ECCO Review: The World’s First ChatGPT4-Powered App That Creates High-Quality AudioBooks and Podcasts Within Minutes.

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ECCO Review: The World's First ChatGPT4-Powered App That Creates High-Quality AudioBooks and Podcasts Within Minutes.
ECCO Review

AudioBooks and podcasts have grown significantly in popularity in recent years. However, creating high-quality audio content has traditionally involved significant time, effort, and money. ECCO aims to change that by leveraging the latest advances in AI and natural language processing to automate the audio content creation process. In this in-depth ECCO review, we'll break down its key features, benefits, pricing, and more to help you decide if it's worth using for your business or side hustle.

Introduction to ECCO

ECCO was created by entrepreneur and digital marketer Seyi Adeleke as the world's first ChatGPT4-powered app that can turn any URL, website, article, keyword, blog, or PDF into a high-quality audiobook or podcast within minutes using over 660 human voices and 80 different languages.

ECCO harnesses the power of natural language generation to automate tasks like script writing, voice acting, editing, and publishing that typically take human creators significant time and resources. With ECCO, entrepreneurs, marketers, authors, and more can leverage AI to profit from the booming audiobook and podcast industries with minimal effort.

Key Features of ECCO

Turn any content into an audioBook or podcast

ECCO allows users to input any online or offline content like a URL, document, article, or keyword and instantly generate a professional-quality audiobook or podcast from it. This feature alone saves hours of traditional audio content creation tasks.

Choose from over 660 human voices

For voice acting, ECCO provides over 660 different human voices for 47 different languages. Creators can preview the voices and choose the one that best suits their content and audience.

Automated script writing

ECCO automatically researches and writes high-quality scripts based on the inputted content, saving creators the hassle of scripting themselves or outsourcing the work.

Built-in marketplace with 2.3M users

Rather than limiting users to a single publisher like Audible, ECCO includes its own thriving marketplace with over 2.3 million active users where creations can be sold while keeping 100% of profits.

30-second audioBook/podcast creation

On average, ECCO can generate a completed audiobook or podcast file within just 30 seconds after content is inputted, making automated audio content creation extremely fast and efficient.

AI transcription and subtitle generation

ECCO can auto-generate transcripts and subtitles for audio creations in multiple languages, increasing their discoverability and accessibility.

Benefits of Using ECCO

No experience or technical skills required

ECCO simplifies the audio content creation process so that anyone can profit from the industry regardless of their technical background or prior experience.

100% passive income potential

Once initial creations are generated and published, ECCO allows users to earn income completely hands-free as creations are consumed and purchased.

Low barrier to entry

ECCO's simple one-time payments and lack of ongoing subscription fees make it affordable for almost any budget to get started profiting from audio.

Time-saving automation

By automating tasks like scripting, narration, publishing and more, ECCO allows users to profit from audio without extensive time investments like traditional models require.

Global audience reach

Creations can be generated in over 80 languages, opening the door for users to engage customers worldwide and access much larger potential markets.

Highly scalable

Users are not restricted to creating just one audio product. ECCO empowers scaling businesses by simplifying the automated generation of unlimited creations.

Monetization flexibility

In addition to selling through ECCO's marketplace, creations can also be published to other platforms like Audible, iTunes, and more for diverse income streams.

Free traffic and promotion

ECCO also provides some built-in traffic tools, and creators can run contests and promotions to boost engagement without spending extra on marketing.

Who Can Benefit from Using ECCO

  • Authors / Content creators: Automate audioBooks from written works or articles.
  • Bloggers: Monetize blogs and websites through voice recorded podcasts.
  • Local businesses: Generate service explainer audio for client acquisition and education.
  • Marketers: Create audio ads, VSLs, explainer videos and more using AI voices.
  • Students: Learn a new language or skill through interactive AI-generated audio lessons.
  • Coaches/consultants: Deliver premium content to clients in engaging podcast formats.
  • Entrepreneurs: Leverage ECCO for multiple online business models through audio upsells.

