Business Box AI Review: Creates Your Very Own  Set N’ Forget AI Platforms Like MidJourney, Jasper AI, ChatGPT And Charges People $300-1000/Monthly  In Recurring Payments. Should You Buy it?

Business Box AI Review: Creates Your Very Own  Set N' Forget AI Platforms Like MidJourney, Jasper AI, ChatGPT And Charges People $300-1000/Monthly  In Recurring Payments. Should You Buy it?

Business Box AI Review Introduction

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming businesses and our lives in today's digital world. AI tools and platforms like ChatGPT, MidJourney, and Jasper AI are creating tremendous value by generating content, designs, and other assets. However, building your own AI platform requires technical expertise and can be very expensive. 

This is where Business Box AI comes in. It is the world's first software that allows anyone to create their own “set and forget” AI platforms similar to ChatGPT, MidJourney, and Jasper AI. With Business Box AI, you can easily build AI platforms, charge subscription fees from users, create online AI shops, and profit from the AI revolution.

I recently got access to Business Box AI and have been thoroughly testing and reviewing it. In this detailed review, I will provide an in-depth look at what this software is, its features and benefits, profitability potential, ease of use, OTOs, bonuses, pricing, and more. I will also share my personal experience using Business Box AI

So if you want to leverage the power of AI to grow your business and income, you'll find this review very helpful. Let's dive in!

Benefits of Business Box AI

Business Box AI offers some amazing benefits that make it lucrative for digital entrepreneurs and marketers. Here are the key advantages of this software:

Create Your Own AI Platforms 

The core benefit of Business Box AI is it allows anyone to build their own AI platforms similar to wildly popular apps like MidJourney, Jasper AI and ChatGPT. You can craft a platform around any niche, customize it and make it available to users.

Recurring Income Potential  

By creating your own AI platform, you can charge users a subscription fee to access it. This means you can enjoy a steady stream of recurring passive income every month. Users are happy to pay for access to quality AI content and assets.

Build AI eShops  

With Business Box AI, you can easily create online shops focused on selling AI-generated content. Think AI images, videos, logos, text content and more. Site visitors pay you each time they download something.

Leverage 200+ Built-in AI Tools

The platform comes pre-loaded with 200+ powerful AI tools and integrations that help maximize your profits. These include image generators, content creators, voice tools and more. 

Automated Experience

The software provides an automated experience where you spend minimal effort but the platform keeps humming along, creating content and monetizing itself. This frees up your time for other things.

No Technical Skills Needed

Business Box AI has an easy drag-and-drop interface and you don't need any prior technical skills or coding to build your AI platform and eShops. This makes it accessible to everyone.

Commercial License Included

You get commercial rights with your copy of Business Box AI. This allows you to create and sell unlimited AI platforms and assets to clients and make 100% profits.

Who Can Benefit from Business Box AI?

This software provides immense value to the following groups:

Affiliate Marketers – Can create AI content for their campaigns and assets like banners, emails etc. 

Agencies – Build AI platforms and content for clients, charge monthly fees

Freelancers – Create logos, videos, and articles using AI and sell them to clients

SaaS Owners – Add AI capabilities and content to their apps to boost engagement and sales. 

Bloggers – Produce AI-generated articles, images, and infographics for their sites at scale.

Ecommerce Owners – Leverage AI for product descriptions, ads and email campaigns.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to benefiting from Business Box AI. The common thread is you can create unlimited AI content and monetize it in various ways.

Watch Business Box AI Demo Video Below

Pros and Cons of Business Box AI

Based on my experience, here are some pros and cons of this software:

Business Box AI Pros

– No technical skill or coding needed 

– Intuitive drag-and-drop editor

– Built-in commercial license 

– 200+ AI tools for content creation

– Automates AI platform creation  

– Lets you charge subscription fees

– Unlimited user accounts 

– Hosting provided for platforms  

– Great for selling AI assets

– Recurring income potential  

– 30-day money-back guarantee

Business Box AI Cons

– Hosting only for AI platforms, not eShops

– Need to have your own domain name 

– No free or paid traffic methods included

– OTOs seem expensive for some features

Profitability of Business Box AI

The profit potential of Business Box AI is immense. Since it lets you monetize your AI platforms and assets in various ways, your income can compound quickly. Here are some profit streams:

– Charge monthly subscription fee – $100 to $500+ per user

– Sell AI content – $5 to $100+ per asset 

– Sell AI platforms/shops to clients – $1000 to $5000+

– Sell services around AI content creation

– Leverage affiliate marketing and ads 

The subscription income can become very lucrative with some scale. A platform with just 100 users paying $100 per month gives you $10,000 in recurring revenue. 

Many Business Box AI members reported making over $1000 per month within just days of getting started. With some consistency, hitting a $10,000 per month income is very much possible.

