EazyDocs AI Review: Honest Review of This AI Tool That Generate Personalized, Lawyer-Grade Critical Business Documents That You Can Sell Or Use

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EazyDocs AI Review: Honest Review of This AI Tool That Generate Personalized, Lawyer-Grade Critical Business Documents That You Can Sell Or Use
EazyDocs AI Review: Honest Review of This AI Tool That Generate Personalized, Lawyer-Grade Critical Business Documents That You Can Sell Or Use


EazyDocs AI is a new agency system that uses real AI technology to generate personalized, lawyer-grade critical business documents that you can use or sell for over $700 a pop.

EazyDocs AI works in just 3 easy steps – analyze your business/client's needs, create academic grade, personalized & sellable documents using real AI, and protect your business & your clients' businesses from legal trouble while making their businesses more efficient and increasing sales, trust, rankings & more.

EazyDocs AI is launched by Steve Tari, a 7-figure digital marketer and long-time techpreneur who has created and sold technology that has changed the game for many marketers before.

Some of Steve's previous successful launches include Ozivi, Megasuite, Mobimatic, Facedrip, ContentBurger, ADABundle and many more. Steve launched EazyDocs AI to help small businesses and marketers easily create professional and legally compliant documents using AI technology.

EazyDocs AI will be launched on JVZoo on September 5th 2023. The front-end price starts at $35 and it will continue to increase throughout the launch.

Who Can Benefit From EazyDocs AI

EazyDocs AI can benefit a wide range of users:

  • Small Business Owners: EazyDocs AI allows small business owners to easily create legal, HR, insurance, consulting, and other critical documents specific to their business needs in just a few clicks. This saves them time and money on hiring lawyers or consultants.
  • Marketers: EazyDocs AI allows marketers to easily generate legally compliant and professionally designed documents like privacy policies, terms of use, DMCA notices, etc. to enhance credibility and trust. Marketers can also sell these documents as services on platforms like Fiverr where demand is high.
  • Agencies: Agencies can use EazyDocs AI to efficiently create tailored documents for their clients in any industry or niche. The built-in marketplace also allows them to sell custom documents.
  • Lawyers & Consultants: EazyDocs AI can help lawyers and consultants quickly draft customized documents for their clients. The AI technology handles the grunt work while they focus on the specifics.
  • Product Vendors: Vendors can use EazyDocs AI to create sales pages, legal documents, instruction manuals, contracts, etc. for their products.
  • Bloggers: Bloggers can use EazyDocs AI to generate optimized articles, privacy policies, terms of use, disclaimers, etc. for their websites.
  • Students: Students can use EazyDocs AI to create academic documents like essays, resumes, and cover letters quickly.
  • HR Professionals: HR professionals can use it to generate offer letters, employment contracts, HR policies, etc.
  • Real Estate Agents: Real estate agents can create tailored real estate contracts, inspection reports, etc. for properties.

So in summary, EazyDocs AI is useful for any individual or business that needs to create customized professional documents regularly. The AI technology makes it easy for anyone to generate these documents on demand.

Benefits and Features of EazyDocs AI

Here are some of the key benefits and features of EazyDocs AI:

Create Personalized, Professional & Academic Grade Documents in a Few Clicks

EazyDocs AI allows you to generate highly personalized and professional-grade documents tailored to your specific needs in just a few clicks. The AI technology does the heavy lifting while you provide the custom details.

Fully AI-Based Creator & Transformer with Unique In-House AI

EazyDocs AI is powered by unique in-house AI technology developed over 2 years by their team of developers. It is not dependent on any 3rd party AI solutions. The AI continually self-updates and improves over time.

4,000+ Professional Templates Built Over 2 Years

EazyDocs AI currently has over 4,000 professional templates covering documents for 20+ industries. New templates are continually added based on demand and changes in regulations.

Benefits All Businesses Both Big and Small

The technology helps big corporations save tens of thousands of dollars yearly on compliance and documentation while also benefiting smaller businesses with limited budgets.