In summary, almost anyone can leverage ECCO to profit from audio regardless of their niche, industry or level of experience. Its intuitive design removes typical barriers to entry within audio industries.


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ECCO Pros and Cons


  • Extremely simple and intuitive one-click audio creation process.
  • Automates time-consuming tasks like scripting, voice acting, editing, publishing and more.
  • Allows scaling businesses through unlimited automated audio content generation.
  • Empowers profiting from the booming audiobook and podcast industries globally.
  • Provides lifetime commercial licenses for creations with no ongoing subscription fees.
  • Comes with a thriving built-in marketplace and embedded payment solutions.
  • Supports over 80 languages for reaching massive international audience pools.
  • Backed by a talented team of AI and digital marketing experts.


  • As an emerging technology, AI quality and consistency could improve over time.
  • Creators still need to do some setup and testing to optimize their ECCO workflows.

Overall, the pros seem to heavily outweigh the minor cons, especially considering ECCO's generous money-back guarantee for risk-averse users. Its automation capabilities alone make it a compelling solution for audio businesses.

How to Profit from ECCO

There are various proven ways creatives and entrepreneurs can leverage ECCO and its features to generate profitable passive income streams:

Sell audioBooks/podcasts through ECCO marketplace

This is the simplest approach. Users create and publish audio content which is optimized to appeal to the marketplace's 2.3M users and gets purchased, generating lifetime royalty revenue.

Monetize blogs and websites

Generate niche-related podcasts using ECCO, then embed and promote them on owned blogs/sites linked to affiliate networks for recurring advertising earnings.

Create audiobook upsell funnels

Bundle multiple audio creations together as OTO upgrades in high-converting digital product funnels to multiply profits per customer.

Launch audio-based membership sites

Offer unlimited audio content access or packaged paid memberships sites delivering premium automated audio courses and lessons.

Sell ECCO voiceovers as a service

Leverage ECCO's AI to quickly generate commercial-grade audio materials for clients wanting ads, explainer videos, VSLs, and more.

Affiliate marketing

Promote digital products or online courses to take advantage of recurring residual affiliate commissions.

In summary, there are many innovative ways ambitious creators can profit from audio content businesses without major startup costs or ongoing tech expenses using AI tools like ECCO. With some testing, the possibilities are highly scalable.

Using ECCO – A Step-by-Step Guide:

Here's a quick overview of the basic ECCO workflow:

  1. Sign up for a ECCO account through the website.
  2. Select the type of audio content you want to generate – audiobook or podcast.
  3. Input your source content – a URL, article, document, or keyword.
  4. Choose audioBook narration details like gender, language, theme.
  5. Let ECCO automatically create the script and voice recording.
  6. Optimize your audio book's title, description and metadata.
  7. Publish your creation to ECCO's marketplace or other platforms.
  8. Promote and drive targeted traffic using bonus tools and contests.
  9. Sit back and earn ongoing passive profits from sales and listens!
  10. Scale by generating unlimited books and podcasts through ECCO.

The great thing about ECCO is how efficient and simple it makes each step of the audio content creation process. With practice, users can easily optimize their workflow to produce high quality content at scale.

ECCO Funnels, OTOs, and Prices

ECCO employs multi-level OTO upsell funnels optimized for profiting users can access during the launch checkout process:

Front End – $17

Basic ECCO access to generate and publish 1 audioBook per month.

OTO 1 – Unlimited Creation – $67

Remove monthly restrictions for unlimited audio content production.

OTO 2 – Done For You Service – $297

Outsource audio content creation tasks through ECCO's AI assistants.

OTO 3 – Automation – $47

Unlock automation features for hands-free audio business growth.

OTO 4 – Swift Profits – $47

High-converting email templates and social media management.

OTO 5 – Limitless Traffic – $97

Powerful built-in AI-driven traffic tools.

OTO 6 – Agency License – $167

White label and manage multiple ECCO accounts as an agency.

This proven funnel structure provides multiple entry points for all budget levels to capitalize on various ECCO monetization models. Prices are very affordable considering the potential profits.

