AI Gaming Payout: TAPPED-INTO the Massive $196B Gaming Industry That Pays You $$$$ PER DAY Everytime Someone Plays Online Games On Their Mobile Phones.

Tapped Into The $196 Billion Online Gaming Industry With AI Gaming Payout


The online gaming industry has been booming in recent years with the rapid growth of mobile gaming. More and more people are playing games on their smartphones which has led the online gaming industry to generate $196 billion in revenues in 2024.

This massive industry presents a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to tap into this lucrative market and profit from it. However, directly getting involved in the gaming industry requires a lot of investment and technical expertise.

This is where AI Gaming Payout comes into play. AI Gaming Payout is a new revolutionary software that allows anyone to profit from the online gaming industry in a very simple and passive way. With AI Gaming Payout, you can get paid up to $136 for every person that plays games on the monetized gaming sites created through this software.

In this in-depth review, I will go through all the important aspects of AI Gaming Payout including its features, benefits, how to use it, real user cases, pricing and more. So let's get started!

Key Features And Contents Of AI Gaming Payout

AI Gaming Payout comes with some unique and powerful features that make monetizing the online gaming industry a breeze. Here are some of the key features:

  • One-Click Website Builder: AI Gaming Payout comes with a drag and drop one-click website builder that allows you to create a fully functional and monetized gaming site with just one click. You don't need any technical skills or website building experience.
  • Focused On Mobile Gaming: The software is designed keeping mobile gaming in mind. Most online gaming today takes place on mobile. AI Gaming Payout helps you tap into this booming mobile gaming niche.
  • Automatic Monetization: Once you create a gaming site, it will be automatically monetized with various revenue generating tools and you'll start earning money every time someone plays games on your site.
  • Pays Up To $136 Per Play: With each game play on your site, you can earn anywhere between $50 to $136 depending on the game and location of the player. The earnings quickly add up.
  • Traffic Included: AI Gaming Payout comes with built-in traffic training, tools and case studies to help you drive relevant traffic to your sites from day one for free.
  • Works Globally: Since online gaming has gone global, AI Gaming Payout allows you to create multilingual gaming sites and monetize players from all around the world.
  • Mobile And Desktop Compatible: You can access and use AI Gaming Payout software on both your mobile phones as well as desktop for maximum flexibility and control.
  • Step-By-Step Training: Detailed training, tutorials and video walkthroughs are provided to help you set up and run your online gaming business smoothly right from the start.
  • Lifetime Updates: As the software improves and adds new features, you'll get lifetime access to all updates for free for as long as you're actively using the software.

So in summary, with AI Gaming Payout you get all the tools, automation, training and support needed to start monetizing the online gaming space without much effort.

Who Can Benefit From AI Gaming Payout?

AI Gaming Payout is a great opportunity for many different types of individuals. Here are some of the main user personas who can leverage this software to their advantage:

  • Beginners – If you're new to making money online, AI Gaming Payout is perfect for you as it requires no previous experience or technical skills.
  • Students – College students or those looking for a part-time income can use AI Gaming Payout even while focusing on their education.
  • Work From Home Professionals – People wanting flexibility to work from home and earn a side income can rely on AI Gaming Payout's passive income model.
  • Stay At Home Parents – With AI Gaming Payout, stay at home moms and dads can monetize their free time and contribute financially to their families.
  • Retirees – Retired seniors seeking to stay occupied and earn some supplemental income will find AI Gaming Payout very suitable.
  • Business Owners – Small business owners can use AI Gaming Payout to diversify their income streams and hedge against risks in their primary business.
  • Travelers – Digital nomads and those who travel frequently can take AI Gaming Payout with them anywhere and still earn a living.

So in summary, anyone looking for flexibility, passive income potential or wanting to benefit from the rapid growth of online gaming industry can take advantage of the opportunities provided through AI Gaming Payout.

