Video Cardz Review: This software creates PROFITABLE Videos that have ACTUALLY That Are Profitable…in just 3 Simple Steps

Video Cardz Review: This software creates PROFITABLE Videos that have ACTUALLY That Are Profitable…in just 3 Simple Steps
Video Cardz Review

Video marketing has become an essential part of online businesses. Consumers are increasingly watching videos online, making it important for marketers, affiliates, and online entrepreneurs to utilize video in their marketing strategies. However, creating high-quality, professional videos can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process if done manually.

This is where Video Cardz comes in. Video Cardz is an AI-powered video creation platform that allows users to quickly and easily generate animated avatar-style videos for any topic or offer in just a few simple steps. In this review, we'll take an in-depth look at what Video Cardz is, its key features, pricing and funnel, bonuses, and analyze whether it's worth investing in for your online business.

What is Video Cardz?

Video Cardz is an all-in-one AI video creation software developed by veteran online marketers Brett Rutecky and Mike Thomas (also known as Mike from Maine). Using the latest artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies, Video Cardz automates the process of creating engaging explainer, sales, and promotional videos without any technical expertise or design skills required from the user.

With Video Cardz, users can create high-quality animated videos featuring 3D avatars delivering a script on any topic within 60 seconds. Some key things Video Cardz allows you to do include:

  • Automatically generate videos on any subject or niche within minutes
  • Personalize videos with custom avatars, text, graphics, and voiceovers
  • Optimize videos for better watch time and conversions
  • Distribute videos across all major social media and video platforms
  • Track view and revenue metrics for improved performance

In summary, Video Cardz takes the tedious work out of video creation so users can focus their time and efforts on marketing, selling, and profiting from video content instead.

Video Cardz Features and Content

Let's take a deeper look at some of the core features and functionality included within Video Cardz:

# Multiple Language Support

Video Cardz supports the creation of videos in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian. Users can select their preferred language when designing videos.

# Customizable 3D Avatars

The software comes pre-loaded with 9 unique 3D avatars that users can choose from for their videos. Each avatar features dozens of poses and customizable outfits, accessories, and backgrounds that can be modified.

# Copy & Paste Text Creation

Users simply need to copy and paste their desired script or transcript into Video Cardz. The AI will automatically generate a video synced to the provided text. For longer scripts, Video Cardz breaks it into multiple scenes and transitions seamlessly.

# 60 Second Video Renders

Once the text is input, Video Cardz requires less than 60 seconds to produce a high-quality, polished video output. There is no lengthy waiting period for renders unlike many other creation tools.

# Integrated AI Functions

The AI capabilities allow users to auto-generate transcripts on any topic. Users can input a keyword or phrase and the AI will write a script centered around it. Advanced semantic analysis is used to ensure natural language flow.

# Text Animations and Scene Transitions

Video Cardz syncs the on-screen text to the avatar's mouth movements for realistic lip syncing. Smooth scene transitions are inserted between different sections of long scripts to enhance watchability.

# No Monthly Fees

Unlike most SaaS products, Video Cardz does not require any recurring monthly or annual subscription fees after purchase (with this launch discount). Users own the software license indefinitely.

# Full Customization Control

Every element of the generated videos including avatars, backgrounds, text styles, effects can be modified. Users have complete freedom to tailor videos as per their specific branding and marketing needs.

Video Cardz Benefits

Some of the key target groups that stand to benefit tremendously from investing in Video Cardz include:

  • Affiliate Marketers – Create high-converting affiliate promotion videos without any tech skills.
  • Online Course Creators – Leverage video marketing without in-depth video production knowledge.
  • Entrepreneurs – Effectively promote products, services, and offers through automated video content.
  • Bloggers and Influencers – Generate videos easily for any article, post, or review with just a copy-paste.
  • Local Business Owners – Market businesses through explainer and how-to videos made simple.
  • Coaches and Consultants – Produce professional consulting videos without hassle.
  • Information Marketers – Develop video-based online courses with ease and on any subject.

With its AI-powered simplicity and flexibility, Video Cardz levels the playing field for all types of online businesses and marketers who want to witness the proven results of video marketing but lacked the technical skills or time previously.

