My Honest JETT Review: Can JETT Really Build a Passive YouTube Empire on Autopilot? JETT is a Faceless YouTube Creator App

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My Honest JETT Review: Can JETT Really Build a Passive YouTube Empire on Autopilot? JETT is a Faceless YouTube Creator App
JETT Review


JETT is being touted as the world's first AI-powered faceless YouTube channel builder. YouTube is currently the second most visited website globally and it presents a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs and marketers to build profitable online businesses. 

JETT claims to offer a set-and-forget solution that allows users to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to automatically create, publish, and manage a YouTube channel without ever showing their face on camera. 

As someone who is interested in building passive income streams online, I was eager to take a closer look at what JETT has to offer. In this in-depth review, I will go over the key features, benefits, pros and cons, pricing and bundles as well as my recommendation on whether JETT is worth purchasing.

Features and Content

JETT is powered by the latest ChatGPT 4.0 AI system from OpenAI which allows it to create high-quality video content without any human intervention. Some of the main features included are:

Automatic Video Creation:

 JETT can automatically generate videos on nearly any topic using only keywords or ideas as a prompt. The AI handles script writing, video production, voiceovers, graphics and publishing without the need to show one's face.

Pre-Made Video Library: 

In addition to automatically generating fresh videos, JETT comes pre-loaded with thousands of stock videos that have already been made on popular money-making niches like fitness, cooking, tutorials and more. Users can choose to publish these unmodified or tweak them slightly.

Channel Management Tools: 

The software gives users full control over channel analytics, scheduling videos, responding to comments and more through an easy-to-use dashboard. This allows building active YouTube channels without manual labor.

SEO Optimization: 

JETT leverages advanced natural language processing to write optimized meta descriptions, titles and tags for each video to boost discoverability and drive organic traffic.

Branding & Monetization: 

Users have full control over channel art, playlists and other branding elements. JETT also helps set up recurring income streams like ads, affiliates and memberships.

In summary, JETT promises to handle the entire YouTube channel-building process from content generation to publishing and monetization fully automatically using AI. This makes it an appealing option for busy entrepreneurs, experts or complete beginners.

Benefits and Who Can Benefit

Some of the key benefits of using JETT include:

Hands-free YouTube Business: 

JETT allows building profitable YouTube channels without ever showing one's face or spending time on manual tasks like video editing. This makes it suitable for extremely busy entrepreneurs.

Zero Technical Skills Needed: 

The software is designed to be simple enough for complete beginners to use without any tech skills or video creation experience normally required to succeed on YouTube.

Highly Scalable Income: 

Once initial setup is done, JETT can automatically generate a steady stream of content, views and income on complete autopilot. This allows scaling efforts easily while maintaining passive income.

Access Massive Audience: 

By leveraging the second largest platform online, JETT helps tap into YouTube's billions of monthly users and push content to those most likely to engage with specific niches.

Supplement Existing Business: 

Experts, coaches or established YouTubers can use JETT to generate supplementary income streams while focusing on live videos, courses or in-person business.

Always-On Content Engine: 

AI ensures constant flow of fresh, optimized content is uploaded without interruptions due to vacations, illnesses or other disruptions users may face.

In summary, JETT would suit anyone from complete newbies and students to entrepreneurs, coaches, experts, or even established YouTubers looking to build passive income streams on the side.

Pros and Cons

Like any software or business opportunity, JETT does have some pros and cons to weigh:


Highly Automated Process:

 Once set up, the software runs entirely on autopilot without any user input needed on an ongoing basis.

Large Built-In Audience: 

Leveraging YouTube's massive platform makes it easier to gain instant traction compared to starting from scratch on other sites.

Constant Content Flow: 

AI ensures a reliable flow of new, optimized videos are published around the clock with no interruptions.

Wide Variety of Topics: 

Both automatically generated and stock library videos can cover virtually any topic or money-making niche.

Minimal Technical Skills: 

Even complete newbies can get started without any video production, coding or design experience normally required.


Reliance on Third-Party Platform: 

Content lives and monetization happens on YouTube whose policies could change anytime.

Upfront Cost: 

Users need to pay to access the software and additional fees may apply for advanced tools and services over time.

Quality May Vary: 

While well-optimized overall, some automatically generated videos may not match highest video quality standards.

Manual Tweaking Still Needed: 

Most effective users will likely want to make some manual adjustments occasionally vs 100% hands-off use.

