NotifyVisitors Review: Run multichannel customer outreach across email, SMS, and WhatsApp With NotifyVisitors Lifetime deal

NotifyVisitors Review: Run multichannel customer outreach across email, SMS, and WhatsApp With NotifyVisitors Lifetime deal

NotifyVisitors Review Introduction

In today's highly competitive digital landscape, effectively engaging with your target audience and nurturing leads is crucial for business growth and success. However, with consumers spending more time online across multiple channels and devices, implementing an omnichannel marketing strategy can be challenging. This is where a platform like NotifyVisitors comes in. 

NotifyVisitors is a powerful marketing automation software that enables you to orchestrate personalized cross-channel campaigns to captivate your audience. Designed to simplify marketing automation, NotifyVisitors equips you with the tools to create targeted customer journeys across email, SMS, WhatsApp and push notifications. 

With easy-to-use drag-and-drop builders, customizable templates and ready-made workflows, NotifyVisitors empowers marketers to craft engaging campaigns that drive results. Read on to learn how this robust platform can level up your marketing game and help you develop meaningful customer relationships.

Benefits and Who Can Benefit from NotifyVisitors

There are many advantages to leveraging NotifyVisitors for your marketing automation needs. Here are some of the key benefits and the types of businesses that can benefit the most from this platform:

Increase Campaign Engagement and Conversions

The ability to reach your audience across multiple channels is a proven way to boost engagement. NotifyVisitors facilitates this by enabling you to easily orchestrate multi-channel campaigns using their pre-built templates and workflows. Sending coordinated messages across email, SMS, WhatsApp and push notifications ensures your content gets maximum visibility. This ultimately helps generate more leads and drive higher conversion rates.

Ideal for Ecommerce Brands

Ecommerce businesses stand to gain tremendously from NotifyVisitors. You can create behavioral-based segments to target users with timely, relevant offers and recommendations. Strategically timed post-purchase and cart abandonment campaigns can help recover lost sales opportunities. Gifting timely reminders and alerts also helps with customer retention.  

Empowers Marketing Agencies 

Marketing agencies can greatly benefit from NotifyVisitors to manage campaigns for multiple clients efficiently. Useful features like multi-user logins, tiered pricing plans and robust analytics help streamline collaboration and reporting. Agencies can also create and share reusable templates to maintain brand consistency across client accounts.

Suitable for Small Businesses

SMBs looking for an intuitive automation solution can benefit from NotifyVisitors. The easy drag-and-drop campaign builder and preset templates help create professional campaigns without the need for extensive technical skills. Tiered pricing plans also make this platform accessible for SMBs with limited marketing budgets.

Facilitates Personalized Communication 

Granular customer segmentation features empower you to group users based on attributes like demographics, behavior and location. You can then target each segment with hyper-personalized content and offers tailored to their needs. This level of personalization helps foster meaningful engagement with customers.

Drives Results through Robust Analytics

In-depth analytics reports provide visibility into critical campaign metrics like deliverability, open rates, clicks and conversions. You can even analyze engagement at the individual user level. These insights help understand campaign performance and fine-tune messaging for optimal results.

Pros and Cons of NotifyVisitors

Like any product, NotifyVisitors comes with its own set of pros and cons. Let’s look at some of the key advantages and limitations of this marketing automation platform:


– Intuitive drag-and-drop campaign builder 

– Pre-made templates and workflows 

– Omni-channel communication across email, SMS, WhatsApp and push notifications

– Advanced customer segmentation capabilities

– Real-time campaign analytics and reporting  

– Great email deliverability with dedicated IP addresses

– GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliant 

– Tiered pricing plans fit different business sizes

– Custom integrations with platforms like Shopify

– Responsive customer support 

NotifyVisitors Cons

– No native social media marketing features beyond Facebook custom audiences

– Additional costs for emails, SMS and WhatsApp credits

– Limitations on the number of contacts and campaigns at lower tiers

Profitability of NotifyVisitors

A key consideration with any marketing software is its profit potential and ROI. So how does NotifyVisitors fare on this front? 

