Google Rolls Out New Frequency Controls for AdSense Vignette Ads. How to Set The Frequency To 1 minute, 5 min or 10 min

Google Rolls Out New Frequency Controls for AdSense Vignette Ads

Google Rolls Out New Frequency Controls for AdSense Vignette Ads

Google has introduced new frequency controls for vignette ads in AdSense Auto ads, giving publishers more control over how often these full-screen ads appear for their users. The update went live on October 23, 2023, with the default frequency set to 10 minutes between vignette ads. 

What are Vignette Ads?

Vignette ads are full-screen interstitial ads that briefly cover the user's entire screen between page loads. They can be easily dismissed or skipped by the user at any time. Vignette ads help monetize transitions between pages on a website.

New Frequency Controls 

Previously, vignette ads would only appear when a user left a page on a site. Now, they can also show when a user returns back to a page they recently visited. 

The key change is publishers can now adjust the frequency settings to control how often vignette ads are displayed to visitors. The available frequency range is from 1 minute up to 1 hour.

The default is 10 minutes between vignette ads. Publishers can choose a shorter frequency interval to increase earnings from vignettes. A longer frequency setting will reduce ad frequency and create a better user experience.

How to Adjust Frequency Controls for AdSense Vignette Ads

After enabling vignette ads in AdSense Auto ads, publishers can modify the frequency setting with these steps:

1. Sign in to your AdSense account

2. Click on Ads in the left sidebar menu 

3. Select Auto ads from the different ad types

4. Click the gear icon to open settings

5. Under “Vignette ads” look for the frequency setting

6. Use the drop-down menu to choose your desired frequency timeframe

7. Hit “Save changes” to apply your new vignette ad frequency

Watch How to Adjust Vignette Ad Frequency Video Below

The chosen frequency will then determine how often vignette ads appear for your visitors between page views. Start with the default 10 minutes and adjust as needed to balance revenue potential and user experience.

Benefits of Adjustable Vignette Frequency 

This new frequency setting for vignette ads gives AdSense publishers more granular control over these between-page full-screen ads. Benefits include:

– Increase earnings by showing vignette ads more frequently 

– Improve user experience by limiting vignette ad frequency

– Find the right balance between revenue and engagement

– Make changes easily within the Auto ads settings

– Default frequency is already optimized for user experience

– Flexibility to match vignette ad frequency to different content

– Control vignette ads independently from other ad formats

By providing more options to publishers, Google is enabling better customization of vignette ads specifically for each website or situation. Publishers looking to boost earnings have the ability to increase vignette ad impressions with lower frequency settings.

At the same time, sites focused on providing the best user and reading experience can limit vignette ad interruptions by increasing the time between these full-screen ads. The new frequency controls for vignette ads give publishers more freedom to utilize this format effectively.