Of course, your results will depend on your efforts and how you leverage the software. But the income potential is huge.

How to Use Business Box AI

Using Business Box AI is simple and only requires the following three main steps:

Step 1 – Provide Domain and Login

First, you login to the Business Box AI dashboard with your details. Then provide your own domain name where you want to host your AI platform.

Step 2 – Customize Your Platform  

Next, you can customize the look and feel of your AI platform. Change colors, and fonts, add a logo and more to match your brand. 

Step 3- Add Monetization

Finally, you add monetization elements like subscription plans, payment integrations, download fees etc. so you can start earning.

And that's it! Within minutes, your own “Jasper AI” “-like platform is ready to go. Now you can drive users to it and collect monthly fees. Or create eShops and sell AI assets.

The Business Box AI dashboard is intuitive and easy to navigate. Detailed tutorials are also provided on how to optimize and scale your AI business.

There are no coding or technical skills required on your part. All the complexity of creating and running an AI platform is handled behind the scenes.

Business Box AI OTO Details 

Business Box AI comes with a few OTOs (one-time offers) to help maximize your profits. Here's an overview:

OTO 1 – Unlimited Version ($67)

This unlocks unlimited usage of the software. You can create unlimited AI platforms, user accounts, content and more. Perfect for scaling your business.

OTO 2 – Done For You Edition ($147) 

The DFY upgrade sets up your AI business for you. They create accounts, build platforms/shops, add hosting, domains etc. You just drive traffic and profit.

OTO 3 – Automation Edition ($97)

This gives done-for-you automated funnels that drive targeted buyers to your AI offers so you profit while on autopilot.

OTO 4 – Profit Sites ($67)

Clone the vendor's 5 proven niche sites that generate $960 in daily profits. Just import these and monetize them. 

OTO 5 – 1 Click Traffic Booster  ($77)

Exclusive traffic methods to get instant results and profits from Business Box AI within the first hour itself.

OTO 6 – 100K Case Study ($67) 

Exact training revealing how users are earning over $100,000 per month with Business Box AI. Great for taking your income to 6-7 figures.

OTO 7 – Agency Edition ($57)

Create and manage unlimited Business Box AI accounts for clients. Keep 100% profits. Perfect for digital agencies.  

OTO 8 – Reseller Edition ($147)

Get reseller rights so you can sell Business Box AI and keep 100% profits. 

The OTOs provide more features and income boosters. But the front-end version is adequate for most people to benefit. OTOs are optional purchases.

Business Box AI FAQs

Here are answers to some common questions about Business Box AI:

Is technical skill needed to use Business Box AI?

No, you don't need any technical skills or coding. The platform provides an easy drag and drop interface.

How much does it cost? 

Business Box AI currently sells for a one-time price of $17 on the front end. OTOs are available but optional.

What can I create with Business Box AI?

You can create AI platforms around any niche, build ecommerce stores for AI assets, offer services around AI content creation and more.  

Can I offer AI assets to clients?

Yes, the commercial license allows you to sell unlimited AI content and platforms to clients and keep 100% profits.

Is there a guarantee?

Business Box AI comes with a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. So you can try it risk-free.

Do you need to host AI platforms yourself?  

No, hosting and domains are provided by Business Box AI for all your AI platforms. But not AI eShops.

Business Box AI Pricing

Business Box AI is currently selling for a highly discounted one-time price. Here are the deals:

Frontend: $17 (Originally $97/month)

As part of a special launch offer, you can grab Business Box AI for a single payment of just $17. 

At this price, you get the core software to create multiple AI platforms and shops in any niche. You can charge subscription fees, sell AI assets and keep 100% profits.

This discounted price is only for the launch period. After launch, Business Box AI will retail for a monthly fee of $97. So buying it now saves you $80 per month in recurring fees.

Unlimited Version OTO: $67 

You get unlimited usage rights to the software. Meaning you can create unlimited AI platforms, user accounts, content and assets. This is crucial for scaling your business.

DFY OTO: $147

The vendor team will set up your complete AI business for you. So you can start profiting faster with minimal effort. Great value if you lack time or skills. 

Considering it takes $1000s to get developers to make you a custom AI platform, the DFY service at $147 is a steal. 

Agency OTO: $57

This allows you to create unlimited Business Box AI accounts for clients and keep 100% of the profit. Perfect for agencies and freelancers.

At its core, you are getting Business Box AI for as low as $17, which is an absolute bargain. Optional OTOs provide more features and income enhancements. But the low ticket $17 front end has tremendous standalone value.

Bundled Deal

Currently, the vendor has a special discounted bundle deal available for all the OTOs. 

