PitchPerfect AI: An AI APP That Finds Local Business Owners Who Need Help and Sells Your Services To Them For You! – A Comprehensive PitchPerfect AI Review

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PitchPerfect AI: An AI APP That Finds Local Business Owners Who Need Help and Sells Your Services To Them For You! [ PitchPerfect AI Review ]

Introduction to PitchPerfect AI

PitchPerfect AI is a revolutionary new software platform that is designed to help businesses and agencies find, engage, and convert more high-value clients through the power of artificial intelligence. This comprehensive suite of tools aims to completely transform the client acquisition process by eliminating guesswork and manual efforts.

Created by EngageLeads, PitchPerfect AI leverages advanced AI technology to provide users with an all-in-one solution for lead generation, analysis, engagement and conversion. It essentially automates and optimizes every aspect of securing new business.

Overview of PitchPerfect AI

At its core, PitchPerfect AI is centered around two key components:

1. AI-Driven Client Finder

This tool allows users to instantly uncover thousands of businesses that need their expertise, whether it be in SEO, social media, web design, PPC ads, review management or other digital services.

Advanced lead scoring algorithms identify prospects that have the highest potential value based on metrics like website traffic, online presence, poor reviews and more. Users can easily filter leads by location, industry, service needs and other criteria.

2. Personalized Pitch Page Generator

Once target clients are identified, PitchPerfect AI allows users to create customized pitch pages designed to resonate with each prospect. The software analyzes websites and social media, uncovers pain points, and then automatically generates tailored solutions for every lead.

Dynamic headlines, website audits, missed opportunity metrics and service recommendations are all personalized for maximum impact. These AI-optimized landing pages convert at much higher rates by speaking directly to individual prospect needs.

Who Can Benefit From PitchPerfect AI?

PitchPerfect AI is built for a wide range of users including:

  • Digital Marketing Agencies – Find and secure new clients more efficiently. Offer services like SEO, web design, social media marketing and more.
  • Local Service Businesses – Acquire new local customers. Provide services like plumbing, electricians, house cleaning, lawn care etc.
  • SaaS Companies – Sign up more users for a software service.
  • Coaches & Consultants – Attract new coaching/consulting clients.
  • Affiliate Marketers – Generate leads and promote offers as an affiliate.
  • Real Estate Agents – Gain new property listings and sellers/buyers.
  • Independent Professionals – Obtain new clients if you offer services like legal, accounting, writing, design etc.

The possibilities are truly endless here. PitchPerfect AI can support lead generation and sales for almost any business in any industry. The personalized approach is ideal for establishing trust and credibility with prospects.

Benefits of Using PitchPerfect AI

PitchPerfect AI comes packed with game-changing features and capabilities. Here are some of the key benefits users can expect:

Easy Client Discovery

The AI-powered lead finder makes it simple and fast to locate potential new clients. Just specify your target location and service area, and PitchPerfect AI will immediately identify thousands of matched prospects.

Advanced filters allow you to hone in on businesses that need your specific services. The intelligent lead scoring system also ensures you focus on prospects with the highest potential value and chance of conversion.

This enables users to build a solid pipeline of leads ready for outreach. No more wasted time trying to manually find clients.

Detailed Lead Audits

PitchPerfect AI doesn't just find any leads – it finds the right leads for your business. The software provides comprehensive audits for each prospect, evaluating their website performance, SEO metrics, social media presence, reviews and more.

These audits identify the exact weaknesses, pain points and service needs for each lead. Now users know exactly how to approach prospects and the specific solutions to offer.

AI-Generated Personalized Pitches

Armed with detailed lead audits, PitchPerfect AI can then automatically generate customized pitch pages for each prospect. These pitches speak directly to the needs and issues uncovered in the analysis.

Dynamic headlines, website screenshots, missed opportunity estimates and tailored service recommendations make each pitch page unique to every prospect. The AI optimization ensures these pages convert at much higher rates.

Automated Proposal Creation

After leads convert on the pitch pages, PitchPerfect AI makes it easy to deliver professional proposals. Users can select from pre-made proposal templates and the software auto-populates all the prospect details, service recommendations and pricing packages.

This automates what is usually a manual and time-consuming process. Proposals can be generated and sent in minutes, allowing users to secure clients faster.

AI Content Generation

PitchPerfect AI also offers an extensive AI content creator. Users can leverage this tool to quickly generate optimized content for a wide range of needs – GMB listings, Yelp pages, Ad copies, emails, social media posts and more.