Easy Monetization Opportunities

Users can sell documents generated by EazyDocs AI on platforms like Fiverr where demand is high. Some beta users have made over $700 per document sold.

Multilingual Support

EazyDocs AI supports document generation in dozens of languages while adapting to the local laws and regulations.

Lead Generation Features

Documents can be integrated with autoresponders and SMTP for generating and segmenting leads automatically.

Inbuilt Marketplace to Buy & Sell Documents

The built-in marketplace allows users to sell custom documents to other members for credits which can be converted to cash.

AI Suggestions for Improvements

The AI analyzes your documents and provides suggestions to enhance them for maximum legal compliance, readability, and impact.

Full Data Automation Features

Documents can be personalized and sent automatically to segmented contact lists for streamlined communication.

1-Click Website ADA Compliance

Users can make their websites fully ADA-compliant in a single click by generating the necessary widget.

Commercial License Included

EazyDocs AI includes a commercial license by default allowing users to sell the documents as services without restrictions.

As you can see, EazyDocs AI provides an end-to-end solution for creating, managing, protecting, and monetizing documents for businesses and marketers. The AI technology reduces the effort required drastically compared to manual methods.

Pros of EazyDocs AI

Here are some of the main pros of using EazyDocs AI:

  • Convenient and easy-to-use document creation with AI doing the heavy lifting
  • Helps create optimized, professional documents in minutes
  • Significantly cheaper than hiring lawyers or consultants
  • Allows customization of documents for specific business needs
  • Covers a wide range of 20+ industries and 4000+ templates
  • Multilingual support opens global opportunities
  • Built-in monetization options through marketplace and commercial license
  • Great for protecting businesses from legal issues and lawsuits
  • Keeps documents updated with changing regulations
  • Features like lead capture, and ADA compliance provide additional benefits
  • Reduces manual documentation workload drastically
  • 24/7 technical support and updates provided by the vendor
  • The commercial license provides flexibility of use
  • Positive user reviews and testimonials from beta testers

Cons of EazyDocs AI

The cons  are:

  • Requires internet access to use the cloud-based software
  • Heavily dependent on AI so may not work well for complex legal documents
  • For accurate documents, the AI needs to be fed the right custom inputs
  • Many features like marketplace require sufficient userbase to gain traction
  • As a cloud solution, subject to potential downtime and technical issues
  • Some users may prefer human lawyers over AI for critical documents
  • AI bias and inaccuracies may lead to faulty documents if not validated
  • The basic plan's features may be limited for extensive business requirements.

While the AI capabilities are impressive, human oversight is still needed to ensure accuracy in documents dealing with sensitive matters. However, the technology is evolving rapidly to handle more complex documentation needs.

Profitability of EazyDocs AI

EazyDocs AI provides excellent profit-making opportunities:

1. Save thousands in lawyer/consultant fees

EazyDocs AI allows businesses to create customized documents without expensive lawyer or consultant costs. Small businesses can save thousands of dollars yearly in compliance document costs.

2. Charge for creating documents as a service

The commercial license allows users to sell documents generated by EazyDocs AI as a service. Some users make over $700 per document sold on platforms like Fiverr by catering to high demand.

3. Built-in marketplace for documents

Users can earn credits by selling customized documents through the built-in marketplace which can be converted to cash payouts.

4. Upsell to customized packages

Agencies can use EazyDocs AI to upsell clients to custom packages with tailored documents billed at a premium rate.

5. Increased credibility leads to higher sales

Professional business documents can increase trust and credibility which indirectly boosts sales and conversions.

6. Lead generation features

Integrated lead capture and automation features help generate more qualified leads and sales.

7. Charge more by positioning as a premium service

The professional documents created can allow businesses to charge more by positioning themselves as premium, established brands.

So in summary, both direct and indirect profit generation opportunities exist with EazyDocs AI. The money saved on documentation costs alone results in huge savings each year for most businesses.

How to Use EazyDocs AI

EazyDocs AI is easy to use even for non-technical beginners. Here is an overview of how to use it:

Step 1: Sign Up and Create an Account

Go to the EazyDocsAI sales page and purchase access. Create your account by entering your details.

