UnBiased VidPalAi Review: AI Whiteboard Video Creation Software That will create traffic pulling & commission generating Whiteboard Sales videos in 16 Most Popular niches for your business!

UnBiased VidPalAi Review: AI Whiteboard Video Creation Software That will create traffic pulling & commission generating Whiteboard Sales videos in 16 Most Popular niches for your business!

VidPalAi Review Introduction

Video marketing is booming like never before. 91% of businesses are leveraging the power of online videos to boost their sales and income. No wonder video marketing spends are predicted to grow to $135 billion in 2023. 

Videos have the highest success rate for engaging viewers, generating leads, and driving conversions. But creating stunning, high-quality videos requires skill, time and effort. This is where VidPalAi comes into the picture. 

VidPalAi is a brand new, revolutionary ChatGPT-4 powered video creator app that makes video creation amazingly simple. With VidPalAi, you can create traffic-pulling, commission-generating whiteboard, animated, avatar, and many more types of videos in just minutes without any skills. 

Read this comprehensive VidPalAi review to find out all you need to know about this game-changing video creation app, its features, pros and cons, profitability, OTOs, bonuses, and more to decide if it's worth buying.

VidPalAi Benefits and Who Can Benefit From It

VidPalAi offers an extensive range of benefits for online marketers, businesses, agencies, content creators, YouTubers, influencers, entrepreneurs and more. Here are the key benefits of this AI-powered video creation platform:

– Create Unlimited High-Quality Videos Instantly  

The #1 benefit of VidPalAi is it lets you create an unlimited number of stunning videos in different formats like whiteboard, animated, avatar, motion graphics and more in just minutes. The built-in ChatGPT-4 AI instantly writes video scripts and converts them into videos with text-to-speech or your own voiceover.

– Drive Maximum Traffic and Engagement

VidPalAi videos grab viewers' attention, keep them watching, and drive massive traffic from social media and YouTube. The videos rank high in search results which means more visibility and engagement.

– Skyrocket Conversions and Sales 

Videos boost conversions by up to 80% or more. So VidPalAi videos can be used across funnels to turn visitors into leads and buyers. The conversion-focused video scripts are proven to skyrocket sales.

– Save Time and Money

Creating videos manually requires hours of work and costs a fortune. VidPalAi eliminates the need to spend money on writers, studios, tools, graphic designers or video editors. The AI does the hard work for you, saving ample time and money.

– Little to No Learning Curve

VidPalAi is beginner-friendly. There is no design, technical or video editing skills required. The simple point-and-click interface allows anyone to make pro-level videos effortlessly.

– Build Profitable Agencies

The commercial license allows you to sell VidPalAi videos and services to clients. You can build a full-time agency around these in-demand services without any extra costs. 

– 100% Cloud-Based 

There is nothing to download or install. VidPalAi works on any device through the cloud-based SaaS platform. This allows accessibility anytime, anywhere.

VidPalAi is ideal for:

  • – Businesses – To boost brand awareness, engagement and sales
  • – Marketers – To promote offers,events, products, services  
  • – Content Creators – To grow viewership and following
  • – Entrepreneurs – To quickly scale their business
  • – Agencies – To provide video and voiceover services  
  • – YouTubers – To create trending videos 
  • – Coaches – To engage their audience
  • – Ecommerce Sellers – To market products 
  • – Affiliates – To promote affiliate offers
  • – Lead Generation – To convert more leads
  • – Online Courses – To boost enrollments
  • – Blogs/News – To gain more subscribers
  • – PLR Sellers – To make video courses 

The possibilities are endless with VidPalAi. It adds immense video creation power to your toolkit.

UnBiased VidPalAi Review: AI Whiteboard Video Creation Software That will create traffic pulling & commission generating Whiteboard Sales videos in 16 Most Popular niches for your business!

VidPalAi Pros and Cons

Pros of VidPalAi:

– Lightning-Fast Video Creation  

VidPalAi creates done-for-you videos in a flash without writing scripts, hiring voice actors, recording or editing.

– Superior ChatGPT-4 Technology  

The AI generates high-converting, engaging video scripts perfect for your niche unlike outdated AI tools.

– Automated End-to-End Video Making

Simply input keywords and let the AI handle everything from scripts to visuals. The human effort needed is minimal. 

– Agency Rights Included   

You can use VidPalAi legally for commercial projects for clients without paying any monthly fees.

– Cloud-Based SaaS Platform

There's no software to install or videos to store eating up device space. All processing is done online.

– One-Time Price, No Recurring Fees

You get unlimited access to VidPalAi and its future updates for a single low payment.

– Newbie-Friendly Interface  

The easy point-and-click interface allows anyone to create studio-quality videos like a pro.

– White Label Videos  

Customize videos easily by adding your brand name, logo, images etc. to make them appear unique.

– Future Proof Business Model

Video will continue to dominate online space. The services you offer with VidPalAi will always be in-demand.

