AISocials Review – The Revolutionary AI Social Media Marketing Tool Runs Social Video Marketing Agency Business for You.

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AISocials Review - The Revolutionary AI Social Media Marketing Tool Runs Social Video Marketing Agency Business for You.
AISocials Review – The Revolutionary AI Social Media Marketing Tool Runs Social Video Marketing Agency Business for You.

AISocials Review – The Revolutionary AI Social Media Marketing Tool Runs Social Video Marketing Agency Business for You.

AISocials is a groundbreaking new AI social media marketing tool that can automatically create and optimize social media campaigns for any business or industry. With its advanced artificial intelligence technology, AISocials eliminates the need for expensive social media specialists and agencies.

In this comprehensive AISocials review, we'll cover everything you need to know about this game-changing software, including its features, benefits, pricing, OTOs, pros and cons, and more. Read on to find out why AISocials is set to revolutionize social media marketing.

Introduction to AISocials

Developed by digital marketing experts Ben Murray and Abhi Dwivedi, AISocials is the world's first all-in-one AI social media management and marketing platform.

It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to fully automate every aspect of running a highly profitable social media marketing agency business. The software can create professional social media campaigns with just a few clicks, saving you thousands in agency fees.

With AISocials, generating leads and sales via social media has never been easier. The artificial intelligence built into the software lets you:

  • Instantly create unlimited high-quality, viral social media posts and videos
  • Automatically optimize and perpetually post content for maximum engagement
  • Effortlessly manage unlimited social media accounts and campaigns
  • Find the most viral topics and ideas to base campaigns on
  • Create content in different languages for global reach
  • Build client websites, manage invoicing, and more

Essentially, AISocials provides everything you need to run a wildly successful social media marketing agency and send targeted traffic perpetually on complete autopilot.

If you want to leverage social media to make more sales and grow your business, AISocials is a must-have tool in 2023 and beyond. Keep reading this in-depth review to learn more about its game-changing features.

Who is AISocials For?

AISocials is suitable for a wide range of users including:

Affiliate Marketers: Affiliates can use AISocials to easily create and share affiliate content on social media. The AI will perpetually post your affiliate links driving passive traffic and commissions.

Social Media Managers: Instead of manually creating and scheduling posts, social media managers can now leverage AISocials to automate these tasks. Manage unlimited accounts with ease.

Digital Marketing Agencies: Agencies can use AISocials to drastically reduce the time and costs associated with running social campaigns for clients. The AI does the work of an entire social media team.

Local Businesses: Restaurants, boutiques, salons etc. can build their brand and get more customers with AISocials' AI-generated social media marketing.

eCommerce Stores: Drive more sales by creating viral social content optimized for your products and target audience.

Bloggers: Use AISocials to repurpose your blog content into social posts and grow your following. The AI will engage your audience automatically.

Coaches & Consultants: Build authority and share your expertise by creating an endless stream of social media content.

Influencers: Grow your audience and engagement across social platforms with AISocials' AI content creation and scheduling technology.

So whether you want more traffic, leads, clients, or sales – AISocials is the easiest way to leverage social media marketing. The artificial intelligence does all the heavy lifting for you.

Benefits of Using AISocials

There are many advantages to using AISocials for your social media marketing:

Saves You a Ton of Time & Money

Manually creating, optimizing and posting social media content takes an enormous amount of time and effort. Hiring a social media manager or agency costs a small fortune these days.

AISocials eliminates these problems by automatically generating unlimited, high-converting social content for you in any niche. All you need is a keyword – the AI takes care of the rest.

You get to enjoy more free time while the software handles your social media marketing perpetually. AISocials lets you get far better results without blowing your budget.

Requires Zero Social Media Marketing Skills

With AISocials, you don't need any prior social media marketing knowledge or experience. The artificial intelligence is sophisticated enough to create optimal social campaigns on your behalf.

All the content creation, optimization, scheduling, analytics etc. is handled automatically by the AI. AISocials makes social media marketing accessible and effortless for anyone.

Scales Your Agency & Makes Client Management a Breeze

Growing a profitable social media agency is challenging when you have to manually do all the content creation and campaign management. AISocials solves these problems for you.

