Unbiased ViralDashboard Ai Review: Turns Your Social Media Account Into A Set ‘N’ Forget Viral Machine That Drives Unlimited Traffic And Followers On Autopilot

Unbiased ViralDashboard Ai Review

ViralDashboard Ai Review Introduction 

In today's digital age, social media marketing is crucial for any business looking to build their brand, generate leads, and boost sales. However, managing multiple social media accounts and creating high-quality content consistently can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. This is where ViralDashboard Ai comes in. 

ViralDashboard Ai is a cloud-based social media automation and content curation tool launched on October 25th, 2023 by Uddhab Pramanik on the WarriorPlus platform. It aims to simplify social media marketing for businesses and marketers by finding, creating, and scheduling engaging content across different social platforms.

Some of the key features of ViralDashboard Ai include connecting multiple social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc., discovering trending content using AI technology, composing social posts using various elements like images, videos, GIFs, quotes etc., flexible scheduling and publishing options, built-in analytics to track performance, and more.

In this detailed ViralDashboard Ai review, we will look at who can benefit from this tool, its main pros and cons, profitability potential, step-by-step usage, OTOs or upsells, FAQs, pricing, bonuses, and ultimately help you decide if ViralDashboard Ai is worth buying.

Who Can Benefit from ViralDashboard Ai

ViralDashboard Ai is designed for a wide range of users including:

– Social media marketers and managers who want to save time managing multiple social accounts. It allows them to streamline their efforts and focus more on strategy.

– Bloggers and content creators who want an easier way to repurpose their content across different platforms. The content curation features help find fresh engaging content as well. 

– Affiliate marketers and digital agencies who want to automate content promotion across social channels for their clients. This can help provide better services and boost profits.

– Small business owners who want to build their brand on social media but lack time and skills. The automation makes it possible even without extensive knowledge.

– Entrepreneurs and influencers who need an automation tool to grow their following and traffic consistently.

– Anyone else looking to drive more engagement, leads and sales through social media without manual efforts.

So in summary, ViralDashboard Ai is useful for marketers, agencies, bloggers, influencers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, as well as individuals looking for an easier way to grow their brand and traffic on social media.

Pros of ViralDashboard Ai

Here are some of the main advantages of using ViralDashboard Ai:

– Fully cloud-based and automated: There is no software to install or maintain. The social media automation works 24/7 in the background.

– Connect unlimited social accounts: You can connect all your social profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc. under one dashboard.

– Curate fresh content using AI: The tool discovers and curates new trending articles, videos, images related to your niche using artificial intelligence. This saves tons of research time. 

– Compose high-quality posts: You can easily create visually appealing posts using elements like images, videos, GIFs, quotes, emojis, hashtags etc. 

– Flexible publishing and scheduling: Content can be scheduled to different social accounts at the best times to maximize engagement.

– Built-in analytics: Detailed analytics allow you to see which content and times are generating the best results. This allows you to refine your strategy.

– User-friendly interface: The tool has been designed for easy use even for non-technical beginners. Step-by-step tutorials are also available.

– One-time pricing: There are no monthly fees. The frontend costs only $17 which is very affordable compared to other automation tools.

– Commercial license: You can even use ViralDashboard Ai for client work or as an agency by acquiring the commercial license. 

– 30-day money back guarantee: This allows you to try out the software risk-free.

Overall, the biggest benefits are the automation, time and effort savings, simplified social media marketing, and flexibility to connect various accounts and compose high-converting content easily.

Cons of ViralDashboard Ai

While ViralDashboard Ai comes with a host of useful features, there are some limitations to consider as well:

– Requires consistent monitoring: You still need to regularly check the generated content before publishing to ensure it resonates with your audience. Fully automating posting without oversight is not recommended

– Upsells required for maximum utility: Features like analytics, Unlimited account connections, done-for-you content etc. require OTO purchases which increase costs.

– No direct support for Pinterest or TikTok yet: These platforms currently need workarounds and third-party integrations for automation. Native support would be better.

– Potential social media policy violations: Over-automation can sometimes lead to violations of platform policies if not monitored closely. Moderation is advised.

So while the tool does require some effort to master and has scope for improvement in certain areas, the pros seem to outweigh the cons for most use cases. Careful usage and monitoring is recommended.

Profitability of ViralDashboard Ai

ViralDashboard Ai holds immense profit potential primarily in these ways:

– Affiliate Commissions: You can promote affiliate offers on social media allowing you to generate commissions passively. Top affiliates earn over $500 per conversion with this.

– Social Growth for Brands: Automating content can help dramatically grow your followers, engagement and traffic. This expands brand reach.

– Client Services: The commercial license allows you to offer social media automation services to clients at a monthly fee. $500 to $1000 per month per client is possible.

