Smartbloks Review: Start Website Development Agency. This Drag-n-Drop AI-Powered Website Builder Helps You Create Local Business and Professionals Websites with Mobile App Using Just a Keyword!

Smartbloks Review: Start Website Development Agency. This Drag-n-Drop AI-Powered Website Builder Helps You Create Local Business and Professionals Websites with Mobile App Using Just a Keyword!

SmartBloks is an AI-powered website builder that promises to revolutionize how we create and manage websites. In this in-depth SmartBloks review, we'll take a look at all the features, benefits, and potential of this groundbreaking new platform.

What is SmartBloks?

At its core, SmartBloks is a drag-and-drop website builder that leverages cutting-edge AI technology to automate much of the website creation process. Using SmartBloks, you can build fully-functional websites and mobile apps in just minutes without any coding knowledge.

Some key things to know about SmartBloks:

  • AI-Powered – SmartBloks utilizes AI assistants, natural language processing, and machine learning throughout the platform to generate content, designs, and more.
  • Drag-and-Drop Editor – An intuitive visual editor allows you to build websites visually by dragging and dropping elements without coding.
  • Mobile Ready – All SmartBloks websites are automatically responsive and optimized for mobile viewing. You also get a matching mobile app.
  • Hosting Included – Your websites are hosted on SmartBloks' cloud servers at no additional cost.
  • Updated Regularly – The platform receives regular updates with new features, templates, and integrations.

In short, SmartBloks aims to completely revolutionize how we build and manage websites through its deep AI integrations and simplicity of use.

SmartBloks Features and Content

SmartBloks comes packed with a vast array of powerful features for creating virtually any type of website. Here are some of the key highlights:

Website Templates

The platform includes hundreds of professionally designed website templates across many niches like businesses, blogs, ecommerce stores, and more. Additional templates are added regularly.

stock images, Icons, Videos

An extensive media library provides high-quality stock images, icons, videos and other graphics to include on your sites.

AI Content Generation

AI assistants can automatically generate blog posts, product descriptions, bio texts and other common website content for you based on keywords.

Form Builder

An intuitive form builder allows you to easily create contact forms, quote requests, email signup forms and more.

Ecommerce Functionality

For online stores, SmartBloks offers robust ecommerce features like product listings, inventory management, shipping options and payments integrations.

Mobile App Builder

Every SmartBloks website includes a matching mobile app created from the same content for unified viewing on any device.

Integrations & Widgets

The platform integrates seamlessly with tools like Google Analytics, social profiles, maps, video players and many other popular web services.

Globalization Features

Multilingual support allows your websites to be translated automatically. Geo-targeted features maximize visibility for local markets.

And this only scratches the surface. SmartBloks is packed with many other advanced features for SEO, customization, revenue generating tools and more.

SmartBloks Benefits and Who Can Use It

The combination of AI-powered simplicity and powerful functionality within SmartBloks opens up website creation to virtually anyone. Here are some of the main potential benefits:

For Non-Tech Users

If you’ve ever been intimidated by other website builders, SmartBloks empowers you with its natural language interface and automation. No coding skills needed.

Local Businesses

SmartBloks makes it fast and easy for local businesses like plumbers or yoga studios to launch professional marketing sites for new customer acquisition.

Bloggers & Influencers

Promote your message or monetize your following by building an authoritative blog or community site on SmartBloks.

Video Creators

Drive traffic, leads and sales by launching a site to showcase your videos, courses and digital products.

Online Professionals

Freelancers, coaches, consultants and othersolopreneurs can establish an instant online presence and brand.

Start a Website Agency

Use SmartBloks’ advanced tools to professionally build sites for clients and earn multiple online income streams.

Students & Teachers

From personal portfolios to virtual classrooms, SmartBloks enables creative uses for education and career development.

In summary, if you have something to share online, SmartBloks gives you a powerful yet easy way to do it through professionally designed websites and apps.

Watch SmartBloks Demo

Watch SmartBloks Demo

SmartBloks Pros and Cons

No software platform is perfect, so let's explore some potential pros and cons of using SmartBloks:


  • incredibly user friendly and intuitive for non-tech users
  • automates many technical aspects of site building
  • powerful feature set for complex websites
  • AI capabilities unlock advanced functionality
  • mobile optimization built right in
  • hosting and support included at no extra cost


  • some advanced complicated customization options require coding
  • limited to the available template designs
  • future development depends on company support

Overall, the pros seem to vastly outweigh the cons. And as SmartBloks matures, most minor issues will likely be addressed over time through software updates.