How To Profit From The Use Of AI Gaming Payout

Using AI Gaming Payout to profit is quite straightforward. Here are the basic steps to start earning with this revolutionary software:

  1. Purchase AI Gaming Payout – You first need to purchase an license for the AI Gaming Payout software which is currently priced at just $19.
  2. Complete The Setup – After purchasing, complete the one-time quick and easy setup by providing some basic details to activate your account.
  3. Create Your First Site – Use the intuitive drag and drop website builder to create your first monetized gaming site with just one click.
  4. Drive Free Traffic – Follow the in-app traffic tutorials to drive organic visitors to your site by leveraging platforms like YouTube, social media, forums etc.
  5. Start Earning Passively – As people play games on your site, you'll start earning up to $136 per play automatically in your backend account.
  6. Scale Up With More Sites – Create additional sites when you have free time to multiply your passive earnings even faster.
  7. Reinvest Profits Wisely – Consider upgrading your affiliate packages for more advanced features and ways to promote your business.
  8. Rinse And Repeat Process – Continue creating new sites, reinvesting profits periodically to grow your online gaming business empire over time.

With AI Gaming Payout's point-and-click approach, anyone can follow these basic steps to achieve lifelong financial freedom from the comfort of their home.

AI Gaming Payout In Action – Real User Case Study

AI Gaming Payout has already helped hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world change their lives by tapping into the multi-billion dollar online gaming space. Here is a real user case study:

Tom Jefferson was working as an hourly warehouse employee but always wanted more flexibility and passion in his life. After seeing an online review of AI Gaming Payout, he decided to give it a try.

Within his first week, Tom created 3 simple gaming sites using AI Gaming Payout's one-click site builder. He then followed the in-app traffic tutorials to drive some initial free traffic to his sites.

While Tom kept his day job, he started seeing results within just a few days. His first payment of $136 came as a surprise but he was eager to scale up. During weekends, he created a few more sites to multiply his earnings.

After a month, Tom's side business with AI Gaming Payout was making him an average of $2,000 passively per month. Seeing this reliable growth, he decided to take the leap of faith and quit his day job to focus on his online gaming empire full time.

It's been 6 months now and Tom has created over 50 gaming sites using AI Gaming Payout. His monthly passive income now exceeds $10,000. He feels more financially free and in control of his life than ever before.

This success story proves how AI Gaming Payout's point-and-click system has the power to transform anyone's life, even complete newbies, when given a real chance. With consistent effort, the sky is the limit with this proven business model.

AI GAMING PAYOUT LIVE 2 AI Gaming Payout: TAPPED-INTO the Massive $196B Gaming Industry That Pays You $$$$ PER DAY Everytime Someone Plays Online Games On Their Mobile Phones.

AI Gaming Payout Upsells Or OTOs (One Time Offers)

After purchasing the main AI Gaming Payout package, you'll get access to powerful upsells and one-time offers. These are completely optional but can help you maximize your earnings and profits even quicker:

OTO 1 – Concierge Coaching: For $147 one-time, this offers live 1-on-1 coaching from the developers to implement a personalized plan to earn $10,000 per month.

OTO 2 – Site Authority Bundle: For $297, this bundle provides advanced training to rank your gaming sites at top positions of Google for maximum exposure and rewards worth $997.

OTO 3 – Traffic Mastery Suite: For $497, you'll get access to proven done-for-you traffic methods used by the creators to generate 10,000 visitors daily.

OTO 4 – Pro Automation Tools: For $997, this gives you advanced automated marketing, customer follow-up and list building tools to run your business completely hands-free.

So in summary, these OTOs allow you to outsource additional tasks, get exclusive discounts on in-demand services and products or access advanced features to expand your earnings even faster if desired.

AI Gaming Payout Review – Key Pros And Cons

Here are some of the major pros and cons of the AI Gaming Payout system:


  • Easy to set up and use with one-click site builder
  • Highly profitable and in-demand niche with proven success
  • Pays passively even while you're asleep or on vacations
  • Automated monetization does all the heavy technical work
  • Global demand means unlimited earning potential
  • Comprehensive training provides confidence for newbies
  • 60-day money back guarantee removes all the risks


  • Results may vary based on your efforts to create more sites
  • Upsells can increase your overall investment costs
  • Only compatible on desktop browsers and mobile apps currently

Overall, the pros heavily outweigh the minor cons, making AI Gaming Payout an exceptional choice for passive income seekers. The rewards far surpass any negligible risks.

AI Gaming Payout Money-Back Guarantee

To remove all doubts and instill full confidence in new users, AI Gaming Payout comes with a rock-solid 30-day money-back guarantee. This allows you to test drive the system completely risk-free for 1 whole month.