Comparing ECCO To Audacity and Other AudioBook Software

Here is a comparison table between ECCO and other popular audio editing/creation software:

FeatureECCOAuphonicDescriptAdobe PodcastHindenburg JournalistReaperAudacityGarageBandLogic Pro XPro ToolsTwistedWave
Automated Content Creation
Number of AI Voices660+
Languages Supported80+
Built-In Monetization
Experience RequiredNoneModerateModerateModerateModerateModerateModerateModerateAdvancedAdvancedAdvanced
Monthly/Yearly FeesNoYesYesYesYesNoFreeNoNoNoNo
Global Audience Reach
Automated Publishing
Profit PotentialHighLowLowLowLowLowLowLowLowLowLow
Comparing ECCO To Audacity and Other AudioBook Software

As seen above, ECCO stands above the competition by automating the entire audio content workflow and providing monetization opportunities through its thriving marketplace – empowering success for users of any skill or budget level. Its features make ECCO the clear top choice.


How long does it take to generate an audioBook with ECCO?

On average, it takes 30 seconds to generate a completed audiobook file once source content is inputted into ECCO. Some customization may increase this slightly.

What formats and files does ECCO output?

ECCO outputs high-quality MP3 files that are optimized for all major streaming platforms like Audible, Apple Podcasts etc. It also generates written transcripts in multiple languages.

Is the AI voice natural sounding?

ECCO utilizes over 660 human-like text-to-speech voices across 80+ languages. In blind listening tests, most people cannot distinguish the AI voices from real ones in terms of natural fluidity and clarity.

What if I want to use my own voice?

ECCO allows uploading a voice sample to generate custom AI voices that mimic a user's tone and accent. This opens possibilities for personalized voiceover businesses.

Is ECCO easy to use for non-tech entrepreneurs?

Yes, ECCO requires no technical skills. It has an extremely intuitive one-click interface designed so that anyone can generate premium audio content fast without a learning curve.

What is ECCO's refund policy if it doesn't work out?

ECCO backs its effectiveness with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If creators are unable to profit from the tool despite following best practices, they can request a full refund with no questions asked.

ECCO Pricing, Deals and Bundle

The basic Front-End access to ECCO is affordably priced at $17 for the launch period. This allows generating one audiobook per month.

During major product launches, exclusive bundle deals are also offered for discounted all-inclusive access to ECCO and all its upgrades/OTOs.

Current ECCO bundle deal prices are:

  • Front End – $16.95
  • ECCO Bundle – $297

This grants unlimited lifetime access to the entirety of ECCO's feature set in one simple package, removing all other individual upsell barriers and saving users over 90% total compared to standalone prices.

Considering ECCO's highly automated approach can empower scaling passive audio businesses, this one-time bundle investment is very reasonable for its potential lifelong income generating abilities.

Who Created ECCO?

ECCO was created by digital entrepreneur and influencer Seyi Adeleke, who is highly respected as a top 1% vendor on WarriorPlus consistently generating multiple 6 and 7 figures through various online business ventures and product launches over the past decade.

Adeleke partnered directly with leading AI researchers and engineers to develop ECCO's proprietary natural language model specifically optimized for audio content creation tasks. His elite team continues advancing the cutting-edge AI functionalities behind ECCO.

ECCO Launch Details

ECCO is expected to hold its global launch during February/March 2024 windows, offering time-sensitive early bird access at initially discounted introductory prices before potential future revisions.

The launch will occur through Adeleke's exclusive sales website and promoted aggressively across WarriorPlus, Facebook, YouTube, and all major social media networks to his extensive affiliate teams and audience.

Considering Adeleke's track record, ECCO is highly likely to become one of the top selling products on WarriorPlus upon launch, making this early opportunity to seize discounted premium lifetime access very promising for optimizing potential profits from ECCO going forward.

Where is ECCO Accessed?

After purchasing through the official sales page during the product launch period, life-time ECCO licenses are delivered digitally through an online dashboard portal on their website.

The web-based SaaS platform can be accessed from any modern browser on laptops or mobile devices. A mobile app version is also in development to optimize on-the-go audio content creation capabilities.

