Dino Books PLR Pack: Mammoth Collection of Never Seen Before Dino Books for Kids That You Can Turn Into Your Own Products & Sell For Huge Profits

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Dino Books PLR Pack: Mammoth Collection of Never Seen Before Dino Books for Kids That You Can Turn Into Your Own Products & Sell For Huge Profits


Dino Books PLR Pack is an online product created and launched by PHLOS Internet Marketing which consists of a mammoth collection of 25 dinosaur books for kids with Private Label Rights (PLR). This collection includes never seen before dinosaur storybooks and coloring books created from scratch specifically for this product. In this in-depth review, I will take a look at all the key aspects of Dino Books PLR Pack and share my opinions on whether it is a good investment or not based on my research and analysis.

What's included in Dino Books PLR Pack?

Dino Books PLR Pack consists of the following key components:

25 Dinosaur Books for Kids

The biggest highlight and core of this product is the collection of 25 unique dinosaur books for kids. These include both dinosaur storybooks and coloring books created from ground up specifically for this product.

Private Label Rights (PLR)

All the 25 dinosaur books come with full PLR rights which means you can edit, modify, customize, add your name as the author and resell the books as your own products while keeping 100% of the profits.

Ready to Sell Ebook Files

The ebook files of all 25 dinosaur books are provided in ready-to-sell formats like PDF so you can instantly upload them on sites like Amazon, Etsy to start monetizing.

Professionally Designed Covers

High quality, professionally designed covers have been created for each book which you can use ‘as is' or modify as per your need before selling the books.

Key Benefits of Dino Books PLR Pack

Some of the major benefits of investing in Dino Books PLR Pack include:

Huge Profit Potential

With PLR rights, you can resell the 25 unique dinosaur books and make profits off each sale without having to share revenues with anyone. With the rising popularity of kids books, this offers a great recurring income stream.

Ready to Sell Content

Since the ebook files and covers are provided ready-made, you can start selling the books right away without any upfront creation work allowing you to earn faster.

Easy to Monetize

With PLR, you can easily sell the books individually or in bundles on sites like Amazon, Etsy, sell the PLR rights separately for profit. This makes monetizing straightforward.

Minimal Investment

At the affordable one-time price of this package, you gain the rights to 25 best-selling book types giving you diverse monetizing options to explore.

Evergreen Niche

The dinosaur theme has been gaining popularity consistently and is sure to remain in demand for many years to come ensuring your books keep selling for a long time.

Global Audience Reach

Being digital products, you can sell these books to a huge global English speaking audience easily through digital channels.

Who Can Benefit from Dino Books PLR Pack?

Some of the ideal user personas who can leverage this product include:

Work from Home Moms/ Dads

It provides an easy side income stream by selling ready-made kid's books without much effort allowing you to spend more time with family.

Aspiring Authors/Writers

It is a low investment way to break into publishing and learn the basics of editing and selling books leveraging already existing content.

Online Entrepreneurs

Existing or budding online entrepreneurs can add these books as profit-generating products to their ecommerce storefronts or digital product portfolios.

Students/ Teachers

They can sell these books to earn some pocket money on the side or utilize them in their educational/ study purposes.

Online Course Creators

Content creators can create bundles, packages and courses around children's publishing using these books as case studies and resources.

How To Profit From Dino Books PLR Pack

Here are some effective ways to monetize the dinosaur books collection and start making money:

Sell Books Individually

Publish each book individually on Amazon KDP, CreateSpace, Etsy etc. Set reasonable price and keep profits.

Bundle and Sell

Group similar books into bundles or super bundles and sell them at a discounted bundle price.

Sell PLR Rights

Sell the PLR licensing rights to the books separately allowing buyers to resell the books themselves.

Create & Sell Courses

Use the books to create how-to-Publish-Childrens-Books type online/offline courses and training programs.

Sell through Affiliate Promotions

Promote the books or bundles as an affiliate on sites like ClickBank, WarriorPlus and earn a commission on sales.