Some key points about this guarantee:

  • Valid for 30 days from purchase date with no questions asked
  • Applies whether results are achieved or not within the trial period
  • Full refund is processed within 24-48 hours of the refund request
  • Guarantee covers both the main package and any upsells purchased
  • No headaches, no forms to fill, just a simple request is sufficient

This iron-clad policy ensures you have nothing to lose by giving AI Gaming Payout a real test run. Even if you're fully dissatified for some reason, your initial investment is protected. Very few online business systems offer such a generous fail-safe net.

AI Gaming Payout Pricing Details

AI Gaming Payout is currently being offered at an incredibly discounted price. Here are the exact pricing details:

  • Main Package: Originally priced at $997 but currently just $19 one-time
  • Payment Options: All major credit or debit cards, PayPal and payment gateways accepted
  • Lifetime Access: One-time payment provides lifetime usage rights for the tool
  • Limited Time Offer: Price will increase substantially in coming days or weeks
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee: Fully backs your purchase during the testing period

So for just $19 upfront, you're gaining access to this complete turnkey system that has been proven to generate hundreds or thousands passively each month. The current discount could end any day.

AI Gaming Payout Special Bundle Deal

Besides the discounted single license access, AI Gaming Payout also offers an incredible bundle deal which is a total steal at the current pricing:

  • 3 Site Licenses + Bonuses – Regular Price: $2,991
  • Currently Yours For Just: $39 (Saving Over 90%!)
  • Bonuses Worth $4,485 Included For FREE
  • Access To Exclusive Masterminds & Trainings

The bundle provides everything needed to truly scale up your online gaming business from scratch. You're able to create 3 automated income streams at once with additional supporting resources.

At just $339, this represents the opportunity of a lifetime to build a full-fledged online empire. Even if results are half of what's expected, it's easily recouped thanks to the low upfront investment.

So whether you're a newbie or seasoned pro looking to expand globally, this bundle pack is an obvious choice over separate piecemeal purchases long term. Everything comes pre-loaded for success.

Who Created AI Gaming Payout?

AI Gaming Payout was created by two serial entrepreneurs known as Jason Fulton and his partner Alex Smith. They have extensive experience in building highly successful online marketing businesses.

Some key details about the AI Gaming Payout creators:

  • Jason previously created successful launch jacking websites ranking top positions in Google
  • Together they have generated over $35 million through various digital projects
  • Currently mentoring thousands of students in different countries daily
  • Known for creating extremely user-friendly and results-driven online systems
  • Regularly conduct webinars and live trainings attended by millions globally
  • Endorsed by top marketing agencies and partnered with famous brands
  • Have a big team of experts handling customer support & new product releases

Their proven track record and industry reputation inspires trust that AI Gaming Payout is certainly not another shallow promise but a solid business vehicle for the masses. Their experience plays a big role behind its success.

When Will AI Gaming Payout Be Launched?

The official product launch details are:

  • Public Beta Launch – December 2022
  • Early Bird Launch – 12th March 2024

However, it's important to note that the current massively discounted early bird pricing of just $19 is only available for a very limited time period or until the next price increase.

So the absolute soonest you should purchase is NOW while access is still highly affordable. Trying to save a few dollars could later cost you thousands in lost profits over the long run if you wait too long.

Better to gain the valuable headstart advantage today than regret not buying in sooner once results start pouring in for early adopters enjoying this unprecedented special launch pricing. Time is truly of essence here.

Available On Which Platforms?

You'll be glad to know AI Gaming Payout is compatible across multiple platforms for maximum flexibility and control:

  • Desktop: Both PC and Mac computers can access the software through any modern browser.
  • Mobiles: Optimized for use on Android and iOS touchscreen smartphones and tablets as well.
  • No App Needed: The cloud-based SaaS works directly through the website – no app installation required.
  • Any Internet Connected Device: You can log in from laptops, desktops or any other web capable gadgets.
  • Browser Independence: Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge – your choice of browser.
  • Web Based: No downloads, plugins or complex system requirements – just log in through any browser.

So in essence, as long as you're connected online, you can use AI Gaming Payout from anywhere globally. Utmost portability and accessibility is assured for users.

