TakeAscreen Review: The Tool You Need To Transform Your Screenshots into Stunning GIFs, Videos, Animated Marketing Images and More

TakeAscreen Review: The Add-on You Need To Transform Your Screenshots with into Stunning GIFs, Videos, Animated Marketing Images and More

TakeAscreen Review: The Tool You Need To Transform Your Screenshots into Stunning GIFs, Videos, Animated Marketing Images and More

Introduction to TakeAscreen

TakeAscreen is an innovative new software that allows users to easily capture, annotate, and share stunning screenshots and screen recordings. With its user-friendly browser add-on, TakeAscreen makes it effortless to grab high-quality visuals to use for marketing, tutorials, collaboration, and more. 

In this extensive review, we’ll cover all the key details about TakeAscreen, including its features, benefits, pricing, bonuses, creator information, and more. Whether you’re looking to improve your screenshot workflow or want to unlock the power of screen recording, this review will tell you everything you need to know about TakeAscreen.

Who Can Benefit from Using TakeAscreen?

TakeAscreen is useful for a wide range of professionals and purposes:

Marketers – Easily create visually appealing screenshots for ads, social media, presentations, and more. The editing tools help add polish.

Bloggers – Enhance tutorials and reviews with custom screenshots that demonstrate processes clearly. Annotate images to highlight key details.

Support Staff – Quickly capture error messages, bugs, or steps to troubleshoot issues for customers. Record gifs to show workflows. 

Product Managers – Gather visual feedback and suggestions from your team. Collaborate seamlessly on screenshots.

Teachers & Students – Record lessons or lectures to share later. Annotate screenshots to explain concepts more clearly.

In short, anyone who works with visual content can benefit from TakeAscreen. It streamlines screenshot capturing and elevates your images with professional editing tools. The ability to annotate screenshots and share them instantly makes workflow more efficient.

TakeAscreen Benefits and Features 

TakeAscreen offers a robust set of features to enhance your screenshot experience:

Effortless Browser-Based Capturing

The TakeAscreen browser add-on allows instant screenshot capturing directly from Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Opera. No need to use the Print Screen key or struggle with your OS's built-in tools. Just click to capture full pages, sections, or specific elements on a page.

2D & 3D Mockups 

Make your screenshots stand out with access to an array of 2D and 3D mockup templates. Choose from iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and other device frames. Apply shadows, reflections, and backgrounds for a professionally designed look.

Annotate and Draw 

Bring screenshots to life and direct attention to important details by annotating with arrows, shapes, text, blur effects, emojis, and more.

Screen Recording 

Upgrade to record smooth, high-quality gifs and videos of your screen. Perfect for tutorials, demos, and more. 

Custom Branding

Make screenshots distinctly your own with the ability to add custom watermarks, backgrounds, and gradients. 

Collaboration Tools

With the team plan, you can collaborate with up to 10 other users on screenshots. Share, discuss, and iterate on images in real-time.

Simple Drag & Drop Editing

TakeAscreen's editor makes it easy to customize screenshots. Drag and drop to add elements, move items, and delete with a click.

One-Click Sharing

Instantly share your creations through TakeAscreen's suite of sharing options. Send screenshots directly to popular apps or save them to your device.

Watch TakeAscreen Demo Below

TakeAscreen Review: The Add-on You Need To Transform Your Screenshots with into Stunning GIFs, Videos, Animated Marketing Images and More

TakeAscreen Pros

– Browser-based capturing is extremely quick and convenient

– Tools are very easy to use with drag-and-drop editing 

– Huge library of mockups, templates, and effects

– Annotations make it simple to highlight important details

– Ability to collaborate streamlines teamwork

– Screen recordings help demonstrate processes

– Complements existing graphic design workflows

TakeAscreen Cons  

– Requires a monthly subscription for full access to features

– Capturing limited to browser usage (no capturing desktop or software)

– Small learning curve to master advanced editing features

– Collaboration currently limited to 10 users per team

TakeAscreen Profitability 

TakeAscreen offers both free and paid plans:

The Free Plan includes:

– Unlimited screenshot captures

– Basic annotation tools (arrows, shapes, text, blur)

The Standard Plan ($37 one-time fee) includes: 

– Unlimited high-quality JPG screenshot captures 

– All annotation and editing tools

– Access to library of mockups, templates, and effects

The Pro Plan ($49 one-time fee) includes:

– All features of the Standard Plan

– Screen recording capabilities

– Create high-quality GIFs and videos

The Team Plan ($69 one-time fee) includes: 

– All features of the Pro Plan

– Collaboration capabilities 

– Share and discuss screenshots with up to 10 teammates

Based on these flexible plans, TakeAscreen can be profitable in a few ways:

– Upsell existing users from free to paid plans to unlock more features

– Offer discounted annual plans to encourage long-term commitments

– Sell team plans to businesses who need collaboration capabilities

– Develop custom enterprise plans for large organizations

– Charge for access to exclusive premium mockups, templates, and assets

– Create ancillary physical products like merchandise, courses, or books 

The product lends itself well to a freemium model. Offering a free version with generous features allows TakeAscreen to acquire customers rapidly. Paid plans then provide upgrades that appeal to power users.