– Ad Monetization: Once your following grows, you can monetize it through social media ads and make additional revenue. Micro-influencers charge $50 to $100 per ad post.

– Selling Own Products: Automated content promotion also boosts traffic to your online store or offers. More sales of your own products/services is possible.

– Niche Sites: You can monetize niche sites/blogs by automating content promotion to social platforms and using affiliate links or ads.

– Saving Time: The automation frees up time that can be invested back into your business to further boost profits.

The profitability does require some learning, testing, and optimizing based on niche. But done right, many users manage to recoup their investment within the first month itself and hit 4-5 figure monthly profits eventually.

How to Use ViralDashboard Ai

Using ViralDashboard Ai is relatively straightforward and does not require any advanced technical skills. Here is an overview of the basic steps:

1. Sign Up and Create Account: First, you sign up for a ViralDashboard Ai account via their sales page. This grants you access.

2. Connect Social Profiles: Next, you can connect the social platforms you want to automate posting for inside the dashboard e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.

3. Set Up Content Feeds: You can set up RSS feeds of websites related to your niche that will provide a constant stream of content ideas.

4. Curate Content: Use the AI discovery feature to find and curate engaging, fresh content from across the web related to your keywords.

5. Compose Posts: Craft visually appealing posts for your audience using the built-in elements like images, videos, GIFs, emojis, quotes etc. 

6. Schedule and Publish: Schedule your composed posts to go out automatically at the best times for each connected social account using the tool’s algorithms.

7. Analyze Performance: Use the analytics tools to see which types of content perform best. Refine your strategy accordingly.

8. Further Automation: Use more advanced features like automation triggers, done-for-you templates etc. to fully automate more aspects.

9. Ongoing Monitoring: Check scheduled content periodically before actual publish to ensure quality. Disable underperforming elements.

Following these steps and keeping a handle on the content being automated is crucial to get the most out of ViralDashboard Ai for your brand. Investing some time upfront to properly set it up leads to major dividends.

ViralDashboard Ai OTO Upsells

ViralDashboard Ai uses a series of One-Time-Offers (OTOs) or upsells after purchase of the frontend to offer more features:

– ViralDashboard VIP ($9): More analytics, account limits, faster indexing

– ViralDashboard Unlimited Gold ($147): Unlimited accounts, content, etc 

– ViralDashboard 10X Profit ($11): Done-for-you affiliate templates 

– ViralDashboard DFY ($97): Done-for-you content each month 

– ViralDashboard DFY Audience ($9): 1 million done-for-you followers

– ViralDashboard Automation ($67): Auto posting, DM bots etc. 

– ViralDashboard Plug ‘n' Play ($11): Pre-made graphics and templates

– ViralDashboard Content Creation ($97): Ongoing done-for-you content modules that provide fresh social media posts, images, videos, graphics etc. each month to use for your accounts.

– ViralDashboard Marketing Kit ($11): Email swipes, ad copies, graphics 

– ViralDashboard Analytics & Report Builder ($47): More detailed analytics

– ViralDashboard Fast Track Profits ($11): Plug and play system

– ViralDashboard Content Pack Gold ($297): 12 months of done-for-you content

– ViralDashboard Agency ($197): Agency rights to resell service

– 10+ More Agency App ($11): More agency resources 

– ViralDashboard Reseller ($97): Reseller rights to the software

– 7 More Reseller App ($9): More reseller resources

– ViralDashboard Unlimited Silver ($67): Another level of account limits

– ViralDashboard Content Pack Silver ($197): 6 months of done-for-you content 

ViralDashboard Ai FE + Business ($27): Commercial agency license 

As you can see, many of the OTOs are optional based on your needs but the core software still provides extensive functionality on its own.

ViralDashboard Ai FAQs

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about ViralDashboard Ai:

Q: Is ViralDashboard Ai a one-time purchase?

A: Yes, the front-end offer is a one-time purchase without any recurring fees. OTOs are also one-time purchases.

Q: Do I need any technical skills to use it?  

A: No advanced skills are required. The tool is designed for easy use even by non-technical beginners.

Q: How many social accounts can I connect?

A: For the front-end, you can connect up to 5 accounts. More can be added via OTOs.

Q: What types of social platforms are supported?

A: Major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. are supported.

Q: Can I schedule content in advance?

A: Yes, you can schedule your posts weeks or months in advance with the best publishing times for each platform. 

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee? 

A: It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so you can try it risk-free.

Q: Do I need to create content myself?

A: You can curate existing content or use done-for-you content modules. You can also create your own natively.

Q: Can I use this for client work?

A: Yes, the agency/commercial license allows you to use ViralDashboard Ai for client accounts too.

Q: How much time does this save?

A: Most users report saving at least 60-90 minutes per day since it fully automates posting.

So in summary, it is easy to use, beginner-friendly, has flexible scheduling, and comes with a money-back guarantee making it risk-free to try out.

