Leadono Review: Capture Targeted Email Subscribers And Auto-Build Your List From Scratch With Revolutionary LDO Technology Even If You Are A Newbie. Leadono Bundle Lifetime Access Included

leadono review


Have you ever struggled with collecting verified email subscribers or growing your list? Leadono promises to solve this problem by allowing you to effortlessly capture emails and grow your list virally with just a click or touch. In this in-depth Leadono review, I will examine every aspect of this software to determine if it lives up to its claims.

Features and Content of Leadono

Leadono is an all-in-one software that aims to make list building easy through its powerful features. Here are some of the key things it offers:

LDO Technology

Leadono utilizes what they call “LDO Technology”, which allows subscribers to push their verified email to your list with just a click or touch. No typing required. It does this by connecting to major social platforms and sites that people are already logged into like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Apple, and Amazon.

Auto-Building Subscriber Lists

With LDO Tech, you can automatically build your subscriber list even without a website. Leadono makes it effortless to capture people's emails from both social media profiles and top Amazon buyers. All without them having to type anything.

Incentivized Viral Traffic System

Leadono gives you access to a powerful viral traffic system where your links can be shared to earn people referral commissions. This is a big perk for growing your list exponentially.

Integrations and Syncing

Leadono integrates seamlessly with all major autoresponders either natively or via Zapier. Any emails captured are instantly synced to your list so you can begin marketing to them right away.

Lead Capture Elements

The software provides customizable lead capture buttons, forms, and links that can be used on websites, blogs, social platforms or directly in ads/emails to siphon subscribers at scale.

So in summary, Leadono offers a full-featured solution for effortless list building through innovative technology and a built-in viral traffic component.

Leadono Benefits and Who Can Benefit

There are several ways that users can benefit from using Leadono:

Marketers and Entrepreneurs

If you are trying to grow your email list, launch new products, or promote affiliate offers, then Leadono can supercharge your results by making list building simple.

Small Businesses

Easily capture customer emails and build your email marketing programs with Leadono. Good for local businesses, coaches, consultants and solopreneurs.

Digital and Offline Business Owners

Whether you have an e-commerce store, blog, agency or even a brick & mortar biz, adding Leadono can boost your opt-ins and sales.

Network Marketers

The software seamlessly integrates with platforms like Zipify Pages to help network marketers generate more leads for their opportunities.

Bloggers and Influencers

Add Leadono to siphon email subscribers from your social following and increase your readership and monetization over time.

In summary, virtually anyone doing online marketing that needs to grow a verified email list can benefit greatly from using Leadono.

Watch Leadono Demo Video Below

Leadono Pros and Cons

Here are some of the key pros and cons of the Leadono software:


  • Effortless email collection with just a click or touch
  • Auto-build your list without a website
  • Integrates with all major autoresponders
  • Provides a viral traffic component
  • Works on any device (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • Intuitive dashboard and features
  • Good support through email and knowledge base


  • Additional costs for some premium upgrades
  • Small learning curve for advanced customizations but there are video trainings for all that.
  • Reliant on people clicking your links
  • Some social platforms change API access over time. So you have to reapply for API when that happens.

So in summary, while not a perfect solution, Leadono provides a very compelling value proposition for its pros if you are serious about email list growth. The cons are relatively minor.

Leadono Profitability

Used properly, Leadono has the potential to be highly profitable both directly and indirectly:

Direct Profits

By utilizing Leadono's built-in incentivized referral system, users are able to earn direct commissions from referred sales and subscriptions. With optimized promotions, top affiliates have generated over $10,000 per month through Leadono referral earnings alone.

In addition, by taking advantage of Leadono's optional upgrades like the PRO, Luxury and Agency packages, dedicated users can scale their Leadono results even further while also profiting directly from the added features and tools.

Indirect Profits

Perhaps even more valuable is the profits that can be earned indirectly through the asset of a large, targeted email list. By using Leadono to capture thousands of quality subscribers across multiple campaigns and niches, this offers countless monetization opportunities over time.

For example, affiliates and product owners can leverage their list to promote high-ticket programs, services and digital products. Ecommerce retailers gain a flood of targeted prospects to cross-sell additional products and maximize average order value. Coaches, consultants and agencies acquire many new clients and customers.

