer base.

Bloggers and Influencers
Monetize your following by turning your blogs, websites and social profiles into engaging mobile apps for deeper audience connections.

Whether you are an affiliate, CPA marketer or e-commerce seller – Appz allows easy app creation around any offer, product or niche for extra promotion and sales.

App Developers
Save months of coding time and offer development as a service for clients through the super simple drag-n-drop interface of Appz.

Local Businesses
Reach more customers through localized app experiences for businesses like restaurants, salons, mechanics and more created with just a few clicks.

By removing all technical barriers, Appz truly democratizes app creation. Anyone with an internet connection can profit from the multi-billion dollar mobile industry.

Appz Pros and Cons

Let's review some key pros and cons of Appz:


  • No coding knowledge required
  • Beautiful templates for quick customization
  • AI takes care of coding, design and content
  • Publish to own marketplace instantly
  • Unlimited push notifications and SMS
  • 9 monetization options built-in
  • Lifetime commercial license
  • Free 30-day money-back guarantee


  • There is no free version
  • Continued innovation depends on the vendor
  • Limited to progressive web apps (PWA) format

Overall, the pros far outweigh the cons. Appz removes all technical barriers to app success through its powerful yet easy-to-use no-code interface.

Profit Potential of Appz

Appz makes monetizing apps simple through its built-in features and premium upgrades. Here's a look at some real-world income examples:

Push Notifications & Banners
With a notification open rate of 98%, this is a super effective way to promote affiliate offers, products or paid upgrades. Even a 1% purchase conversion could yield big profits.

In-App Products & Services
Some Appz users have generated over $1000 per month through digital subscriptions, online courses and consultation services offered within their apps.

Paid Apps & Upgrades
Monetizing apps through one-time payments opens the door to residual income. Some Appz publishers have unlocked 5-figure monthly earning through optimized paid upgrade funnels.

Multiple Streams
The true potential lies in leveraging multiple monetization streams together. Some top Appz users have combined push notifications, in-app purchases and paid upgrades to attain 6-figure annual profits.

It's also important to note that Appz publishers have achieved these results without any paid advertising spend – relying solely on the built-in Appz marketplace and free marketing tactics. With the right strategy and effort, $1000+ per month appears very achievable for new Appz users as well.

How to Use Appz

Getting started with Appz is incredibly simple. Here are the basic steps:

1. Sign Up
Head to the Appz website and create your account with basic details. You'll be given instant access to the dashboard.

2. Select Template
Choose from Appz's pre-built drag-n-drop templates or start from a blank template. Customize colors, images and content as needed.

3. Enter Keyword/URL
Enter the niche keyword or URL that your app will be based around. Appz's AI takes over to design the app experience.

4. Publish App
With one click, publish your new app to Appz's built-in marketplace where millions of users can discover and download it for free.

5. Add Monetization
Select from built-in options like in-app products/subscriptions, push notifications, paid upgrade funnels and more to start earning from your new app.

6. Track Performance
Check analytics for installs, visits and monetization results. Make data-driven optimizations to scale your winning apps.

It typically takes less than 10 minutes to create a basic app with Appz. With practice, apps can be generated in under 3 minutes each.

Appz OTOs and Upgrades

While the basic Appz system is more than enough to profit, advanced users may want to boost results further through these upgrade bundles:

Front End (FE) – $17

This basic access grants lifetime use of Appz for creating 3 concurrent apps. All core features like AI app building, templates and marketplace integration are included.

OTO 1: Unlimited Apps – $67

The Unlimited package removes the 3 app limit and allows unlimited simultaneous apps creation and management through a single dashboard. Ideal for power users.

OTO 2: Done-For-You Service – $297

Outsource all technical aspects like design, content population, publishing and monetization for 3 of your apps each month, while retaining 100% profits. For busy entrepreneurs.

OTO 3: Automation – $47

Learn advanced tactics to automate app optimization, engagement campaigns and monetization for hands-free operations through this strategic bundle.

OTO 4: Swift Profits – $47

A compilation of proven profit hacking methods deployed by top Appz publishers, unveiling their lucrative monthly earning secrets.

OTO 5: Limitless Traffic – $97

Master fully scalable free and paid traffic generation through this intensive training. Bring explosive installs to supercharge any app.

OTO 6: Agency License – $167

Profit further through freelancing app development services to clients using Appz's commercial certification and resale rights.

OTO 7: Franchise Edition – $97

Follow a proven formula to build your local Appz franchise for recurring residual earnings. Comes with marketing templates.

