Free Cash Giveaway: Americans Can Get Between $350-$5,300 from Data Breach Accord – Full Instructions to Apply Provided

Free Cash Giveaway: Americans Can Get Between $350-$5,300 from Data Breach Accord - Full Instructions to Apply Provided
Free Cash Giveaway: Americans Can Get Between $350-$5,300 from Data Breach Accord – Full Instructions to Apply Provided

Free Cash Giveaway: Americans Can Get Between $350-$5,300 from Data Breach Accord – Full Instructions to Apply Provided

A major commercial mortgage lender has agreed to provide monetary compensation to Americans impacted by a data breach, offering direct payments ranging from $350 to $5,300. Gershman Investment Group, one of the largest lenders in the nation, has settled a class action lawsuit stemming from a security incident that exposed people's personal information.

While not admitting liability, Gershman has opted to pay an undisclosed amount to affected individuals. Eligible claimants can receive reimbursement for losses, identity protection services, and time spent dealing with breach fallout. With the filing deadline nearing, understanding qualification criteria and the claims process is key to obtaining benefits.

Who Qualifies for the Settlement?

The settlement class includes all persons whose personal data was compromised in the breach of Gershman Investment Group's systems. If you received a notice from the company stating you were impacted, you are likely eligible. Notices explain the litigation, your rights, and settlement advantages.

Even if notification was not obtained directly, visiting the claims website or calling the toll-free number can confirm eligibility. Acting before the November 2nd claims deadline is imperative.

Compensation Categories and Amounts

The settlement provides payment for several types of losses resulting from the data breach, at varying levels:

  • Ordinary Losses – Up to $350 for typical breach-related costs like bank fees, long-distance phone charges, travel for fraud issues, and up to 4 hours of lost time at $20 per hour.
  • Extraordinary Losses – Up to $5,000 for significant fraud, identity theft, or misuse of your data due to the breach.
  • Credit Monitoring – 3 years of free credit monitoring including $1 million identity theft insurance.

With the ability to claim benefits in multiple categories, individuals could potentially receive over $5,300 altogether.

Documentation Needed to Support Claims

To receive your entitled settlement amounts, documentation helping prove and quantify losses will be required.

For ordinary losses, provide bills, bank statements, receipts, phone records, travel expense receipts, and pay stubs or other proof of lost time/wages.

Submitting police reports, investigative paperwork, and accounts of your specific ID theft experience will bolster extraordinary loss claims.

Keep all documentation on hand to send along with your claim form. Precise loss evidence results in maximum compensation.

How to File Your Claim for Settlement Money

If you received an official notice or verified eligibility otherwise, filing your claim is straightforward:

  1. Visit the Breach Settlement Website
    Access claim forms, FAQs, and submit online
  2. Call Toll-Free 1-866-767-6440
    Request a hardcopy claim form by mail
  3. Mail a Claim Form
    Download from website Provide all requested informationInclude supporting documentation
  4. Submit by November 2, 2023 Deadline
    Online submissions must be completed Mailed claims must be postmarked

Be sure your claim includes contact information, identifies your qualified losses, provides documentation, and is signed. Receiving settlement benefits hinges on filing by the cut-off date.

Additional Options in the Settlement

Beyond compensation, the settlement has other advantages and choices:

  • Opt-Out – Exclude yourself from the settlement to retain right to sue Gershman independently. Deadline was October 3rd.
  • Object – Write to the settlement administrator with concerns about the terms of the settlement.
  • Do Nothing – Forfeit rights to all settlement benefits and credit monitoring.


Thanks to Gershman Investment Group's legal settlement, Americans impacted by its data breach can recoup losses between $350 and $5,300. Confirm eligibility, gather documentation, and file a detailed claim by November 2nd to collect your entitled cash compensation. Act now to take advantage of this free money opportunity arising from an unfortunate security incident.

Visit the Breach Settlement Website