How to Profit from SmartBloks

While SmartBloks empowers personal and small business goals first, with its powerful toolkit there are also viable income opportunities:

Start a Website Development Business

Use SmartBloks to quickly and professionally build low-cost sites for local clients, charging fees of $1,000+ per project.

Sell Digital Products Online

With the ecommerce features, you can self-publish and sell your own online courses, presets, templates and more via SmartBloks stores.

Launch a SaaS Platform

Advanced users can potentially leverage SmartBloks capabilities to create unique software products and platforms as a business.

Outsource Services

Offer services freelancing like site migrations, content creation or social media management using SmartBloks as your back office.

In the right hands, SmartBloks opens up exciting online business and income opportunities for both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs alike.

How to Use SmartBloks

To begin your SmartBloks journey, here are the basic steps:

  1. Sign Up – Create a profile with your email address to access your dashboard.
  2. Choose a Template – Browse pre-made templates or start from scratch.
  3. Customize Design – Edit colors, logos, pages using the intuitive drag-and-drop builder.
  4. Add Content – Populate your site by writing pages, blog posts using the AI content generator.
  5. Integrate Media – Include images, videos, documents from the built-in media library.
  6. Add Functionality – Customize pages using widgets like forms, sliders, galleries etc.
  7. Publish & View – Click publish to launch your site live on the web!
  8. Promote Your Site – Drive traffic using social platforms, ads, SEO and other strategies.
  9. Track Performance – Monitor engagement and sales using built-in analytics.
  10. Update Regularly – Keep improving your site and adding fresh content over time.

SmartBloks is designed to be incredibly intuitive and easy to learn for all skill levels.

SmartBloks Funnel and OTOs

In typical internet marketer fashion, SmartBloks is backed by a sophisticated funnel designed to maximize value for buyers over time. Here's an overview:

  • Front End: The basic SmartBloks Website Builder package at $47. Unlocks core site building features.
  • OTO #1: Upgrades to the “Pro” version at $97 which unlocks advanced functionality like white label rights and reseller capabilities.
  • OTO #2: Offers an “Agency” license for $197 to legally build client sites under your own agency brand.
  • OTO #3: For $397, gain unlimited rights to resell and redistribute SmartBloks as your own software product.
  • OTO #4: At $497, access done-for-you templates and services to launch a full-fledged website development agency business with SmartBloks.

While not mandatory, this funnel approach provides increasing opportunities to supercharge your SmartBloks experience based on your goals and ambitions. Many buyers will report high satisfaction from multiple upgrades over time.

SmartBloks FAQs

Here are answers to some common questions users may have when exploring SmartBloks:

Q: Is SmartBloks easy to use for non-tech people?
A: Yes, it's designed from the ground up to be intuitive for all skill levels through its natural language interface.

Q: How much does SmartBloks cost?
A: The basic plan starts at $47, with various upgrade packages available in the checkout funnel priced from $97 to $497 depending on features needed.

Q: Is hosting and support included?
A: Yes, your sites are hosted on SmartBloks' cloud servers at no extra charge, and 24/7 support is provided for any issues.

Q: Can I sell products online with SmartBloks?
A: Yes! The software includes robust ecommerce capabilities for creating online stores to sell both digital and physical goods.

Q: Can I build mobile apps too?
A: Each SmartBloks site automatically generates a matching mobile application at no extra cost for unified desktop and mobile experiences.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?
A: Yes, SmartBloks is backed by a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy if you're not completely satisfied for any reason.

In summary, SmartBloks aims to remove all the usual barriers that hold people back from creating professional quality websites with its ease-of-use and included features.

SmartBloks Money-Back Guarantee

For new users wondering if SmartBloks is right for them, the platform provides comfort through an ironclad 30-day refund policy. This ensures buyers can fully evaluate the software risk-free.

