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Kites review
Kites review

Kites review Introduction

Kites is an intuitive no-code platform that allows anyone to create beautiful, interactive microsites optimized for mobile devices. With Kites, you can easily build microsites for campaigns, landing pages, online catalogs, guides, and more without any coding knowledge.

Some key features of Kites include:

  • Drag and drop editor to build microsites in minutes
  • 100+ templates for different use cases like lead generation, events, ecommerce etc.
  • Interactive elements like surveys, calculators, quizzes to boost engagement
  • Detailed analytics to track campaign performance without cookies
  • QR code generator to drive traffic from print and offline channels
  • Mobile optimized and responsive sites

Kites aims to make microsite creation quick, easy and accessible to everyone. In this in-depth review, we'll explore the features, benefits, pricing and more to help you decide if Kites is the right no-code solution for your business.

Who Can Benefit from Kites?

Kites is a versatile platform suitable for various users across different industries. Here are some of the main segments who can benefit from using Kites:


Kites is ideal for marketers who want to create targeted landing pages, lead capture forms, surveys and microsites for specific campaigns. The drag and drop editor makes it easy to customize designs without coding.

Small Businesses & Startups

Small businesses can use Kites to build microsites to promote their brand, products or services. The templates help create sites quickly even without a big marketing budget.


Digital agencies and freelancers can use Kites to easily build microsites for their clients. The white label option also allows removing Kites branding for client sites.

Event Organizers

Kites is great for event organizers to create informational sites for conferences, weddings, parties etc. The real-time analytics help track interest and engagement.

Educators & Coaches

Educators can build course landing pages, online resumes and portfolios. Coaches can create sites to showcase their programs and offerings.

In summary, Kites is suitable for any individual or business looking to create stunning microsites for their brand without coding.

Key Benefits and Features of Kites

Here are some of the main benefits and features of using Kites:

Intuitive Drag and Drop Editor

Kites makes microsite creation easy with its user-friendly drag and drop editor. Just select a template, add and customize design elements and you're good to go. No coding skills needed.

100+ Professionally Designed Templates

Kites offers over 100 mobile-friendly templates for different use cases like lead gen, ecommerce, portfolios, catalogs etc. Choose one and customize it to fit your brand.

Interactive Content

Engage visitors by adding interactive elements like calculators, quizzes, surveys, appointment schedulers and more to your microsites.

Detailed Analytics

Track microsite performance without cookies. Kites provides detailed analytics on visits, conversions, top pages and more to optimize campaigns.

QR Code Generator

Easily create customized QR codes to drive traffic to your microsites from print, offline channels and social media.

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

All microsites built with Kites are mobile optimized and responsive, ensuring good user experience on all devices.

White Label Option

Agencies can remove Kites branding and create white label microsites for clients with custom domains.

Useful Integrations

Kites integrates with tools like Zapier, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Typeform etc. to connect microsites with your other marketing software.

Pros and Cons of Kites

Kites Pros

  • No coding required to build sites
  • Visually stunning microsite designs
  • 100+ templates for different use cases
  • Interactive elements to boost engagement
  • Detailed analytics without cookies
  • QR code generator to drive traffic -Mobile friendly and responsive sites
  • Useful integrations with other tools
  • Affordable pricing

Kites Cons

  • Advanced users may want more control over HTML/CSS

Kites Pricing and Plans

Kites offers lifetime deals for AppSumo users with five pricing tiers based on usage and features. Here is an overview:

Plan Price/Key Features

Tier 1: $19. 20 Sites, 10k visits/month

Tier 2: $59. 50 Sites, 100k visits/month

Tier 3: $159. Unlimited Sites, 300k visits/month

Tier 4: $279. Unlimited Sites, 500k visits/month

Tier 5: $699 Unlimited Sites, 1M visits/month

The higher tiers add features like more domains, removal of Kites branding, priority support and higher visit limits.

The lifetime deal pricing provides very good value compared to Kites regular monthly pricing. For example, the closest plan to Tier 1 lifetime is the Starter monthly plan at $25/month billed annually.

So the lifetime deal lets you get access to Kites at a fraction of the regular price. There are no renewal fees either.

How to Use Kites to Create Microsites

Here is an overview of how to use Kites to create your own microsite:

Step 1: Select a Template

Kites offers over 100 templates across categories like lead generation, portfolios, events, catalogs, guides etc. Browse through the template library and select one that fits your purpose.

Step 2: Customize the Design

Use the drag and drop editor to customize elements like images, icons, shapes, text, buttons and more. Change colors, fonts and layouts to match your brand.

Step 3: Add Interactive Content

Make your microsite engaging by adding interactive elements like calculators, forms, quizzes, videos, appointment schedulers and more.

Step 4: Connect Domain and Publish

Connect your custom domain and publish your microsite. Kites provides a unique URL for each microsite you create.

Step 5: Share and Promote

Share your microsite on social media, email newsletters, QR codes etc. Kites also provides options to download QR codes.

Step 6: Track Performance

Use the built-in analytics in Kites to track visits, conversions, top pages and other stats to optimize your microsite.

And that's it! Within minutes you can create beautiful, customized microsites with Kites that drive results for your business.

Get Lifetime Access to Kites

AppSumo is currently offering an exclusive lifetime deal for Kites. This allows you to get access to Kites microsite builder forever with just a one-time payment.

Here are the steps to get Kites via AppSumo:

1. Choose Your Plan

Browse through the pricing tiers and select the plan as per your needs. Tier 1 starts at just $19 for lifetime access.