Additionally, by growing subscriber numbers, this increases the overall value and profit potential of the list if it were to be sold through lead broker marketplaces. The potential ROI from indirect profits increases exponentially as the list scales up.

So whether judging its success directly through Leadono earnings or weighing the long term value of the email list asset, the potential profit impact is significant for dedicated marketers who implement Leadono strategically as part of their overall marketing plan. With consistent effort, it can become a highly lucrative investment.

How to Use Leadono

Here are the basic steps to start using Leadono effectively:

Create an Account

Sign up for a free 14-day trial on Leadono.com. You'll need to enter your autoresponder and payment details to complete the setup.

Set Up Integrations

Sync Leadono with your preferred autoresponder(s) through their direct integrations or via Zapier. Test that the sync is working properly.

Add Custom Domain (optional)

Link a custom domain for a branded lead collection experience. This is done within your Leadono dashboard settings.

Create Your First Campaign

Design your landing pages, opt-in forms and lead capture elements from within Leadono's campaign builder.

Insert Lead Capture Elements

Copy the provided scripts and embed them onto relevant web pages, emails, ads and social content. Common options include opt-in forms and click-to-interact buttons.

Promote Your Campaign

Drive traffic to your Leadono links and pages through advertising, social sharing, emails and more. Leverage viral features too.

Nurture Your Leads

Craft nurturing sequences in your autoresponder to engage subscribers and maximize conversions.

Analyze Performance

Ongoing testing and analyzing of stats will allow you to optimize for best results. Adjust what's working and alter weak spots.

With some initial setup and continuous improvement, marketers can instantly start benefiting from Leadono's powerful list building functions.

Following these simple steps is all it takes to get started seeing results from Leadono right away. Committing to testing and optimizing over time is key for maximum impact.

Leadono OTOs

After purchasing the main Leadono license, these powerful upsells become available:

The first OTO is Leadono Fast Pass, which is priced at $197. This OTO includes access to 200 high-quality lead generation templates, as well as a 12-month subscription to the Leadono platform.

The second OTO is Leadono Pro, which is priced at $47. This OTO includes access to 500 high-quality lead generation templates, as well as a 24-month subscription to the Leadono platform.

The third OTO is Leadono Luxury, which is priced at $37. This OTO includes access to 1000 high-quality lead generation templates, as well as a 36-month subscription to the Leadono platform.

The fourth OTO is Leadono Platinum, which is priced at $297. This OTO includes access to 2000 high-quality lead generation templates, as well as a lifetime subscription to the Leadono platform.

The fifth OTO is Leadono Whitelabel 100, which is priced at $197. This OTO allows users to create their own lead generation websites and sell access to them.

The sixth OTO is Leadono Whitelabel 500, which is priced at $297. This OTO allows users to create their own lead generation websites and sell access to them, as well as access to 500 high-quality lead generation templates.

The seventh OTO is Leadono 5 Day Profitable Newsletter Challenge, which is priced at $9.95. This OTO includes access to a 5-day email course that teaches users how to create a profitable newsletter.

The eighth OTO is Leadono 5 Day Profitable Newsletter Challenge VIP, which is priced at $47. This OTO includes access to the 5-day email course, as well as access to a private Facebook group and live Q&A sessions with the course creator.

The ninth OTO is Alpreneur VIP Club, which is priced at $37/m. This OTO includes access to a private Facebook group, live Q&A sessions with the course creator, and exclusive discounts on Leadono products.

These powerful upgrades allow scaling Leadono's capabilities based on growth goals and unlocking new revenue streams through resale and agency business models.

Leadono FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Leadono:

Is there a free version?

No, Leadono only offers a life time access for a one time payment for each plan. 

What autoresponders does it integrate with?

It integrates natively with Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, ConvertKit and more. Also connects to any platform via Zapier.

Can I use it without a website?

Yes, the whole point is that Leadono allows you to build lists directly from social and on the go without any other website or asset required.

How fast does it sync leads?

Lead syncs are near instant thanks to its advanced API integrations. Most users see leads populating within a few seconds of collection.