Specifically, the SmartBloks money-back guarantee works like this:

  • Covers purchases of the basic SmartBloks website builder package at $47
  • You have 30 days from your purchase date to request a complete refund
  • No questions will be asked – it's a no-strings-attached return if unhappy for any reason
  • Simply contact the support team within 30 days for a swift refund of the full purchase price
  • Guarantee applies regardless of how many sites were built or how much was customized

By providing this safety net, SmartBloks aims to remove pressure or uncertainty from the buying decision. Users can dive in, see real results, and get money back anytime within the first month if not entirely satisfied it meets their needs. Overall it's a very buyer-friendly, risk-reversal approach designed to gain new long-term customers.

SmartBloks Price and Plans

As mentioned, SmartBloks offers a basic package starting at $47 which unlocks the core site building experience. But there are also higher-tier upgrade options:

  • SmartBloks Website Builder – $47: Basic drag-and-drop website creation tools and features.
  • SmartBloks Pro – $97: Adds advanced capabilities like unlimited sites, white labeling and reselling rights.
  • SmartBloks Agency – $197: Provides full agency capabilities for building client sites under your own brand.
  • SmartBloks Unlimited – $297: Removes all usage and resale limits, plus done-for-you templates included.

In addition, regular discounts may be offered for new launches and ongoing sales. Lifetime licenses are also an available option over yearly subscriptions in some plans which can represent even better long-term value. Overall, SmartBloks delivers an accessible starting point with a clear pathway to grow your investment over time based on your specific business objectives.

The Lucrative SmartBloks Bundle Deal

SmartBloks is offering its most comprehensive bundle ever through its official JVZoo page. Known for their powerful AI website builder, SmartBloks is taking things to the next level with an extensive bundled package available at a discounted price. This bundle not only includes their base software but additional premium tools, training and bonuses – making it a golden opportunity.

Available through SmartBloks' JVZoo page, the bundle consolidates their entire software suite along with upgrades into one package. Rather than purchasing each tool individually at full price, buyers can take advantage of the savings. SmartBloks Funnels estimates total value is over thousands of dollars worth. However, through this bundle, all is available for just $347 with an additional $50 coupon during the replay

get access to SmartBloks Bundle Deal here

Who Created SmartBloks?

The mastermind behind SmartBloks is serial online entrepreneur Abhi Dwivedi, a 17-year veteran of the marketing industry. Some key facts about Abhi:

  • Tech founder based in Dubai and creator of many successful web platforms like ReelApps.
  • Widely respected innovator with a long track record of delivering award-winning software.
  • Spearheaded over 40+ top-selling products on global launch as a highly successful internet marketer.
  • Recognized industry leader as a multiple-time JVZoo “Top Performer” with millions in commissions generated.
  • Personally coaches & supports top affiliates to routinely drive 5-figure sales on his promotions.

With Abhi's expertise in both programming cutting-edge technology as well as hyper-effective digital marketing strategies, SmartBloks is well-positioned for long term success based on his vision and ongoing support.

When is SmartBloks Being Laucnhed?

The official worldwide launch of SmartBloks is scheduled to take place on February 27th, 2024 at 11:00AM Eastern Time. This provides an enormous opportunity for early adopters to profit:

  • Massive pre-launch webinars designed to teach new users how to use the software
  • Access to valuable launch bonus gifts and ongoing training from Abhi himself.

While you'll still enjoy the benefits later on, being engaged from the prelaunch phase maximizes your ability to ride SmartBloks to the top of the leaderboards from day one. Mark your calendar now!

Which Platform Can SmartBloks Be Accessed On?

For its beautiful simplicity and accessibility across all devices, SmartBloks is engineered to be usable on virtually any internet-connected platform. Here are the full technical details:

  • Browser: SmartBloks runs entirely in your desktop or laptop web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.
  • Mobile: Fully compatible with iOS and Android touchscreen smartphones and tablets in their mobile web browsers.
  • Apps: Native desktop apps will become available soon for Mac and Windows computers to access SmartBloks.
  • Control Panel: A powerful online dashboard provides complete control and management from any web browser on any device from anywhere.
  • Integrations: Plays nicely with third party software through open APIs, allowing unification with your existing workflows.

Simply put, as long as you have an internet browser, SmartBloks puts the power of website building seamlessly at your fingertips regardless of your specific technical setup or location.