ViralDashboard Ai Money Back Guarantee  

ViralDashboard Ai is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee which allows you to try out the product risk-free. 

If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with ViralDashboard Ai, you can simply request for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. They promise to provide the refund with no questions asked.

This allows you adequate time to properly try out the various features, connect your accounts, set up automation, publish some posts and see how it works for your brand before deciding.

Since you have a month to test out the tool at zero risk, it makes it an easy choice to invest in ViralDashboard Ai. In most cases, users are able to recoup the small investment during the trial period itself making it ultimately free.

ViralDashboard Ai Pricing

ViralDashboard Ai is currently available at a special discounted price as part of the initial product launch. Here are the details:

– Regular Price: $67 per month

– Launch Price: $17 one-time payment (limited period)

At $17, it is extremely affordable compared to other social media automation tools that can charge hundreds of dollars per year. 

And it is a one-time fee after which you own ViralDashboard Ai for life without needing to pay any monthly costs. This makes it a great value purchase.

They also occasionally run special deals like for the holiday season that further lower the price or bundle it with bonuses. So look out for those if you want maximum savings.

Overall, at just $17 one-time, ViralDashboard Ai is a steal and tremendously boosts your social media marketing at a fraction of the regular cost.

ViralDashboard Ai Bundle Deals

In addition to the base $17 offer, ViralDashboard Ai is also available as bundle deals during launches which package it with additional bonuses, usually at a lower overall cost.

Some examples of past ViralDashboard Ai bundle deals are:

– Platinum Bundle: ViralDashboard Ai FE + Unlimited Gold + Full Automation Suite + Content Pack Gold + Commercial License + Bonuses for $197 total

– Titanium Bundle: ViralDashboard Ai FE + Full Agency Suite + Content Pack Gold + WordPress Plugin + Money Bonuses for $97 total

– Diamond Bundle: ViralDashboard Ai FE + Full Commercial Suite + Fast Action Bonuses for $47 total 

– Gold Bundle: ViralDashboard Ai FE + FB Email Collector + Instagram Ads Success + Viral Soci Sharer for $27 total

These special discounted bundles provide much higher overall value by adding done-for-you content packs, WP integration, commercial licenses, and top bonus products into the frontend purchase. 

During launches, the bundles are visible on the sales page and you can choose them instead of just the standalone frontend offer for maximum savings and resources.

Creator – Uddhab Pramanik 

ViralDashboard Ai was created by Uddhab Pramanik, an experienced online marketer and creator of various digital marketing tools.

Uddhab has been active in the internet marketing space for many years and seen firsthand the challenges businesses face when it comes to social media marketing automation and content creation. This inspired him to build an all-in-one solution that could simplify the process.

Some of Uddhab's other popular tools include Dropshiply, Motvio, VidCommerce 360 Suite, and StockNest. He is considered one of the top names in the digital marketing space when it comes to automation tools and training resources for marketers.

With ViralDashboard Ai as well, his aim was to make simplified social media marketing possible for marketers and business owners even if they have zero experience, skills or time. The tool's success among customers has validated his goals for the product.

When Was ViralDashboard Ai Launched?  

ViralDashboard Ai first launched on October 25, 2023 via online platform WarriorPlus

It was made available as a limited-time special offer to customers for its initial launch which included discounts off the regular pricing along with bundling options and bonuses.

After the successful completion of the pre-launch and initial launch periods, ViralDashboard Ai is expected to retail at its regular pricing moving forward. Uddhab mentioned this is likely the last time it will be available at a one-time cost to members.

So in summary, the window of opportunity to grab ViralDashboard Ai at its hugely discounted pricing is limited right now during its launch on WarriorPlus. It may not be available again in the future at the current price point.

ViralDashboard Ai Platform/Website 

As mentioned above, ViralDashboard Ai is currently only available for purchase on the WarriorPlus platform which is a popular online marketplace for digital products. 

It may expand to other platforms like ClickBank, JVZoo etc. in the future. But for now, WarriorPlus is the exclusive place to buy ViralDashboard Ai

All purchases, member login, support etc. is provided directly by the vendor Uddhab Pramanik via WarriorPlus as the sales platform. Payments are handled securely by WarriorPlus and you get instant access to the product after purchase.

To get ViralDashboard Ai, you simply visit the WarriorPlus sales page, choose a package, complete payment, and create your account details which will be emailed to you. Then you can log in to the cloud-based dashboard using those credentials.

So in summary, ViralDashboard Ai is currently limited to WarriorPlus for buying access but the tool itself is cloud-based allowing you to access it from anywhere online.

