How To Make Money Online in 2024 – 40 Proven Money-Making Ideas for 2024

How To Make Money Online in 2024 - 40 Proven Money-Making Ideas for 2024

The internet has opened up endless opportunities to make money online, whether as a side hustle, full-time business, or somewhere in between. With low start-up costs and global reach, starting an online business is more accessible than ever. 

This article will provide you with 40 proven ideas to make money online in 2024, ranging from quick cash methods to sustainable long-term businesses. There are opportunities here for total beginners as well as experienced entrepreneurs looking to level up.

Quick Overview:

– Sell Products Online

– Sell Services Online  

– Create Digital Products

– Start a Blog

– Become an Influencer 

– Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

– Try Print on Demand

– Sell on Marketplaces

– Start Dropshipping 

– Rent Out Your Space

– Flip Domain Names

– Online Surveys & Market Research

– Transcription Services

– Remote Customer Service

– Data Entry

– Freelance Writing

– Sell Your Photos

– Rent Your Things

– Resell & Flip Items

– Become a Virtual Assistant  

– Teach Online

– Provide Translation Services

– Proofreading

– Design Graphics

– Offer Web Development Services

– App Testing

– Become a Game Streamer

– Start a Podcast

– Create YouTube Videos

– Tutor Online

– Do Paid Online Focus Groups

– Rent Out Your Car

– Become a Mock Juror

– Review Music

– Walk Dogs Virtually

– Offer Resume Writing Services

– Create How-To Videos

– Be a Chat Partner 

– Review Products

– Enter Online Contests

– Participate in Clinical Trials

– Take Online Surveys

– Search The Web

– Sell Your Notes

– Be a Website Tester

– Complete Microtasks

How To Make Money Online in 2024 – 40 Proven Money-Making Ideas for 2024

1. Sell Products Online

One of the most common ways to make money online is by selling products through your own ecommerce store. You can either create your own products, like arts, crafts, clothing lines, accessories, baked goods etc, or source inventory to resell. 

The advantage of running your own store is you're not bound by the rules of a marketplace and have more branding and customization options. Once you choose a niche, some steps for getting started include:

  • – Pick an ecommerce platform like Shopify to create your store 
  • – Find a domain name and secure web hosting
  • – Optimize your store with a theme, branding and photography
  • – Source quality inventory and manage shipping/logistics
  • – Market your products effectively on social media and via advertising
  • – Provide excellent customer service 

2. Sell Services Online  

Offering online services is another great way to make money from home. From consulting to teaching to creative services, you can sell your skills and expertise directly to clients. Some examples of popular online services include:

  • – Social media management
  • – Bookkeeping
  • – Web design
  • – Business coaching  
  • – Copywriting
  • – Video editing 
  • – Resume writing
  • – Personal training
  • – Life coaching
  • – Voice over
  • – Music lessons

You can sell services through your own website, freelance marketplaces or directly via social media. Focus on building a strong portfolio then reach out to ideal potential clients.

3. Create Digital Products 

One of the easiest online businesses to start is selling digital products and services. As opposed to a physical inventory, digital products have high-profit margins and instant delivery. Some examples include:

  • – Online courses and webinars
  • – Ebooks, guides and templates 
  • – Stock photos, graphics and templates
  • – Website themes and plugins
  • – Music, audio and podcasts
  • – Memberships and subscription packages

Digital products can be sold through your own website, third party marketplaces or platforms specifically designed for selling online courses or memberships.

4. Start a Blog

Launching a blog allows you to share your knowledge or passion while building an audience and potential customer base. There are many ways to monetize a blog including:

  • – Display advertising
  • – Affiliate marketing 
  • – Sponsored posts
  • – Digital products
  • – Membership subscriptions
  • – Merchandise  

If you narrowly focus your blog topic on one area you're an expert in, it will be easier to attract targeted readers and make money from affiliate links or other monetization methods.

5. Become an Influencer 

Social media influencers with large, targeted followings can make big money from brand sponsorships and partnerships. Micro-influencers with just 1,000 engaged followers can also earn income. Ways to monetize include:

  • – Sponsored posts
  • – Brand ambassador deals
  • – Affiliate sales 
  • – Merchandise 
  • – YouTube video ads
  • – Selling shoutouts, promos and features

Focus on growing your audience on one or two social platforms like Instagram, TikTok or YouTube in your niche. Once you have an engaged following, approach relevant brands for sponsorships.

