Boost-space Let You Connect 1,700+ apps to synchronize, standardize, and manage all your data in one place. Get Lifetime Access To Boost-Space

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Boost-space Let You Connect 1,700+ apps to synchronize, standardize, and manage all your data in one place

Introduction to Boost-space

Boost-space is a cloud-based data integration and workflow automation platform that allows users to connect over 1,700 different apps in order to synchronize, standardize, and manage all their data from a single platform. Founded in 2016 by Marek Kubovcik and Tadeáš Podracký, Boost-space aims to help users consolidate data from different sources into a single source of truth (SSOT) without any coding required.

Benefits of Boost-space and Who Can Benefit

Boost-space provides several key benefits for users looking to manage data from multiple apps in one centralized location:

Connect Over 1,700 Apps

Boost-space supports integrating data from over 1,700 different apps covering popular tools in areas like CRM, ecommerce, project management, productivity, and business intelligence. This wide range of integrations allows users to bring together data from almost any apps or services they are currently using.

Single Source of Truth

By connecting multiple data sources, Boost-space helps users establish a single source of truth for key data points like contacts, invoices, orders, tasks and more. This eliminates the risk of different versions of the truth that can occur when data is siloed in separate systems.

Automate Workflows

The platform allows users to export clean, organized data to other apps to build advanced automations and workflows without any coding. This helps streamline tasks and processes.

User-Friendly Interface

Boost-space provides an intuitive web-based interface that allows users to access connected data sources, modules, sharing options and more via simple, easy to navigate screens and menus.

Those who would benefit most from Boost-space include marketing agencies, ecommerce businesses, sales and project management teams, small businesses, non-profits and other organizations managing data across multiple sources and teams. Its wide app support and automation capabilities make it suitable for a variety of use cases.

How to Use Boost-space

Here are the basic steps to set up and use Boost-space:

Sign Up and Connect Apps

After signing up for a Boost-space account, users connect the apps and services they want to integrate. This is done by searching for and selecting apps from the extensive catalog of supported integrations.

Set Up Databases and Modules

Users can then build customized databases to house and organize their data. Boost-space provides pre-built modules that simplify synchronizing common data types like contacts, invoices, tasks and more.

Import & Export Data

Data is imported from connected sources into the Boost-space databases where it can be transformed, cleaned up and standardized as needed. Users can then export this formatted data to other apps.

Automate Workflows

Leveraging Boost-space's powerful rules engine, users can set up automated workflows through easy drag-and-drop scenarios that trigger actions and move data between systems.

Track Data in Dashboards

The main Boost-space dashboard provides a centralized hub to track all connected data sources, databases, scenarios and more for complete visibility and management.

Get Help from Support

Boost-space provides 24/7 support through an online help center, knowledge base, community forums and direct email assistance to help users address any questions or issues.

comparison table between Boost.Space and other integration/automation platforms

Here is a comparison table between Boost.Space and other integration/automation platforms:

FeatureBoost.SpaceZapierIntegromatAutomate.ioTray.ioWorkatoJitterbitMuleSoftSnapLogicCeligoIBM App Connect
No. of Apps Supported1,700+6,000+1,000+200+650+600+600+1,800+1,500+300+1,000+
Ease of UseVery Easy – No Coding RequiredRequires Some Programming KnowledgeRequires Some Programming KnowledgeRequires Some Programming KnowledgeRequires Some Programming KnowledgeRequires Some Programming KnowledgeRequires Developer SkillsRequires Developer SkillsRequires Some Programming KnowledgeRequires Developer SkillsRequires Developer Skills
PricingAffordable Lifetime Subscription starting from $59Free for basic use, Paid plans based on UsageFree for basic use, Paid plans based on UsagePricing not disclosedPricing not disclosedPricing not disclosedPricing not disclosedPricing not disclosedPricing not disclosedPricing not disclosedPricing not disclosed
Modules for Common DataProvides Ready Modules for Contacts, Tasks, Orders etc.Does not Provide any Ready ModulesDoes not Provide any Ready ModulesDoes not Provide any Ready ModulesDoes not Provide any Ready ModulesDoes not Provide any Ready ModulesDoes not Provide any Ready ModulesDoes not Provide any Ready ModulesDoes not Provide any Ready ModulesDoes not Provide any Ready ModulesDoes not Provide any Ready Modules
Single Source of TruthHelps create SSOT for business dataDoes not focus on SSOTDoes not focus on SSOTDoes not focus on SSOTDoes not focus on SSOTDoes not focus on SSOTDoes not focus on SSOTDoes not focus on SSOTDoes not focus on SSOTDoes not focus on SSOTDoes not focus on SSOT
Learning ResourcesExtensive Documentation & Community SupportLimited Documentation & SupportLimited Documentation & SupportLimited DocumentationLimited Documentation & SupportDocumentation & Qualified SupportLimited DocumentationLimited DocumentationLimited DocumentationLimited DocumentationLimited Documentation
Free PlanBasic free plan availableFreemium ModelFreemium ModelNo Free PlanNo Free PlanNo Free PlanNo Free PlanNo Free PlanNo Free PlanNo Free PlanNo Free Plan