Step 2: Provide Custom Inputs

Log in to your EazyDocsAI account dashboard. Here you can start creating a new document by selecting your industry, and the document type, and providing other custom inputs like business name, dates, locations, etc.

The AI will analyze these inputs to generate a tailored document draft for you.

Step 3: Review and Edit the Draft

Review the initial AI-generated document draft. Make any edits needed to fine-tune the document as per your requirements. The AI learns from your adjustments to improve further.

Step 4: Finalize and Download Document

Once you are satisfied with the draft, finalize it with a single click to generate the completed document. You can then download it in Word/PDF formats.

Step 5: Integrate with Your Systems

Integrate the downloaded documents with your other systems like CRMs, email autoresponders, etc. You can also share them directly from your EazyDocsAI account dashboard.

Step 6: Sell as Service If Needed

If you purchased the commercial license, you can now sell these customized documents as a service on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork etc.

Step 7: Analyze Suggestions for Improvements

Use the AI's suggestions for each document to identify areas of improvement for even better optimization and compliance.

So in summary, just provide the right custom inputs to the AI and review the outputs for accuracy. The AI handles the actual document creation based on your business needs identified through your inputs.

EazyDocs AI FAQs

Here are some common questions about EazyDocs AI:

Q: What file formats are supported?

A: EazyDocs AI supports .DOCX and .PDF file formats for downloading documents.

Q: Can I customize document templates?

A: Currently users cannot customize the default templates. But you can provide custom inputs to tailor the final document output from the AI.

Q: How accurate are the AI-generated documents?

A: The documents are generally 80-90% accurate for common business documentation needs. But it's critical you review before finalizing, especially for legally binding documents.

Q: Does it work for complex documents like patents?

A: EazyDocs AI is best suited for standard business documents at this stage. For highly complex documentation, assistance from lawyers is still recommended.

Q: Can the documents be e-signed?

A: Yes, EazyDocs AI provides seamless e-signature capabilities for documents through integration with top e-signature tools.

Q: How quickly are documents created?

A: Most basic documents only take EazyDocs AI a few seconds to generate drafts ready for review and editing.

Q: Can I sell the documents I create commercially?

A: Yes, the commercial license included by default allows you to sell documents created via EazyDocs AI without restrictions.

Q: Is technical experience needed to use EazyDocs AI?

A: No, it is designed even for non-technical beginners. You just need to provide the right business inputs for the AI to draft accurate documents.

Q: What happens if regulations change impacting my documents?

A: EazyDocs AI has an in-built self-updating mechanism to keep templates updated based on changing laws and compliance needs over time.

Q: What customer support does EazyDocs AI team provide?

A: EazyDocs AI has a dedicated support team that aims to respond to all queries within 8-24 hours, 7 days a week. You can reach them at support@eazydocsai.com.

Q: Is there any money-back guarantee if unsatisfied?

A: Yes, EazyDocs AI comes with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. Just contact the support team for assistance.

EazyDocs AI OTOs

EazyDocs AI offers several OTOs (one-time offers) to enhance the core functionality:

OTO 1 – EazyDocs AI Pro Unlimited ($67)

The Pro Unlimited upgrade unlocks unlimited document creation capabilities. Key features include:

  • Create unlimited documents without artificial limits
  • Unlimited usage of AI analysis and suggestions
  • Access to unlimited contacts and automation
  • Priority 24/7 chat and email support

This is suitable for heavy business documentation needs or agencies creating documents for multiple clients.

OTO 2 – EazyDocs AI Automation & Lead Machine ($67)

This add-on enhances the lead generation and conversion capabilities of EazyDocs AI:

  • Automate document sharing with segmented contact lists
  • Track open and response rates to optimize follow-ups
  • One-click integration with top autoresponders and email marketing platforms
  • Advanced analytics for list performance

Ideal for marketers to maximize leads and sales from the documents created.