Watch Video Cardz Demo

Video Cardz Pros and Cons

Let's summarize some key pros and cons of Video Cardz:


  • Automates tedious video creation process
  • Requires no video production experience
  • Generates high-quality videos within minutes
  • Customizable avatars, branding, and optimization
  • Supports multiple languages and audiences
  • Integrated AI enhances content generation
  • Lightning fast 60-second video renders
  • Lifetime ownership with no recurring fees
  • Robust support and guidance from developers


  • Output quality depends on input quality
  • Success still requires proper marketing effort

On the whole, the pros outweigh the minor cons. Video Cardz solves the major pain point of time investment vs ROI that's holding many back from video marketing success.

How to Profit From Video Cardz

With an easy-to-use video creation platform like Video Cardz, monetizing content becomes very simple. Here are some effective ways users can profit:

  • Affiliate Promotions – Create quick video reviews of affiliate products and services for commissions.
  • Info Product Launches – Develop launch videos, upsells, and sales pages through the built-in bonus creator.
  • Service Offers – Promote consulting, coaching packages and online courses through branded explainer videos.
  • Local Business Ads – Generate “About Us”, customer testimonial and promotions videos for local clients.
  • Sponsored Content – Pitch video-based sponsored posts and collaborations to companies.
  • YouTube Monetization – Upload videos to YouTube and monetize through ads once the 4000 watch hours threshold is met.
  • Email Marketing – Include videos within custom emails to subscribers for increased engagement.
  • Webinars and Live Events – Promote webinars and live training events through focused animated promotional videos.

So whether monetizing as an affiliate, creating your own online courses or offering local business services, Video Cardz streamlines the process of profiting from video.

Video Cardz Funnel and OTOs

The standard Video Cardz launch will include the following tiered upsell offers or OTOs:

Video Cardz ($37-$47)

The core AI video creation software that allows generating unlimited videos.

OTO 1: PRO Upgrade ($67)

Remove Video Cardz branding, access 2.5X more video credits per month.

OTO 2: Unlimited ($197/year)

Unlimited video renders with no monthly quotas.

OTO 3: Live Training ($97)

Attend personalized training by Brett and Mike on video optimization and free traffic.

OTO 4: AI Authority Builder ($197)

A bonus software for building niche authority sites and affiliate campaigns.

Video Cardz Bundle Deal ($297)

Get all OTO upgrades bundled for a single lower price.

With this tiered multi-offer funnel, buyers can choose levels that make the most sense for their individual needs and budgets. The training and authority builder OTOs in particular add immense value.

Buy the Video Cardz Bundle here

Watch Video Cardz Bundle Webinar here

Video Cardz FAQs

Some commonly asked questions about Video Cardz include:

Can Video Cardz really create profitable videos?

Yes, the developers have tested and proven the software's capabilities in their own successful businesses first before launching.

Do I need technical skills to use it?

No, Video Cardz is designed to be extremely user-friendly and intuitive for complete beginners as well.

Will it work for my niche?

The software is very versatile and customizable. Users have full control to tailor videos as per their specific niche or industry needs.

What if I'm not satisfied?

Video Cardz comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for 14 days. Buyers can request a full refund if not completely happy with their purchase.

When will new features be added?

The developers provide regular ongoing updates and support. Users will have access to all future upgrades at no extra cost.

So in summary, even complete newbies can find success with Video Cardz by leveraging the power of automated AI video creation for their businesses.

Video Cardz Pricing and Bundle Deal

The pricing of Video Cardz and its bundle deal during the launch period will be:

  • Video Cardz Standard Plan: $37 (Early Bird Price) to $47
  • PRO Upgrade OTO 1: $67
  • Unlimited Plan OTO 2: $197/year
  • Live Training OTO 3: $97
  • AI Authority Builder OTO 4: $197
  • Bundle Deal (All OTOs): $297

Compared to hiring video production studios, the one-time investment required here is extremely affordable. Users gain lifetime access to continually upgrade the software too.

And through the bundled deal, buyers can maximize value by getting all the advanced upgrades and trainings included for just $297, saving over $500 compared to individual purchases.