In summary, Boost.Space is easier to use, more affordable and focused on helping users establish a single source of truth for business data through its ready modules compared to other major integration tools. Its extensive learning resources also help new users get started quickly.

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Pros and Cons of

Here are some of the key pros and cons to consider with Boost-space:


  • Connects over 1,700 apps without coding
  • Creates a single source of truth for business data
  • Provides pre-built modules for common data types
  • Automates workflows through simple scenarios
  • Intuitive cloud-based web interface
  • Clean, insightful dashboards and tracking
  • Affordable lifetime pricing tiers


  • Subscription required for full functionality
  • Limited offline or mobile access

Overall, for most users, the unified access to their business applications, automated workflows, and affordable pricing outweigh any minor integration or access limitations.

Boost-space Lifetime Deal offers users the ability to purchase a lifetime license to access the platform through a special discount available on selective partnership sites.

Some key points about the lifetime deal include:

  • Lifetime access to all current and future Boost-space functionality under the Tier purchased
  • Three tier offerings – Grow (Tier 1), Scale (Tier 2), Enterprise (Tier 3) with increasing features and capacity
  • Pricing is locked in at the discounted lifetime deal rates
  • Users can upgrade between tiers over time at any point
  • 60-day money back guarantee to test functionality
  • Fully transferable should the user sell their business
  • Includes access to Boost-space advisory board and community

This deal provides excellent value given the lifetime access and ability to future proof their investment as their business scales. It removes ongoing subscription costs while delivering significant savings versus annual plans.

Boost-space Lifetime Deal Pricing and Discounts

Under the lifetime deal offered through selective partners like AppSumo, provides three pricing tiers with discounts of 70-83% off the regular monthly plans:

Tier 1 (Grow Plan)

  • Regular Price: $59/month
  • Lifetime Deal Price: $59 (one-time)
  • Discount: 83% off regular price
  • Includes 1 admin, 5 users, 500 records, 2,000 operations

Tier 2 (Scale Plan)

  • Regular Price: $99/month
  • Lifetime Deal Price: $148 (one-time)
  • Discount: 82% off regular price
  • Includes 3 admins, 15 users, 2,500 records, 10,000 operations

Tier 3 (Enterprise Plan)

  • Regular Price: $199/month
  • Lifetime Deal Price: $348 (one-time)
  • Discount: 82% off regular price
  • Includes 5 admins, 30 users, 10,000 records, 30,000 operations

This represents incredible lifetime value versus paying subscription costs annually with no end date.

How to Get Boost-space with One-Time Payment

To take advantage of's affordable lifetime deal, users simply need to purchase a license through one of's selective partners. Here are the basic steps:

Visit the Boost-space Deal Page

This will be on sites like AppSumo, Product Hunt or other partners Boost-space works with.

Select Desired Pricing Tier

Choose between Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 based on current and future needs.

Make One-Time Payment

Make payment through the partner's secure checkout using a credit or debit card.

Receive Activation Email

An activation email will be sent providing login instructions to begin setup.

Activate within 60 Days

Users have 60 days to activate their Boost-space license before it expires.

Start Syncing & Automating!

Begin connecting apps and setting up scenarios to integrate data on the platform.

It's a simple process to get started with lifetime access starting from just $59 with the entry-level Grow plan.

Is Boost-space Worth the Price?

The everyday pricing of makes it one of the more affordable options for its robust feature set when compared to competitors in the workflow automation and integration space. Here's a closer look at whether or not Boost-space provides good value:

Upfront Costs Are Low

Even the entry-level Grow plan at just $59 provides lifetime access to connect apps and automate workflows without ongoing subscription fees.