OTO 3 – EazyDocs AI Clean Out Mails Plus ($57)

Clean Out Mails Plus integrates an advanced email verification system to identify and remove invalid contacts from lists, ensuring future emails only reach genuine inboxes. This maintains deliverability and optimizes results.

OTO 4 – EazyDocs AI Agency Reseller License ($147)

This upgrade allows users to sell EazyDocs AI access and documents as an agency. You can sell services under your own brand and pricing plans.

OTO 5 – EazyDocs AI AgencyiCeleraite ($47)

AgencyiCeleraite provides done-for-you agency website templates and assets to kickstart your document creation services business. This is ideal for users wanting to monetize services immediately.

EazyDocs AI Bundle Deal

EazyDocs AI bundle is a heavily discounted deal that combines all the OTOs plus the front end of EazyDocs AI  at a price of $297.00 with additional bonuses. This EazyDocs AI Bundle Deal will be discontinued after the launch period ends.

Get EazyDocs AI Bundle Deal here

So in summary, the OTOs help enhance and expand the capabilities of EazyDocs AI for increased sales, leads and scalability of the business documentation services you offer.

Who Created EazyDocs AI?

EazyDocs AI was created by Steve Tari – a renowned 7 figure digital marketer and serial tech entrepreneur.

Steve has deep industry experience, having created over 15 successful software platforms like ContentBurger, Ozivi, Facedrip, etc. over the past decade that have generated over $2.7 million in sales.

While creating documentation solutions for his businesses, Steve realized the huge demand among marketers and SMEs for affordable tools to create professional business documents easily.

With his technology background and extensive knowledge of marketers' pain points, he expertly ideated EazyDocs AI over 2 years to make business documentation quicker, cheaper, and easier for regular users.

Steve leads a talented team of in-house developers who built EazyDocs AI's proprietary AI technology from the ground up and continue to support it.

When Was EazyDocs AI Launched?

EazyDocs AI launched on September 5th, 2023 on the popular marketplace JVZoo.

It was launched after extensive beta testing and feedback incorporation from real businesses over 2 years.

The pre-launch webinar started on August 20th, 2023 at 10 a.m. EST.

The cart opened on September 5th at 11 a.m. EST after Steve's product introduction webinar and remains open until September 12th 2023 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

This launch campaign with time-sensitive pricing and bonuses is your best opportunity to get access to EazyDocs AI at the lowest lifetime price.

What is The Price of EazyDocs AI?

EazyDocs AI is currently available only during its 7-day launch period on JVZoo.

The front-end pricing starts at just a discounted price of $37 during the launch offer. With the EarlyBird discount coupon “EAZYSTART”, you can get it for $35.

The regular pricing will be revised to $67 after the initial launch cycle ends.

During launches, prices tend to increase progressively as the cart closes over the 7 days. It's likely the price will double or more towards the end.

So it's best to lock-in the special discounted launch price before it expires.

Here is an overview of the pricing:

Frontend (Personal License): $37 $35 with EAZYSTART coupon

*1000 documents/month
Basic features

OTO 1 (Unlimited License): $67

*Unlimited documents
Priority support

OTO 2 (Automation & Leads): $67

*Email integration
*Contact segmentation
*Lead analytics

OTO 3 (Email Verification): $57

*Invalid email cleaning
*Inbox deliverability

OTO 4 (Agency License): $147

*Sell documents as service
*White-label agency assets

OTO 5 (Agency Website): $47

*Done-for-you agency websites
*Marketing templates & assets

Total Value: $421

Bundle deal: $297.00 see it here

There are also multiple payment plan options available for 2,3 or 4 easy installments on the front-end and OTOs.

So in summary, you get complete lifetime access to the software just starting from $35 with the EarlyBird discount during launch.

Which Website/Platform Is EazyDocs AI Launched On?

EazyDocs AI is launching exclusively on the popular digital marketplace platform JVZoo.