OTO 8: Multiple Income Streams – $47

Learn strategies to combine in-app products, services, upgrades and premium access passes to build multiple monetization streams.

This tiered funnel caters to all user personalities and budgets while maximizing monetization opportunities at every level.

Appz FAQs

Do I need coding skills?

No, Appz requires zero coding knowledge thanks to its intuitive AI-powered interface that automates everything technical.

How long before I see results?

While results may vary, basic testing shows it's very possible to realize first profits within the first 30 days with the disciplined use of Appz and some experimentation.

Is there a free version?

Unfortunately no, Appz does not offer a free version to maintain high standards. However, it comes with an iron-clad 30-day money-back guarantee to remove all financial risks.

Do I need to design apps myself?

Absolutely not. Appz provides beautiful ready-made templates that you can fully customize with drag-n-drop ease. No design skills are needed at all.

Are uploads to app stores required?

No, since Appz focuses on progressive web apps (PWAs), direct uploads to app stores are not needed. It publishes to its own marketplace to bypass lengthy approval bottlenecks.

How do I make money with Appz?

Appz provides 9 built-in monetization options like in-app products/subscriptions, ads, affiliate promotions, push notifications and paid app/upgrade sales.

Is the Appz marketplace any good?

With millions of active users, its marketplace is proven to deliver steady traffic and engagement. Many users have reported earning full profits without spending a dime on ads or promotions.

What if I have other questions?

Fresh guidance on Appz is always available through Facebook support groups. Users can also directly reach out to admins for one-on-one assistance during business hours.

I hope these answers provide clarity on any inquiries regarding Appz and its amazing app creation solutions. Feel free to ask if any other questions arise!

Appz Money-Back Guarantee

Appz protects all users with a friendly money-back guarantee. Key highlights include:

  • 30-Day Refund Period: You can request a full refund within 30 days of your purchase with no questions asked.
  • Flexible Terms: It's not limited to technical issues alone. Appz will honor refunds if users simply don't find it useful or profitable even after honest efforts.
  • Bonus Incentive: In addition to refunding your entire purchase amount, Appz also gifts exclusive bonuses to users who request refunds as an apology for their time.

This guarantee policy removes all risk associated with Appz. Users can freely experiment for a month to discover its potential without hesitation.

Appz Pricing and Deals

Appz offers incredible value at its affordable price points:

  • One-Time Payment: No annoying recurring fees like other monthly-billed tools. Buy Appz once only.
  • Lifetime Access: The commercial license never expires, allowing unlimited apps forever with a single low purchase.
  • Limited Pricing: Due to high demand, prices are slated to increase. It's best to lock in current rates for lifetime support.

Currently, lifetime access to the entire Appz system including all updates and upgrades is available for just $16.95 during its special launch promotion.

Beginner users also get access to 3 done-for-you apps built by experts as part of its bundle deal to fast-track initial success. There are no upsells or hidden charges.

Appz Bundle Deal

While the core Appz system is more than sufficient for achieving worthwhile profits, advanced users may choose to further boost results through available upgrades:

Unlimited Apps

The standard plan creates 3 live apps simultaneously. This upgrade removes all restrictions for unlimited concurrent apps. Ideal for high-volume use.

Done-For-You Service

Outsourcing app creation, management and monetization frees up time while ensuring professional execution. Users still retain 100% earnings.

Swift Profits

Modeling techniques of top Appz affiliates, this package systematically scales monetization through meticulously tested campaigns and automations.

Limitless Traffic

Master unlimited free and paid promotion through this intensive training. Bring explosive installs to effortlessly supercharge user uptake and results.

Agency License

Monetize Appz expertise through development services. Alternatively, sell branded licensing rights through a commercial certification package.

Priced aggressively from just $47, these premium bundles represent excellent value given the proven results of users who implement their powerful strategies for multiplied gains. While not mandatory, they present compelling options for motivated affiliates seeking increased profits.

Who Created Appz?

Appz was created by a team of tech entrepreneurs headed by Mr. Sheyi Adeleke, a top 1% affiliate with a proven track record of multiple successful product launches making 6 and 7 figures annually on autopilot.

Appz Launch Details

So in summary, Appz will have its global launch on the 8th of January at 10 AM EST. Users can purchase directly from its official website.