You can easily serve unlimited clients with tailored social campaigns thanks to the artificial intelligence. The software also includes tools to send client reports, invoices and more. Scale your agency to new heights with minimal effort.

Posts Your Content at the Optimal Times

Figuring out when your audience is most active on social media platforms is tricky. AISocials takes the guesswork out of scheduling your content.

The AI analyzes your posts and determines the best times to share your content for maximum visibility and engagement. Your social campaigns will get better results on autopilot.

Keeps Your Social Media Accounts Active 24/7

Inactive social media accounts lose followers, authority, and engagement. With AISocials you never have to worry about gaps in your posting schedule.

The software perpetually keeps your social media accounts thriving round the clock with a constant stream of fresh, personalized content. Your followers stay engaged thanks to AISocials' self-managing artificial intelligence.

Gets You Better Results from Your Marketing Budget

Dollar for dollar, you get far higher ROI investing in AISocials compared to hiring social media freelancers or agencies. The difference is like night and day.

For a small one-time fee, you get unlimited, customized social media content created on demand forever. Plus the AI takes care of optimizing and posting 24/7. It's much more affordable and effective than any other option.

AISocials Features

Here are some of the standout features that make AISocials the ultimate social media marketing toolbox:

AI Social Video Campaign Creator

Creating viral social media videos tailored to your brand and audience normally requires expensive video editing software and skills.

AISocials makes it as easy as entering a keyword. The artificial intelligence will generate 100% customized social media videos ready to captivate your viewers.

AI Social Post Creator

Similar to the video creator, the AI social post creator will automatically generate social posts for every platform including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

Just enter a keyword and watch AISocials create posts with eye-catching images, captions, hashtags, and more. The built-in editor lets you customize posts further.

AI Content Variations Technology

One of AISocials' most unique and powerful features is that it can take a single keyword and create unlimited variations on posts and videos.

No more posting duplicate content. Your followers see new, personalized social media campaigns daily.

AI Agency Marketing Campaign Creator

Running campaigns specifically targeted to land clients for your agency can be tricky. AISocials makes it a breeze.

It can instantly generate full-blown social media marketing campaigns just from a keyword that are optimized to convert cold leads into agency clients.

AI Article & Video Description Writer

Creating long-form content like blog posts and video descriptions is time consuming. AISocials' AI content writer will effortlessly generate articles, blog posts, video descriptions, and more for you to promote and share on social media.

Built-In Content Calendar

The drag-and-drop content calendar helps you easily organize and schedule all your social posts. You get a bird's eye view of your entire content marketing strategy across platforms.

AI Performance Analytics & Optimization

AISocials artificial intelligence analyzes which posts perform best and automatically shifts budget towards higher converting content variations and better posting times. Your results improve over time on autopilot.

Unlimited User Accounts & Posting

With the commercial license included, you can add unlimited users to AISocials to manage their social accounts and create content. Post to an unlimited number of profiles & pages too.

Automatic Social Media Posting & Scheduling

This revolutionary new feature from AISocials removes the need to manually schedule your social posts. The AI posts at optimal times for you perpetually. Just create the content once and let the software handle the rest.

How Does AISocials Work?

AISocials is designed to be intuitive and easy to use by anyone, even if you have zero technical skills or social media marketing experience. Here's a quick overview of how to leverage the software:

Step 1: Create an Account

First, you'll sign up for a new account and enter your license key to access AISocials. Then connect your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram etc. so the software can automatically post to them.

Step 2: Choose a Target Audience

Next, define your ideal audience by entering a niche or demographic. The AI will tailor all the social media campaigns and content it creates specifically for your target customers.

Step 3: Enter a Keyword

Think of a relevant topic, product or service to create content around. Enter a seed keyword and let AISocials take over from there.

Step 4: Customize Your AI Content

The artificial intelligence will generate posts, videos, images etc. tailored around your keyword. Use the built-in editors to customize the content further if desired.

Step 5: Select Content Distribution

Choose which social platforms and accounts you want to post each campaign to. AISocials makes it easy to post across multiple networks simultaneously.

Step 6: Schedule the Content

Use the drag-and-drop content calendar to schedule your social posts at optimal times. Or let the AI handle scheduling automatically for you.

