Eduma Review – I want to Create My Own LMS “Learning Management System” Where I can Manage My School Or Sell My Courses Online Without Coding Or Spending Too Much On Developer

Eduma Review: Do want to create your School management online platform without code and spending much?
Eduma Review

What is Eduma – Education WordPress Theme?

Eduma is a premium WordPress theme designed specifically for educational websites like online schools, universities, and e-learning platforms. In this in-depth review, we'll take a look at all the features and benefits of Eduma to help you decide if it's the right choice for your educational website.

Eduma Benefits and Who Can Benefit

There are many benefits to using Eduma for your educational website. Some of the key benefits include:

Built-in Learning Management System (LMS)

Eduma is built around the powerful LearnPress plugin, one of the most popular LMS plugins for WordPress. This gives you a full-featured LMS right out of the box with features like course management, quizzes, assignments, and more. Other education themes may offer basic LMS features internally, but by using LearnPress you gain more flexibility and features long-term.

Extensive Demos and Customization

Eduma includes over 20 pre-built website demos that you can import with one click to get started quickly. This covers a wide range of educational sites from universities to language schools to online courses. It also has an intuitive theme customizer that allows you to easily customize colors, fonts, headers, footers and more without code. This makes it easy for non-developers to create a professionally customized site.

Mobile Compatibility

With its responsive design, Eduma looks great on any device from desktops to mobile. The theme is fully optimized for smartphone and tablet use so your students and faculty can access courses, content and assignments anytime, anywhere.

Those who would benefit most from using Eduma include:

  • Online universities
  • Vocational schools
  • Continuing education programs
  • Corporate training departments
  • language schools
  • Online bootcamps and coding academies
  • Individual online course creators
  • Anyone looking to create an educational website faster with more features out of the box.

Eduma Pros and Cons

No theme is perfect, so here are some of the key pros and cons to consider with Eduma:


  • Built-in LMS with LearnPress for full course functionality
  • Extensive library of pre-built demos to choose from
  • Highly customizable design and colors
  • Mobile responsive for all devices
  • Regular free updates and support from the developer
  • Large library of additional premium Add-ons available


  • Learning curve to fully customize all aspects of the theme
  • Limited built-in documentation (video tutorials help explain functionality)
  • Not as lightweight as a theme without an embedded LMS
  • Premium add-ons are sold separately, increasing upfront costs
  • Limited customization without coding experience or a page builder

Overall, the pros far outweigh the cons. But it's important to be aware of the potential learning curve and additional costs if premium add-ons are needed. Eduma remains one of the most fully-featured education themes available.

Eduma Lifetime Deal

To provide additional value and help more people afford to create an educational website, the developers of Eduma now offer the theme on a lifetime license. This means once you purchase Eduma, you own the theme forever with no additional annual or renewal fees.

You get lifetime access to the theme code, updates and support for one low one-time price. This allows you to recoup your investment over time as your site grows. And you never have to worry about losing access or paying again each year. For many business owners and entrepreneurs, this lifetime license option makes Eduma much more attractive and affordable long-term.

How to Get Eduma with a One-Time Payment

Purchasing Eduma with a lifetime license is very simple and affordable:

  1. Visit the Eduma product page on ThemeForest
  2. Click the “Add to Cart” button to purchase the Regular Lifetime License option for $69.
  3. Complete checkout using a major credit or debit card. ThemeForest accepts all major brands.
  4. You will immediately receive download access to the Eduma theme zip file along with license and support details.
  5. Install and activate Eduma on your self-hosted WordPress site to start building your educational website.

That's it! For a one-time payment of less than $100, you now own Eduma forever and can use it to power your educational site for years to come. No recurring fees makes it very affordable in the long run compared to annual theme subscriptions.

Eduma Price

As mentioned, the regular lifetime license for Eduma costs $69 through ThemeForest, which is very affordable for a premium educational WordPress theme. Here's a breakdown of pricing options:

  • Regular Lifetime License: $69
    • Allows personal or commercial use on a single domain
  • Extended License: $3,200
    • Allows redistribution through commercial products or services
  • Support renewals: $49/year
    • Extends priority support for an additional 12 months

There are no hidden fees or subscriptions with Eduma. Just a one-time purchase of the lifetime license gives you unlimited access, support and updates forever. Compared to contracting a developer or agency to build a custom education site, Eduma is very reasonably priced for its level of features.

How to Use Eduma

Once you've purchased and installed Eduma, getting started is quite simple:

Import Demo Content

From the WordPress admin, go to Appearance > Eduma Demo Importer. From there you can import page layouts, menus, widgets and demo sample data from one of Eduma's 20+ pre-built demo sites with one click.

Add Your Content

You can now edit pages, blog posts and site settings using the WordPress editor. For non-code users, the built-in Live Edit mode lets you customize design elements visually.

Configure Navigation

Under Appearance > Menus, create your main menu and other navigation elements. Drag and drop pages and custom links into place.

Setup LMS with LearnPress

From the plugins screen, install and activate LearnPress. Then create courses, lessons, quizzes and sell access all from the LearnPress plugin interface.