How to Use TakeAscreen

Using TakeAscreen is quick and intuitive in 3 simple steps:

Step 1) Install as Browser Add-On

Add the TakeAscreen extension to your browser of choice (Chrome, Firefox, etc). This allows you to capture screenshots directly from any webpage.

Step 2) Capture & Edit Screenshots

Visit the page you want to capture, then simply click the TakeAscreen icon to grab a screenshot. Or press the hotkey to activate screenshot or recording mode.

Use the editor to enhance images with annotations, mockups, or effects. Arrange elements by dragging and dropping.

Step 3) Share Your Creation

When your screenshot looks perfect, share it through TakeAscreen's integrated sharing options or by saving it directly to your computer.

Now, let's look at how to utilize some of TakeAscreen's key features:

Capturing Screenshots

Use the browser add-on or hotkeys to capture full page images or specific sections. Scroll to auto-stitch together long captures. Configure delay timers up to 10 seconds.

Annotating Screenshots

Bring screenshots to life with annotations. Add text callouts, arrows, shapes, and emojis. Blur or pixelate sensitive info. Annotations make tutorials and demonstrations much clearer.

Applying Mockups 

Make screenshots look professional by adding device frames and effects. Choose from a large library of mockups for mobile phones, tablets laptops, and more.

Recording GIFs

Upgrade to TakeAscreen Pro to enable screen recording. Capture smooth GIFs to easily explain workflows and processes. Set a recording timer or record manually.

Collaborating on Screenshots

With a Team Plan, collaborate on screenshots in real-time with your teammates. Share images, leave comments, and iterate on visuals together.

TakeAscreen allows you to quickly capture, customize, and share professional-grade screenshots. The browser add-on makes it effortless to grab images on the fly. Then bring your screenshots to life with annotations, mockups, recordings, and collaboration capabilities.

TakeAscreen FAQ

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about TakeAscreen:

How does TakeAscreen differ from native OS screenshot tools?

TakeAscreen is much more robust, offering not just capture capabilities but extensive editing, annotation, mockups, recording, and sharing features. All accessible directly within the browser for streamlined workflow.

Does TakeAscreen work on mobile devices?

Currently, TakeAscreen only works through desktop browser extensions. Mobile optimization is planned for future releases.

What file types does TakeAscreen support?

You can export screenshots as PNG, JPG, GIF, or PDF files. Screen recordings are exported as MP4 or animated GIFs.

Is there a way to capture screenshots without the browser add-on? 

Yes, pressing the Print Screen key will activate TakeAscreen's editor to annotate and export a screenshot capture even without the extension installed.

Can I connect TakeAscreen to graphic design tools like Photoshop?

TakeAscreen doesn't currently integrate directly with external graphic design apps. But screenshots can be exported and opened in any program.

Does TakeAscreen offer cloud storage or team management features?

TakeAscreen includes simple collaboration capabilities for its Team plan members. But currently it does not provide cloud storage or robust team management tools.

What level of customer support does TakeAscreen offer?

All TakeAscreen plans come with responsive email customer support. Direct in-app chat support is also available for Pro and Team plan members.

TakeAscreen Money Back Guarantee

TakeAscreen offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all paid plans. 

If you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason within your first 30 days of purchase, you can request a full refund, no questions asked. 

TakeAscreen's customer support team aims to promptly address any issues and make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

TakeAscreen OTO Upsell Offers

In addition to the front-end purchase, TakeAscreen offers several optional upsell offers that provide additional features and benefits:

OTO 1 – Screen Recording Upgrade

The Screen Recording OTO unlocks TakeAscreen's advanced screen recording capabilities. With it, you can capture high-quality GIFs and MP4 videos of your screen. 

Screen recordings are extremely useful for demonstrations, tutorials, bug reporting, and more. The OTO enables features like:

– Simple one-click recording 

– Customizable timer for hands-free recording

– Export recordings as animated GIFs and MP4 video

– Draw annotations and captions directly on recordings

This is a tremendous upgrade for anyone creating tutorials or wanting to showcase processes through recorded video.

OTO 2 – Team Collaboration Upgrade 

Take your screenshot workflow to the next level with TakeAscreen's Team upgrade. It allows you to add up to 10 team members to collaborate on screenshots in real-time.

With the Team OTO, you get: 

– Share screenshots and leave timestamped comments

– Team activity dashboard 

– User management and permissions

– Work seamlessly across multiple projects

– Never lose feedback or revisions again

For marketing teams, design squads, and other collaborative groups, this upgrade can significantly improve productivity and work quality.