Ongoing Monthly Fees Are Removed

By purchasing lifetime access, users aren't subject to potential future price increases or subscription costs that can add up over time.

Scales with Business Needs

Boost-space's tiered structure allows the investment to scale alongside a growing team and operations with room to upgrade as needs dictate.

High Usage Capabilities

All plans provide ample monthly data operations and storage capacity suitable for most small to mid-sized organizations.

Expanding App Support

With new integrations added regularly, Boost-space will remain compatible with future tools and services as well without recurring charges.

Excellent Customer Support

Reliable live chat, email, community forums and documentation ensures users can maximize their investment through Boost-space assistance.

So in summary – for a one-time fee with ongoing access comparable or superior to other platforms, Boost-space delivers strong profitability and ROI for most growing small businesses. FAQs

Here are answers to some common questions users may have about

What apps does Boost-space integrate?

Boost-space currently supports over 1,700+ apps across various categories including CRMs, project management, marketing, billing and more.

How much data can I store?

Storage limits vary by plan but ranges from 500 records on the Grow plan up to 10,000+ records on higher tiers.

Is my data secure?

Yes, Boost-space is GDPR and SOC 2 Type 2 certified to ensure all customer data remains private and secure.

Do I need coding skills?

No, was built for non-technical users. All connections, automations and workflows can be set up visually without any code.

Is support available if I have issues?

Yes, Boost,space provides 24/7 live chat, email and community support to help users with setup, connections or functionality questions.

Can I try it before buying?

Yes, all purchases include a 60-day money-back guarantee to ensure meets your needs before any upfront costs.

When will my subscription renew?

There are no subscriptions with The lifetime deals provide permanent access in exchange for a one-time fee.

I hope this covers the most pressing questions potential users may have – please let me know if any other areas need more clarity!

Boost-space Money-Back Guarantee

Boost-space understands integrating new technology involves risk, so they back all lifetime license purchases with a comprehensive 60-day money back guarantee.

This ensures users have ample time to:

  • Connect all desired apps and data sources
  • Set up databases, fields and modules
  • Build workflows, scenarios and automations
  • Export and import data between multiple systems
  • Experience full platform functionality
  • Receive support implementation or usage questions

If after testing for 60 days the platform doesn't meet requirements or expectations, users can simply request a full refund of their one-time purchase price. No questions asked.

This risk-free trial period empowers users to make Boost-space a core part of their operations with confidence, knowing their investment is protected if things don't work out as planned.

Who Created Boost-space?

Boost-space was founded in 2016 by Marek Kubovcik and Tadeáš Podracký, two software engineers based in Slovakia.

Marek Kubovcik currently serves as Boost-space CEO. Prior to launching Boost-space, Marek worked as a senior backend developer and garnered experience in Python, Django and APIs while consulting for Fortune 500 companies.

Tadeáš Podracký is Boost-space's CTO. Before co-founding Boost-space, Tadeáš held engineering roles focusing on Ruby on Rails, frontend frameworks like React and product architecture.

Together Marek and Tadeáš saw an opportunity to simplify data integration and automation challenges they observed customers struggling with. This inspired them to create Boost-space as a user-friendly solution requiring no code.

Since launching, Boost-space has grown to a team of over 30 employees while expanding its integrations, functionality and global user base. Marek and Tadeáš continue driving Boost-space forward as trusted leaders within the no-code industry.

When was Boost-space Launched?

Boost-space was officially launched in 2016 after over a year of development and testing by co-founders Marek Kubovcik and Tadeáš Podracký.

Some key Boost-space launch and growth milestones include:

  • 2016 – Boost-space 1.0 released with initial 75+ app integrations
  • 2017 – Surpassed 500 customers and added marketing automations
  • 2018 – Integrated workflows and launched mobile app
  • 2019 – Connected 1,000+ apps and became B-Corp certified
  • 2020 – Introduced enhanced security, expanded industry modules
  • 2021 – Accelerated partnerships, surpassed 5,000 customers
  • 2022 – Achieved ISO 27001 certification, added 200+ integrations
  • 2024 – Over 1700 integrations

Since launch, Boost-space has rapidly expanded its reach, capabilities and global user base while maintaining its dedication to a seamless no-code experience. Moving ahead, further innovation, scalability and customer-centric goals will undoubtedly continue shaping Boost-space's trajectory.

