Voizee Review: Boost Your Profits with a Multi-Channel Conversational Relationship Platform. Stop Losing Leads With Voizee LifeTime Deal

Voizee Review: Boost Your Profits with a Multi-Channel Conversational Relationship Platform. Stop Losing Leads With Voizee LifeTime Deal

Voizee Review Introduction

Voizee is an all-in-one business communication platform that allows you to connect with customers through multiple channels including chat, two-way SMS messaging, and a virtual phone system. Developed by a team of experienced SaaS entrepreneurs, Voizee aims to revolutionize business-customer engagement by providing a seamless way to communicate across different mediums. 

With its multi-channel conversational widget, Voizee enables instant voice and live chat connections with website visitors. By integrating with Twilio, you can leverage phone calls, SMS, email, and live chat support using a single unified platform. Key features include call routing, voicemail, remote call forwarding, two-way SMS messaging, and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Voizee also offers deep integrations with tools like Zapier, WordPress, ChatGPT, and Google Analytics.

Overall, Voizee is a feature-rich communication suite that delivers omnichannel customer engagement capabilities to boost conversions and enhance support.

Benefits and Who Can Benefit

Voizee offers a myriad of benefits that can help businesses across all industries improve customer communication and increase sales opportunities:

– Increased Lead Conversion: The multi-channel widget allows instant voice and chat connections with site visitors to convert more leads.

– Omnichannel Support: Unify phone, live chat, SMS, and email into a single intuitive dashboard for omnichannel customer support.

– Improved Customer Service: Tools like call routing, voicemail and two-way SMS enhance customer service levels.

– Higher Engagement: Proactive outreach via two-way SMS and chat helps drive greater engagement. 

– Enhanced Sales: Sales teams can qualify leads faster by connecting instantly through the widget.

– Flexible Communication: Mobile apps allow users to connect with customers from anywhere.

– Valuable Insights: Integrations like Google Analytics provide data to optimize communication.

– Easy to Use: Simple and quick setup means faster time to value.

Voizee is ideal for any business looking to improve customer communication including:

– Ecommerce Companies

– Marketing Agencies 

– Professional Service Providers

– Healthcare Organizations

– Real Estate Businesses

– Educational Institutions

– Non-Profits and Charities

– Restaurants and Hospitality 

– SaaS Companies

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Voizee Pros and Cons

Here are some of the key pros and cons of using Voizee for business communication:

Voizee Pros:

  • – All-in-one platform unifies phone, live chat, SMS and email
  • – Multi-channel widget enables instant chat and voice connections
  • – Call routing and voicemail improves call handling efficiency
  • – Two-way SMS facilitates timely communication and outreach
  • – Mobile apps allow managing communications from anywhere
  • – Deep integrations with popular business apps  
  • – Virtual phone system available across devices
  • – AI chatbot can help craft responses for SMS and live chats
  • – Simple and quick setup process

Voizee Cons: 

– Requires Twilio integration for full functionality which has additional costs

– Two-way SMS use requires A2P 10DLC registration in the US

– Limited payment options – currently only a one-time payment model 

– Support for additional languages not available yet

– Lack of video calling capabilities 

Voizee Profitability 

Voizee offers excellent profit potential in multiple ways:

– Increase Revenue – The platform helps businesses boost conversions and sales revenue by capturing more leads through improved communication.

– Recurring Income – Agencies can white-label Voizee and sell it as their own bundled SaaS product for recurring MRR.

– Cost Savings – The unified dashboard eliminates the need for multiple tools leading to lower spending.

– Valuable Insights – Data from analytics integration helps optimize conversion funnels.

– Higher Customer Lifetime Value – Improved customer support increases retention and customer lifetime value.

– Easily Scalable – Voizee can be used to support communication across unlimited channels as the business grows.

– Affordable Pricing – Very competitively priced compared to other solutions with much higher pricing.

– Attractive Margins – Low overhead and delivery costs mean excellent profit margins.

Voizee’s highly scalable pricing model also makes it lucrative, with margins increasing progressively across the four license tiers. The lifetime deal enables gaining customers at low CAC that can be upsold later.

How To Use Voizee 

Using Voizee to improve customer communication is simple and easy:

1. Sign up for a Voizee account and install the WordPress plugin (if using WordPress).

2. Connect your Twilio account for phone, SMS and chat capabilities.

3. Activate the Voizee multi-channel widget on your website pages. 

4. Use the dashboard to configure your IVR rules, call routing and voicemail.

5. Download mobile apps to manage communications on the go.

6. Enable two-way SMS to engage customers via text messaging.

7. Connect ChatGPT to power AI-driven SMS and chat responses. 

8. Review insights within Voizee or integrate Google Analytics.

9. Configure sub-accounts and branding settings as needed.

10. Leverage Voizee across sales, marketing and customer support to boost conversions.

Within minutes you can start capturing more leads, driving greater engagement and delivering top-notch customer experiences.

Voizee Lifetime Deal

Voizee is currently available on AppSumo with a special lifetime deal. This means you pay a single one-time fee to get access to Voizee forever. 

There are four license tiers available as part of the lifetime deal:

Tier 1 – $59 for 3 websites, 3 team members

Tier 2 – $119 for 10 websites, 10 team members 

Tier 3 – $249 for 25 websites, 25 team members

Tier 4 – $599 for 100 websites, unlimited team members

Each tier comes with full access to all Voizee capabilities including the widget, two-way SMS, virtual phone system, mobile apps, WordPress integration, and more. 

This is an extremely affordable offer compared to Voizee’s regular pricing and other solutions in the market. The lifetime deal provides tremendous value given you get to use such a robust platform for customer engagement without any recurring fees.