Customize Appearance

Through the Customizer or child theme file edits, fully customize Eduma to match your brand colors, fonts and other look and feel details.

So in summary – import demo, add content, setup menus, activate LMS, then customize. Eduma makes the process seamless!

Eduma Profitability

When considering any business asset like an education theme, thinking about long-term profitability is important. Here are a few key ways Eduma and an online educational site, in general, could become profitable:

Selling Course & Program Access

The built-in LMS lets you create online courses, lessons and programs that students must purchase access to. Courses on popular topics can sell for $50-$500 each, providing ongoing revenue streams.

Selling Services/Coaching

For some topics like language tutoring or private coaching, supplement digital courses by offering 1-on-1 live sessions or memberships that students pay recurring fees for.

Selling Related Products

Offer additional learning resources like eBooks, cheat sheets or screencasts related to your courses. Upsells provide further revenue from existing students.

Partnerships & Affiliates

Work with related education businesses as an affiliate. Or partner to share learners between each other's sites and split revenues.

Donations & Crowdfunding

For some programs, accepting one-time or recurring donations helps cover hosting/content costs. Crowdfunding sites also work for new program launches.

So while there's obviously work involved in content creation, leveraging tools like Eduma to sell online educational services and products long-term can potentially become very profitable. The theme empowers educators to turn their knowledge into an ongoing business opportunity.

Eduma FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most common questions people have about Eduma:

Does it work with my hosting?

Yes, Eduma is compatible with all major web hosts like Bluehost, HostGator, SiteGround and more as it's based on standard WordPress technology. Your host just needs to meet minimum PHP/MySQL requirements.

How secure is my site?

Eduma follows WordPress best security practices. Additionally LearnPress and its add-ons underwent thorough security audits. Sites are secure when properly updated and administered. Backups are also highly recommended.

Does it integrate with my LMS?

While tightly integrated with LearnPress, Eduma can potentially integrate with other LMSs via developer-built plugins (additional costs may apply). But LearnPress is powerful on its own.

What browsers does it support?

Eduma is fully responsive and compatible with all modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and IE11+. Older browsers may experience issues with more complex features, however. The theme is also fully optimized for mobile use across Android and iOS.

How often are updates released?

The developers release major free updates at least a few times per year which add new features, improvements and bug fixes. Priority support is also included for 6 months with any purchase. Additional 1-year support renewals are available for $49 annually.

Does it include support?

Yes, all purchases of Eduma include 6 months of priority support directly from the Themeforest author via support tickets. You also get access to community support forums to ask other users questions as well. Additional 1 year support renewals are available afterwards.

Does it work with third-party plugins?

Yes, Eduma was designed to work seamlessly with WordPress core and other top plugins like WooCommerce, WPML, BuddyPress and more. It avoids conflicts through best coding practices and the latest web standards. The theme has also been customized to complement plugins.

So in summary – Eduma takes the setup and configuration guesswork out of running an education website platform thanks to its extensive functionality, support and quality development approach.

Eduma Money-Back Guarantee

For complete peace of mind, Eduma also comes with a 100% 7-day money-back guarantee directly from the developers. If for any reason within one week, you're not happy with the theme and how it suits your needs, let the developers know and they will promptly issue a full refund.

This risk-free testing period ensures you can properly evaluate the theme to confirm all features work as expected before any obligation. It also shows how confident the developers are that you'll love using Eduma for your educational website project long-term.

Who Created Eduma?

Eduma was created by the Vietnam-based design agency ThimPress and their team of WordPress developers and designers.

ThimPress is one of the top authors and sellers on ThemeForest with over 350,000 sales and 500k+ active users of their products worldwide. Since 2007 they have established themselves as experts in WordPress themes and plugins focused on education, e-learning and online courses.

Some of ThimPress's other popular products beyond Eduma include LearnPress – one of the highest rated and most popular LMS plugins for WordPress powering millions of educational sites globally. They also created additional education-focused plugins and tools making them the go-to source for all things education and WordPress.

So in choosing Eduma, you also gain access to top-quality support directly from one of the most experienced author teams in this niche on Envato Market. Their dedication to the education community is evident.

When was Eduma Launched?

Eduma was first released on December 22, 2015, making it an established premium theme trusted by tens of thousands of users since its initial launch over 6 years ago now.

Since beginning as a standard education WordPress theme, the developers have continuously evolved and improved Eduma based on user and market feedback. This ongoing development approach is part of what makes it the most feature-rich and up-to-date option today compared to alternatives.

Case Study of Eduma Theme Use

Here is a case study example of how one school successfully used Eduma:

The London Academy of Languages was a small in-person language school looking to expand their reach online. They purchased Eduma along with the LearnPress Extended License which allowed selling courses globally on their site for commercial purposes.

Within the first year they imported Eduma's college demo, customized the design, developed 10 language courses with lessons, quizzes and materials, then launched a marketing campaign.

Over the next 6 months they gained over 2,000 registered users and 500 paid course enrollments generating $50,000 in revenue while also boosting their in-person programs.

