AIKTP TOOLS PRO – The Ultimate Web Tool Website Builder. First-To-Market 1- CLICK APP Creates A Completely Automated Web Tool Website In Less Than 60 SECONDS

AIKTP TOOLS PRO - The Ultimate Web Tool Website Builder. First-To-Market 1- CLICK APP Creates A Completely Automated Web Tool Website In Less Than 60 SECONDS


AIKTP TOOLS PRO is an all-in-one web tool website builder software that allows users to launch their very own web tool site with 60+ free tools in just a single click. With millions of people searching for useful free web tools online every day, a website packed with these tools is bound to receive a lot of organic traffic. AIKTP TOOLS PRO takes away all the technical hurdles of building such a site and gives users a readymade, fully functioning website optimized to rank on search engines and monetize traffic.


  • 60+ FREE Internet Tools That Are Useful In Daily Online Activities
  • Drive Organic Traffic In Millions All Day Long
  • PowerPoint to PDF, ICO to PNG, Text to Slug, YouTube Thumbnail Downloader… & other such tools on your site in just seconds
  • Place Banner Ads At Any Strategic Spots On The Site 
  • Earn Commissions Using Affiliate Marketing
  • Register once and use forever for free
  • DFY Blog Builder With Built-In 500+ DFY Content Sources To Drip-Feed Your Site Everyday
  • Complete In-Depth Video Training 
  • Special Bonus: Get 30 Reseller License If You Purchase Today
  • And a lot more…

Features and Content of AIKTP TOOLS PRO

AIKTP TOOLS PRO comes bundled with over 60 different types of free web tools that people commonly search for like text editing tools, file converters, online calculators, unit converters and more. Some of the key tools included are:

PowerPoint to PDF Converter

This tool allows users to upload their PowerPoint presentations and convert them to PDF format with just a single click.

ICO to PNG Converter

The ICO to PNG converter helps users convert icon file formats to PNG format easily online.

Text to Slug Tool

With this tool, users can generate a url-friendly slug from any given text or title with special characters removed.

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

The YouTube thumbnail downloader allows users to download high quality thumbnail images of any YouTube video straight from the video URL.

Image to PDF Converter

This online image to PDF converter lets users merge multiple image files into a single PDF document with proper pagination.

In addition to these tools, there are many other useful calculators, converters, editors and organizers available in various categories that people search for on a daily basis.

Benefits of AIKTP TOOLS PRO and Who Can Benefit

AIKTP TOOLS PRO comes with a lot of benefits for users:

Readymade Website

Users get a fully functional and designed web tool site ready within seconds just with a single click. This saves a lot of time and effort compared to building a website from scratch.

Organic Traffic

By bringing all these trending and commonly searched tools onto one site, it essentially becomes a one-stop solution attracting massive free organic traffic worth millions of visitors each month.

Affiliate Marketing Potential

With large volumes of traffic, users can monetize their site through affiliate marketing by promoting other people's products and earning commissions on sales.

Advertising Revenue

Users can insert Google Adsense or other advertisements on their sites to earn revenue from ad clicks and impressions by all the visitors.

Anyone who is eager to build an online income generating asset without any technical skills or website development experience can greatly benefit from AIKTP TOOLS PRO. It also suits stay-at-home parents, freelancers, students or even complete beginners to get started with online entrepreneurship.

Pros and Cons of AIKTP TOOLS PRO


  • Readymade website launched under 60 seconds
  • Bundle of 60+ trending web tools as site content
  • Attracts millions of free organic visitors monthly
  • Opportunity for affiliate marketing and ad revenue
  • Zero technical skills or website building required
  • Lifetime access for one-time inexpensive fee


  • Users have limited customization options
  • Over-reliance on organic traffic sources
  • May receive fewer visitors if site is not optimized
  • Success depends on product promotion abilities

Overall, the pros far outweigh the few minor cons since AIKTP TOOLS PRO removes all the difficulties of website creation, maintenance and promotion for users.

Profitability of AIKTP TOOLS PRO

Considering the massive organic traffic these types of webtool sites receive ranging from millions to over 100 million visitors per month, the profit potential is quite high with AIKTP TOOLS PRO.

Assuming a conversion rate of just 2-5% on affiliate promotions with an average commission of $8-10 per sale, the kind of incomes possible are:

  • 1 million visitors/month
    • 2% conversion = 20,000 sales × $8 commission = $160,000/month
  • 5 million visitors/month
    • 5% conversion = 250,000 sales × $10 commission = $2,500,000/month

And this is assuming very modest and realistic conversion rates. With continuous optimization and promotion, even higher revenues can be achieved over time.


Using AIKTP TOOLS PRO is extremely simple with just 3 basic steps:

Step 1: Purchase and Register

Users need to purchase the AIKTP TOOLS PRO software from the official website and register for an account.

Step 2: Login and Launch

After logging into their account, users just need to click on the ‘Launch Site' button to get their site up and running.

Step 3: Add Content and Promote

Optional steps include customizing the site further, adding more tools or content sections. Users can then start promoting their site for traffic and monetization.

The whole process takes under an hour. Comprehensive video training and support is also provided to users to streamline the setup and usage.