This bundle includes:

– Frontend Business Box AI 

– Unlimited OTO  


– Automation OTO

– Profit Sites OTO

– Traffic Booster OTO 

– Reseller Rights OTO

The bundled deal price is $347, while the total value of everything is over $1200. So you save a massive 70%+ if you grab the bundle vs buying individually.

This is an exceptional one-time offer. Because you get the complete suite of Business Box AI and hugely boost your income potential at a big discount.

Highly recommend getting this special bundle deal if you want to maximize profits with this AI software suite.

Business Box AI Creators

Business Box AI was created by Yogesh Agarwal, who is a serial entrepreneur and software developer. 

Yogesh has developed multiple successful SaaS applications and is the founder of SoftAkLLC – a fast-growing software company.

He has tremendous experience with AI, machine learning and data analytics. Given his background, Yogesh is the ideal person to develop a powerful yet easy-to-use AI monetization solution like Business Box AI.

When Was It Launched?

Business Box AI is launching on October 23, 2023. It is currently in a pre-launch phase with access being provided to select customers and partners.  

As mentioned, it is currently available at a deeply discounted price as part of a special launch promo.

Where Can You Buy Business Box AI?

Business Box AI is only available for purchase on the official company website via the WarriorPlus Platform.

Business Box AI Bonuses

To sweeten the deal further, some great bonuses are included when you buy through the official webpage:

Bonus 1: Hardcoded AI Chatbot

Business Box AI integrates a powerful hardcoded chatbot you can deploy on your site. This helps capture leads, engage visitors and make sales 24/7. Worth $197.

Bonus 2: 200+ AI Backgrounds & Images

You get access to over 200 high-quality AI-generated backgrounds and images to spice up your platforms and content. Valued at $497. 

Bonus 3: AI Copywriting Tool 

This AI tool can create high-converting copy, captions and headlines for your business. Speeds up the content creation process. Worth $97.

Bonus 4: AI Logo Creator

Design unlimited logos with this AI logo generator. Great for coming up with concepts and ideas quickly. Worth $97.

These bonuses add tremendous additional value on top of the core AI business software.

Should You Buy Business Box AI?

Business Box AI is an exceptional software that lets anyone profit from the AI revolution quickly and easily. Considering the benefits, profit potential, low price and zero risk, it is certainly worth buying.

Here are key reasons why you should grab Business Box AI today:

– Recurring income – Charge users subscription fees

– Easy automation of AI platform creation  

– Built-in commercial license included  

– Leverage 200+ AI tools for content creation 

– DFY services make it even easier

– Great for selling AI assets like designs, videos, text

– Perfect for freelancers and agencies

– Higher conversions and engagement for brands using AI  

– Zero technical skills or experience needed

– Discounted pricing as part of the launch promo 

– 30-day refund policy lets you try risk-free

Unless you want to spend months learning complex AI programming and tens of thousands hiring developers, Business Box AI is the fastest way to build income-generating AI platforms.

The discounted launch pricing, refund policy and incredible profit potential make this a risk-free investment into a highly lucrative and future-proof business model. 

Get Access To Business Box AI Here

Call to Action  

Here are some strong calls to action for grabbing Business Box AI today:

Act Fast to Grab the Discounted Pricing

Business Box AI is available for a measly one-time fee of just $17. Considering the immense income potential, this is an unbelievable bargain. But it is only available for the pre-launch period. Prices will increase soon, so act fast to lock in this deal.

Tap Into The $172 Billion AI Industry 

AI is projected to be over a $170 billion industry by 2027. Business Box AI finally allows you to tap into this booming sector without technical skills. Don't miss out!

Simply Click to Get Started Now

You can be up and running with your own AI business in literally minutes thanks to the intuitive drag-and-drop platform. No complicated steps. Just purchase, login and start creating income sources.

Try Risk-Free Thanks to the Refund Policy

You are fully protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. This allows you to try out the software risk-free. No need to worry about downsides. Just start profiting from AI now!

Take Your Income to The Next Level

Combining the power of AI with done-for-you automation, Business Box AI provides a shortcut to generating life-changing online income. Don't settle for small returns. Unlock your potential now!

Get Access To Business Box AI Here


To conclude this detailed review, Business Box AI is a fantastic software that makes it simple for anyone to leverage AI platforms and content to generate subscription income, sell AI assets and automate their business. 

Considering the booming demand for AI, the profit margins are staggering, with users reporting thousands per month in near passive revenue. Even better, no technical skills are required to use this intuitive platform.

Given the commercial license, Done for You services, huge discounts and 30-day refund policy, there is simply no risk in at least trying out Business Box AI

The income automation potential using AI makes this a complete no-brainer! Don't wait any longer. Grab Business Box AI now and position yourself in front of this explosive trend. You will be amazed at what leveraging AI can do for your online profits and success!

Get Access To Business Box AI Here

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