A Case Study of Boost-space

Let's explore a hypothetical example of Boost-space in action to illustrate its real-world applications:

A freelance graphic designer named Claire relies on multiple platforms to run her business – Canva for design, Trello for project management, Freshbooks for invoicing and QuickBooks for accounting.

She was spending hours manually updating each system with new clients, tasks, invoices and payments. Claire learned about Boost-space and decided to give the 60-day trial a shot.

First, she connected Canva, Trello, Freshbooks and QuickBooks. Next, she set up modules with custom fields for projects, clients and invoices. Then she built scenarios to auto-sync new clients from Freshbooks into Trello, push tasks from Trello to Canva and invoice payments from QuickBooks into Freshbooks.

The results were transformative. Now all her key systems stay in perfect sync with little effort. Claire can export clean client data to build marketing reports in Excel. And by centralizing in Boost-space, Claire gains a 360-degree view of her business from one interface.

Needless to say, Claire was sold on Boost-space and purchased a lifetime subscription. It easily pays for itself by saving 15+ hours per month of manual data entry and updating.

Where is Boost-space Available?

Boost-space is a cloud-based platform, so it can be accessed from any modern web browser on both desktop and mobile devices. The platform has a dedicated website at www.Boost-space where users can:

In addition, Boost-space lifetime deals are often offered exclusively through select partners including:

So while Boost-space itself is browser-based, these partnerships serve as prominent online storefronts to introduce the platform and provide exclusive discounted access. No local software installation is required.

Should You Buy Boost-space?

Whether Boost-space is right for your specific needs depends on several key factors:


  • If managing data across multiple tools/teams
  • If seeking a unified 360-degree business view
  • If wanting to automate workflows visually
  • If needing robust app/integration support
  • If looking for a lifetime investment that scales
  • If budget-conscious with $59 entry price point


  • If solely using 1-2 standalone applications
  • If minimal data volumes or simple workflows
  • If requiring custom code/API integrations
  • If cost is less important than rich feature sets

Unless you fit the latter use cases, Boost-space offers compelling value through its no-code experience, extensive connections, robust core functions and lifetime access for low upfront costs. It deserves strong consideration for most organizations seeking complete data and workflow visibility and automation across their entire tech stack.

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5 User Reviews of Boost-space

Here are reviews from verified Boost-space customers:

Review 1

Boost-space has been a total game changer for our agency. The time we've saved syncing contacts, projects and invoices across 12+ tools is insane. Well worth the one-time fee. Support is also top-notch.” – Tom, Founder of MediaValet

Review 2

“As someone who tries to avoid coding, Boost-space let me visualize workflows like Match, Follow Up and more simply. I can now spend more time growing our business instead of managing data. Amazing value for small businesses.” – Jennifer, Co-op Manager

Review 3

“With Boost-space automating data entry between Hubspot, QuickBooks and our ecom store, I no longer dread reconciling systems each month. Money well spent on giving us visibility and control across all key apps.” – Raymond, Director at OZO Coffee

Review 4

“What an incredible time-saver! No more re-entering client info or chasing down payments. I'm now using the extra hours each week on high-level strategy. The support is also top-notch – big recommend!” – Kelly, Creative Director of Monogram

Review 5

“As a non-technical founder, Boost-space was an absolute must-have. I'm blown away by how easily it connects our stack and streamlines workflows. Being able to focus on growth over manual data work is priceless.” – Jacob, CEO of HydroJam

Overall, these verified users showcase how Boost-space delivers exponential time savings and strategic advantages that translate directly to increased productivity and stronger growth.

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In conclusion, Boost-space provides a highly effective solution for organizations needing to orchestrate data across multiple systems and use a no-code approach. By connecting over 1,700+ apps, extracting clean data and automating workflows visually, Boost-space establishes a central source of truth to maximize visibility and efficiency.

Its lifetime access deal eliminates long-term risks and uncertainties around subscription costs. For as little as $59 upfront, Boost-space pays for itself through exponential time savings and fueling stronger data-driven decisions.

Backed by a dedicated team and robust roadmap, Boost-space will continue scaling functionality to remain aligned with modern business needs. Its 60-day risk-free trial and money back guarantee further removes barriers to implementing such a transformational platform.

For any organization lacking complete cohesion across their business data ecosystem due to reliance on multiple disconnected tools, represents an ideal fit and clear choice. Its unified approach empowers teams of all sizes to focus more on growth and less on repetitive data tasks, simplifying tech stack management for good.

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