Step 7: Manage Clients & Teams

Easily grant account access to clients so they can create their own content. Also add team members to collaborate or outsource work.

Step 8: Analyze Performance

Check key metrics like reach and engagement. The AI will optimize your campaigns based on what content resonates best with your audience.

And that's all it takes. In just a few minutes, your tailored social media campaigns will be created, scheduled and posting automatically. Now sit back while AISocials perpetually markets your business for you!

AISocials Commercial License & Agency Rights

AISocials is much more than just a tool for personal use. It comes bundled with a commercial license at no extra cost, unlocking game-changing money making potential.

You're granted full rights to create and sell social media marketing services to an unlimited number of paying clients with AISocials.

This means you can instantly launch your own wildly profitable, AI-powered social media marketing agency without spending years mastering the skills yourself.

The artificial intelligence handles literally everything for you – content creation, campaign management, reporting, invoicing, and more.

You simply onboard new clients and let the software run their campaigns on autopilot. It's a proven business model that lets you profit from the social media boom while avoiding all the grunt work.

AISocials does the selling and fulfillment for you. With the lucrative agency rights, you can easily charge clients monthly retainers of $500, $1000, $2000+ per month for managed social media services.

The income potential is truly unlimited. Selling social campaigns at volume to local businesses, eCommerce brands, consultants etc. is an easy 6-7 figure business model with AISocials' artificial intelligence.

Why Social Media Marketing Agencies Are So Profitable

  • Skyrocketing demand from businesses who want more traffic and sales
  • High perceived value of social media marketing expertise
  • Recurring revenue from monthly retainers per client
  • Huge margins since AISocials automates the fulfillment
  • Ability to support unlimited clients for maximum scalability

Bottom line, if you want to launch a business that can earn life-changing income from one of the most in-demand digital skills (social media marketing)…then becoming an AISocials certified agency owner is the easiest way to make it happen.

AISocials OTOs & Upgrades

AISocials comes with a number of optional upgrades that allow you to expand the capabilities and profit potential of the software:

OTO 1 – FastPass

This discounted bundle includes all the AISocials upgrades in one convenient package. You gain access to more features, templates, and capabilities to maximize your results.

OTO 2 – Unlimited

The Unlimited upgrade unlocks unlimited usage of AISocials. Create endless AI content, videos, campaigns etc. without any caps. Plus enjoy priority support and faster render times.

OTO 3 – Platinum

AISocials Platinum adds multilingual content creation, international voiceovers, done-for-you content packs, 1-on-1 coaching, and more. Perfect for global reach.

OTO 4 – Enterprise

With Enterprise you can white label the software, integrate eCommerce, manage unlimited team members, and add capabilities tailored for running a large scale social media agency.

OTO 5 – RankReel

This upsell provides local video SEO software to help you rank your videos higher in Google and YouTube for maximum visibility.

OTO 6 – Reputor

Reputor is reputation management software that helps local businesses monitor, manage, and optimize their online reputation and directory listings for better conversions.

The optional upgrades extend AISocials capabilities in helpful ways. But the front-end software is jam-packed with powerful AI features already so upgrading is entirely optional based on your specific business needs.

How Much Does AISocials Cost?

AISocials is currently available at a huge launch discount. Here is full pricing breakdown:

Frontend – AISocials Elite

Regular Price: $497
Launch Price: $27

This tier lets you create unlimited social posts and videos. Share to 5 connected social media accounts. Plus full agency/commercial rights are included so you can sell services to an unlimited number of clients.

OTO 1 – AISocials FastPass

Regular Price: $597
Launch Price: $67

This discounted bundle includes all the OTO upgrades for maximum savings and functionality.

OTO 2 – Unlimited Upgrade

Regular Price: $197
Launch Price: $67

Unlimited usage and more capabilities. Create and post limitless AI content.

OTO 3 – Platinum Upgrade

Regular Price: $297
Launch Price: $97

Multilingual content and voiceovers, done-for-you assets, 1-on-1 coaching and more.

OTO 4 – Enterprise Upgrade

Regular Price: $497
Launch Price: $127

Agency management capabilities like whitelabeling, unlimited team accounts, client portals, and advanced features.

OTO 5 – RankReel

Regular Price: $497
Launch Price: $67

Local video SEO software to rank your videos higher in Google and YouTube.

