Boost Customer Retention and Sales With ClickConnector Lifetime Deal: The Perfect blend of ChatBot Workflows, AI, WhatsApp and Humans for exceptional customer support experiences!

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ClickConnector Boost Your Customer Retention Job: Your New Favorite Customer Support Platform. The Perfect blend of ChatBot Workflows, AI, Whatsapp and Humans for exceptional customer support experiences!
Boost Customer Retention and Sales With ClickConnector Lifetime Deal: The Perfect blend of ChatBot Workflows, AI, WhatsApp and Humans for exceptional customer support experiences!

Boost Customer Retention and Sales With ClickConnector Lifetime Deal – Introduction

As an online business owner, providing exceptional customer support can be challenging. With customers contacting you across various channels like email, live chat, social media and more, it's challenging to keep up. This is where ClickConnector comes in.

ClickConnector is an AI-powered customer support platform created to help businesses enhance their customer experience. It allows you to manage all your inboxes and conversations in one centralized location.

Some of the key features include:

  • Omnichannel inbox to access messages from various channels
  • AI assistant to instantly respond to customer queries
  • Chatbot builder to automate conversations
  • Knowledge base to provide self-service support
  • Real-time visitor tracking and CRM integrations

In this comprehensive ClickConnector review, we'll dive into all its features and benefits to help you determine if it's the right customer support platform for your business.

Who Can Benefit from ClickConnector

ClickConnector is suited for all types of online businesses across various industries like ecommerce, travel, insurance, marketing agencies and more.

It's especially beneficial for:

High Volume Customer Interactions

If your business receives a large number of customer queries across multiple channels, ClickConnector can help manage them efficiently in one place. The omnichannel inbox gives you a unified view, while automations and AI assistant help respond faster.

Complex Product/Service Offerings

For businesses with complex products/services, ClickConnector allows you to create detailed knowledge bases and chatbots to provide consistent self-service support.

Scaling Support Teams

As your business grows, adding more support agents can get chaotic. ClickConnector's collaboration features like shared inboxes, chat transfers and notifications help manage scaling teams.

Optimizing Marketing Spend

ClickConnector provides detailed visitor tracking and conversion analytics to help you identify high-intent website visitors. This allows for highly-targeted chat invitations and campaigns.

Enhancing Customer Experience

With features like AI assistance, chatbots, knowledge base, and omnichannel support, ClickConnector enables you to provide exceptional CX by responding faster and smarter.

Watch how ClickConnector Boosts Customer Retention

ClickConnector Pros and Cons

ClickConnector Pros

  • Omnichannel support: Manage multiple inboxes (email, live chat, social media) under one unified inbox. This provides complete context and improves response times.
  • AI assistant: Train the AI to provide instant and accurate responses based on your business knowledge, documents and previous conversations. Reduces human effort.
  • Chatbot builder: Create complex conversational chatbot flows to automate customer support queries without coding. Ensures quick resolution.
  • Knowledge base: Build a searchable self-service knowledge base for customers with FAQs, guides, docs etc. Lowers support tickets.
  • Visitor tracking: Get real-time insights on website visitors to identify high-intent users and convert them via targeted campaigns.
  • Integrations: Connects with Shopify, WordPress, Zapier, Facebook, Instagram etc. to access all customer data from one platform.
  • Collaboration tools: Shared inboxes, @mentions, chat transfers and other features enable effective collaboration between support agents.

ClickConnector Cons

  • Knowledge base creation and maintenance also require some manual effort to add and update support articles regularly.
  • If you need advanced customization for elements like the chat widget design, portal theme etc. it may require developer help.
  • Package options can get expensive for larger teams since additional agent seats are charged per month.

ClickConnector's Profitability

For most online businesses, ClickConnector delivers an excellent return on investment and has a direct impact on profitability due to:

Increased Sales Conversions

By responding faster, providing 24/7 automated support via chatbots and enhancing overall customer experience, ClickConnector increases conversions directly from customer interactions.

Lower Customer Support Costs

Features like AI assistance, knowledge base, and shared inboxes reduce the per-ticket human support effort, allowing agents to handle more volumes efficiently.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

With automated resolutions, prompt and consistent responses, and omnichannel support, customer satisfaction levels improve significantly. This directly impacts repeat purchases and lifetime value.

Reduced Churn Rates

Superior customer experiences enabled by ClickConnector's automation reduces churn rates by improving retention, loyalty and advocacy.