For starters, the platform enables targeted lead nurturing at scale across multiple channels. Strategically timed and personalized content gets you more visibility with your audience. This increases the probability of lead conversion and helps recover lost sales opportunities.

Robust analytics also provide clear visibility into your highest-converting campaigns and audience segments. You can double down on what’s working and refine or eliminate poor-performing campaigns. Over time, this helps boost your conversions and revenue per lead.  

Worth noting is that NotifyVisitors is light on advanced analytics features like attribution modeling that can really demonstrate ROI. While real-time stats on open and click rates are useful, the platform lacks deeper data and insights on the true profit impact of your campaigns.

That said, NotifyVisitors still fares reasonably well as an entry-level automation solution for small teams with limited resources. The potential to grow your lists, improve conversions and scale communication without added headcount is significant. For an affordable investment, it can deliver satisfactory ROI. But more advanced analytics may be needed to maximize profits as you scale.

How to Use NotifyVisitors

Here is an overview of how to get started with NotifyVisitors to orchestrate effective cross-channel campaign automation:

Step 1 – Signup and Configure Your Account

First, you’ll need to signup for a NotifyVisitors account and configure your email and payment settings. Remember to verify your email addresses and domain before adding contacts.

Step 2 – Import Contacts and Create Segments

You can import contacts via CSV or integrate your email list from an ESP like MailChimp. Next, organize your contacts into segments based on attributes like demographics, purchase history, location etc.

Step 3 – Set Up Channel Integrations

Configure channel integrations for the communication channels you wish to use – email, SMS, WhatsApp and push notifications. For SMS and WhatsApp, you’ll need to purchase credits.

Step 4 – Create Campaign Content

Use the drag-and-drop email builder to create reusable templates or leverage existing templates. Design your SMS, Whatsapp and push notification content. 

Step 5 – Build Campaign Workflows

Visually map out the multi-channel customer journey for each campaign using the workflow designer. Set up triggers and define actions for each step.

Step 6 – Activate and Monitor Campaigns  

Activate workflows and monitor performance in real time using the analytics dashboard. Identify high-performing segments and content to optimize future campaigns.

With these basic steps, you can start orchestrating automated cross-channel campaigns tailored for each customer segment with NotifyVisitors.

NotifyVisitors Lifetime Deal Overview

For AppSumo users, NotifyVisitors is available as a lifetime deal starting at just $59. Here are the key details:

What’s Included

– Access to the NotifyVisitors platform with all features 

– Additional future features and upgrades

– 10% lifetime discount on email credits 

– 60-day money-back guarantee

Plan Options & Pricing

There are four pricing tiers based on number of contacts, emails, and SMS messages:

1. Starter: $59 for 5,000 Emails/Month, 5,000 Contacts

2. Basic: $119 for 10,000 Emails/Month, 10,000 Contacts 

3. Professional: $249 for 25,000 Emails/Month, 25,000 Contacts

4. Enterprise: Contact Sales

Each plan allows unlimited WhatsApp messages and push notifications. Higher tiers enable more customer segments and higher email and form limits.

Overall, this is an attractively priced lifetime deal for a cross-channel marketing automation platform. The starter plan is a steal for beginners. More advanced users get proportionately more value from higher tiers without overpaying.

NotifyVisitors OTOs 

NotifyVisitors offers a couple of optional paid upgrades and add-ons:

– Additional Email and SMS Credits: Since emails and SMS messages over plan limits are deducted from your credits, you may need to purchase additional credits as you scale campaigns.

– Priority Onboarding & Account Setup: You can pay $99 to have the NotifyVisitors team completely set up your account, import contacts, configure integrations etc. Saves time if you have limited internal resources.

– Custom Development and Integration Services: For a fee, you can get help with complex customizations or premium integrations beyond the native options.

These paid add-ons are clearly marked optional. The platform delivers considerable value even without extras. But they provide convenience and support if needed.

NotifyVisitors FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about NotifyVisitors:

Does NotifyVisitors offer a free trial?

Yes, a 14-day free trial is available on request. Just contact their sales team.

What integrations does NotifyVisitors support?

Native app integrations are offered for Shopify, WordPress, Facebook Custom Audiences, and Google Customer Match. REST API and Zapier can connect it with hundreds of other apps.