ViralDashboard Ai Bonuses Included

To boost the value of ViralDashboard Ai, several bonuses are included at no extra cost depending on the package purchased especially with the bundles. Some of the top bonuses are:

– TikTok Marketing 2023 Success Kit: Step-by-step training guide detailing how to leverage TikTok to drive traffic and sales. Valued at $297.

– Pinterest Automation Tool: Helps automate pinning content from WordPress to Pinterest. Great for more traffic. Valued at $397.  

– FB Email Collector WordPress Plugin: Easily collect emails via Facebook lead ads. Valued at $497.

– Instagram Ads Domination 2023: Complete over-the-shoulder video course covering Instagram ads best practices. Valued at $177.

– Viral Soci Sharer: Viral traffic software to add social sharing buttons to your site. Valued at $197.  

– 300 Done-For-You Logo Templates: Professionally designed logos for your brand. Valued at $167.

– LinkedIn Automation Software: Automates your LinkedIn marketing and posts. Valued at $497.

– Email Swipes, Ad Copies & More: Done-for-you email and ad templates. Valued at $97.

– Fast Action Bonuses: Usually multiple software giveaways for quick action. 

As you can see, just the bonus products itself amount to over $2500 in additional value on top of the core ViralDashboard Ai tool.

Other Bonuses are:

  1. Ai Singer:
    • Unveiling the world's pioneering AI-driven Text-to-Song creator.
  2. Ai Store Pal:
    • Instantly generate and launch unlimited digital and physical product stores in multiple languages within a minute.
  3. Designo Ai:
    • Pioneering GigaPixel AI technology for your personal Canva-like graphics editor with over 1 million graphics.
  4. HQSites:
    • Revolutionary A.I. technology crafts high-quality websites in just 30 seconds, ready for sale in lucrative niches.
  5. WebinarStudio:
    • Harness the power of boundless video conferences, meetings, and webinars.
  6. WaveAi:
    • Let AI handle your daily tasks, from creating captivating marketing content to images and videos, and witness your profits soar.

So you get access to a powerful social automation tool along with a suite of other marketing resources to complement it in generating results.

Should You Buy ViralDashboard Ai?

Based on this detailed review, here is an assessment of whether ViralDashboard Ai is worth buying:


– Automates social media marketing saving hours of time

– Allows managing multiple accounts from one platform  

– Curates content using AI technology 

– Easy drag and drop composer to create engaging posts  

– Flexible scheduling for different accounts 

– One-time pricing means no monthly fees

– 30-day money back guarantee provides risk-free trial


– Requires monitoring of generated content  

– Need to purchase upsells for more advanced features

For the incredibly low new launch price of just $17, the pros of the tool and value it provides are hard to pass up. Even without any upsells, it can automate and simplify much of your core social media marketing activities.

The cons involving monitoring are manageable given the detailed tutorials and 30-day risk-free trial period.

So the conclusion is ViralDashboard Ai is a recommended buy for anyone serious about growing their brand and traffic on social media in 2023 and beyond. It is Beginner-friendly and provides immense time and money savings compared to other tools or manual efforts.

Get access to Viral Dashboard Ai here

Call to Action 

If you are convinced about the value ViralDashboard Ai provides, here are suggested next steps:

1) Go to the official ViralDashboard Ai sales page on WarriorPlus using this link while the current new launch discounts are still available:

Get access to Viral Dashboard Ai here

2) Choose the appropriate package for you. The basic $17 frontend pack is recommended for new users. More advanced users can explore the bundles.

3) Use the 30-day money back guarantee period fully by connecting your accounts, scheduling posts, and evaluating performance before deciding.

4) Refer to the detailed video tutorials within your account to master the tool at your own pace. Focus on core features first before complex ones. 

5) For any questions, use the customer support options provided directly by the vendor via WarriorPlus.

6) After seeing positive results, consider Grab the OTOs to further expand the capabilities

So in summary, now is the best time to invest in ViralDashboard Ai at its special launch pricing and bundle options for maximum savings and bonuses. Act fast while discounts last!

Get access to Viral Dashboard Ai here


ViralDashboard Ai aims to make social media marketing automation accessible to all with its one-time pricing and user-friendly system. It minimizes the manual effort, time, and costs associated with managing multiple accounts, creating content, and scheduling posts.

Although the tool has some limitations in terms of platform support and learning curve, its simplicity and automation features can provide immense value, especially for beginners lacking time or skills. At $17 one-time, it is a steal compared to recurring costs of other platforms.

We recommend trying out ViralDashboard Ai with its 30-day money back guarantee to see firsthand how it can fit your social media marketing needs. The results and time savings users experience make this an easy recommendation overall.

So simplify and automate your social media presence in 2023 with ViralDashboard Ai! Visit the links above to grab access before prices increase!

FTC Affiliate Disclaimer: This review may contain affiliate links that earn us a commission at no additional cost to you. All opinions are our own.

Get access to Viral Dashboard Ai here

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