Can I rebrand or private label Leadono?

While basic versions cannot be rebranded, the high-end PRO, Luxury and Platinum upgrades as well as the white label license do allow full customization.

Is Leadono compliant for affiliate marketing?

Yes, Leadono and all of its information/product pages and funnels pass all FTC guidelines for affiliate marketing and promotions.

So in summary, while having some premium upgrades, Leadono's core functionality can easily be taken advantage of through its free version alone when getting started.

Leadono Money-Back Guarantee

For newcomers unsure if Leadono is right for them, there is a solid refund policy in place:

Leadono offers a full 30-day money-back guarantee on their subscriptions from the date of purchase. This allows any user to try out the software completely risk-free for an entire month before committing.

If after 30 days a user is not fully satisfied and achieving their goals, they can simply request a refund by contacting the Leadono support team with no questions asked. The whole subscription cost will be promptly returned.

This ensures Leadono users can properly evaluate if the software lives up to its promises without worrying about wasting funds. 

Leadono Price

Leadono offers quite a flexible pricing model for all levels of users.

The prices for Leadono products are as follows:

  • Leadono Personal: $27 FE
  • Leadono Commercial: $37 FE
  • Leadono Fast Pass Bundle: $197
  • Leadono Pro: $47
  • Leadono Pro DS: $47
  • Leadono Luxury: $37
  • Leadono Platinum Monthly: $27
  • Leadono Platinum Yearly: $297
  • Leadono Whitelabel 100: $197
  • Leadono Whitelabel 500: $297
  • Leadono Whitelabel 1000: $597
  • Leadono Platinum DS Yearly: $599
  • 5 Day Profitable Newsletter Challenge: $9.95
  • 5 Day Profitable Newsletter VIP: $47
  • Alpreneur Club: $37/m

Leadono Bundle Deal

During major launch periods for Leadono, an exclusive bundle offering becomes available combining multiple Leadono packages and bonuses into an affordable package, such as:

  • Leadono Full Access (retails $49/month)
  • Leadono PRO Upgrade Package (retails $67/month)
  • Leadono eBook + Video Training Bundle (retails $97)
  • Exclusive Bonus Package with templates and scripts
  • Additional launch bonuses potentially over $500 in value
  • Leadono Personal: $27 FE
  • Leadono Commercial: $37 FE
  • Leadono Fast Pass Bundle: $197
  • Leadono Pro: $47
  • Leadono Pro DS: $47
  • Leadono Luxury: $37
  • Leadono Platinum Monthly: $27
  • Leadono Platinum Yearly: $297
  • Leadono Whitelabel 100: $197

This allows users to get a comprehensive Leadono system for a heavily discounted one-time payment, rather than many separate purchases. It represents a substantial saving and provides everything needed in one convenient bundle. 

The Leadono  Bundle Price is $297.00

But during the launch, there is a discount of $80

 The effective price after $80 off coupon is $217

Coupon code “LEADONO80OFF” 

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Who Created Leadono

Leadono was created by internet marketing expert Andrew Darius and his company Marketro LLC. Some history:

  • Andrew is a 20+ year veteran copywriter and digital entrepreneur
  • He has helped launch over 30 #1 bestselling online products and info apps
  • Frustrated by the lack of good lead-generation options, he set out to create Leadono in 2021
  • After 1+ years of development by a team of 40, Leadono was officially launched in late 2022
  • Andrew and Marketro continue advancing Leadono based on customer and JV feedback

So in summary, Leadono comes from very experienced creators with a proven track record of solving marketer pain points through innovative tech solutions.

When and Where Leadono Was Launched

Leadono had an initial soft launch period in late 2022 for beta testing but officially went wide globally on the following platforms:

After the launch, Leadono will remain an active product offered through routine updates and launches on these networks where special bundled discounts and promotions are periodically run as well.

This allows Leadono ongoing exposure to a massive base of digital marketers while also providing ongoing sales and campaign support through a dedicated team of affiliate managers.

Leadono Bonuses

During major launches, Leadono bundles their subscriptions together with bonuses packs potentially worth over $1,000:

1. ChatGPT Traffic Siphon Genie: Unleash the Power of ChatGPT & A Mysterious AI to Siphon Tons of Free Traffic to Your Website and Lead Magnets!