This provides additional value to clients once onboarding begins by handling time-intensive content creation tasks.

Powerful Analytics & Reporting

Detailed analytics and insightful reports are included to help users track prospect interactions, lead scores, conversion rates, sales metrics and more. Users can see what's working and optimize their client acquisition process.

These analytics ensure users are maximizing the return from the platform. There are also client reports to showcase progress and ROI.

Higher Close Rates & Larger Deals

By combining AI lead gen, personalized pitches and automated proposals, PitchPerfect AI enables much higher prospect-to-client conversion rates. The tailored pitches build trust and make closing deals easier.

On average, users can expect to secure 20-40% more new clients through the platform. Deal sizes also tend to be 15-20% larger due to the highly targeted nature of the system. More clients and bigger deals equal explosive growth.

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Pros and Cons of PitchPerfect AI

PitchPerfect AI has many excellent benefits, but also some limitations to consider. Here is an overview of the key pros and cons.

PitchPerfect AI Pros

  • Finds qualified leads automatically
  • Unlimited lead searches
  • Lead scoring and audit capabilities
  • Personalized pitch page generator
  • Automated proposal creation
  • AI content creator included
  • Analytics & reporting to optimize results
  • Higher client close rates
  • Larger average deal sizes
  • Easy traffic tracking
  • No technical skills required
  • Fast setup and onboarding
  • Excellent affiliate program

PitchPerfect AI Cons

  • Higher entry price point for some people

The pros seem to far outweigh the cons for most use cases. The biggest downside is the monthly pricing, but the unlimited lead generation and done-for-you automation provide tremendous value.

Profitability of PitchPerfect AI

One of the most important considerations is the profit potential of PitchPerfect AI. Can users really build a lucrative business with it?

The short answer is yes. The AI lead generation and sales automation capabilities make profitability much more achievable.

Here are a few examples of the profit margins possible:

  • Local marketing agency charges clients $1500/month for SEO services. With PitchPerfect AI they are able to acquire 5 new clients per month, generating $7500 in recurring revenue at 90% profit margins.
  • Web design agency lands 10 new $3500 website build projects per month thanks to PitchPerfect AI lead gen. With 50% profit margins, this translates to $17,500 in monthly profit.
  • Consultant usually charges $2000 per client for a 2-month engagement. With PitchPerfect AI they double their clients to 8 per month, driving $16,000 in revenue at 70% profit margins.

These examples demonstrate how PitchPerfect AI’s ROI can translate to tens of thousands in profits for agencies, consultants and services businesses. And profits scale directly in proportion to the number of new clients you acquire through the platform.

How To Use PitchPerfect AI

PitchPerfect AI was designed for easy setup and usage right out of the box. Here is a brief overview of how to start using the platform:

Step 1 – Purchase Access & Create Account

First, visit the PitchPerfect AI sales page and choose one of the front-end or bundled packages. After purchase, you will create your account and gain access to the app.

Step 2 – Configure Settings

Next, go through the quick onboarding process. Here you will connect your payment methods, set up lead notification preferences, integrate email or CRM, and customize any branding.

Step 3 – Find Leads

Now you are ready to start searching for prospects. Use the lead finder tool to identify potential new clients in your area who need your services. Filter and sort leads as needed.

Step 4 – Review Lead Audits

PitchPerfect AI will automatically audit each lead, assessing their website, social media, SEO metrics, online presence and more. Review these audits to understand each prospect's needs and pain points.

Step 5 – Create Pitch Pages

Leverage the done-for-you pitch page templates to create personalized landing pages for each lead. The AI intelligence will pre-populate the key details for you.

Step 6 – Promote Pages

Drive traffic to your new pitch pages using email outreach, Facebook ads, solo ads, webinars or any other marketing channel.

Step 7 – Track Conversions

As prospects convert on your pitch pages, PitchPerfect AI will automatically notify you so you can follow up.

Step 8 – Send Proposals

Use the automated proposal builder to quickly create and send customized proposals to hot leads. Add services, pricing packages and other details.

Step 9 – Close Deals

Follow up with prospects to answer any questions, discuss projects and close deals. The pre-built trust from the tailored pitches makes closing much easier.

Step 10 – Onboard Clients

Once you've closed a deal, onboard new clients seamlessly. Use the AI content creator to handle any setup tasks like GMB listings, Yelp pages, social media accounts and more.

Step 11 – Deliver Services

Now you can deliver the promised services to new clients and keep them 100% satisfied. Continue providing ongoing value through the AI tools.