Watch Appz Demo

appz demo The Easiest Way to Create iOS And Android Apps Without Code Using This AI PWA App Creator. Appz Lets You Create Unlimited Mobile Apps [ Appz Review ]

Appz Bonuses

In addition to the incredible done-for-you bonuses bundled with purchase deals, Appz also includes these high-value freebies:

Appz 6-Figure In 60 Days LIVE Event

Gain exclusive VIP access to our live mastermind event where you'll receive a step-by-step walkthrough of our underground Appz system that has consistently generated 6-figures in just 60 days. This invaluable experience, valued at $1997, is yours for free with your purchase today.

Appz Multi-Vendor Mobile Apps Marketplace

Transform your earnings with Appz by setting up and managing your very own Multi-Vendor Mobile App Marketplace for both IOS and Android. This powerful software allows you to earn 3-4 figures weekly by facilitating transactions between app sellers and buyers. Additionally, leverage the opportunity to sell the mobile apps you create with Appz to other vendors on your marketplace, doubling your earnings effortlessly. Valued at $997.

Appz Mobile App Affiliate Website

Take your Appz results to the next level with our Mobile App Affiliate Website. Tap into the multi-billion dollar mobile app industry by instantly setting up your own fully automated affiliate website. Filled with the latest and most popular apps globally, complete with reviews and ratings, this website allows you to earn substantial commissions on sales initiated from your platform. No tedious setup required—simply input your affiliate ID and start earning big commissions. Valued at $697.

Appz Marketplace Traffic Booster

Experience a surge in sales by unlocking the secrets to attracting tons of traffic to your Appz Marketplace. This bonus, valued at $997, equips you with top-secret tips and strategies to drive targeted visitors to your marketplace consistently. Sell more mobile apps, increase profits, and solve all your traffic concerns with this powerful system.

Appz Mobile Website Builder (Drag and Drop Mobile Builder)

Combine the prowess of Appz with our Mobile Website Builder for a winning formula. Create any kind of mobile-responsive website or page, from squeeze pages to sales pages, effortlessly compatible with all devices. The brilliance of this combo lies in the seamless transition from your mobile pages to mobile apps using Appz. Don't miss out on this solid opportunity, valued at $697.

These generous bonuses worth over $6,000 are free to claim for all anyone who buy Appz Via the links in this article.

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Should You Buy Appz? [Pros and Cons]


  • No coding required, AI does everything
  • Beautiful templates for quick customization
  • Leverages proven profit models
  • Increases reach through built-in marketplace
  • Simple to use yet powerful features
  • Removes technical barriers for all
  • Monthly 6-figure incomes reported
  • Incredible value at one-time low price
  • 30-day money-back risk-free period
  • Top marketers and pros behind it
  • Massive training and support included


  • No free version
  • Limited to progressive web apps (PWA) format

In summary, Appz makes attaining worthwhile profits from the mobile industry truly achievable even for novices. The lack of technical skills or huge budgets is no longer limiting factors. Its money-back guarantee removes all risk while high-value upfront bonuses and training give users an instant boost. For those willing to dedicate even modest time regularly, Appz can become their primary income stream within months.

Get Access To Appz now!

Call to Action for Appz

If generating unlimited hands-free income through the power of mobile apps from the comfort of your home sounds appealing, I urge you to visit the official Appz website now using the link below.

During its special launch promotion, lifetime access is available at an insanely discounted price of just $16.95 which includes everything you need without any upsells or recurring fees.

This is the most comprehensive all-in-one solution for new and experienced users alike looking to profit big from this multi-billion dollar industry. Don't hesitate, click the link right now and secure your spot before prices increase permanently.

I also recommend taking advantage of its limited time bundle deal offering professional done-for-you apps worth thousands, combined with advanced training and live support, at an unbelievable 83% discount.

The Appz team stands by their guarantee to refund every cent if you aren't thrilled after a full 30 days of usage. You have nothing to lose and endless profits waiting to be unlocked. 

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Wrapping Up The Easiest Way to Create iOS And Android Apps Without Code Using This AI PWA App Creator. Appz Lets You Create Unlimited Mobile Apps [ Appz Review ]

Appz is truly a breakthrough product promising to revolutionize app creation and monetization. Its AI-powered no-code interface removes all need for coding skills, designs or complex setups.

By instantly publishing optimized apps to its thriving marketplace of millions, Appz gives anyone an equal platform to achieve worthwhile ongoing profits from the mobile economy.

Backed by proven marketers with a perfect money-back safety net, there is minimal risk involved. For motivated individuals looking to generate life-changing income on autopilot, Appz appears a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

At less than the price of a basic app from a professional developer, yet delivering infinitely more value and profit leverage, it's hard to find a better ROI anywhere online right now. If easy hands-free wealth is your goal, Appz deserves your highest consideration.

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