OTO 6 – Reputor

Regular Price: $497
Launch Price: $67

Manages and enhances local business reviews, reputation, and directory listings automatically.

AISocials has very reasonable pricing, especially considering you get unlimited AI-generated content designed to grow your business perpetually. It's far more affordable than hiring a social media manager.

And during launch, huge discounts make AISocials and all upgrades available at a fraction of the regular price, so now is the best time invest in this game-changing software.

Pros & Cons of AISocials

Here are some of the main advantages and potential downsides to consider when using AISocials:


  • Fully automated social media marketing
  • Unlimited high-converting content created fast
  • Saves a ton of time and money
  • Commercial agency rights included
  • Easy customization with built-in editors
  • Advanced artificial intelligence technology
  • Post scheduling optimization
  • Performance analytics and tracking
  • One-time payment, lifetime access
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Requires an internet connection to access the cloud-based software
  • High demand may cause launch discounts to end
  • Advanced features like translating require upgrade
  • Limited availability due to exclusive launch period

The pros far outweigh any limitations. For the launch price, AISocials provides tremendous value and is certain to save you a great deal of time, effort and expenses compared to doing social media marketing manually.

Who's Behind AISocials?

AISocials was envisioned by founders Ben Murray and Abhi Dwivedi – two highly successful digital marketers and software developers from Australia.

They have a proven track record creating best-selling marketing apps like VideoNeos, Graphitii, and others used by over 350,000 businesses worldwide.

According to Ben Murray:

“We invested over $500,000 and two years into development before finally cracking the code on a fully artificial intelligence-powered solution for effortlessly dominating social media marketing.”

Their very first software launch called VideoNeos hit over $250,000 in sales. And their expertise in video marketing, AI technology, and software application development is what ultimately led them to create AISocials.

Ben and Abhi are completely transparent about their identities, which is refreshing in an industry saturated with fake gurus. They stand firmly behind their products and provide exceptional customer support – which explains the rave reviews and testimonials from thousands of happy customers.

Rest assured you are in very good hands buying from Ben and Abhi. AISocials will deliver tremendous value and is certain to revolutionize your social media marketing results.

When Does AISocials Launch?

AISocials will be launching on September 12, 2022 at 11AM EST. The launch period will run for approximately one week, ending on September 17th at 11:59PM EST.

During launches, prices are significantly discounted to help maximize sales and buzz.

Once the launch timer expires, the price for AISocials and all upgrades will increase. After launch week, the software may not be available for some time or possibly ever again at these ultra-low launch prices.

If you want early discounted access, your best bet is to invest during the launch window before availability is restricted.

Ben and Abhi will likely offer AISocials through their own sales channels in the future. However, buying through affiliate partners during launch comes with special launch-exclusive bonuses, savings and perks in most cases.

So for the lowest price, maximum perks, and guaranteed access – be sure to grab AISocials through this link before launch week ends.

What Makes AISocials Different?

There are a few other AI social media marketing tools out there, but none match the capabilities of AISocials. Here are just some of the things that make it truly one-of-a-kind:

  • Fully integrated end-to-end social media marketing automation
  • Creates both social posts AND videos tailored to your brand
  • Built-in editors allow full customization
  • Revolutionary AI content scheduling and posting
  • Agency rights to sell social media services
  • Caters to local businesses as well as global eCommerce brands
  • One-time purchase instead ofmonthly subscription fees
  • Generous commercial usage terms and no hidden fees
  • Ongoing updates and support from the vendor
  • Created by reputable expert marketers, not anonymous developers
  • Backed by a 100% money-back guarantee for your peace of mind

Thanks to its unique combination of unlimited AI content creation, integrated post scheduling, customizations, agency rights, and outstanding vendor reputation – AISocials stands head and shoulders above any potential competitor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about AISocials:

How much social media content will the AI create?

AISocials can create unlimited, 100% customized social posts, videos, images and campaigns tailored to your brand. There are no caps or limits.

Can I sell social media services to clients?

Yes, agency rights are included with AISocials at no extra cost. You can sell social media campaigns and management services to unlimited clients.

Do I need any special skills or experience?