6.  Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn commissions promoting other brands and products. It's an easy way to make passive income from your website, social media platforms or YouTube channel. Some tips:

  • – Find affiliate programs in your niche
  • – Create dedicated content around products 
  • – Add affiliate links and promo codes 
  • – Track your clicks, impressions and sales
  • – Optimize promotions based on performance

Choose affiliate products you genuinely like and focus on natural ways to work them into your content rather than forced promotions.

7. Try Print on Demand  

With print-on-demand (POD) services, you can design products like t-shirts, mugs, phone cases and more then sell them online without any upfront inventory costs. When an order comes in, the POD company prints and ships the product for you. Some popular options include:

  • – T-shirts and apparel 
  • – Phone cases
  • – Home decor 
  • – Wall art
  • – Stationery and planners
  • – Face masks

Integrating a service like Printful with Shopify makes setting up a POD business quick and easy. Focus on great designs and marketing to drive sales.

8. Sell on Marketplaces

Online selling platforms like Etsy, eBay and Amazon allow you to quickly start selling products without building your own website. While their fees and rules may be restrictive, marketplaces come with built-in traffic. Ideas include:

  • – Handmade products
  • – Vintage and used goods
  • – Books, CDs, DVDs
  • – Clothing and accessories 
  • – Arts and craft supplies
  • – Toys and games

Carefully review each marketplace's policies and restrictions before listing products. Use marketplaces to test different product ideas then consider branching out on your own site.

9. Start Dropshipping 

Dropshipping allows you to sell products you don't actually stock. When a sale is made, you purchase the item from a third-party supplier who then ships it directly to the customer. Benefits include:

  • – Low startup costs 
  • – No need to buy inventory upfront
  • – Easy to scale and test new products
  • – Automated order processing

Choose a niche and find reputable suppliers through platforms like AliExpress and Oberlo. Avoid saturated markets and showcase unique products. 

10. Rent Out Your Space

If you have extra living space, you can earn income renting it out short-term via services like Airbnb. Options include:

  • – Private rooms
  • – Basements or mother-in-law suites  
  • – Backyards, pools and patios
  • – Parking spaces or garages
  • – Driveways or storage space

Research rules and regulations in your area, properly prepare and list your spaces, charge competitive rates and provide great hospitality.

11. Flip Domain Names 

Savvy entrepreneurs can make money buying and selling domain names for profit. Strategies include: 

  • – Buying recently expired domains with backlinks and traffic
  • – Purchasing domains related to trending topics or products
  • – Buying and reselling premium names 

Use GoDaddy Auctions or Afternic to resell domains once you develop them. Monitor name expiry lists and trends to find flippable domains.

12. Online Surveys & Market Research 

A fun way to make extra money in your spare time is filling out online surveys via:

  • – Swagbucks
  • – Survey Junkie
  • – Pinecone Research
  • – Toluna 
  • – Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

While you likely won't get rich with surveys alone, sites like Swagbucks also offer cash back, contests, games and more ways to earn rewards.

13. Transcription Services

If you're a fast, accurate typist, provide transcription services to converting audio and video files into text documents. Options include:

  • – General transcription 
  • – Medical transcription
  • – Legal transcription
  • – Insurance transcription 
  • – Conference transcription

Sign up with a transcription service company like Rev or GoTranscript, take their assessment test, and then start working once approved. This remote job typically pays per audio/video minute transcribed.

14. Remote Customer Service  

Providing customer service remotely is a great work-from-home option. Responsibilities usually include:

  • – Answering customer emails, chats, calls 
  • – Troubleshooting problems
  • – Processing returns and refunds
  • – Making sales and upsells
  • – Providing general support 

Having customer service experience helps, but many companies offer training for qualified candidates. Browse remote customer service jobs on sites like FlexJobs and

15. Data Entry  

Online data entry involves transferring information from paper documents or audio files into digital formats. Data entry clerks are provided info to input correctly and quickly. This remote job may involve: 

  • – Inputting text or numbers 
  • – Copying data from files or images
  • – Processing forms, receipts or surveys
  • – Compiling or organizing data
  • – Verifying data accuracy

No experience is required and training is provided. Browse data entry job boards like FlexJobs and to find opportunities.