Video Cardz Money-Back Guarantee

The developers are so confident in Video Cardz's capabilities that they're backing it with an iron-clad 14-day money-back guarantee.

This allows users to try out the software completely risk-free. If for any reason someone is not fully satisfied with their purchase within two weeks, they can request a full and quick refund – no questions asked.

Such a solid guarantee alleviates all worries and gives buyers the freedom to focus on generating results instead of second-guessing their investment decision. It also shows the trust the creators have in Video Cardz's ability to deliver on its promises.

Who Created Video Cardz?

Video Cardz was created by veteran online marketers Brett Rutecky and Mike Thomas.

Brett is a highly skilled software developer known for designing innovative marketing tools. He leads the programming and technology development of Video Cardz.

Mike, also known as Mike from Maine, is a 7-figure super affiliate who brings extensive experience in building successful online businesses and monetizing brands. He acts as the marketing expert and offers valuable user guidance.

Together, Brett and Mike have created some of the most profitable online tool launches of the past few years and distributed over $1.8 million to their affiliates. Their combined expertise ensures Video Cardz is one of the most powerful automated video solutions available today.

Video Cardz Launch Date

The official launch period for Video Cardz will run from:

February 15th, 2024 at 10:00 AM EST
Until February 27th, 2024 at Midnight EST

This 48-hour launch window gives users a limited-time access to the lowest prices, VIP bonuses and support. It's recommended to take advantage of this opportunity before the special early bird pricing expires.

Where to Access Video Cardz

Video Cardz and its official sales page, funnel details, and affiliate program will all be hosted on the dedicated website:

Video Cardz official website here

This is where potential buyers can learn more about the software, check out the proven case studies, and most importantly – purchase licenses during the upcoming launch dates mentioned above.

Video Cardz Bonuses

When purchasing Video Cardz during its launch, users will also receive the following sweet bonus software packages absolutely free:

  • Brett's AI Image Creator – Creates high-quality graphic images using AI.
  • Let's Mail – Brett's self-hosted autoresponder to send unlimited emails without monthly fees.
  • Bonus Builder – Powerful sales page builder ideal for affiliate promotions.

Together these bonuses valued at hundreds of dollars further turbocharge users' marketing capabilities. It's an incredible opportunity through this special launch.

Should You Buy Video Cardz?

For anyone frustrated with the time or technical skills required for video marketing previously, Video Cardz provides an effortless solution. Some key reasons to consider investing include:

  • Automates the tedious video creation process
  • Requires zero video production experience
  • Developers have proven its ability to drive sales
  • Lifetime access with free upgrades and support
  • Extremely affordable pricing for the value
  • Backed by solid 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Three high-value bonuses increase capabilities
  • Limited time low prices during the launch

While results may vary based on individual efforts, Video Cardz undeniably gives ambitious online entrepreneurs and marketers all the tools needed to turbocharge their businesses through the proven power of video.

For anyone serious about growing their presence or online income source in 2023 and beyond, automating video content creation with Video Cardz makes perfect sense. The risk-free trial period ensures there's nothing to lose.

Call To Action

If you're ready to take your video marketing and online business to the next level, I highly recommend grabbing Video Cardz during its upcoming launch window.

Remember, this is a limited time opportunity to access the lowest prices, free training, and support from the developers themselves. Don't miss your chance to unlock effortless success through AI generated videos.

Click the button below to check out the official Video Cardz sales page right now. Review all the proof, features and testimonials for yourself. Then secure your license before special launch pricing expires on February 27th at midnight. I guarantee you won't regret it.

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Conclusion on Video Cardz Review

In summary, Video Cardz provides a game-changing automated solution for all marketers, affiliate promotion, online courses creators and local businesses that want to harness the proven power of video marketing.

By removing technological barriers and streamlining the video creation process, it opens enormous opportunities for personal and professional growth through multimedia content.

Backed by industry titans Brett and Mike's proven track record along with a rock-solid money-back guarantee, Video Cardz delivers on its promises without any risk. It's truly a no-brainer investment for ambitious online entrepreneurs.

If you're serious about taking your online efforts to the next level in 2023 and beyond, automating video creation with Video Cardz is a decision you simply cannot afford to pass up during its launch period. Don't delay – click below to check it out right now.

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