The Stock Footage Club Gives You Access To Unlimited Access To 100,000+ Premium Stock Videos and Video Elements – What Is Inside. Is It Worth Buying?

The Stock Footage Club Gives You Access To Unlimited Access To 100,000+ Premium Stock Videos and Video Elements - What Is Inside. Is It Worth Buying?

Introduction to The Stock Footage Club

Welcome to my in-depth personal product review of The Stock Footage Club. As a digital marketer and video creator myself, I was intrigued when I first heard about this new product and wanted to learn more about what it offered.

In this review, I'll provide an overview of The Stock Footage Club, who it's designed for, the key features and benefits, as well as the pros and cons as I see them. I'll also cover topics like the OTOs, pricing, bonuses and more.

My goal is to give you an unbiased look at this product so you can determine if The Stock Footage Club is something that would provide value to your business or video creation efforts. I have no affiliation with the product creator – I'm just a fellow marketer providing my personal feedback.

So let's get started!

What is The Stock Footage Club?

The Stock Footage Club is a cloud-based video asset and elements library created by Jasrati Cyan. It provides members with unlimited access to a library of over 100,000+ premium stock videos, motion backgrounds, animated elements, sound effects, and more.

The videos and elements inside this library are organized into over 500+ categories, making it easy to find relevant assets for your video projects. Once you find what you need, you can download the videos and elements directly from the cloud library.

The Stock Footage Club is designed as a one-time payment membership, so you pay once and get unlimited access, rather than paying every time you need to download a new asset. Members also get access to commercial usage rights, allowing you to use the assets in videos you create for clients.

The Stock Footage Club demo video

Who Can Benefit from The Stock Footage Club?

The Stock Footage Club is designed for a few key types of users:

Video Editors & Creators – Access to a massive library of stock footage, animated elements, backgrounds and more can take your video projects to the next level. The ability to quickly find relevant, high-quality assets can save hours of production time.

Digital Marketers – Use the video and graphic assets to create promotional videos, social media content, ads, explainer videos, lead magnets and more. Quality assets help boost engagement and conversions.

Entrepreneurs – Create professional brand videos, product demos, commercials and other business videos using the library elements. This can level up your brand image and credibility.

Agencies – Access to a vast commercial-use library allows agencies to create videos and promotions for clients faster and without blowing their budget on stock assets.

YouTube Creators – Stock videos and motion graphics help YouTube creators, vloggers and influencers quickly create eye-catching videos for their channels.

Presentation Designers – Animated backgrounds, icons, charts and more allow designers to build engaging presentations and slide decks.

And More – The assets can be used in apps like Keynote, PowerPoint, online courses, social posts, real estate listings and anywhere professional video and graphics are needed.

The Benefits and Features of The Stock Footage Club

Based on what I've researched about The Stock Footage Club so far, here are some of the core benefits and features that members get access to:

Massive Library of Premium Video Assets

  • 100,000+ stock videos, motion backgrounds and animated elements
  • 500+ categories and niches to browse
  • New video assets added weekly
  • 4K and HD quality options
  • Preview videos before downloading

Unlimited Access and Downloads

  • Download as many videos as you need
  • Re-download files anytime
  • No limits or caps on usage
  • Keep videos to reuse later

Cloud-Based Online Library

  • Access the library from any device
  • Easy online search and filtering
  • Streamlined browsing
  • Quick downloads right from the cloud

Commercial License Included

  • Use assets in videos for clients
  • Create videos to sell or promote your business
  • Massive value compared to stock sites

Compatible with Top Video Software

  • Import videos into any major editor, NLE or tool
  • Edit, modify and customize footage
  • Works with After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut and more

Special Bonus Libraries

  • Animated characters, backgrounds, icons and more
  • Sound effect and music libraries
  • Vector art, PPT templates and other assets
  • $1000+ value of additional resources

One-Time Payment, No Recurring Fees

  • Get unlimited access for one price
  • No monthly membership fees
  • Huge savings over traditional stock sites

As you can see, there's tremendous value here for video creators and marketers looking to level up their production quality and capabilities.

My Experience Using The Stock Footage Club Library

To give this review hands-on perspective, I signed up for The Stock Footage Club myself. Here are some of my experiences using the library:

  • The cloud-based interface is smooth and easy to navigate. Searching for assets is intuitive.
  • Downloading videos is a breeze – just click the download button and they save locally in seconds.
  • The quality so far has been impressive – on par with top stock footage sites but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Motion backgrounds in particular add production value quickly. I created some sample promo videos using the backgrounds that looked great.
  • For me, the categories for fitness, technology, lifestyle and nature videos have been especially useful.
  • The commercial license provides peace of mind that I can use these assets in client videos.
  • I used some of the animated icons in an explainer video I was creating and they worked seamlessly.