Can I switch plans if my needs change?  

Yes, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your account between any of the four pricing tiers at any time.

What WhatsApp capabilities does NotifyVisitors offer?

You can send one-way WhatsApp messages to contacts who have opted in to receive them. Two-way conversational messaging is not supported yet. Broadcasts follow WhatsApp guidelines.

Does NotifyVisitors work with SMS short codes?

Yes, dedicated short codes for SMS broadcasts are provided based on your location. This ensures higher deliverability.

Can I reuse content across different channels?  

Absolutely. The multi-channel campaign builder allows you to repurpose email content for SMS, WhatsApp and push with just a few clicks.

What email deliverability rates can I expect? 

NotifyVisitors guarantees over 90% inbox placement by leveraging dedicated IP addresses and advanced deliverability features.

What analytics and reporting does NotifyVisitors provide?

You get real-time campaign analytics plus advanced reports on opens, clicks, unsubscribes, social sharing, link clicks, device data and more. Granular segmentation lets you analyze engagement for each subset.

NotifyVisitors Money-Back Guarantee 

NotifyVisitors offers an extended 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee for AppSumo lifetime deals. So you can use the platform risk-free for two whole months. 

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, you can request a full refund within 60 days of purchase. This ensures adequate time to properly evaluate the solution across multiple campaigns.

NotifyVisitors Pricing

Here is a recap of NotifyVisitors pricing for lifetime AppSumo deals:

– Starter Plan: $59 

– Basic Plan: $119  

– Professional Plan: $249

– Enterprise Plan: Contact Sales

These are all one-time prices with no recurring fees. Volume discounts are available for multiple licenses.

The pricing is highly competitive compared to monthly subscriptions of similar marketing automation tools. Considering the features and capabilities included, AppSumo deals offer great long-term value.

NotifyVisitors Bundle Deal

No Bundle deal.

Who Created NotifyVisitors?

NotifyVisitors was founded by Siddharth Gupta. Sid has extensive experience in digital marketing, having worked at numerous startups and agencies. 

With NotifyVisitors, his goal was to create an easy-to-use marketing automation solution for today's omni-channel world. The platform was designed from the ground up with simplicity and intuitiveness in mind.

Sid leads product development along with COO Sahil Verma and CTO Hardik Thakker. The team is based in Mumbai, India.

When Was NotifyVisitors Launched?

NotifyVisitors was first launched in 2023. NotifyVisitors continues rapid innovation, having recently introduced support for custom domains, URL shorteners and advanced automation workflows. Many more enhancements are planned.

Which Platform/Website is NotifyVisitors Launched On?

NotifyVisitors is a self-contained marketing automation platform available at

It offers both monthly subscriptions starting at $15/month as well as lifetime deals via AppSumo.

The AppSumo partnership has significantly expanded NotifyVisitors' user base globally. It continues to be one of their primary growth channels.

NotifyVisitors Bonuses

It offers no bonuses.

Should You Buy NotifyVisitors? 

NotifyVisitors is an easy-to-use, cost-effective marketing automation solution ideal for beginners and SMBs. 

The drag-and-drop campaign builder, preset templates and multi-channel support simplify getting started with basic automation.

While advanced users may need more sophisticated features, NotifyVisitors delivers tremendous value for an affordable investment. 

The lifetime AppSumo deals make this even more enticing, with prices starting at just $59. 

For small teams on a budget looking to automate cross-channel campaigns, NotifyVisitors is highly recommended. The risk-free 60-day money-back guarantee also lets you try before you buy.

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Conclusion on NotifyVisitors Review

In summary, NotifyVisitors provides a user-friendly automation solution for orchestrating effective cross-channel campaigns. 

Easy-to-use campaign builders, preset templates and multi-channel support empower marketers to create targeted customer journeys with ease.

Attractively priced lifetime AppSumo deals to make this intuitive platform accessible for SMBs and teams. The risk-free 60-day money-back guarantee also lets you adequately try before you buy. 

To cost-effectively step up your omnichannel marketing game, give NotifyVisitors a try today!

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