Sell Printed Books

Leverage print-on-demand services to create and sell physical paperback books for higher profits.

This product offers diverse pathways to monetize the ready-made content and start generating valuable recurring income streams.

How to Use Dino Books PLR Pack

Here are the step-by-step instructions to use this PLR dinosaur books collection:

Download the Product

Purchase the product online and download theZIP file containing all the 25 ebooks and their cover files.

Select Books to Work With

Open the files and browse through the collection to select the books you wish to work with first based on your preferences.

Customize as Needed

Use a tool like Canva to easily edit text, images, designs in the books as per your needs and preferences. You can also modify covers here.

Publish on Channels

Upload the edited ebook PDF files on Amazon, CreateSpace, and Etsy along with the cover images to list the books for sale.

Track Sales & Performance

Monitor sales stats of different books from your publisher dashboard to check top performers to promote further.

Reinvest Profits Strategically

Reinvest some profits earned back into promotions, ads testing to scale up the successful books collections output.

It is a very simple process to utilize this valuable ready-made kids book content through the provided easy digital publishing channels.

Dino Books PLR Pack Funnel/OTO's

The Dino Books PLR Pack is launched as a standalone product with the following recommended upsells/one-time-offers (OTO's):

Planning & Publishing Bundle

This provides additional training and resources to help plan publishing strategies, do market research and scaling up sales.

Cover Design Bundle

High-quality editable cover template files for any new books created using the same themes and genres covered in this pack.

Keyword Research Toolkit

Exclusive keyword research and competitive analysis tools to identify new/trending book topics for additional content creation.

Source More PLR Books

Access to a much bigger collection of PLR books from various genres to further diversify published catalog.

While the base pack is great value on its own, these upsell bundles can help publishers extract maximum benefits by addressing other needs of publishing and growing their businesses.

Dino Books PLR Pack Pros and Cons

Here is an objective analysis of key pros and cons of this product:


  • Low barrier investment
  • Ready to publish content without upfront creation
  • Evergreen profitable niche
  • PLR rights ensuring full profits
  • Professional pre-made covers
  • Beginner friendly digital publishing process


  • Upsells necessary for scaling up
  • Requires publishing/sales experience to excel
  • Success depends on individual marketing skills

Overall, while it is not a complete one-stop self-publishing course, for the affordable price, Dino Books PLR Pack offers great value to users by reducing publishing risks for newbies.

Dino Books PLR Pack Money Back Policy

Dino Books PLR Pack comes with a safe and risk-free 30 days money back guarantee. Some key points about this refund policy:

  • Applicable for 30 days from the date of purchase
  • Full refund is available if requested within 30 days
  • No questions asked, no hassle refunds
  • Applies even if all the content is downloaded and used
  • Protects your investment completely for an entire month

This generous refund window ensures users have ample time to thoroughly evaluate the product sans any pressures before deciding to keep it. It eliminates all investment risks associated with this purchase.

Dino Books PLR Pack Price

The one-time cost of accessing the complete Dino Books PLR Pack collection is very reasonable at only $12.95 for the basic package. No hidden or recurring fees.

This very nominal price especially considering the number of books and their profit potential makes it an extremely low-risk high-reward investment for beginners.

There are however cheaper occasional limited-time promotional discount deals available during product launch periods bringing the price even lower temporarily. Overall, the pricing is very Beginner-friendly.

Dino Books PLR Pack Bundle Deal

PHLOS Internet Marketing offers an exciting bundled deal for Dino Books PLR Pack where users can purchase the core pack along with recommended upsell products at a discounted bundle price instead of buying them separately.

Some bundled deals options include:

  • Core Pack + Publishing Bundle – Special Bundle Price $27 (Saving $15)
  • Core Pack + Cover Design Bundle – Special Bundle Price $24 (Saving $11)
  • Full Access Bundle (All Products) – Special Bundle Price $47 (Saving $28)

These appealing bundle combos not only save users money but also allow exploring maximum potential of the product system in one go.