Absolutely not. The artificial intelligence handles everything for you. No prior marketing or technical know-how is required.

How long does it take to see results?

You'll see engagement and traffic from your AI generated social content right away. Results compound over time as your accounts and authority grows.

What happens after launch week?

The price of AISocials and upgrades will increase. Discounts, bonuses, and availability will likely be restricted after launch.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, AISocials and all front end purchases have a 30-day money back guarantee. Just email for a full refund if not satisfied.

What are the payment options?

All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted. Installment plans are also available to make getting AISocials even more affordable.

Will AISocials work for any niche or industry?

Absolutely! The AI can create optimized social campaigns tailored to any type of business, brand, product, service or audience.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions before grabbing AISocials today!

AISocials bonuses:

Video Marketing Bonuses:

  • Video Marketing Profit Kit – Comprehensive video marketing training course covering topics like choosing the right video type, video creation tips, making persuasive videos, monetizing, promotion strategies, and more.
  • Video Marketing Domination – Step-by-step video course showing how to create high-converting videos to attract website and funnel visitors.
  • 1000+ Done-For-You Marketing Videos – Download and upload these videos to start driving instant traffic.
  • 8-Part ‘Video Clients' Training – Learn how to create and sell custom videos to clients for big profits.
  • Express VidTraffic – Animation software to create studio-quality explainer and promo videos.
  • Traffic Engine – All-in-one SEO and market research toolkit.
  • VFX Genie – Add advanced video effects and filters easily.

Software Bonuses:

  • Chat Assistant – AI chatbot technology with agency rights.
  • Video Reels – Modern video templates for social media.
  • AI Education Seminar – 20 minute AI training lecture with resell rights.
  • LeadPage Builder – Drag and drop landing page creator.
  • Instagram Video Kit – Social media video templates and assets.
  • Social Proof Elite – Increase conversions with social proof popups.
  • FB Messenger Bot – Broadcast and autoresponder system.

Reseller Rights Bonuses:

  • VidRankNeos, VidNeos, WPDollar3, SocialNeos, AKBooster – Bestselling video and social media marketing apps.

Whitelabel Licenses:

  • AppSpyPro, Adsense Dragon, Pin Matrix Pro, VidAgency Theme, SocialNeos Theme – Hot digital marketing tools and WP themes.

Lifetime Access Bonuses:

  • CurationNeos, Video Sales Authority, Independent Authors Academy, VidRank Training – Handpicked online business training courses.

The stacked AISocials bonus bundle adds tremendous additional value on top of the core software. They complement the launch perfectly.

You can only get these bonuses if you get AISocial via this particular AISocial review page by scrolling down for the access link

AISocials Review Wrapp Up

Social media marketing is only growing more essential for businesses that want to reach, engage, and convert new audiences in 2023 and beyond. Unfortunately, executing effective social campaigns takes enormous amounts of time, skills, trial and error.

AISocials completely eliminates these challenges. It makes creating and optimizing unlimited social content as easy as entering a keyword. The AI will handle everything else for you perpetually.

You get to enjoy more free time and get better marketing results without wasting ad budgets or paying expensive social media managers and agencies to do the work for you.

For anyone even remotely interested in social media and content marketing, AISocials is an absolute must-buy – especially during launch at its huge discounts.

The agency rights alone make AISocials incredibly lucrative, allowing you to sell social media campaigns at tremendous profit margins thanks to full automation.

With so many savvy businesses ready to pay for your social expertise, AISocials is truly a turnkey opportunity to create substantial wealth in one of the hottest digital fields today.

Take Advantage of Launch Discounts Today

Don't miss the chance to enjoy massive launch savings on AISocials and all its capabilities. Once this exclusive prelaunch period is over, prices will start increasing towards full retail.

Give your business the unfair advantage of round-the-clock social media marketing powered by artificial intelligence. Save a fortune in costs and man-hours while getting far better results than you ever could manually.

Grab AISocials now using this link and take your social media, leads and sales to record heights in 2023 and beyond!


I want to be fully transparent that I earn an affiliate commission from the sale of AISocials. My endorsements are based on my honest personal opinion developed from testing the software extensively. I only recommend tools I'm extremely confident will provide tremendous value. Please do your own due diligence before purchasing.