VidVista Review – Experience Lightning-Fast Video Hosting and Marketing Software And Effortlessly Embed 8K Videos on Any Website, Store, Page, or Device at an Irresistible One-Time Cost!

VidVista Review
VidVista Review

VidVista Review Introduction 

Video marketing has become an extremely powerful tool for businesses in recent years. Studies show that including video on landing pages can increase conversions by up to 80%. Videos allow you to demonstrate your product, explain your service, and connect with your audience on a more personal level. However, hosting videos can be challenging. Platforms like YouTube and Vimeo have limitations, and hosting videos on your own website can be expensive. This is where VidVista comes in. 

VidVista is an exciting new cloud-based video hosting and marketing platform that makes it easy for anyone to host, manage, and publish videos on their website. With VidVista, you can upload unlimited HD videos, create custom video channels and playlists, and embed your videos on any page with just a simple copy and paste. 

The platform is designed for speed and engagement – videos load lightning fast with no buffering, keeping your audience watching longer. And with the built-in lead generation and social sharing features, you can maximize conversions from your video marketing.

In this extensive review, we’ll cover who VidVista is for, its main features and benefits, pricing, and more. I’ll provide a detailed, unbiased look at this video hosting software so you can determine if it’s the right solution for your business.

Who is VidVista For?

VidVista is an ideal solution for a wide range of businesses and marketers who want to host videos on their own websites. Here are some of the main users who can benefit:

– Ecommerce sites – Drive more sales by showcasing product demos and customer testimonials.

– Service businesses – Create tutorial videos, case studies, and explainers to attract more clients. 

– Coaches/Consultants – Host your coaching calls/videos behind a membership portal.

– Affiliate marketers – Review products or share demo videos with engaging host-your-own videos.

– Bloggers – Entertain and engage your audience more by embedding videos in your posts. 

– Agencies – Resell video hosting services to your clients with the commercial license.

– Schools/Universities – Share lesson recordings, how-tos, and campus tours.

– Event companies – Promote your upcoming events with highlight reels and teasers.

– Nonprofits – Fundraising videos, share your mission, host virtual events.

Basically, any business that wants to leverage videos on their website without paying a fortune will get great use out of VidVista. You have unlimited potential to monetize the platform with the commercial license or use it internally to boost your own sales and conversions.

VidVista Benefits and Features 

So what exactly does VidVista allow you to do? Here are the main benefits and features of this video hosting platform:

Unlimited video hosting

With VidVista, there are no limits on the number of videos you can upload. Store as many as you want without worrying about reaching capacity.

Custom video channels and playlists

Organize your videos into channels and playlists to create a better viewing experience for your audience. Encourage them to watch more content.

Lightning fast video delivery 

VidVista uses optimized streaming technology so your videos start almost instantly with no buffering – even in HD quality. This results in higher engagement. 

Embed videos anywhere 

The one-click embed feature lets you easily embed videos on any web page or platform with just a simple copy and paste. 

Built-in lead generation tools

Find, attract, and convert more leads with the suite of lead gen tools including exit intent popups, email collection, and more.

Social sharing 

Make your videos go viral by allowing viewers to share them across all major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Unlimited traffic and views

There are no limits on the amount of traffic or views for your videos. Your bandwidth and storage continues to scale as you grow.

Mobile optimized 

Videos play perfectly across all devices. The player dynamically sizes and delivers high quality video with fast loading speeds.

No coding or technical skills required

VidVista is designed for simplicity. Just upload and embed your videos without having to mess with any complicated tech.

Commercial license included 

For a limited time, VidVista comes with a commercial license so you can profit from the software by charging clients. 

So in summary, VidVista provides unlimited, fast video hosting that engages viewers, converts leads, and lets you make money. It's an all-in-one solution.

VidVista Pros and Cons

Pros of VidVista:

– Simple 3-step video hosting system – just upload, customize, and embed videos in minutes.

– Lightning fast loading speeds – videos start instantly with no buffering.

– Embed videos on unlimited pages and domains. 

– Create multiple video channels to organize your content.