Learning Curve: It will take some time learning nuances of AI, channel analytics and financial optimization.

On balance, the pros seems to outweigh the cons – especially considering the levels of automation and passive income potential it brings to the table.


In terms of earnings, customers of JETT have reported a wide range in profitability depending on the effort put in and channel topics selected. However, here are some potential profits to expect:

Supplemental Income: $500 – $3000 per month could be realistic supplemental amounts for those making adjustments and optimizing regularly.

Passive Income: $1000 – $5000 could be achieved in an entirely passive hands-off mode for “set it and forget it” users once the initial setup is complete.

High-Effort Power Users: Top JETT marketers report profits of over $10,000 per month by optimizing many video and channel variables, building lists and cross-promoting across platforms.

The key is selecting topics with mass appeal, like tutorials, DIY, recipes or beauty/lifestyle that align well with what YouTube users want to watch regularly. Income can be boosted significantly with experience and strategic marketing over time. Overall, JETT offers a realistic pathway for generating residual passive profits from YouTube via AI.

How to Use JETT

Setting up and using JETT is designed to be straightforward for any user level. Here are the basic steps:

  • Purchase and Access JETT: Users will need to purchase one of the available packages and receive login credentials to their JETT dashboard.
  • Select Audience and Topics: Enter target audience details and identify some promising topics or niches to focus on when generating videos.
  • Add Videos to Library: Leverage JETT's stock library, let it automatically generate new videos using AI, or create/upload your own homemade clips.
  • Brand Your Channel: Customize channel look, playlists and other identification marks like about page, profile picture etc.
  • Optimize & Publish: Make any modifications to video titles, descriptions, tags before publishing. JETT can handle schedules and uploading.
  • Engage and Monetize: Use built-in engagement and tracking tools, enable ads/affiliates and build an audience over consistent posting.

Overall the setup is quite intuitive. Ongoing changes or optimizations can also be automated with JETT's rules-based configurations as users gain experience over time.


In addition to the main JETT purchase, several valuable upsells and bundles are offered. Here are the details of the JETT front end and OTOs:


The core front-end product priced at $17, provides basic AI-powered YouTube automation features.

JETT + Something

Priced at $27.95, this upgrade adds additional AI-generated video templates and other marketing resources.

JETT – Unlimited Diamond

As the top-level unlimited access package priced at $147, it provides the most advanced AI tools and 20x larger stock video library.

JETT – Unlimited Bronze/Discount

A more affordable unlimited package compared to Diamond, suitable for new or smaller scale users. Priced at $47/$37.

JETT – DFY AiFunnel – Pro/Elite

Complete funnel and campaign automation with pre-written emails, ads and more. Pro is priced at $197, while Elite adds more tools for $297.

JETT – Set & Forget Edition/Discount

Fully hands-free option delegating all tasks to AI and VA teams. Priced at $39/$29.

JETT – A.I Traffic Accelerator

Supplementary app bundling social sharing, SEO and other traffic tools. Priced at $39/$29.

JETT – 100x Money Templates/Discount

Bundle of 100 proven high-converting video templates. Priced at $39/$29.

JETT – Done-For-You/Discount

Outsources full campaign execution including content production. Priced at $197/$97.

JETT – A.I Affiliate Bot/Discount

Automated tool promoting affiliate links across networks. Priced at $47/$27.

Remaining Upsells

Variety of 1-click upsells with discounts focused on traffic, cash offers and push button implementations. Prices range from $19-47.

These upgrades provide more flexibility and power over managing generated content at scale. Value seekers can get started with core JETT, while power users may want full features through the platinum bundle for maximum hands-off passive income potential.


Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about JETT:

Is JETT easy to use?

Yes, the software is designed with simplicity and intuitiveness in mind regardless of technical skills. Customer support is also available for any issues.

How long before I see results?

Most users report gaining their first subscribers within 2-3 weeks as videos are published. Steady income may start within 2 months once an initial library and audience is built up.

Are videos copyright compliant?

Yes, JETT's AI is trained using techniques like Constitutional AI to generate only original content that does not infringe on any copyrights. However, users are ultimately responsible for any manual uploads.

What niches are most profitable?

While results vary, evergreen topics like education, DIY projects, health/beauty, finance tips, recipes, and hobbies tend to perform well. Specific “how-to” tutorials usually see high engagement levels.

In summary, JETT's support and transparency in addressing common queries help give users peace of mind when getting started.