ECCO Bonuses

Purchasers of ECCO gain access to over $15,000 worth of elite bonuses designed to turbocharge their audio business profits when combined with ECCO's automation:

Bonus #1 – ECCO 6-Figure Blueprint ($1,997 value)

Get behind-the-scenes access to the exclusive ECCO system leveraged by top users to achieve 6-figure monthly incomes. Learn their proven methods during a live training event.

Bonus #2 – High-Ticket Audiobook Strategies ($997 value)

Discover the top resources for skyrocketing audio product sales and profits, including a high-converting opt-in page and sales funnels.

Bonus #3 – Social Media Automation ($497 value)

Leverage powerful automation to attract millions of engaged social followers driving free traffic to your ECCO marketplace without effort.

Bonus #4 – Amazon Audiobook Mastery ($697 value)

Become a top Amazon audiobook creator and publisher with this expert training, avoiding large cuts normally taken by Amazon.

Bonus #5 – Audiobook Affiliate Marketing ($997 value)

Learn simplified methods for monetizing your audio through affiliate promotions and building multiple income streams from a single creation.

Bonus #6 – Etsy Profits Secrets ($697 value)

Sell your audio creations endlessly on Etsy for continuous income by mastering this secret strategy.

Bonus #7 – Couponing Playbook ($497 value)

Gain a high-ticket expert audio course on maximizing coupon-based savings to extremes for lucrative product bundles.

Bonus #8 – AI Marketing Playbook

Attend an interactive workshop on integrating powerful AI automation across every aspect of audio business growth.

+10 Additional Profit-Boosting Bonuses

Worth thousands covering traffic, membership sites, blogging, and more elite tactical resources valued at over $15,000 in total.

Combined, this full bonus package provides all the assets needed to profit immensely from ECCO without limits. Purchasers receive everything for one affordable price.

Should You Buy ECCO?

If you're considering investing in ECCO but remain undecided, this section will help you weigh the factors for and against purchasing to determine if it's right for your goals.

Reasons You Should Buy ECCO:

  • High Profit Potential: ECCO streamlines automating audio businesses that can generate six-figure annual incomes according to successful users.
  • Low Startup Cost: The one-time ECCO purchase is very affordable compared to traditional audio content creation expenses like staff/equipment.
  • Universal Appeal: ECCO empowers profiting through audio regardless of experience, industry, or niche with its simple one-click creation.
  • Time Savings: By automating tedious tasks, ECCO allows generating audio passive income without extensive manual labor investments.
  • Global Reach: Over 80 language support enables marketing creations to massive untapped international listener pools.
  • Generous Guarantee: The 30-day money-back guarantee removes all risk, so you have nothing to lose by testing ECCO.

Reasons You Might Not Buy ECCO:

  • Learning Curve: Some testing and optimizing ECCO's features is required to produce top-performing audio products at scale.
  • Competition: While unlikely to disrupt ECCO soon, comparable audio solutions may emerge that compete for users/profit shares.

Weighing both perspectives, ECCO seems worth the affordable investment for any entrepreneur dedicated to capitalizing on accessible digital business models. Just factoring in its money-back safety net eliminates virtually all risk. For the profit potential and included training resources, ECCO is strongly recommended to try.

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Conclusion on ECCO Review

In summary, ECCO presents a compelling solution for entrepreneurs, marketers, and content creators to capitalize on the growing audio industries through highly automated and scalable means.

With proper testing and optimization of audio content output, ECCO provides a highly lucrative gateway for building multiple hands-free income streams by leveraging AI.

Considering its generous money-back guarantee, affordable one-time investment accessing premium lifetime capabilities, and credibility backing this project – ECCO seems like a very low-risk opportunity primed for success in early 2023.

Those eager to adopt cutting-edge technologies empowering new business models would be wise to seize early stakes in ECCO through its forthcoming global launch sales funnel. While demand and pricing may evolve, the timing seems ideal for getting involved from the ground floor of this pioneering AI-fueled audio revolution.

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