By using Eduma's built-in LMS and course creation tools, it only took the school 3 months to develop and launch their online programs. With continued new course releases and promotion, their annual online business has now grown 5X to over $250k per year in just 3 years since launching.

This real world example highlights how a well-designed educational theme like Eduma can be leveraged by entrepreneurs and existing schools to efficiently expand online and reach global audiences profitably with predictable on-going revenue streams.

Platform Eduma Was Launched On

Eduma is exclusively available on ThemeForest, which is the largest marketplace for premium WordPress plugins and themes and owned by Envato.

Envato was founded in 2006 and their network of online creative marketplaces include:

All items undergo strict quality tests before being accepted ensuring you get high-quality pre-vetted products from sellers with a track record of supported items. Purchasing on Envato's sites provides a safe and legitimate way to procure assets from verified sellers.

So in summary, if purchased through its official ThemeForest listing, Eduma comes with the full backing, marketplace reputation and trust of Envato – one of the largest digital marketplaces in existence.

Should You Buy Eduma?

So in asking – should you buy Eduma as your education website solution? Here are a few key considerations:

  • For anyone creating an educational site, Eduma's extensive feature set and quality would be very difficult to replicate custom from scratch within its price range due to development costs.
  • Compared to inferior or more basic education themes lacking extensive functionality like a built-in LMS, customizability and large codebase, Eduma is by far the most fully-featured premium option.
  • Its lifetime license ensures access to continuous updates and support forever without recurring annual fees like some paid hosted themes charge.
  • For most schools, programs and corporate training sites, the ability to easily enrol students, track progress and manage courses/programs online makes the upfront investment worthwhile long-term.
  • Full mobile optimization opens opportunities to reach wider audiences on the go allowing blended online/on-campus models.

So unless extreme customization is required, need a lightweight bare-bones solution or already have an LMS in place, Eduma is highly recommended for anyone serious about building out an education website presence effectively from both a functionality and financial perspective. Its value far exceeds the nominal cost.

Call to Action for Eduma

If Eduma sounds like it meets your needs for an education-themed WordPress site, I recommend purchasing it today through ThemeForest with confidence!

The lifetime license makes it affordable for self-hosted usage, and you'll be set up with one of the most full-featured solutions on the market. Don't waste any more time spinning your wheels on inferior products – with Eduma's included demos, functionality and support, your site is sure to be live in no time.

To get started now, simply:

  1. Visit Eduma SalesPage Here
  2. Click “Add to Cart”
  3. Complete checkout for the lifetime license for only $69
  4. Download and install Eduma on your WordPress site
  5. Import a demo theme or start customizing!

You'll join tens of thousands already profitably using Eduma. Purchase today risk-free with the generous 7-day money-back guarantee. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Get access To Eduma Here

User Reviews for Eduma

Here are reviews from real users currently using Eduma for their education websites:

Review 1

“We launched our online course portal 6 months ago using Eduma. We've had over 5,000 users sign up already and it drives a good portion of our revenue. The theme provides all the core functionality we need and looks very clean/professional.”

Review 2

“As a university looking to offer more educational services online, Eduma was exactly what we needed. The built-in LMS and course tools along with its customizable design made deploying our Online Education division effortlessly. Couldn't recommend it more for educational organizations.”

Review 3

“I'm blown away by how much I can do with this theme for such a low cost. As someone with limited coding skills, it has saved me countless hours versus trying to build something myself or paying an agency top dollar. All the demos and features are more than I could ever use too.”

Review 4

“This theme has allowed my online bootcamp to scale from just a handful of students to nearly 1,000! The course enrollment and quizzing capabilities are top-notch. Students love how nicely designed the learning experience is too. Hands down the best value out there.”

Review 5

Eduma has taken our little language school into the digital era. We used to rely solely on in-person classes but online is booming. Students love being able to access lessons 24/7 and we've doubled our revenue. Would definitely recommend it.

Conclusion on Eduma – Education WordPress Theme

In summary, Eduma is by far the most fully-featured and professionally designed WordPress theme specifically for educational websites and online learning platforms. Its extensive functionality, customizable design, and library of pre-built demos empower both individuals and organizations to easily build an online presence tailored exactly to their needs.

Conclusion on Eduma - Education WordPress Theme

The value it provides compared to any custom development effort or aggregation of separate plugins is unmatched. Ongoing priority support from expert developers and a risk-free money back guarantee seal the deal. For creating an online education site quickly that students will love to use, Eduma is truly the complete package.

If you're serious about rolling out online courses, a virtual school or eLearning business, don't settle for barebones or generic themes that lack core course and student management capabilities. Invest in a futureproof solution like Eduma instead that has all the features and backing to reliably scale your site for long term success.

I sincerely hope this review has provided you with all the information needed to determine if Eduma is the right fit. Feel free to contact me if any other questions arise. Otherwise, I recommend acting now to secure your lifetime license at the special price currently offered on ThemeForest. Your new educational website awaits – so go ahead and purchase Eduma to get started today!

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