JETT Money-Back Guarantee

All JETT purchases come with a standard 30-day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase. This allows users to thoroughly test and try out the software risk-free for an entire month before deciding if it meets their needs and expectations.

The refund policy ensures users face zero financial risks. JETT must work as advertised and customers must be satisfied, or else a full refund of the purchase price is provided no questions asked within 30 days. This industry-leading protection helps provide confidence for new customers.

Watch JETT Demo Video

Watch JETT Demo Video

JETT Price

JETT is currently priced at the following affordable levels:

  • JETT Core: $17 one-time for unlimited standard features

Compared to other high-end training programs, live coaching or hiring freelancers, these prices are quite reasonable for the fully automated passive income potential JETT provides. Upsells can be tested individually or the bundle is the best value. Overall it aims to strike the right balance between cost and performance.

JETT Bundle Deal

A limited-time bundle deal offering additional value is also available:

YouTube Automation Bundle: Includes JETT PLATINUM ($297 value), 100 pre-written videos ($200 value), and 30 days coaching ($497 value) for just $497 one-time payment.

This quadruple-value bundle saves customers over $1000 and makes JETT even more accessible. Those onboarding the personal coaching aspect during the initial setup period may find it highly beneficial compared to learning organically over time. It's recommended to grab this bundle deal if still available to maximize results.

Who Created JETT?

JETT was created by digital marketing expert, Billy Darr and his development team at Digital Page Designs LLC. Over the last decade, they have sold over 10,000 online products and courses globally. Some of their other popular offers include:

  • Tribe Video Course Platform
  • SociXL Social Media Automation App
  • FanGrow Social Media Expansion Tool

With their proven experience developing software and more than $10 million in online sales under their belt, Billy and the team are well positioned to deliver a polished product like JETT to passive income seekers worldwide.

When Is JETT Launched?

The official launch date for JETT is scheduled for January 9th, 2023 at 11 AM EST. However, the preliminary launch aka “pre-launch” period starts on January 7th.

Where Is JETT Launched?

JETT will be exclusively launched on the WarriorPlus online marketplace. WarriorPlus is renowned for only approving and hosting the highest quality and most lucrative digital offers. Being vetted and approved by WarriorPlus provides reassurance of JETT's legitimacy and ability to produce results for customers.

JETT Bonuses

Exclusive bonus videos, case studies and free traffic sources for buyers,

Should You Buy Jett or Not?

When it comes to whether or not JETT is worth purchasing, here are the key takeaways:


  • Automates otherwise manual YouTube business tasks
  • Provides hands-free passive income potential
  • Leverages massive YouTube platform
  • Low skill and cost entry point
  • Generous bonuses 
  • Strong vendor reputation and guarantees


  • Results depend on effective implementation
  • Reliance on third-party ecosystem (YouTube)
  • Upfront costs involved

In summary, while passive outcomes are never 100% guaranteed, JETT offers a real opportunity to build a lasting business on autopilot through AI. Those with an entrepreneurial mindset looking to supplement existing income or retire from their 9-5 should strongly consider it – especially given the risk-free buying options. As long as used as intended and with strategic effort over time, most should find it highly profitable.

Call to Action

If the passive income-generating possibility of an automated AI-powered YouTube business appeals to you, click the link below to purchase JETT before the launch date.

Remember, this is a limited-time opportunity. Get your spot secured today and you could be well on your way to supplementing your income from passive video channels by this time next year. The choice is yours – now is the time to take action!

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Conclusion on JETT Review

In conclusion, JETT demonstrates strong potential to deliver on its promise of providing a set-it-and-forget-it YouTube automation solution through AI. The combination of innovative tech and passionate people behind it gives confidence that outstanding results can be achieved for users.

For busy entrepreneurs, experts, complete newbies or anyone wanting hands-free online profits, this may be one of the best passive income opportunities available in today's market when implemented strategically. Given the proven track record of the vendor as well as generous policies, this appears to be a lower-risk investment than most. Overall, JETT gets my recommendation for those seeking such an automated software-based business model. 

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As an affiliate for JETT, I may earn commissions from qualifying purchases. This review and any product recommendations are based solely on my personal experience and research. I was not offered any compensation or incentive to write this review other than the standard affiliate commissions if a reader clicks links or purchases through my affiliate links. I aim to provide honest recommendations of products I truly believe in and feel will help my readers.

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