2. Click Buy Now

Complete your purchase on AppSumo. Payment can be made securely by card or PayPal.

3. Create Your Account

You'll get a confirmation email from AppSumo with Kites login details to setup your account.

4. Start Building!

Login to your Kites account and start creating awesome microsites for your business!

The lifetime deal offers exceptional value compared to paying monthly for Kites. And you get to use the software forever without any recurring fees.

Kites OTOs

Kites currently does not have any OTOs or upsells after the frontend purchase. The base lifetime deal package includes all features needed to create professional microsites.

Some additional paid add-ons are available:

  • Additional Visits: You can purchase add-on visit packs if you exceed the included visit limit per month.
  • Additional Domains: Add more custom domains to use across your microsites.

But the base lifetime deal plan is sufficient for most standard use cases without needing the addons.

Kites FAQs

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about Kites:

Does Kites have a free plan?

No, Kites does not currently offer a free plan. The minimum is the lifetime AppSumo deal.

Can I create unlimited microsites?

Yes, most plans allow unlimited microsites except the Tier 1 plan which has a limit of 20 sites.

Is there a limit on pages per microsite?

No, you can create microsites with unlimited pages on all plans.

Can I remove the Kites branding?

Yes, Tiers 2-5 allow you to remove Kites branding and create white-label sites.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, AppSumo provides a 60-day money-back guarantee on your Kites purchase.

Do microsites created with Kites allow cookies?

No, Kites microsites do not use cookies and comply with GDPR regulations.

Kites Money-Back Guarantee

AppSumo provides a 60-day money-back guarantee on all Kites lifetime deal purchases.

If you are unsatisfied with Kites for any reason within 60 days of your purchase, you can contact AppSumo support for a full refund.

This makes your Kites purchase risk-free – you get a chance to test drive the software to build microsites without any long term commitment.

Kites Pricing

Here are the current pricing details for the Kites lifetime deal:

Tier 1: $19 for lifetime access

  • 20 Microsites
  • 10,000 Visits/month
  • Unlimited Pages

Tier 2: $59 for lifetime access

  • 50 Microsites
  • 100,000 Visits/month
  • Unlimited Pages
  • 5 Custom Domains
  • White Label Option

Tier 3: $159 for lifetime access

  • Unlimited Microsites
  • 300,000 Visits/month
  • Unlimited Pages
  • 10 Custom Domains
  • White Label Option

Tier 4: $279 for lifetime access

  • Unlimited Microsites
  • 500,000 Visits/month
  • Unlimited Pages
  • 15 Custom Domains
  • White Label Option

Tier 5: $699 for lifetime access

  • Unlimited Microsites
  • 1,000,000 Visits/month
  • Unlimited Pages
  • 25 Custom Domains
  • White Label Option

The pricing is very affordable considering regular Kites plans start at $25/month for the Starter plan.

The lifetime deal is only available on AppSumo and offers exceptional value.

Who Created Kites?

Kites is created by the Spanish company MAKE-Kites which is based in Malaga, Spain.

The founder and CEO is Juan Amadeo who has over 12 years of experience in the digital marketing and SaaS spaces across Europe and Latam.

The company was officially launched in 2020 with the goal of providing an easy-to-use no-code platform for creating interactive microsites.

When Was Kites Launched?

Here is a brief timeline of Kites launch:

  • Initial Development: 2018-2019
  • Private Beta: 2020
  • Public Launch: February 2021
  • AppSumo Launch: August 2022

So Kites has been refined over several years before launching publicly. The AppSumo partnership helped bring the platform to a wider global audience.

Where Can You Purchase Kites?

Kites is currently exclusively available via the AppSumo platform. It is not sold on the official Kites website or any other marketplace.

The partnership with AppSumo has allowed the creators to offer the lifetime deal pricing which provides exceptional value compared to their standard monthly plans.

AppSumo also provides a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can purchase risk-free.

Should You Buy Kites?

Kites is an easy-to-use and affordable no-code microsite builder that lets anyone create mobile-optimized sites quickly.

Reasons to Buy Kites:

  • Create microsites in minutes without coding
  • 100+ professional templates for any use case
  • Interactive content like calculators, quizzes etc.
  • Track performance with built-in analytics
  • QR code generator to drive traffic
  • Lifetime pricing & 60-day money-back guarantee

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • Advanced users may prefer more design control
  • Requires digital marketing knowledge to use effectively

For the low lifetime deal price, Kites provides tremendous value. It's a great choice for marketers, agencies, small businesses who want an easy way to create stylish sites quickly.

The risk-free purchase via AppSumo makes it easy to try it out first-hand.

Get Access to Kites Here and use for life

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Kites aims to empower any business to create beautiful, functional microsites optimized for mobiles without coding.

It streamlines the process with a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, 100+ templates, and insightful analytics. Interactive content and QR code generator help drive engagement.

The exclusive AppSumo lifetime deal offers a low one-time price for unlimited use of Kites. Given the savings compared to regular pricing, this is a great opportunity to get started.

Visit AppSumo and grab the Kites lifetime deal to start building high converting microsites in just minutes!

Get Access to Kites Here and use for life

Kites Review Disclaimer

This Kites review contains affiliate links and I may receive commission for purchases made through these links at no additional cost to you. All opinions expressed here are my own based on personal experience using the Kites software. Please conduct your own research before making any purchase.

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