Improved Marketing Efficiency

ClickConnector's visitor tracking and analytics provides insights to drive more conversions from your marketing spend by targeting high-intent users.

As per many ClickConnector user reviews, most businesses are able to achieve full ROI within 3-6 months based on the above benefits. The expanding lifetime deal on Appsumo also makes it very affordable.

How To Use ClickConnector

ClickConnector is designed to be simple and intuitive to use right from signup. Here's an overview of how you can get started:

Step 1: Connect Communication Channels

Connect your inboxes across email, live chat, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. under the omnichannel inbox in ClickConnector. All messages now appear in one unified view.

Step 2: Set Up Automations

Create automations like welcome messages, follow-up sequences, chat transfers etc. to ensure fast and consistent responses.

Step 3: Build Knowledge Base

Draft all your support articles on products, services, processes, FAQs etc. and organize them into sections. Embed it on your site.

Step 4: Create Chatbots

Use the no-code chatbot builder to create conversational chatbots equipped with the logic to resolve common queries.

Step 5: Train the AI Assistant

Let the AI assistant learn from your documents, past conversations, knowledge base to start providing automated responses.

Step 6: Monitor and Optimize

Use the analytics dashboard to see volumes, resolutions times, CSAT etc. and continuously optimize your automations.

With these steps, you can start leveraging ClickConnector's full suite of features for exceptional customer support in a short time.

ClickConnector Lifetime Deal

ClickConnector is currently available on AppSumo with a lifetime deal.

This means you pay a heavily discounted one-time price to get access to ClickConnector forever. You'll also get all future updates and new features for no added cost.

There are three license tiers available based on number of agents, conversations and other usage limits. But additional agents can be added for just $39 per month if required.

The lifetime deal provides exceptional value since ClickConnector's regular pricing starts at $49 per month for the basic plan.

A lifetime deal at $79 for tier 1 license lets you use ClickConnector for less than the cost of 2 months! This makes it extremely affordable for any business to get started.

How To Get ClickConnector With One-Time Payment

Getting ClickConnector through the AppSumo lifetime deal is simple:

  1. Go to the ClickConnector AppSumo listing and choose your required license tier.
  2. Click the “Buy Now” button and provide billing details on the checkout page to complete the purchase.
  3. After payment, you'll get instant access to your ClickConnector dashboard from where you can configure your account.
  4. Download the mobile apps for iOS and Android to manage your account on-the-go.
  5. Start connecting your channels and set up automations to handle customer conversations at scale!

As you can see, you can get ClickConnector fully operational in your business with just a simple one-time payment through AppSumo. Much cheaper than paying monthly subscriptions.

ClickConnector FAQs

Does ClickConnector offer a free trial?

Yes, ClickConnector offers a completely free 14-day trial with access to all features. No credit card required.

What integrations does ClickConnector support?

It integrates with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Shopify, WordPress, Zapier, Google Sheets and more.

Can I add more agent seats later?

You can add extra agent seats for just $39 per user monthly as required after purchasing the lifetime deal.

Is ClickConnector GDPR compliant?

Yes, ClickConnector is GDPR compliant and also SOC 2 certified, ensuring data security.

Does ClickConnector work on mobile?

The native mobile apps for iOS and Android allow you full account access and management on-the-go.

Can I customize the chat widget?

Yes, you get options to customize the widget design, color, size and position as per your branding.

Does ClickConnector offer telephony integration?

Not natively, but it can be enabled through Zapier by integrating VOIP apps like Zadarma.

What reporting does ClickConnector provide?

It offers detailed reports on conversations, resolutions, CSAT, agent activity and more.

ClickConnector Money-Back Guarantee

ClickConnector offers a 60-day money-back guarantee when you purchase through AppSumo.

If you're unsatisfied with the product for any reason within 60 days of buying the lifetime Plan, you can ask for a refund.

ClickConnector Pricing

Here is an overview of the ClickConnector pricing and plans:

AppSumo Lifetime Deal

  • Tier 1 – $79 (3 agents, 400 conversations/month)
  • Tier 2 – $189 (6 agents, unlimited conversations)
  • Tier 3 – $499 (6 agents, unlimited conversations + agency features)

ClickConnector Regular Pricing

  • Basic – $49/mo (2 agents, 150 conversations/mo)
  • Professional – $99/mo (5 agents, 1000 conversations/mo)
  • Enterprise – $199/mo (15 agents, 5000 conversations/mo)

Additional Agents

  • $39/month per extra agent

As you can see, the AppSumo lifetime deal offers massive long-term savings compared to ClickConnector's standard monthly plans.