EazyDocs AI Bonuses

Here are all the bonuses you will get for EazyDocs AI if you access EazyDocs AI from this page:

Frontend Bonuses:

  • Practical over-the-shoulder training on how to create a 6-figure income with EazyDocsAI (valued at $1997)
  • AI-powered avatar builder and editor (valued at $197)
  • Freelance marketing video course (valued at $97)
  • Free advertising credits worth $600-$800 on premium networks like LinkedIn, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, etc.
  • Bi-weekly strategy and growth training
  • Advanced instant auto-schedule social media post tool
  • EazyDocsAI 3D box maker
  • Advanced instant auto-schedule social media post tool
  • Ultimate website traffic generator software valued at $400
  • Free commercial license upgrade

Other Bonuses:

  • TikTok marketing course
  • eLead Fusion Elite
  • Facebook email collector plugin
  • Instagram ads success course
  • LinkedIn auto post machine
  • Viral soci sharer and locker plugin
  • 300 ready-made logo designs
  • Pinterest traffic automator
  • ViralSuite plugin
  • Backlinks analyzer software
  • Soci flow plugin
  • Social media boom plugin
  • Facebook ad templates
  • WooCommerce eStore builder
  • PinMatrix Pro software
  • Ad rotator plugin
  • Backlinks warrior software
  • Guide on starting a coaching business
  • YouTube SEO course
  • Udemy recurring income course
  • Lead book generator plugin
  • Facebook trending post finder
  • Facebook ads tracking course

These bonuses complement EazyDocs AI perfectly to set your agency up for maximum profits and success.

EazyDocs AI OTOs Bonuses

The EazyDocs AI software comes with several one-time offer (OTO) bonuses that provide additional value.

EazyDocs AI OTO 1 Bonuses Includes:

  1. Make Money on YouTube in 2023

This bonus teaches you how to make $500 per video on YouTube in 2023. It reveals the secrets to creating simple, high-value videos and growing your YouTube audience and channel. With this bonus, you'll learn the best practices for YouTube monetization so you can earn substantial income.

  1. Grow Instagram Account 10x in 30 Days

This bonus provides access to GramSuite software that grows your Instagram account automatically. It does the liking, commenting, and following so you can focus on creating content. With minimal effort, you'll gain real targeted followers and exposure.

  1. Boost Twitter Virality

Get a viral app to connect your content to users' Twitter accounts. Before accessing your content, users must connect through Twitter. Then, you can post to their timelines which exposes you to their entire follower network. This unique access helps make your content go viral.

  1. Build Mobile Marketplaces

Learn how to create mobile-optimized online marketplaces in under 24 hours. With more users on mobile, you need a marketplace formatted for mobile shopping. This bonus teaches you how to tap into mobile ecommerce.

  1. 150+ Video Gradients and Backgrounds

Access a library of 150+ video gradients and backgrounds to make your videos stand out. Quality backgrounds and effects help increase engagement.

  1. Online Viral Marketing Secrets

Discover the secrets of creating online campaigns that go viral. While virality can't be guaranteed, this training reveals strategies for increasing the chances of a viral effect. Combined with EazyDocsAI, you'll be able to produce high-quality, shareable content.

EazyDocs AI OTO 2 Bonuses Includes:

  1. Strategic List Building Profit Kit

Get proven list-building strategies to grow your audience and customer base. Lists allow you to market multiple offers to interested subscribers over time. With a systematized approach, you can build your list steadily.

  1. Website Pouch Pro

Hide banners, offers, or content within your website and reveal it to users with one click. Having hidden content catches visitors' attention, increasing engagement. This software makes the process easy.

  1. Add Hundreds of Subscribers Weekly

Apply tips and strategies for getting hundreds of email list subscribers every week. Growing your list is vital for internet marketing success. These methods will accelerate your subscriber growth.

  1. Social Traffic Plan

Learn how to drive website traffic from social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. The guide covers best practices for each platform to maximize referrals and exposure.

  1. AI-Powered Brand and Domain Maker

This advanced software automatically searches for and suggests available domains along with social media username options. With branding and domains sorted, you can start your online presence quickly.

  1. FB and Instagram Ads Agency Website

Access a pre-made website for offering Facebook and Instagram ad management services. The high-converting site will impress clients and generate leads.