– Lead generation tools like exit intent technology to capture more leads.

– Social sharing buttons help your videos spread faster. 

– Completely responsive for all devices – mobile, tablet, laptop etc. 

– No limits on storage, bandwidth, traffic or number of videos. Unlimited scale.

– Free video training tutorials to get up and running quickly.

– Commercial license included to build your own profitable agency.

– 30 day money back guarantee.

Cons of VidVista:

– You need an internet connection to use it – there is no desktop software version.

– No built-in capabilities for live streaming videos – just pre-recorded videos.

– Email and chat support only – no phone support.

Overall, the pros far outweigh the cons. The few limitations pale in comparison to the game-changing features and benefits of the platform.

VidVista Profit Potential

The profit potential with VidVista is immense, thanks to the commercial license that allows you to charge clients for video hosting and even build your own agency. 

Some revenue streams include:

– Charge businesses monthly plans to host their videos. Price plans based on usage, support needs, video lengths etc. Offer different tiers.

– Sell video channels to businesses for all their instructional/promo videos in one organized place. 

– Flip VidVista accounts by setting them up for clients then selling for a profit.

– Rent out video channels/storage/bandwidth to video creators. 

– Resell accounts on FIverr – “I will host your videos”.

– Create video funnels/courses and host them behind a membership site. 

– Produce marketing/promo/ad videos for clients.

– Produce explainer and “how to” videos for clients.

– Produce video sales letters/VSLs for high ticket offers.

– Make video demos showcasing software or apps. 

– Produce client testimonial videos.

– Create animated explainer videos. Whiteboard videos.

The possibilities are endless. With the commercial license, you can profit from VidVista in whatever way makes sense for your own business model or skills.

And of course, you can use VidVista internally in your own business to boost conversions and sales from your website, funnel, or offers. Video marketing has incredible potential to increase profits.

How to Use VidVista

Using VidVista to host and share videos is simple and straightforward. Here are the basic steps:

Step 1) Create your VidVista account. Use the main dashboard to set up your profile and preferences. 

Step 2) Upload your videos from your computer. Drag and drop files into the uploader. 

Step 3) Choose a video player skin and customize the styling like colors and buttons.

Step 4) Organize your videos into channels and playlists for better categorization. Give them titles and descriptions.

Step 5) Embed videos on any webpage or platform using the one-click embed codes.

Step 6) Promote your videos on social media to maximize viewership. 

Step 7) Analyze performance with built-in video analytics to see views, duration, traffic sources etc.

Step 8) Capture more leads with exit intent popups, email collection forms etc.

That’s really all there is to it! VidVista handles all the technical optimizations in the background – encoding, streaming, scaling to devices etc. You just focus on uploading and embedding your videos.

The platform is designed for anyone to use – no video editing or tech skills are required. All you need is a video file and the desire to share it online.

VidVista OTOs and Upsells

In addition to the front-end VidVista offer, there are a number of optional upsells:

OTO #1 – VidVista Unlimited

The Unlimited upgrade unlocks additional pro features like increased bandwidth and storage, more videos and players, no VidVista branding, and priority support. It’s a one time offer available during launch.

OTO #2 – VidVista Done For You

This OTO gets VidVista set up for you with a full launch-ready account containing videos, channels, playlists, and more. Their team does everything for you.

OTO #3 – VidVista 10K DFY Traffic

The third upsell includes 10,000 free buyer clicks to your VidVista video pages. This traffics allows you to maximize conversions and profits.  

OTO #4 – VidVista Profit Campaign 

This includes access to a full profit campaign, including high converting videos, funnels, and promo tools so you can start profiting from VidVista right away.

OTO #5 – VidVista Agency License 

With the Agency License, you can create client accounts within your VidVista dashboard and resell video hosting services. Keep 100% of client payments.

OTO #6 – VidVista Reseller License

The Reseller License allows you to sell VidVista accounts you create as your own product and keep all the profits. The perfect upsell for agencies.

OTO #7 – VidVista White Label License

The White Label license allows you to completely brand VidVista as your own video hosting platform. Replace all branding elements with your own company logo, name, etc. 