– Lucrative Commercial Opportunities  

Sell VidPalAi services to earn lucrative profits without extra costs or need for expensive tools.

– Quality Support  

Get all your questions answered by the helpful customer support 7 days a week.

Cons of VidPalAi:

– Requires Basic English Skills

You need to have a basic grasp of English to input topic ideas and keywords for the AI to create videos.

– Requires Good Internet

Videos are processed and accessed online so you need a stable internet connection. Speed impacts time taken.

– A littleLearning Curve for Maximizing Potential

It takes some experimentation with inputs and settings to optimize VidPalAi for your niche.

So in summary, the pros of video quality, variety, automation, commercial rights, new technology, professional results, visual library, support etc. far outweigh the limitations. VidPalAi gives excellent bang for buck for your investment.

VidPalAi Profitability 

VidPalAi is an extremely lucrative investment for your business and online income. That's because done-for-you videos are extremely profitable. Here are few ways to monetize VidPalAi:

Sell Client Videos and Services

The biggest money-maker is creating and selling VidPalAi videos. With agency rights, you can create unlimited videos for clients without paying any additional fees. 

The types of services you can offer clients include:

– Whiteboard Explainer Videos – $97 to $197 per video

– Sales Pitch Videos – $97 to $197 per video  

– Video Ads for Facebook/YouTube – $97 to $197 per video

– Product Demo Videos – $97 to $197 per video

– Video Testimonials – $97 to $147 per video

– Video Content for Courses – $197 to $497 per course

Even selling just 5 videos per week @ $197 per video gives $985 profit, equivalent to a full-time income for many! Selling services to 20 clients per month can make you a 6 figure income.

Sell Your Own Products/Services Faster 

You can use VidPalAi to create videos to market and sell your own products, services, online courses, training programs etc. The converting video sales letters and promotions can boost your sales significantly.

Sell PLR Products

As a PLR seller, you can use VidPalAi to quickly create info products by turning transcripts and articles into video courses using VidPalAi avatars, whiteboards and animation.

The key to profiting is positioning VidPalAi videos and services the right way to different buyers. The income potential is truly unlimited.

How to Use VidPalAi

Using VidPalAi is straightforward and only takes a few simple steps:

Step 1: Log into your VidPalAi account 

Go to the VidPalAi sales page and purchase access. You'll receive your login details for the cloud-based app via email.

Step 2: Choose your video type

Select what type of video you want – whiteboard, animated, avatar etc. There are options for popular niches too.

Step 3: Enter keywords or details

Based on the video type, enter keywords, business name, product details etc. This input is used by AI to generate scripts.

Step 4: Tweak script

The AI generates a video script based on your input. You can tweak it if you want or use as is. 

Step 5: Choose or upload a voiceover

You can use the built-in text-to-speech engine to generate a voiceover or upload your own voiceover audio file.

Step 6: Finalize video design

Customize the video design – colors, logos, text effects and more. Add your brand identity. 

Step 7: Render and download video

Once done customizing the design, you can render and download the completed high-quality HD video to your device and cloud storage.

That's it! The entire video creation process takes just minutes versus hours or days manually. You can repeat these steps to make unlimited videos tailored to your needs.

VidPalAi OTOs 

VidPalAi comes with a powerful front-end offer and several OTOs or upsells to upgrade your account with more features:

Frontend: VidPalAi Personal 

The Basic VidPalAi account with core video creation features. 

Price: $12.95 

OTO 1: VidPalAi Agency

Agency rights to sell VidPalAi services and videos commercially. 

Price: $16.95

OTO 2: VidPalAi Pro 

Access 10 more video types/niches like fashion, tech etc.  

Price: $34.95  

OTO 3: VidPalAi Reseller Rights

Resell VidPalAi and keep 100% profits.

Price: $97

OTO 4: 3000 DFY Video Templates

3000 done-for-you video templates for a variety of niches. 

Price: $5.95

OTO 5: 300 Cooking Videos

300 cooking-based done-for-you video templates.

Price: $6.95

OTO 6: 10000 Motivational Quotes  

Library of 10000 motivational quotes images to make inspiring videos.

Price: $7.95

The front-end covers the core features at a low price. But to maximize profits, it is recommended getting the agency rights OTO. The other OTOs further add to your capabilities and libraries.

VidPalAi FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about VidPalAi:

Is VidPalAi cloud-based?

Yes, VidPalAi is 100% cloud-based SaaS accessible on any device with an internet connection. There is no software to download or install.

What's the VidPalAi pricing? 

Frontend Personal – $12.95 

OTO 1 Agency – $16.95

OTO 2 Pro – $34.95

OTO 3 Reseller – $97

What voiceover options are there?

You can use text-to-speech voices or upload your own voiceover audio files. 300+ realistic voices in different languages are available.

Can I sell VidPalAi videos? 