OTO 3 – Stickers & Assets Package

Take your screenshots to the next level with hundreds of premium stickers, emojis, logos, elements, and more. This massive add-on pack saves you time finding visual assets.

With it, you get instant access to:

– Hundreds of animated stickers and emojis

– Logos for popular brands, services, and apps

– Icons for software, actions, and common elements

– Badges, ribbons, banners, and other graphics

– Shapes, photos, illustrations, and more

The asset pack helps non-designers quickly create pro-level screenshot visuals without advanced graphic skills.

These optional upsells provide additional value for users who want to maximize their screenshot capabilities. The one-time purchase access makes the OTOs very worthwhile long-term investments.

Who Created TakeAscreen?

TakeAscreen was created by Ankit, Kunal, and Pallavi – a team of entrepreneurs and designers from India. 

The founders have extensive experience building SaaS products and browser-based apps. They saw screenshotting and screen recording as common pain points for businesses today. 

After months of planning and development, the team launched TakeAscreen in September 2023 to provide a powerful all-in-one solution to capture, annotate, and share visual content.

TakeAscreen Launch Details

TakeAscreen originally launched on September 4, 2023 at 11AM EST. 

It launched on the JVZoo platform to leverage their extensive affiliate and partnerships network. This allowed TakeAscreen to gain exposure and early adopters rapidly after its release.

After the initial launch is concluded, TakeAscreen pricing will converted to a tiered monthly subscription model. However, customers who purchased during launch still retain lifetime access to their original one-time purchase plan benefits.

TakeAscreen Pricing 

During its launch promotion, TakeAscreen offered the following pricing on three core plans:

– Standard Plan – $37 one-time fee

– Pro Plan – $49 one-time fee 

– Team Plan – $69 one-time fee

The Standard plan included the core screenshot capabilities, with the Pro adding screen recording and the Team enabling collaboration features.

Now in post-launch, TakeAscreen has shifted to a monthly subscription model with 3 tiers:

– Free Plan 

– Starter Plan – $7/month

– Pro Plan – $19/month

– Business Plan – $49/month 

The free version provides basic screenshot capture and editing functionalities. Paid plans unlock additional annotation tools, mockups, recording, and collaboration features based on tier.

Discounts are available for annual subscriptions on the paid plans. Custom enterprise pricing is also available for large organizations.

While launch period pricing was only available temporarily, the promotional discounts made it an excellent opportunity to gain lifetime access at a one-time low fee for major TakeAscreen features.

TakeAscreen Bonuses & Bundles

To boost the value during launch, TakeAscreen offered several bonuses and bundled packages:

– 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – This provided a risk-free purchase during launch

– The Power User Bundle – Bundled the Standard, Pro, and Team plans for a discounted $147 one-time price  

– CopyMyMethods Training Course – A bonus training program on screenshot marketing tactics

– Stickers Vault – Bonus library of premium stickers, emojis, logos, badges, banners, and more

– Early Bird Discount – 50% off for the first 24 hour buyers

These bonuses and bundles made the launch period an ideal time to invest in TakeAscreen with maximum savings potential.

In addition, the team ran various contests, giveaways, and prizes throughout the 5-day launch. These awards helped further enhance the value.

Call to Action for TakeAscreen

If you work with visual content for marketing, blogging, support, design, or collaboration, TakeAscreen can massively improve your screenshot workflow.

The browser-based capturing, extensive editing capabilities, and seamless teamwork features help you quickly create stunning, professional-grade screenshots.

While launch period promo pricing has ended, TakeAscreen still provides a free version to try it out. And monthly subscriptions enable budget-friendly access to unlock full benefits.

So visit TakeAscreen official salespage  today to sign up for an account and install the browser extension to start elevating your screenshots!

The intuitive interface makes it easy to capture and customize images on the fly. And upgrading to a paid plan gives you access to screen recording, mockups, and collaboration with your team.

Take your visual content to the next level with the power of TakeAscreen!

Concluding My TakeAscreen Review

TakeAscreen provides an all-in-one solution for capturing, annotating, and sharing screenshots and recordings. The browser-based capturing combined with robust editing tools help marketers, bloggers, designers, and other professionals quickly create and collaborate on stunning visuals.

This review covered TakeAscreen's key features, benefits, pricing, upsells, creator's story, launch details, and more. While launch period promotions have ended, TakeAscreen still offers both free and paid plans depending on your needs.

The software simplifies screenshot workflow so you can easily grab images on the go and make them stand out. If you deal with visual content for work or business, TakeAscreen is worth exploring.

Visit TakeAscreen official website here to sign up for a free account today and start taking your screenshots to the next level!

FTC Affiliate Disclosure 

This review contains affiliate links that I may receive commission payments from. I am an independent user of the product and services, and I have purchased the products myself for evaluation purposes. My reviews are based on my first-hand experience and objective testing. I provide unbiased opinions and do not recommend anything I do not believe in myself.