16. Freelance Writing

Every website needs fresh content. Pitch your writing skills to online publications, blogs and brands in your niche. Options include:

  • – Ghostwriting blog posts and articles 
  • – Creating website content
  • – Writing whitepapers, ebooks and guides
  • – Copywriting for ads, emails and social posts
  • – Newsletters and email sequences

Build a portfolio of your published work and reach out to potential clients. Many freelance writing jobs can pay $25-$100 per 500 words or more.

17. Sell Your Photos  

Photographers can sell their images through stock photo sites like: 

  • – Shutterstock 
  • – iStock
  • – Adobe Stock
  • – Getty Images
  • – Dreamstime

Simply submit your images then receive royalties when they're downloaded. To maximize earnings, focus on popular yet underserved niches.

18. Rent Your Things

Peer-to-peer rental platforms let you rent out your underused belongings. Options include:

  • – Cars – Turo, GetAround 
  • – Clothing & accessories – Rent the Runway, LeTote
  • – Home items – Fat Llama
  • – Parking spaces – Just Park, Parking Panda
  • – Photography gear – KitSplit, ShareGrid

Take high-quality photos, accurately describe your items and set competitive rental rates to earn. Make extra money without giving up ownership.

19. Resell & Flip Items

If you love treasure hunting for bargains to resell at a profit, this can become a full-time gig. Places to source inventory include:

  • – Garage and estate sales
  • – Thrift stores and consignment shops  
  • – Wholesalers and liquidators 
  • – Alibaba, AliExpress and Chinese suppliers
  • – Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist

Carefully research in-demand items in uncrowded niches then resell across multiple platforms. 

20. Become a Virtual Assistant   

As a virtual assistant (VA), people and businesses hire you online to complete administrative, social media, calendar management, data entry and other clerical tasks. 

  • – Manage calendars and scheduling 
  • – Make travel arrangements
  • – Transcribe audio and organize data
  • – Manage email inboxes and workflows
  • – Post on social media accounts
  • – Perform customer service follow-ups

No prior experience is required. Browse remote VA job boards to find clients.

21. Teach Online 

If you have teaching experience or deep knowledge in a subject, you can work from home as an online tutor or instructor. Options include:

  • – Teaching English – VIPKid, DaDaABC
  • – Academic subjects – Chegg,  
  • – Music – TakeLessons 
  • – Fitness – Peloton, Daily Burn
  • – Crafts – CreativeLive, Skillshare

Hours are flexible and rates are often $20+/hour. Some platforms require certification or a degree in your subject matter.

22. Provide Translation Services

If you're fluent in multiple languages, provide translation services converting documents, videos, speeches, books etc from one language to another. Translators are in high demand with opportunities like:

  • – Legal translation
  • – Medical translation
  • – Technical translation
  • – Literary translation
  • – Website localization 

Top freelance sites to find clients include Upwork, Fiverr and Guru. Perfect your grammatical and writing skills in your non-native languages.

23. Proofreading 

Leverage your grammar expertise by working as a proofreader – someone who reviews and corrects written materials for errors before publication. This involves:

  • – Reviewing for typos, spelling mistakes and formatting errors
  • – Ensuring adherence to style guides
  • – Flagging inaccurate facts or statements
  • – Checking for proper punctuation and consistent terminology
  • – Confirming citations are correctly formatted
  • – Correcting grammar and word usage 

Experience and proficiency with editing tools like Microsoft Word Track Changes helps. Search proofreading jobs on Problogger and Mediabistro.

24. Design Graphics

Graphic designers earn money creating logos, illustrations, ads, posters, marketing materials, presentations and more. Get started by:

  • – Building a portfolio to showcase your skills 
  • – Mastering design software like Adobe Creative Cloud
  • – Determining your pricing  
  • – Reaching out to potential clients 
  • – Delivering designs quickly and professionally per client specifications

Offer services like logo design, social media graphics, photo editing, book covers and art prints.

25. Offer Web Development Services 

Every business needs a website. Provide web development and design services building and improving sites for clients. Skills include:

  • – Website builders like WordPress and Wix
  • – HTML/CSS
  • – User experience design  
  • – Search engine optimization 
  • – Ecommerce functionality
  • – Maintenance and troubleshooting

Offer web design, development and maintenance either hourly or on fixed price projects. 