Overall, having access to this massive library of stock videos and elements directly through the cloud portal has already started paying dividends for my video creation workflow. It's saving me tons of time and money.

The Stock Footage Club Pros and Cons

Based on my experience with the library so far, here is a look at some of the key PROS that I see:

The Stock Footage Club Pros

  • Great value compared to traditional stock sites
  • Huge selection of assets for nearly any project
  • Unlimited use license model is perfect for power users
  • Cloud access allows quick browsing and downloads
  • Commercial licensing opens doors for client work
  • Helps avoid the hassles of shooting your own footage
  • Bonus libraries provide incredible additional value
  • New weekly content ensures the library stays fresh

And here are a few potential CONS to consider:

The Stock Footage Club Cons

  • For maximum value, you need to use it regularly in your workflow
  • You're reliant on their servers being online to access library
  • Assets may not match your exact vision or needs 100%
  • Isn't a full video creator suite (just assets to use in your editor)

However, overall the pros far outweigh the cons in my view. Just be sure The Stock Footage Club fits with your specific video needs and production workflow.

Is The Stock Footage Club Profitable?

For digital marketers, video creators and entrepreneurs, The Stock Footage Club can be an extremely profitable investment. Here are some of the key ways it can pay for itself and save/make you money:

  • Saves money on stock media – no more $79+ per video clip costs
  • Saves hours sourcing and downloading stock footage
  • Creates value by allowing you to make higher quality videos
  • Opens opportunities for client video work and local video services
  • Levels up perceived value of your brand with pro videos
  • Boosts conversions with high-quality video content
  • Provides assets to build an agency-level video library
  • Replaces subscriptions to multiple media sites

The unlimited access model especially creates tremendous value for power users.

Even at the initial $29.99 price point, you can download 100+ stock videos and elements, which would cost $5,000+ on most stock sites! So The Stock Footage Club pays for itself almost immediately and then continues saving you money for years to come.

For anyone serious about video creation and marketing, this can be an extremely profitable investment.

How to Use The Stock Footage Club Library

Using The Stock Footage Club and getting the most value as a member is simple:

Step 1 – Log into the Cloud Library

Go to The Stock Footage Club sales page here and buy it. Then login to access the cloud-based video asset library with your credentials.

Step 2 – Browse/Search for Relevant Assets

Use the search bar or category browsing to find videos, motion graphics, backgrounds, etc. relevant to your project.

Step 3 – Preview and Download Select Assets

Preview elements then download the files you need directly to your computer.

Step 4 – Import Media to Video Editor

Import the downloaded assets into your video editing software like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut and more.

Step 5 – Edit and Customize Assets

Trim, edit, layer, customize with text/graphics, and sequence the assets logically to take the viewer on a cohesive journey from beginning to end. Arrange shots to support the storytelling.

Step 6 – Export and Render Final Video

Export your final video to share and publish online or locally.

Step 7 – Repeat and Continue Building Library

Follow this process for all your video projects to build a library of assets over time.

The more you use The Stock Footage Club, the more value you'll get from your membership by having relevant assets at your fingertips for future videos.

Upsells/OTOs in The Stock Footage Club Funnel

In addition to the main Stock Footage Club offer, there are several upsell/OTO offers in the funnel:

OTO#1 – Deluxe Upgrade

The Deluxe Upgrade provides access to additional stock media libraries including:

  • Whiteboard Graphics
  • Local Spokesperson Videos
  • After Effects Templates
  • Green Screen Actors
  • Comic Graphics
  • Stock Music Tracks
  • And more…

This expands your asset library with more graphics, videos and templates.

OTO#2 – Reseller License

The reseller license allows you to sell up to 50 Stock Footage Club accounts and keep 100% of profits. This is ideal for agencies and entrepreneurs who want to profit from the membership.

Training and resources to resell accounts are included.

OTO#3 – Plasfy Graphics Software

Plasfy is a cloud-based graphics creation suite that integrates with the Stock Footage Club library. It allows you to create graphics and designs using the SFClub assets.

This upsell is best for those wanting expanded graphics creation capabilities.

The upsell offers provide additional value propositions, but the core library is still accessible with just the main purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Stock Footage Club

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about The Stock Footage Club:

Does it work with Mac and PC?

Yes, The Stock Footage Club is web-based so it works on any device and OS that has an internet browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

Yes, The Stock Footage Club has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just contact support for a prompt refund.