Which Platform Was SmartBloks Launched On?

For its global commercial release, SmartBloks is being officially launched on the largest marketing network – Here's an overview:

  • JVZoo: As the top online launch platform, JVZoo drives massive traffic through its database of millions of users and customers worldwide.
  • Track Record: The SmartBloks founder Abhi Dwivedi is a legendary Top Performer on JVZoo with an impeccable 10-year track record of mega-successful major product launches.
  • Seamless Payments: All customer licenses are processed directly through JVZoo's secure payment gateways for fast, clean transactions.
  • Support Infrastructure: The entire JVZoo ecosystem offers unparalleled support for SmartBloks buyers through the launch process and beyond.

All things considered, JVZoo represents the absolute best choice by SmartBloks to maximize initial sales velocity and establish an immediate market presence on a global scale.

SmartBloks Bonuses

As previously mentioned, the SmartBloks team provides some valuable added perks bundled with certain package purchases. To recap these launch bonuses:

Bonus #1: Video Sales Authority

Gain Lifetime Access to Video Sales Authority, an exclusive premium training program tailored specifically for our customers. This comprehensive training is meticulously crafted to guide you through replicating my proven business marketing strategy. Utilizing a multi-step approach rooted in psychological principles like “progressive agreements,” this system is designed to transform your business into a formidable force.

Bonus #2: Lifetime Access to the Independent Authors Academy

Unlock Lifetime Access to the Independent Authors Academy, offering a streamlined version of our premium upgrade at a significantly reduced price. Prepare to be enticed as we present you with this lite version of our offering, tailored to cater to your needs with a tempting price drop.

In addition to the included bonuses, various other promotional perks may become available during the launch phase. Overall this sweetens the value proposition and speeds your time to success on the platform substantially. It's a nice high-converting touch.

Should You Buy SmartBloks?

For most entrepreneurs and online businesses, SmartBloks represents an absolute no-brainer purchase in my view for several key reasons:

  • It removes all technical barriers so anyone can now launch professional quality sites easily.
  • The included features cover virtually every common website and app need out of the box.
  • Ongoing enhancements will make your experience better and more robust over the long run.
  • At just $47 to get started, the potential ROI on locally marketing client sites alone could be massive compared to investment.
  • Upsell and membership options allow you to scale your involvement based on ambition over time.
  • Backed by an industry leader with a proven history of supporting successful long term launches.

Unless you absolutely do not need any website presence at all, SmartBloks appears to be one of the single smartest marketing and business growth investments available today for its mind-blowing utility. The 30-day money back guarantee removes any remaining risk.

Call To Action For SmartBloks

If SmartBloks represents the perfect solution for your goals, it's critical to take immediate action before the official launch date:

  1. Pre-Order Now: Reserve your copy of SmartBloks ahead of time to lock in the lowest launch pricing starting from just $47.
  2. Schedule 1:1 Strategy: Book a personalized strategy session directly with the SmartBloks founders to blueprint out your specific business objectives using the platform.
  3. Spread The Word: Tell your networks on social media about this groundbreaking new website and app builder coming soon. Help SpreadTheBloks to grow the exposure!
  4. Mark Your Calendar: Be sure to have February 27th, 2024 at 11AM EST saved to take full advantage of the massive launch activities including thousands in cash giveaways.

With so much potential value on the table, now is clearly the time for bold and immediate action in preparation for SmartBloks’ universe-shaking worldwide debut. Don't miss this opportunity to profit!

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Conclusion on Smartbloks Review

In summary, SmartBloks represents nothing short of a revolutionary advance for how websites and apps are built through its unparalleled simplicity and powerful all-in-one feature set. By removing the technical obstacles, it truly democratizes professional quality digital presence creation for all.

Backed by a proven innovator in Abhi Dwivedi and launching through the largest affiliate network JVZoo, SmartBloks is ideally positioned for stratospheric success upon its upcoming worldwide commercial release. For a measly $47 investment protected by a rock-solid money back guarantee, it's an absolute no-brainer purchase.

This is truly a chance to get involved at the perfect time on the cusp of what has every potential to become a complete game-changer for the entire website industry worldwide. Make no mistake – SmartBloks is primed to utterly revolutionize how we think about online presence creation forever. Act now and be a part of the change!

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