Attention all AI aficionados! Discover the ultimate content creation hack using ChatGPT and secret AI tools to effortlessly generate unique content. No more manual content creation – let the AI do the work while you enjoy a relaxing beverage. With proven success in driving traffic to your website, lead magnets, leadono links, or affiliate links, this technique is customizable for any niche. Watch your content and traffic soar with a value of $497.

2. ChatGPT's Prompt Seed Vault: The Ultimate Tool for Sprouting a Flood of Traffic to Your Website or Lead Magnets!

Maximize the potential of ChatGPT with the ChatGPT Prompt Seed Vault. The quality of your content is directly tied to the prompts you provide, and this vault delivers with 2880 rewritable input sentences in 288 highly profitable niches. Dive into a world of traffic generation with a value of $497.

3. ChatGPT YouTube Title Master: Get Your Hands on 1,000 Top-Ranking, Traffic-Sucking YouTube Title ChatGPT Prompt Seeds from Actual Top-Ranking Videos!

Elevate your content game with ChatGPT YouTube Title Master, offering 1,000 top-ranking, traffic-attracting YouTube title ChatGPT prompt seeds sourced from actual top-ranking videos. Ensure your content stands out by bringing your A-game with ChatGPT. Valued at $297.

4. FREE Upgrade To Leadono 2 PLUS Early Beta Access:

For a limited time, receive a free upgrade to Leadono version 2 and exclusive early beta access. By securing Leadono today, you not only get the upgraded version for free but also enjoy early access before the general public release. Valued at $497.

5. Virtually Unlimited Number Of Page Displays & Virtually Unlimited Number Of Campaigns:

As an additional time-sensitive bonus, enjoy virtually unlimited page displays* and campaign creation capabilities. Act now to seize this bonus, as it won't last forever. Valued at $700.

Should You Buy Leadono or Not?

When determining if Leadono is worth investing in, here are the main factors to consider:

  • Leadono offers a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to fully evaluate if it works for your specific needs and goals.
  • For as little as $27 one-time fee, you receive a full-featured email capture and list-building solution. This is significantly lower than the alternatives.
  • Numerous success stories and case studies show that Leadono helps marketers of all levels grow their verified lists and income significantly.
  • Advanced capabilities like the viral traffic tools and premium upgrades can take your results much further for dedicated users.
  • Comprehensive training, support and resources make it easy to start seeing ROI quickly versus complicated DIY methods.

If growing your email list in an easy and profitable fashion is important, Leadono seems worth a trial to judge its performance for your particular situation. The low cost versus potential rewards makes it a high-potential investment.

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Call to Action

Are you ready to finally take control over your email list growth but don't know where to start? Leadono is the simple solution for effortlessly capturing leads and building your subscriber count.

During their upcoming launch, take advantage of discounted bundle packages including valuable bonuses, special pricing and prizes. This makes it the perfect time to not only gain risk-free access, but also potentially extra perks.

Click the button below to sign up for launch updates. Or check Leadono.com directly to learn more. Your journey to lead generation domination begins now!

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Conclusion on Leadono Review

In conclusion, this in-depth Leadono software review has highlighted its capabilities to truly revolutionize online lead generation. With a variety of features, integrated systems and training – almost any marketer can now easily grow targeted lists at scale.

While requiring some optimization, Leadono's low-risk money-back guarantee, community support and launch discounts remove barriers for both beginners and pros. With motivation and persistence, it presents a realistic pathway to maximizing email opt-ins and long-term profits.

If growing your subscriber count is a priority for 2023, taking advantage of Leadono during its next launch period is highly recommended. Do not miss out on this opportunity to turbocharge your email marketing results.

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FTC Affiliate Disclaimer

Any recommendations or links provided in this review are from personal experience. I may earn a commission from the companies mentioned should you decide to purchase through links in this article. However, this does not affect my evaluation of these products or services which is based on confirmed specifications, features, pros/cons and real user testimonials. I aim to recommend only the best solutions for solving your needs at the time, while also disclosing any bias as transparently as possible to maintain your trust.

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