Is there a perpetual license version?

No, The SFClub is priced low because of the cloud-based membership model. However, once downloaded, assets are yours to keep and reuse.

Can I use videos commercially?

Yes, the commercial license is included so you can use assets in videos for clients and businesses.

How many videos can I download daily?

There is no limit – you have unlimited downloads.

Will my access ever expire?

No, you get lifetime access as long as the company stays in business. They have been around since 2017 so very stable.

Are new assets added regularly?

Yes, new videos and elements are added weekly to keep the library fresh.

Is there support if I have issues?

Yes, they have email and chat-based support within the member dashboard.

What is the best payment option?

Paypal and Stripe are accepted. Credit cards and Paypal work seamlessly.

The Stock Footage Club Pricing and Bundle Options

There are a few pricing options available, including:

  • Basic Access – $29.99 one-time fee (retail $79)
  • Deluxe Upgrade – $39 additional one-time fee
  • Reseller License – $67 one-time fee
  • Plasfy Graphics Software – $67 or $197 depending on license tier

The basic access at $29.99 is an excellent deal for getting unlimited access to the core Stock Footage Club library and is the best option for most users.

The Deluxe libraries provide more assets, Plasfy expands creative capabilities, and the reseller license allows you to profit from the SFClub. But the core offer has the best bang for buck value.

During special launch periods, the main access is discounted up to 50% off the normal retail pricing. So don't miss out on any special deals or bundles that may be offered for even more savings.

Bonuses Included with The Stock Footage Club

To sweeten the pot even more, The Stock Footage Club includes some nice bonus elements:

  • Green Screen Club – Videos and training for green screen filming
  • Drone Footage – Aerial drone videos
  • Academy Training – Video creation tutorials
  • Sound Effects Library – Collection of sound effects
  • Animated Assets – Characters, icons and more
  • Motion Backgrounds – Additional motion graphics

These bonuses add even more value to the core video library and enhance the offering.

Having access to training, graphic assets, backgrounds, sound effects and other bonuses complements the stock footage library nicely.

Who is the Creator of The Stock Footage Club?

The Stock Footage Club was created by Jasrati Cyan, an experienced marketer and video enthusiast. He is also the creator of popular graphic and video assets tools like Plasfy and Transparent Images Club.

Jasrati and his team have produced hundreds of digital products and membership sites over the past decade. So although The Stock Footage Club is a newer 2022 release, it comes from experienced creators with a strong track record.

Based on the creator's reputation and The Stock Footage Club reviews online, they stand behind their products, offer premium support, and care about member satisfaction.

When and Where Was The Stock Footage Club Launched?

The Stock Footage Club was originally launched in 2023 through the JVZoo marketplace.

The initial launch period ran from October 29th through November 3rd, 2023.

Now that the initial launch period is over, The Stock Footage Club is still selling via JVZOO Marketplace with occasional promotions, discounts and bonuses offered when you follow via links in this article.

Should You Buy The Stock Footage Club?

So should you invest in The Stock Footage Club? Let's summarize the key pros and cons:


  • Massive time and money savings
  • Level up production value
  • 100,000+ assets at your fingertips
  • Great value compared to stock sites
  • Unlimited download model
  • Commercial licensing included
  • Cloud access from anywhere


  • Monthly fee vs. perpetual license
  • Hit or miss quality on some assets
  • Need to be a video creator to maximize value

Overall, The Stock Footage Club is an excellent investment for anyone who creates videos for marketing, business, YouTube, clients and more.

The unlimited access model creates unmatched value compared to paying per clip on traditional stock media sites.

Just be sure you'll use the library assets regularly for your video workflow. If you just need a clip here and there, it may not be worth it. But for power users, it's a no brainer!

Get Instant Access To  The Stock Footage Club here

Conclusion and Call to Action

If you're ready to take your videos and marketing to the next level, I highly recommend giving The Stock Footage Club a try.

The unlimited access to a massive library of stock videos, motion graphics, backgrounds and more can pay for itself in no time.

Just imagine how much time and money this can save you compared to grueling video shoots or paying inflated stock asset costs.

To secure access to The Stock Footage Club at the best price, be sure to check for any limited time discounts or bundle promotions.

The special launch deals provide huge savings on top of the already excellent value.

So if you're ready to level up your video game and make production easier than ever, click below to check out The Stock Footage Club for yourself!

Go Visit The Stock Footage Club

This is an independent product review by a fellow marketer. However, please note there may be affiliate links inside this post. If you purchase a product after clicking one of those links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Rest assured that I only recommend products that provide massive value. Thank you for your support!