26.  App Testing

Get paid ensuring apps function properly before launch. As a tester, you'll:

  • – Try all features and documented user flows
  • – Check compatibility across devices 
  • – Give feedback about bugs, issues and suggested improvements
  • – Identify confusing interfaces or error messages
  • – Document detailed reproduction steps for developers  

Sign up with a company like TestFlight, Testlio or to start testing. Attention to detail is key.

27. Become a Game Streamer

Broadcasting yourself by playing video games on Twitch and YouTube Gaming has become a popular way for gamers to earn ad and tip revenue. Best practices:

  • – Engage viewers with narration and commentary   
  • – Grow your audience across multiple platforms
  • – Stick to a schedule with regular stream times
  • – Monetize with ads, subscriptions, and merchandise
  • – Collaborate with other streamers

Consider streaming niche games with tight-knit communities for the best growth potential. 

28. Start a Podcast

Podcasting continues to grow with over 50 million Americans tuning in each month. Monetize your show with:  

  • – Sponsorships and native ads
  • – Affiliate marketing 
  • – Donations from listeners
  • – Premium content for paying subscribers  
  • – Merchandise sales

Choose a unique, focused topic and invite interesting guests. Reach out to sponsors once you have an engaged following.

29. Create YouTube Videos 

YouTube ads, sponsorships, tips and subscriptions can earn “YouTubers” big money. Position yourself for success by:

  • – Making searchable content people want
  • – Improving your editing skills  
  • – Engaging viewers with your personality
  • – Collaborating with others
  • – Getting 10,000+ views per video
  • – Turning on YouTube monetization 

Separate yourself from the pack by choosing a narrow, underserved niche.

30. Tutor Online

If you're knowledgeable in academic subjects, languages, music, fitness, arts or other skills, teach them online. Tutor students virtually via:  

  • – Skype 
  • – Google Hangouts
  • – Zoom
  • – TakeLessons
  • – Varsity Tutors
  • – Wyzant 

Set your own hours and rates. Share your qualifications and build teaching expertise to attract students.

31. Do Paid Online Focus Groups 

Market research companies recruit consumers for remote focus groups and pay them for their time and opinions. Participants:

  • – Give feedback on products, services, concepts 
  • – Review logos, ads, names, packaging
  • – Discuss buying preferences and habits
  • – Compare brands and offerings
  • – Answer surveys and questionnaires

Payment is typically $50-150 per focus group. Check sites like and Fieldwork for opportunities.

32. Rent Out Your Car

Make money letting other people rent your car when you're not using it. List your vehicle on sites like:

  • – Turo 
  • – Getaround
  • – HyreCar 
  • – Avail

Set your own pricing, availability and vehicle details. Conduct test drives, hand over keys and exchange cars in person for optimal earnings and five-star reviews. 

33. Become a Mock Juror

Legal teams need mock jurors to help assess the strengths and weaknesses of their case arguments before going to trial. Benefits include:

  • – Earning up to $60/hour
  • – Gaining exposure to the legal process 
  • – Flexible schedule
  • – Working remotely
  • – Short time commitment (2-3 hours)

Search sites like OnlineVerdict and eJury to find opportunities. Share honest feedback to attorneys.

34. Review Music

Earn free music and concert tickets in exchange for writing unbiased album reviews for websites like To qualify:

  • – Rate and critique 3-5 albums daily
  • – Write detailed, thoughtful commentary 
  • – Meet minimum word count requirements
  • – Upload sample reviews 

Stick to release dates and turn reviews in on time. Perks also include show tickets and artist meet and greets. 

35. Offer Resume Writing Services

Many job seekers need help optimizing their resumes and cover letters. Offer your expertise remotely by:

  • – Reviewing resumes and cover letters
  • – Revamping formats and designs 
  • – Expanding achievements and impact  
  • – Customizing content for each job
  • – Ensuring error-free writing
  • – Coaching clients for interviews

Browse remote resume writing jobs or start your own service advertising on job boards and LinkedIn.

36. Create How-To Videos

Educational “how-to” videos thrive on YouTube. Film and share tutorials teaching viewers:

  • – Recipes
  • – Crafts
  • – Home skills like plumbing, electrical, carpentry
  • – Makeup, hair and beauty skills
  • – Tech tips
  • – Gaming guidance
  • – Pet care
  • – Fitness and workout techniques

Monetize popular videos with YouTube's Partner Program. Useful, original content leads to organic traffic.