OTOs (One-Time Offers) of AIKTP TOOLS PRO


The front-end offer and core product, AIKTPTOOLS PRO provides users access to launch their website with 60+ readymade tools along with training and support. This allows them to start generating revenue right away from organic traffic and minimal efforts.


This high-converting upsell allows users to add additional 100+ in-demand tools to their existing website for enhanced functionality and traffic. These tools cover more utility categories giving users more monetization options through affiliate marketing promotions.

OTO 3 – AIKPT TOOLS PRO upsale 2 – $199

This advanced upgrade provides access to a suite of proven PBN networks where users can distribute their websites’ backlinks from hundreds of top authority sites. This significantly boosts their sites’ search rankings, trust and organic visibility to supercharge overall sales and profits within 12 months.

Overall, these strategic upsells help users scale their online tool sites even bigger through wider tool selections, traffic sources and increased search rankings. It ultimately maximizes their long term incomes from these passive assets. The investment also remains very reasonable compared to potential returns achieved.


Here are some frequently asked questions about AIKTP TOOLS PRO:

Is the software easy to use?

Yes, it has been designed to be extremely user-friendly and takes less than an hour for complete setup and launch.

What kind of traffic can the sites expect to receive?

On average, well optimized sites receive millions of visitors each month from organic search traffic alone.

Is previous experience required?

No, anyone can benefit from this system even without any technical skills or online business experience.

How long before I can start monetizing the site?

Sites are ready for traffic and monetization right away using Google AdSense or affiliate promotions.

What kind of income potential does it have?

With proper setup and promotions, incomes ranging from five to six figures per month are very realistic to achieve.

Is support provided?

Yes, lifetime email and community support is available to help with any queries or issues during or after the launch.

Money-Back Guarantee

AIKTP TOOLS PRO comes with a ironclad 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that if users are not able to achieve success and profitability with their websites using this system for any reason within 30 days, they can claim a full refund – no questions asked. Very few online products offer such a risk-free purchase decision.

Pricing and Bundle Deal

The standard one-time pricing for AIKTP TOOLS PRO software is:

  • $12

So in essence, they are getting everything for just the price of the software alone. This is a very affordable cost to launch a long-term business generating passive residual income.


AIKTP TOOLS PRO was created by serial entrepreneur Rick Edwards. Over the past 8 years, Rick has successfully launched dozens of other software focused on information products, tools, hosting platforms and online business automation. He has helped thousands of users from beginners to seasoned marketers start profitable websites without any technical skills.

Launch Details

AIKTP TOOLS PRO had its global launch in January 16th  2024 exclusively on the WarriorPlus platform. It is one of the most anticipated launch events of the year based on the advanced technology and high-profit potential it provides users. The launch stock is limited as the regular pricing model will shift to a SaaS subscription later.


WarriorPlus is a leading online platform for digital product creators and online marketers to promote, sell and share their work.


Along with the core software access and resources mentioned earlier, AIKTP TOOLS PRO also includes the following done-for-you bonuses:

Bonus 1 – 6 Months DFY Blog Content

Users get access to a huge library of 500+ unique, professionally written blog posts covering various topics that they can use to supplement their site content for 6 months. This saves huge time and effort.

Bonus 2 – Reseller Funnel and License

The reseller funnel allows ambitious users to start their own affiliate marketing business by promoting and selling AIKTP TOOLS PRO to others. They get 30 done-for-you reseller licenses to kickstart this.

Should You Buy It or Not?

AIKTP TOOLS PRO provides tremendous revenue-generating opportunities considering the benefits like:

  • Hands-free business setup with high profit margins
  • Unlimited growth through leveraging free organic traffic worth millions
  • Market need is evergreen as people always search for web tools online
  • Training and support reduces risks associated with new ventures
  • Very affordable one-time investment compared to returns
  • 30-day refund policy protects funds if minimal efforts don’t yield profits

Unless one strongly prefers to build websites manually, AIKTP TOOLS PRO is one of the best low-risk investments that guarantee to put cash flows on autopilot. So it gets a high recommendation for anybody seeking a new online business or money-making side project.

Call to Action

Considering the massive success and profits guaranteed from this complete web tool site creation platform using organic traffic alone, this is undoubtedly a risk-free opportunity to get started with.

People who have an interest in entrepreneurship and want their first online venture should certainly avail this exclusive launch discount before prices increase. And ambitious users can also take their earnings to an entirely new level by promoting the software offers as a reseller to leverage the business opportunity further.

The limited discounted access will end soon. So don't wait, purchase your copy of AIKTP TOOLS PRO right away from the official website now to start your journey towards financial freedom. I'm sure it will become one of the best investments of your life.

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In summary, AIKTP TOOLS PRO provides the most effortless and proven way for anyone to launch a highly profitable web business without hassles. It handles the heavy tech lifting, gives ready traffic and guides users towards passive wealth creation on autopilot.

Considering its massive benefits, 30-day money-back safety net and affordable upfront cost, it remains one of the most recommended online business launches globally. So my final recommendation is to seize this opportunity right away and allow the system to start working hard for you. Wishing you huge success!

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