How To Get Voizee For Lifetime Use

Getting lifetime access to Voizee is simple:

1. Go to the Voizee Lifetime deal page here. 

2. Select the tier that best matches your needs (Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3).

3. Click the “Buy Now” button and checkout.

4. After purchase, you’ll receive an email with login details for your Voizee account.

5. Login to the Voizee platform using the provided details and start setting up your account.

6. Congratulations, you now have lifetime access!

The whole process takes less than 5 minutes. As part of the lifetime deal, you’ll receive unlimited Voizee product updates, multi-channel widget improvements, priority Voizee support and more for life.

Voizee OTOs

In addition to the front-end lifetime deal, Voizee offers several one-time-offers (OTOs) to upgrade your capabilities:

– OTO 1: Done-For-You Setup – $199 

Voizee's team will completely set up your account and provide training.

– OTO 2: ChatGPT Integration – $99/month

Get ChatGPT integrated with Voizee for AI-powered messaging.  

– OTO 3: SMS Bot – $199 (one-time)

Automated SMS bot to engage customers via text messaging.

– OTO 4: White Label Rights – $499 one-time 

Remove branding and sell Voizee as your own product.

These optional upgrades provide additional ways to increase the power of Voizee for your business. The ChatGPT integration in particular can be highly useful for automating conversations.

Voizee FAQs

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about Voizee:

How quickly can Voizee be set up?

Voizee can be set up in under 10 minutes in most cases. Just install the plugin, connect Twilio, and activate the widget.

What integrations does Voizee offer?

Voizee integrates natively with WordPress, Twilio, Zapier, Google Analytics, ChatGPT, Contact Form 7, and Gravity Forms.

Can I use Voizee on client websites? 

Yes, Voizee can be installed on unlimited client websites based on the tier you purchase.

Does Voizee work on all websites?

The widget works seamlessly on all websites. The SMS and phone capabilities need Twilio integration.

Is Voizee compliant with regulations?

Yes, Voizee is GDPR compliant. They are working on TCPA compliance for the US market.

What kind of support does Voizee provide?

Voizee offers email support, extensive documentation, FAQs, responsive in-app chat, and phone support.

Does Voizee come with a money-back guarantee? 

Yes, Voizee offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Voizee  Money-Back Policy

Voizee offers a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can try out the platform risk-free. 

If you are not fully satisfied, you can simply contact their support team within 60 days of your purchase to get a full refund. This makes the lifetime deal even more attractive.

Voizee Price

Thanks to the AppSumo lifetime deal, Voizee is available at a fraction of the regular pricing. Here is a breakdown:

Regular Pricing:

Starter: $49/mo 

Professional: $99/mo

Enterprise: $199/mo

AppSumo Lifetime Deal Pricing:

Tier 1: $59 (one-time payment)

Tier 2: $119 (one-time payment)

Tier 3: $249 (one-time payment)

Tier 4: $599 (one-time payment)

Considering the typical pricing is $49+/month, the lifetime deal offers tremendous savings. Even if you just take the starter plan, you would end up paying $588/year. 

With the AppSumo deal, you get lifetime access to the Pro plan capabilities for just $119 one time. This represents nearly 95% off compared to regular pricing.

Bundle Deal

In addition to the standalone lifetime deal for Voizee, AppSumo also offers an exclusive bundle deal.

This bundle includes lifetime access to both Voizee (Tier 1) as well as LimeCall AI at a combined price of $129, which is 88% off the regular price. 

LimeCall AI provides video meeting software with AI capabilities. So with this bundle you can get an all-in-one solution for texting, calling as well as video meetings powered by AI.

The bundle provides even greater value and cost savings compared to getting the tools separately.

Who Created Voizee? 

Voizee was created by Pavel Shevtsov, an experienced SaaS entrepreneur and his team of developers. 

Pavel is also the founder of Callback Tracker which was one of the early solutions that pioneered callback technology. After evolving it into a more complete communication suite, Pavel rebranded Callback Tracker into Voizee.

The company is self-funded and profitable, having experienced significant organic growth over the past few years. Pavel and his team continue to rapidly enhance the platform based on customer feedback.

When Was Voizee Launched?

Voizee was launched in 2021 after initially starting out as Callback Tracker in 2017. 

The decision to rebrand to Voizee came after the platform expanded beyond website callbacks to include capabilities like two-way SMS and virtual phone systems.

Where Was Voizee Launched?

Voizee was globally launched on the company website Voizee.com. It is also listed on SaaS review sites like Capterra.

The lifetime deal for Voizee was recently launched exclusively on the AppSumo marketplace.

Should You Buy Voizee ?

Voizee provides a tremendous amount of value at a very affordable price point. The lifetime deal offers significant cost savings compared to monthly pricing.

For any business looking to streamline communication, boost customer engagement and increase conversions, Voizee is definitely worth buying. 

It serves as an all-in-one customer communication powerhouse to drive greater sales and enhancement support. Considering the risk-free 60 day money-back guarantee, there is minimal risk in trying out the platform.

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Conclusion on Voizee Review

Voizee empowers businesses to deliver incredible customer experiences by unifying communication channels into one intuitive platform.

The ability to instantly engage visitors via chat and voice along with leveraging two-way SMS and an advanced virtual phone system provides a tremendous competitive advantage. Omnichannel customer support is made easy and highly effective.

While the platform has minimal drawbacks like reliance on Twilio for full functionality, the positives including easy setup, deep integrations, and affordable pricing far outweigh any limitations.  

Overall, Voizee hits the sweet spot as an end-to-end communication suite to WOW customers while increasing sales and profitability. The AppSumo lifetime deal makes it a risk-free investment that will pay dividends for your business over the long-term.

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