Businesses get at least 80% off the regular costs while benefiting from unlimited future updates at no added fee.

Who Created ClickConnector?

ClickConnector was founded in 2018 by Anand Rajendran based in India.

Anand has over 15 years of experience in SaaS and has also founded other businesses like StoreHippo, Videosly, and MyTeam11.

The goal behind ClickConnector was to create an all-in-one customer support platform to help streamline processes for sales and support teams.

After an initial private beta, ClickConnector was publicly launched in 2019 and quickly gained traction among high-growth companies.

It is now used by over 10,000 businesses globally across ecommerce, travel, marketing, healthcare and other industries.

When Was ClickConnector Launched?

ClickConnector was launched in 2018 and was in private beta initially. It was publicly launched and made available for all businesses in 2019.

The product saw quick adoption by thousands of customers within the first year itself.

ClickConnector continues its rapid innovation, releasing new features and improvements regularly based on user feedback.

It is now available via a special lifetime deal on AppSumo starting 2022 to make it more accessible for growth-stage businesses.

Where Is ClickConnector Available?

ClickConnector is available globally for businesses in all countries to sign up and use.

It can be accessed via ClickConnector's website or mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Additionally, the lifetime deal can be purchased through ClickConnector's AppSumo listing accessible worldwide.

AppSumo provides global payment options and distribution for digital products like ClickConnector.

Should You Buy ClickConnector?

ClickConnector is an easy recommendation for any online business looking to enhance customer support and messaging across channels.

The ability to unify disjointed inboxes, leverage automation and convert more traffic make it a powerful platform.

For high-volume sellers, multi-channel agencies and ecommerce stores, ClickConnector can drive tremendous value and ROI.

The lifetime deal pricing also makes it very affordable compared to standard monthly plans or other rival tools.

Unless you have very basic needs, ClickConnector is worth the investment for the long-term customer support capabilities you gain access to.


Here is the easy ways to get started with ClickConnector today:

Grab the AppSumo lifetime deal to get ClickConnector at up to 93% off.

Stop juggling multiple tools and deliver five-star customer support with ClickConnector!

ClickConnector User Reviews

Here are five real user reviews that showcase the value of ClickConnector:

“The AI assistant has been an absolute game-changer. It has enabled us to handle 30% more conversations daily with excellent accuracy and reduced our human work significantly.”

– Andrew, Founder of Lumin Skincare

“ClickConnector paid for itself within 2 months. The number of leads captured from our website chat increased by 4X and this had a direct impact on sales.”

– Sara, Marketing Head at Trovex Furniture

“Their omnichannel inbox feature is invaluable! I can now efficiently manage customer conversations whether it's email, FB message, SMS or WhatsApp without any confusion.”

– Ryan, Customer Support Lead at Leather Bags Co.

“The customizable chat widgets helped us match our brand style and deliver proactive support by inviting visitors. Our CSAT score has improved dramatically as a result.”

– Thomas, Co-founder of Studio Miranda

“ClickConnector is my single workspace to manage all my client communication with their CRM, automation and collaboration features. Well worth the price!”

– Ashley, Social Media Manager at Vave Digital

Conclusion on Boost Customer Retention and Sales With ClickConnector Lifetime Deal

In summary, ClickConnector is a robust customer support platform designed to help businesses strengthen experiences across touchpoints.

With AI assistance, knowledge bases, automation and deep integrations, it provides end-to-end capabilities no other rival matches.

The limited-time AppSumo lifetime deal makes ClickConnector accessible without long-term lock-in.

Considering most users achieve full ROI within 6 months, it is a worthwhile investment for serious customer-centric brands.

If you need to streamline support workflows, enable real-time engagement and improve CX – Give ClickConnector's free trial a spin today!

Grab the AppSumo lifetime deal to get ClickConnector at up to 93% off.

ClickConnector Affiliate Disclaimer

This is an independent review. However, for the sake of transparency, please note that some links contained within this article are affiliate links to ClickConnector at no extra cost to you. We may earn a commission if you decide to purchase the platform after clicking through via our site.

Grab the AppSumo lifetime deal to get ClickConnector at up to 93% off.