AI Elevation Funnel Method: How Cindy Donovan Used Free AI Tools To Generate Over $40k Profit In 3 Months

AI Elevation Funnel Method: How Cindy Donovan Used Free AI Tools To Generate Over $40k Profit In 3 Months
AI Elevation Funnel Method: How Cindy Donovan Used Free AI Tools To Generate Over $40k Profit In 3 Months

The AI Elevation Funnel Method is an online business training program created by veteran online marketer Cindy Donovan. This program shows users how to create a profitable online business by leveraging free artificial intelligence (AI) tools in a way that is automated, scalable, and brings value to customers.

Features and Content

Main Features

The main features of the AI Elevation Funnel Method include:

AI Content Generation
The program teaches users how to create all types of marketing content like headlines, video scripts, emails, social media posts, blog articles, and more using free AI tools like ChatGPT.

Automation and Scaling
The method shown aims to automate key business processes so the business can scale easily without much ongoing work from the owner.

High Converting Funnels
Users learn how to design “elevation funnels” that effectively convert leads into paying customers through a proven multi-step process.

Content Included

The AI Elevation Funnel Method includes access to a 2-hour live training workshop, workshop replays and recordings, prompt templates for AI content generation, a workbook, community access, and ongoing support.

Benefits and Who Can Benefit

The main benefits of the AI Elevation Funnel Method include:

Low Startup Costs
By utilizing free AI tools, the program allows users to develop an online business with very low initial investment.

Easy Business Model
The method teaches a simple yet highly scalable business model for generating online income through automated and leveraged systems.

Build with Integrity
Users learn how to create valuable products and services that help people rather than tricking or manipulating customers.

Suitable for Beginners
The step-by-step approach makes it possible for complete newbies to follow along and achieve results from the program.

Benefits Experienced Users Too
Even seasoned marketers can gain new skills in automation, scaling, and leveraging AI using the proven techniques.

Pros and Cons


  • Leverages free AI tools for low-cost business setup
  • Teaches automated and hands-free business models
  • Focuses on developing highly valuable products and services
  • Comes with a supportive community for ongoing help
  • Money-back guarantee removes risk for users


  • Results may vary based on individual effort and work put in
  • Requires consistent work over months to see full benefits
  • Limited benefits for passive users seeking fast riches
  • Full automation still requires some manual input at start
  • Only available in online digital format, no physical products


Cindy Donovan, the creator, emphasizes that true success with this method comes from putting in consistent effort over time rather than expecting overnight riches. However, when used as prescribed, the AI Elevation Funnel Method stands a very high chance of generating sizable ongoing income through automation. Some profit strategies users learn include:

  • Developing digital products and services using AI
  • Setting up lead magnet & customer elevation funnels
  • Monetizing through affiliate marketing and JV partnerships
  • Creating multiple income streams through scaling
  • Reselling and licensing created products and brands

Done correctly with strategic scaling, the method promises monthly, residual automated income in the mid to high 4 figures in a reasonable timeframe for many driven users.

How to Use

To get results from the AI Elevation Funnel Method, users need to:

  1. Purchase the front-end training package
  2. Attend the 2-hour live workshop training
  3. Implement the provided prompts, templates & strategies
  4. Set up their business entities and online profiles
  5. Develop high-value products and services
  6. Build customer attraction & lead generation funnels
  7. Keep iterating and refining for maximum conversions
  8. Add on optional upsells and income streams over time
  9. Focus on serving customers and scaling operations

AI Elevation Funnel OTOs

In addition to the front-end offer, there are two major one-time upsells promoted with the AI Elevation Funnel Method:

Funnel Details & Sales Page Previews

Front End: AI Elevation Funnel ($7)

Customers who opt for the AI Elevation Funnel at $7 gain exclusive access to a one-time live workshop. This workshop guides participants through the creation of high-converting ‘elevation funnels' using free-to-use AI software. From developing a customer avatar to crafting compelling headlines and writing emails, this comprehensive training covers it all.

Additionally, members receive:

  • Access to the brand new eBook, “The AI Elevation Funnel Method.”
  • Live workshop access, including post-training recordings.
  • Various resources such as mindmaps and checklists for creating proven and scalable elevation funnels.