Step 12 – Upsell & Expand

Look for opportunities to upsell clients once onboard by offering additional services. PitchPerfect AI makes it easy to continually expand accounts.

Step 13 – Repeat Process

Rinse and repeat the process to continually acquire new clients and grow your business month after month. Let the AI acceleration drive profitability.

Following these steps, users can smoothly progress from lead to client and handle everything in between with PitchPerfect AI. Ongoing refinements and split testing will optimize results over time.

OTOs & Upsells

To boost the core value proposition, PitchPerfect AI offers several upsell options:

PitchPerfect AI Unlimited – $97/Year

This OTO unlocks additional features like:

  • Unlimited leads, audits and pitch pages
  • Advanced analytics and reports
  • Comprehensive content templates
  • Expert proposals and closing guides
  • Lead nurturing and CRM integrations

Perfect for power users who want maximum lead volume and conversions.

PitchPerfect AI DFY Mastery Pack – $97 One-Time

The DFY Mastery Pack provides done-for-you solutions for 20 top local niches. Each niche includes:

  • Tailored service templates
  • Pre-made proposals & contracts
  • Targeted GMB/Yelp listings
  • Customized videos & graphics
  • Specialized email scripts
  • Facebook/Google ad copies
  • SEO optimized content

Ideal for agencies catering to local niches like chiropractors, dentists, plastic surgeons, roofers, restaurants and more.

PitchPerfect AI Agency Success Suite – $77 One-Time

This upsell is focused on elevating agency branding and credibility. It includes:

  • Professional AI agency website template
  • Complete branding kit (logos, letterheads, business cards)
  • Lead magnet and proposal templates
  • Marketing materials and presentations

Perfect for establishing authority in your niche and attracting higher-value clients.

PitchPerfect AI Masterclass – $97 One-Time

The Masterclass OTO provides expert training on critical business growth topics such as:

  • Software onboarding and setup
  • Sales and client acquisition
  • Service pricing and packaging
  • Proposals and negotiations
  • Client retention and lifecycle optimization
  • Staffing, outsourcing and delegation
  • Scaling and expansion strategies

Incredibly useful training for both new and established agencies looking to boost productivity, profits and success.

PitchPerfect AI Agency License – $97+

This OTO enables agencies to add team members and virtual assistants to multiple accounts. Licenses are available in packs of 5, 25, 100 and more.

By assigning licenses, agencies can efficiently manage higher client volumes and expand revenue potential.


Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about PitchPerfect AI:

Q: How quickly can I get results with PitchPerfect AI?

Most users start finding and contacting leads within the first 1-2 hours. Converting prospects to paying clients can happen very quickly based on your outreach process. Expect to secure your first sale within days or weeks.

Q: What makes PitchPerfect AI different from other lead generation tools?

The AI-powered personalized pitch pages are truly unique. Tailored landing pages convert so much better than generic templates. Automated audits and proposals also eliminate tons of manual work for users.

Q: Do I need any special skills to use PitchPerfect AI?

No advanced tech skills are required. But some copywriting ability will maximze your personalized pitch creation. Basic computer and internet skills are adequate to utilize the software.

Q: Does PitchPerfect AI integrate with email and other platforms?

Yes, the software integrates with all major email providers, CRMs, analytics programs, calendars, and webinar platforms. APIs and Zapier integration enable deep connectivity.

Q: Can I manage multiple team members with PitchPerfect AI?

Yes, the Agency License OTO allows you to add team members and provide access to multiple users under your account. You maintain complete control and visibility.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

PitchPerfect AI offers a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy for any reason, just contact support for a full refund within 30 days.

Q: What payment options are available?

Payments can be made via all major credit cards, PayPal, Stripe and wire transfer. Users can choose from monthly, quarterly or annual billing cycles.

Pricing for PitchPerfect AI

PitchPerfect AI offers package options suitable for all business sizes and budgets. Here is an overview of the core pricing:

  • FE Option 1 – Lite – $37 one-time fee for limited features
  • FE Option 2 – Pro – $67 monthly subscription for the full suite
  • Agency Bundle – $297 one-time fee for 5 licenses and all features
  • Unlimited Upgrade – $97 annually for unlimited prospecting
  • OTOs – Additional one-time fees from $77 to $297 for add-ons

Compared to hiring an in-house team just to handle lead generation, PitchPerfect AI is extremely affordable. Plus you get full done-for-you automation. For serious agencies, the unlimited plan pays for itself quickly.