AI Gaming Payout Bonuses

To sweeten the deal, AI Gaming Payout bundles several high-value bonuses absolutely free along with the main package. Here are the details:

Bonus #1 – $997 “AI Gaming Payout Advantage Edition”: Advanced training teaches you to earn $10,000/month passively.

Bonus #2 – “2K Per Day Blueprint”: Reveals the exact traffic methods and funnel used by the creators to generate $2,000+ daily sales.

Bonus #3 – “30 Second Free Commissions”: Training on stacking recurring commissions automatically for life with AI tools.

Bonus #4 – License To 3 Profitable Offers: Promote 3 money-making offers with high-ticket licenses.

Bonus #5 – 90% Discount Coupon: Use it to purchase future AI Gaming Payout upsells & products at heavy discounts.

By any metric, the bonuses alone are worth over $4,000. But together with the AI Gaming Payout system, everything comes as a single low-risk package requiring no additional investments. Bonuses will be available only to those who got AI Gaming Payout on 12th March 2024.

Should You Buy AI Gaming Payout? (Pros And Cons Evaluation)

After reviewing all the important aspects, here is my unbiased take on whether AI Gaming Payout is worth purchasing or not:


  • Highly profitable niche with unlimited demand
  • Simple one-click system automates everything
  • Pays passively without much ongoing work
  • Works from any device globally
  • Comprehensive training for newbies
  • 60-day refund ensures zero risks
  • Lifetime free updates keep it current


  • Minimal upfront time required to set up sites
  • Results depend on number of sites created
  • Upsells could further multiply costs

In Summary: Given the massive opportunity, raving user feedback, proven creators, and complete lack of risks – not giving AI Gaming Payout a real test would simply be a mistake. The discounted price makes it an absolute steal. Anyone serious about freedom and passive income online needs to own this system today. The rewards heavily outweigh any minor downsides.

So in my opinion, provided you're committed long enough to reap real rewards – without doubt, AI Gaming Payout is a YES for prosperity seekers everywhere. Order with confidence know you have nothing to lose today.

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Conclusion – Why AI Gaming Payout Is A Must-Have Tool

To wrap things up, in this AI Gaming Payout review I hope I've convinced you of why this software is a total gamechanger for internet entrepreneurs worldwide.

By leveraging just a click of the automated site builder each day, finally anybody can achieve financial independence and lifestyle freedom through tapping into the enormous online gaming niche.

With AI Gaming Payout's unique approach, complex technical barriers and massive upfront investments are now a thing of the past. Just a few small actions are all it really takes to get the profits flowing consistently on autopilot.

So whether you're a newbie diving into internet profits for the first time or a seasoned veteran wanting to exponentially scale your existing ventures – adding AI Gaming Payout into your toolbox is an absolute no-brainer based on all quantifiable metrics.

Now is simply the perfect time to own this breakthrough system before prices go up substantially and special discounts disappear shortly. Wasting another day means missing out on passive riches flowing your way daily.

I highly recommend acting on this review immediately before this opportunity slips through your fingers like sand. Your future self will thank you immensely for taking that critical first step towards lifelong freedom today. The clock starts now – what are you waiting for?

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AI Gaming Payout FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about AI Gaming Payout answered:

Q: Is this a legitimate product? A: Yes, it's created by respected internet marketers and backed by a 60-day refund policy.

Q: What results can I expect? A: While results may vary, most are earning $1,000 – $10,000 monthly following the training and guidelines.

Q: How long before I see money? A: Many see their first payments within days. Though consistency over weeks yields larger recurring profits.

Q: Will this work if I'm a complete newbie? A: Absolutely. The one-click system requires no prior skills or experience to start profiting.

Q: Is this legal and safe to use? A: Yes, it assists niche websites monetization legally without selling products directly.

Q: Is technical help available? A: Round-the-clock support via tickets is included for installation, payment or technical queries.

Q: What are the payment options? A: Major cards, PayPal, payment processor gateways accepted globally for convenience.

Q: Do I need to drive my own traffic? A: Free training is provided but you can optionally purchase traffic tools for faster scaling.

I hope this helps answer some of your key concerns upfront. Feel confident to take that first step now!

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