OTO1: PLR Product Bundle

  • Basic Level Price: $27.00
  • PLR License Price: $97

What they’ll get:
Access to a comprehensive bundle featuring 6 premium video training series and workbooks covering:

  1. Copy Rocket – Sales copy training course
  2. Digital Product Power – Creating in-demand products
  3. Traffic Video Course – 2 traffic training courses
  4. Affiliate Video Course – Mastering Affiliate Marketing
  5. Entrepreneur Videos – 3 series on key aspects of entrepreneurial success
  6. Social Media Marketing Video Course

Alternatively, customers can purchase PLR rights to the entire bundle, including PSDs, transcripts, source files, and more, for $97.

OTO2: Lead Magnet Bundle

  • Option 1: $27

[+] Software Access To Generate AI Content & Automate Scheduling & Delivery Of All Your Social Media Posts On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Option 2: $97. Get it here



Some common questions asked about the AI Elevation Funnel Method include:

Is this method suitable for beginners?
Yes, the step-by-step approach ensures even complete newbies can learn and apply the strategies with success.

Do I need any technical skills?
No advanced tech skills are required. Users will be using simple AI tools and creating basic sales funnels.

What results should I expect to see?
With regular implementation of strategies learned, most users report seeing first sales within 2 months and an automated mid-4 figure monthly income within 6-12 months.

Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes, Cindy Donovan offers a 30-day refund period for any customer who is not satisfied with the training program.

Money-Back Policy

The AI Elevation Funnel Method comes with an industry-leading 30-day money-back guarantee. This allows users to try out the program completely risk-free for 30 full days. Within this period, customers can request a full refund for any reason if they are unhappy with the training or not achieving their desired results. No questions are asked and refunds are processed instantly.


The fundamental front-end training package that includes access to the live workshop and core materials is currently priced at $7, considerably lower than similar online business training programs. The two major upsells with advanced features are $27 and $97 respectively. This makes the total cost of the full training system very affordable for most users. Additionally, Cindy Donovan frequently runs limited-time promotional discounts reducing pricing further.

Bundle Deal

For a limited time, Cindy Donovan is also offering the full AI Elevation Funnel Method training program bundled with both major upsells at a highly discounted price of only $97. This bundle deal saves users more than 50% off the individual purchasing costs while granting access to all premium features in one go. It is recommended as the best overall value deal for those serious about implementing the program.

Get the bundle deal here

Who Created It?

The AI Elevation Funnel Method was created by Cindy Donovan, an experienced online marketer and entrepreneur with over 16 years of success in the industry. Cindy created her first website during chemotherapy treatment where she discovered her talent for internet marketing. Since then, she has helped countless students launch profitable online businesses through multiple information product launches and training programs.

Launch Date

The AI Elevation Funnel Method launched for the first time as a three day online training event held between January 9-11, 2023. This included the inaugural live interactive 2-hour group workshop delivered by Cindy Donovan. The on-demand access to replays and materials was then continued indefinitely after the live event concluded.


The AI Elevation Funnel Method training program is delivered completely online through a members dashboard access after purchase. The initial launch event was promoted on JVzoo, a popular affiliate marketing website known for digital product launches. Customers can now purchase ongoing access directly through Cindy's website here


Some key bonuses included with the AI Elevation Funnel Method training package are:

  • Exclusive traffic from Cindy's list to first product launch
  • Access to private Facebook support community
  • Bonus email swipe files & copy templates
  • Extra traffic & lead magnet resources
  • Priority support from Cindy until student success

Should You Buy It or Not?

For anyone interested in starting an online business with low investment and high-profit potential, the AI Elevation Funnel Method provides immense value when used correctly. By learning proven funnelling, automation and AI-powered content techniques along with monetization options, success is very achievable even for beginners. Its minimal downside risk combined with a 30-day refund policy makes it a no-brainer investment for go-getters wanting to break into internet business ownership. Highly recommended!

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Call To Action

If you are ready to unlock the power of free AI tools to build your highly profitable and scalable online business, then you need to get started with the AI Elevation Funnel Method training program right away. Do not wait for the bundle deal to expire or prices to increase. Take action today by clicking the button below to order your training package now. Cindy Donovan and her team of experts will guide you step-by-step from the very beginning all the way to automated success. The time for results is now!

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Conclusion on AI Elevation Funnel Method Review

In conclusion, the AI Elevation Funnel Method presents an extremely cost-effective and high-potential path to achieving the coveted lifestyle and income that online business ownership promises. By capitalizing on free and advanced AI technologies, users learn proven techniques for rapid business development, automation, and scaling – all

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