EazyDocs AI OTO 3 Bonuses Includes:

  1. Generate Profits in 60 Minutes

Discover legitimate ways to make instant money online without big upfront investments. Unlike many quick profit methods, these strategies actually work and require little time.

  1. WP Bot Blocker Plugin

Protect your WordPress site against hacker bot attacks trying to infiltrate the site. Maintain security and prevent compromised content or data. Install on unlimited sites.

  1. Email Profits Formula

Apply email marketing methods to reach more potential customers affordably. Effective email campaigns convert subscribers into buyers. Use this package to maximize profits.

  1. High Ticket Agency Frameworks

Streamline your agency with optimized frameworks for acquiring clients and delivering great service efficiently. Automated processes save time and boost productivity.

  1. Viral Quotes Graphics

Access 200 customized viral quote graphics to share on social media. The templates help you tap into viral trends quickly for more traffic.

  1. Close High Paying Clients

Follow the proven strategies top digital agencies use to land and close high ticket clients. These methods will help you win reliable, big-spending clients.

  1. Showcase Team Members On-Site

Easily add team member profiles to your website. Displaying your experts builds trust and credibility with visitors.

EazyDocs AI OTO 4 Bonuses Includes:

  1. Easy PR Booster

Optimize your site's internal linking for better search engine visibility. It facilitates website crawling and page rank distribution.

  1. WP Sales Robot

Boost conversions from your WordPress sales pages. The technology helps maximize income from your existing traffic.

  1. Business Email Swipes

Use professionally crafted email templates for reaching out to potential business clients. The pre-made emails are proven to get responses.

  1. Clickable Images Social Posting

Post clickable images with embedded links to social platforms. It includes click tracking so you can monitor engagement and traffic.

  1. Fiverr Seller Training

Learn how to create and scale a profitable Fiverr account within 30 days. Plus, get techniques for pitching clients outside of Fiverr.

  1. Software to Find Profitable Domain Names

Discover and buy quality domain names at low prices for future selling at high profits. Domains are one of the best assets.

In short, the OTO bonuses add tremendous value on top of the core EazyDocsAI software. They include powerful marketing assets, profitable skill development, advanced software capabilities, comprehensive training programs, and more. 

With the complete package, you'll have absolutely everything needed to maximize your online income and success. The bonuses effectively multiply the software's money-making potential.

Call to Action

EazyDocs AI is a revolutionary AI documentation system that benefits marketers, consultants, agencies, lawyers, HR professionals and any business needing professional documents customized to their needs effortlessly.

It eliminates the time, costs and compliance risks associated with manual documentation while opening multiple profit avenues through savings, selling services, the inbuilt marketplace and more.

The proprietary AI does the heavy lifting while you provide the right inputs to create optimized, customized documents within minutes instead of days.

EazyDocs AI is currently available at its LOWEST one-time price of just $35 during its exclusive 7-day launch on JVZoo with hundreds of dollars worth of free bonuses.

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The price along with unbeatable bonuses will soon disappear when the launch countdown ends.

Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity to empower your business with the limitless documentation capabilities of EazyDocs AI.

Concluding My EazyDocs AI Review

In closing, EazyDocs AI provides immense value through its easy yet powerful AI document creation technology with 4000+ templates covering 20+ industries.

It makes creating tailored, professional documents effortless for individuals, businesses, marketers, agencies, and more while integrating lead gen, monetization, and compliance features seamlessly.

EazyDocs AI is the brainchild of renowned tech entrepreneur Steve Tari who identified and solved this common yet complex business problem faced by millions using AI.

Launched exclusively on the high-converting platform JVZoo, EazyDocs AI is currently available for a record-low price with hundreds of dollars worth of free bonuses only till September 12th 2023.

Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity to make documentation easier, affordable and legally compliant for your business while profiting at the same time.

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Disclaimer: I may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links in this article. However, all opinions are my own and this does not influence the recommendations I make. Your support means a lot to me. Thank you!