Money-Back Guarantee

PitchPerfect AI wants all users to be completely satisfied with the platform. That's why they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you are unhappy with PitchPerfect AI, simply contact their support team within 30 days of your purchase to request a full refund.

The refund process is quick and hassle-free. Just make sure to actively use the software and follow the onboarding steps before deciding. This ensures you experience the full value before determining PitchPerfect AI is not a fit.

Overall the 30-day refund policy provides peace of mind when trying out the platform.


PitchPerfect AI offers package options suitable for all business sizes and budgets. Here is an overview of the core pricing:

  • FE Option 1 – Lite – $37 one-time fee for limited features
  • FE Option 2 – Pro – $67 monthly subscription for the full suite
  • Agency Bundle – $297 one-time fee for 5 licenses and all features
  • Unlimited Upgrade – $97 annually for unlimited prospecting
  • OTOs – Additional one-time fees from $77 to $297 for add-ons

Compared to hiring an in-house team just to handle lead generation, PitchPerfect AI is extremely affordable. Plus you get full done-for-you automation. For serious agencies, the unlimited plan pays for itself quickly.

All-In-One PitchPerfect AI Bundle Deal

For the biggest discount, PitchPerfect AI is offering an all-in-one bundle deal during launch. This discounted bundle includes:

  • Full PitchPerfect AI Suite
  • Unlimited Leads Upgrade
  • DFY Mastery Pack
  • Agency Success Suite
  • Masterclass Training
  • 5 User Licenses

Over $2000 in value for just a one-time price of $297. This bundle unlocks all features, capabilities and training for maximum value.

Get access to PitchPerfect AI Bundle Deal here

PitchPerfect AI Creator

PitchPerfect AI was created by EngageLeads, a renowned software company known for building innovative platforms leveraging artificial intelligence.

Their team of engineers and marketers have extensive experience crafting subscription-based SaaS products. The AI technology behind PitchPerfect AI represents their most advanced offering yet.

Launch Details

PitchPerfect AI will officially launch on November 7, 2023 at 11am Eastern time.

The launch period will run for 5 days, ending on November 12th 2023. During this period, discounted pricing and maximum bonuses will be available.

The launch is being hosted through JVZoo, a popular digital marketplace platform. Partners will have affiliate resources to promote the launch and earn commissions.

Should You Buy PitchPerfect AI?

For agencies, consultants, freelancers and local service businesses struggling with lead generation and client acquisition, PitchPerfect AI is a no-brainer investment.

The done-for-you automation saves tons of time finding and engaging prospects. The AI technology also provides high-value insights that would take weeks or months to gather manually.

Creating tailored landing pages and proposals in minutes further accelerates sales cycles. And the system scales smoothly in proportion to your ambitions.

The biggest expense is wasted time and opportunity cost. For under $100/month, PitchPerfect AI eliminates those costs and drives profitability with AI acceleration.

Any business that needs more leads, clients or customers would benefit tremendously from PitchPerfect AI. The flexibility also allows for highly targeted marketing campaigns.

For those reliant on inbound tactics, outbound prospecting or referrals, adding this platform can substantially boost results and growth. When evaluating costs, measure it against the value of additional revenue, customers and profits.

Bottom line – PitchPerfect AI is an absolute game changer for lead generation, engagement and client acquisition across many industries and verticals. The AI enrichment saves time, reduces costs, increases conversions and enables scaling.

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Conclusion on PitchPerfect AI Review

In summary, PitchPerfect AI provides a complete end-to-end sales acceleration solution powered by artificial intelligence. It automates and optimizes prospecting, lead analysis, personalized engagements, proposal creation and more.

The AI lead scoring ensures you target businesses with the highest potential value and chance of conversion. Detailed audits reveal exactly what solutions to offer each prospect. Customized landing pages and tailored proposals then convert prospects into paying clients at very high rates.

Everything from finding new leads to securing new deals is accelerated with PitchPerfect AI. The platform empowers businesses across all niches to find and close more new accounts.

If you need to acquire more leads, engage prospects better or close more sales, PitchPerfect AI is an easy way to achieve those goals. The AI enrichment provides strategic advantages and enables unparalleled efficiency gains.

Interested businesses should take advantage of the initial launch period for the biggest discounts and bonus inclusions before prices increase. Act now to boost your client roster with this cutting-edge sales platform.

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Affiliate Disclosure

This review contains affiliate links that may provide the author with a commission at no additional cost to you. All opinions are 100% honest and independent.

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