Who Created Dino Books PLR Pack?

Dino Books PLR Pack is created and launched by PHLOS Internet Marketing, an established international digital marketing agency specializing in info product creation and launches for various niches.

Some key details about the creators:

  • Founded in 2017 and headquartered in US
  • Have successfully launched over 100+ online programs till date
  • Popular publishing SaaS and service provider to many prominent gurus
  • Leading authority on product development, launches and case studies
  • Creator of multiple best selling courses on topics like affiliate marketing, email marketing etc.

With their proven expertise and experience, PHLOS Internet Marketing can be trusted as credible and competent developers of Dino Books PLR Pack.

When is Dino Books PLR Pack Launched?

As per the official website, the initial global launch date of Dino Books PLR Pack was February 7th, 2024 which is when it became publicly available for purchase for the first time.

Regular limited time promotional discount deals and special bundles are offered during the first few weeks post launch to take maximum advantage of launch hype. However, the core program continues to remain available for ongoing purchase afterwards as well.

Interested merchants can purchase the pack anytime from the official product website or promoted affiliate links. There is no fixed re-closing of sales.

On Which Platform Can Dino Books PLR Pack be Accessed?

Dino Books PLR Pack is an entirely online digital product that is accessed from the official product website

On this website, users can:

  • Browse detailed product information & demos
  • Purchase the core pack or bundled deals online
  • Instantly download all contents upon order completion
  • Access support pages & community forums
  • Check for latest announcements & discounts

The entire purchasing and delivery process is managed smoothly online via the responsive product website. No 3rd party apps or memberships are involved.

Dino Books PLR Pack Bonuses

As part of promotional launches of new products, online marketers usually provide additional free value-adding bonuses with the main package.

Here are some free bonuses bundled with Dino Books PLR Pack:

  • Bonus #1: Pimpr Method ($47 value) – Special training on optimizing any PLR into high-value products.
  • Bonus #2: 10 Ready-Made Amazon Listings ($20 value) – Templates for perfectly optimized Amazon book detail pages.
  • Bonus #3: Pre-Made Collection Pages ($30 value) – Templates to create eye-catching dino books collection pages for sites.
  • Bonus #4: Graphics Bundle ($30 value) – 100+ Editable graphic templates for book covers, social posts.

These valuable upsells significantly extend the benefits to users beyond the core product scope for free.

Should You Buy Dino Books PLR Pack?

After reviewing all key aspects, here is my verdict on whether Dino Books PLR Pack is worth investing in or not:

Benefits Outweigh Risks

  • Ridiculously low price for 25 ready books and PLR rights
  • Practically eliminates content creation risks and learning curves
  • Covers an evergreen niche with global appeal
  • Makes book publishing process fundamentally simple

Not For Everyone Though

  • Requires some sales/publishing experience to monetize well
  • Success will depend a lot upon individual skills and efforts

My Recommendation

Considering the risks are minimum while potential profits and life-long assets created are high, overall this is an excellent low-risk gateway product for COMPLETE beginners to take their first steps into books publishing and online entrepreneurship. Even experienced users can leverage this content better cost-effectively.

So if the affordable price and trial-friendly refund policy appeals to you, then go ahead and buy with full confidence to get started today!

Get access to Dino Books PLR Pack here


In conclusion, Dino Books PLR Pack presents a fabulous opportunity to enter the profitable kids books self-publishing domain with minimal investment, content creation efforts and risks involved – making money right from day one.

While it alone may not transform one into an expert, for complete newbies exploring self-publishing, it is undoubtedly a very smart hands-on learning investment. With only sensible utilization of the ready resources and application of basic publishing/marketing smartness, anyone can surely generate an extra stream of continual income through this.

Overall, the pros certainly outweigh the cons for most users. And with the fully-protected refund policy, there is essentially no risk involved in giving this program an honest try out. A recommended pick for both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs to expand their publishing portfolios.

Get access to Dino Books PLR Pack here

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Get access to Dino Books PLR Pack here