37. Be a Chat Partner 

Keep someone company by chatting with them through services like 7 Cups. Active listening and emotional support skills are valued. Benefits include:

  • – Flexible hours
  • – Meaningful connections  
  • – Training provided 
  • – Additional volunteer opportunities

Browse open positions when you're ready for rewarding paid or volunteer chats.

38. Review Products

Earn free stuff by reviewing products and services on your blog or social accounts. Steps include:

  • – Requesting items to review if you have a large audience
  • – Applying to reviewer programs like Influenster
  • – Giving detailed, honest opinions 
  • – Disclosing sponsorships
  • – Keeping products under a certain value 

Focus on items relevant to your niche and be authentic in your reviews. Free products can also be donated.

39. Enter Online Contests 

An entertaining way to potentially win extra cash and prizes is by entering online giveaways and contests like:

  • – Sweepstakes and giveaways
  • – Trivia challenges
  • – Essay contests
  • – Photo contests 
  • – Video contests
  • – Creative design competitions
  • – Recipe contests

Search platforms like Winsite and Online Sweepstakes for reputable contests to enter. Avoid sketchy “pay to enter” contests.

40. Participate in Clinical Trials

Help medical researchers conduct studies by participating in clinical trials. Benefits may include:

  • – Earning up to $3,000 per study  
  • – Free room and board
  • – Free medical exams and care
  • – Potentially accessing new treatments

Search clinical trials carefully for risks before participating. Focus on reputable medical centers and organizations. 

41. Take Online Surveys 

Taking online surveys through sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie is an easy way to earn a bit of extra spending money. To maximize earnings:

  • – Take surveys that match your demographic profile
  • – Meet minimum time requirements 
  • – Give thoughtful, honest responses  
  • – Cash out winnings promptly
  • – Read fine print for additional offers 

Just don’t expect to replace a full income with surveys alone.

42: Search The Web

Get paid using search engines through platforms like: 

  • – Swagbucks 
  • – InboxDollars  
  • – Qmee
  • – Microsoft Bing Rewards
  • – Google Opinion Rewards

Earnings come via gift cards, cash back, sweepstakes entries, and more. Install browser extensions to passively earn while you surf.

43. Sell Your Notes 

Turn your classroom notes into cash by selling them through sites like:

  • – StudySoup
  • – Nexus Notes
  • – Stuvia
  • – NotesEdu
  • – NoteSaver

Upload course titles, professor names, clear notes, and past exams to earn when classmates purchase them. Anonymize any personal student details.

44. Be a Website Tester 

Get paid testing websites and apps before they launch to the public. Your feedback helps identify:

  • – Buggy interfaces
  • – Broken pages and links   
  • – Confusing navigation and menus
  • – Issues with compatibility across devices
  • – Slow load times
  • – Problems with forms and checkout

Sign up with uTest, TryMyUI, or TestIO to start working on projects and get paid to test.

45. Complete Microtasks 

Microtask platforms like Amazon Mechanical Turk, Clickworker and Appen let you earn money completing minor data tasks like:

  • – Data processing  
  • – Transcription
  • – Categorization 
  • – Moderation
  • – Translation
  • – Assembly
  • – Quality assurance
  • – Sentiment analysis

46. Walk Dogs Virtually

Apps like Wag and Rover let you act as a remote dog walker and sitter. Duties include:

  • – Getting paired with dogs in your area needing walks
  • – Following specified walking routes and duration
  • – Providing companionship and bathroom breaks
  • – Snapping report card photos during the walk
  • – Leaving feedback about the walk for owners
  • – Feeding, cleaning up after and administering medicine if needed

Love dogs? Become a dog walker at the tap of a button. Typical pay is $15-20 for 30-minute walks.

Wrapping Up

These micro jobs often pay pennies but add up over time. Browse tasks and complete as many as you can hourly.

The opportunities to make money online are endless with the internet opening up global markets. Whether you want to start a sustainable small business, earn extra income on the side, or make quick cash, there are options for every skill level and interest. 

With low startup costs and flexibility, starting an online business can be more accessible than ever in 2024.