Yes, the agency license in OTO 1 allows you to sell videos to clients and keep 100% of profits.

Is VidPalAi suitable for beginners?

Yes, it's designed for beginners. No learning curve, technical skills or experience needed to start making videos.

Do you get commercial rights?

The OTO 1 agency upgrade gives full commercial rights to sell VidPalAi services/videos and keep all profits. 

Is there a money-back guarantee? 

Yes, VidPalAi comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so it's a risk-free investment.

VidPalAi Price 

VidPalAi is available at a special launch discount. Here are all the pricing options:

Frontend Personal: $12.95 

OTO 1 Agency: $16.95

OTO 2 Pro: $34.95

OTO 3 Reseller: $97

Considering it unlocks unlimited video creation capabilities, the frontend price is highly affordable.  

And it lets you deliver videos charging clients anything from $97 to $500+ per video. The profit potential is immense within just days of using VidPalAi.

Plus all purchases come with a 30-day refund policy. So you can buy without any risk.

Overall, VidPalAi offers great value for money given the automation, technology and earning possibilities.

VidPalAi Bundle Deal

The best deal is to get the special VidPalAi Bundle package which includes:

VidPalAi Personal 

VidPalAi Agency

VidPalAi Pro

– 3000 DFY Video Templates

– 300 Cooking Video Templates

This bumper package shortcuts your path to profits with maximum features, assets, commercial rights and savings.

The bundle costs just $120 compared to buying individually costing over $210. So you save big and profit fast.

Who Created VidPalAi?

VidPalAi was created by  Eric Holmlund along with the team at Firelaunchers. 

 Eric Holmlund is a seasoned online entrepreneur with multiple 6, 7 and 8-figure launches under his belt. His expertise lies in creating digital products and high-converting funnels that deliver massive value.

For VidPalAi, he partnered with Andrew Darius, the creator of the hugely popular animated video maker Doodly. Together, they've leveraged AI technology to make professional-grade video creation accessible for everyone. 

The unparalleled video monetization knowledge combined with proven launch strategies and top-class development skills makes VidPalAi a winning product.

When is VidPalAi Launching? 

VidPalAi goes live for purchases on Launch Schedule- cart opens on 30th October 11 AM EST – Ends at 5th November 2023 @ 11:59 PM EST.. 

Leading up to the big launch date, a time-sensitive pre-launch offer will be available to get VidPalAi at slashed prices and grab exclusive bonuses.

Once launched, early buyers will benefit from discounted pricing, maximum bonuses and reviewing the product before others.

Where is VidPalAi Launching?

VidPalAi will be launching on the vendor's sales page at Vidpalai salespage via WarriorPlus

You can grab VidPalAi on launch day from the vendor's sales page or Warriorplus platform.

VidPalAi Bonuses

Customers who purchase VidPalAi on launch day can get access to tons of limited-time bonuses from me

Here are some of the exclusive VidPalAi bonuses you can expect to get from me when you buy via the link in this article:

– Video Creation Mastery Video Course

– Whiteboard Video Blueprint 

– The Ultimate Video Marketing Playbook

– Video Animation Templates 

– Youtube Marketing Secrets 

– Video Script Writing Guide

– Graphics Design Bundle

– Video Marketing Stock Images 

– Youtube Thumbnail Templates

– Youtube Video Templates  

Should You Buy VidPalAi?

VidPalAi is a whole new way to create converting, traffic-driving videos that engage and sell. The AI automation makes it possible to generate an unlimited stream of videos without big costs or effort.

With its commercial license, anyone from entrepreneurs to marketers to agencies can create a hyper-profitable business around VidPalAi's video services. 

And the vendor's track record for high-quality products and launches inspires trust.

Considering the potential to 10X your video output and income in record time, VidPalAi is a clear must-buy. 

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Call to Action  

The clock is ticking. VidPalAi launch day will be here before you know it. 

This is your chance to be an early adopter of the most advanced AI video creator that unlocks endless streams of traffic, leads and profits.

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Conclusion VidPalAi Review

VidPalAi makes creating any type of marketing, sales or promotional videos as easy as pie. 

Just feed the AI some basic inputs and let it work its magic to deliver studio-quality videos tailored to your needs.

The intelligent ChatGPT-4 script writing combined with text-to-speech voices, templates, assets and editing features automates the entire video creation process from start to finish.

You can now make brand new, unique, high-converting videos in a few clicks without any learning curve or experience. 

Whether you want to promote products, engage followers, convert viewers into buyers or build a lucrative agency, VidPalAi is the fastest way to video marketing success.

This game-changing AI app lets you fulfill all your video creation needs, saving hours of work and thousands in costs.

Backed by its vendor's reputation and a rock-solid guarantee, VidPalAi is a risk-free investment into the most powerful video monetization technology available today. 

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This review might contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to purchase the product we reviewed. This is at no extra cost to you and allows us to keep producing high-quality reviews for free!

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