As with most launches nowadays, there are plenty of upsell offers available for more features, capabilities, and profit potential. But the main VidVista front-end has all the core functionality on its own if you don't want to purchase the OTOs.

VidVista FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about VidVista:

Is there a limit to how many videos I can host?

No. With VidVista you have unlimited video hosting and can upload as many videos as you need.

Can I upload and embed on client websites? 

Yes, with the commercial license you can host videos for clients on their own websites by embedding them.

Do you provide designer accounts, templates, or brand integration?

Yes, we have designer accounts where you get our team's help with set up, custom templates, and branding your videos/channels.

What video formats are supported?

VidVista supports all major video formats including MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MKV, FLV, 3GP, MPEG, etc.

What is the maximum video resolution allowed?

VidVista supports up to stunning 8K resolution videos for the highest quality. 

Is there any video length limit?

No – you can upload videos of any length from 60 seconds to hours long webinars or movies.

What happens if I go over my bandwidth limits? 

Your videos will continue to play but we may ask you to upgrade to the next plan if you exceed bandwidth regularly.

Do you offer live streaming?

At this time VidVista only supports pre-recorded, on-demand videos. No live streaming.

Can I remove the VidVista branding?

Yes, just upgrade to the Unlimited OTO to remove all VidVista logos from your videos and pages. 

Do you have annual plans?

We currently only offer monthly recurring plans. Yearly plans will be coming soon.

These are just a few of the common questions we get about features, capabilities, and usage. Please reach out if you have any other questions!

VidVista Money Back Guarantee 

VidVista comes with a 30 day money back guarantee when you purchase through the main website. This allows you to try out the platform for a full month risk-free. 

If you are not completely satisfied, you can request a refund at any point within those first 30 days after your purchase date. This refund policy only applies to purchases made directly from, not through any other third party sites like payment processors or affiliate partners.

To request a refund, just contact the VidVista support team via email and they will process your refund, no questions asked. You will need to provide your original VidVista purchase receipt which contains your Order ID. 

Refunds are provided back to the original payment method used at checkout. Please allow up to 7 business days for refunds to process after you make the request. VidVista will immediately cancel and deactivate your account after a refund is issued.

It’s clear VidVista stands strongly behind their product with this lengthy 30 day money back period. It allows you to truly take the platform for a spin.

VidVista Pricing

There are a few different pricing options available for VidVista, with the option to pay monthly or get a discounted one-time price:

Front EndVisVista commercial ( $ 17 )
– Host Unlimited Videos – Ad-Free Videos To Skyrocket Engagement- Create Playlist/ Channels- Unlimited Audience- Unlimited Views- Unlimited Lead Finds With Lead Finder Tool- Ultra fast Bandwidth- Ultra Light & Attractive Player that works on any Device- Embed anywhere with embed code Feature- Support all types of videos format- Go Viral With Social Sharing Feature- Commercial License included- SEO Freiendly- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
OTO1VidVista Unlimited ( $ 47 )
Access to Max version of VidVistaUnlimited access to all featuresPro version come with More Premium FeaturesPriority Customer Support
OTO2VidVista Done for You ( $ 97 )Features:
Let Us setup a account for you.Work 1-on-1 With Our Support Team 
OTO3VidVista 10K DFY Traffic ( $ 47 )


VidVista Profit Campaign ( $ 67 )
VidVista Agency License ( $ 47 )
VidVista Reseller License ( $ 47 )
VidVista WhiteLabel License  ( $ 197 )

During special launch promotions, VidVista is sometimes available for a deep discount off normal pricing. The best deal is to take advantage of any limited-time discounts or bonuses. Their pricing is competitive compared to other enterprise video hosting solutions.

VidVista also offers custom enterprise pricing packages for large corporations with very high video usage needs. Just contact their sales team if you need pricing for large video catalogs, storage, and bandwidth.

VidVista Bundle Deals

VidVista frequently offers deals, discounts, and limited-time bundles during special events and launch promotions. Here are some examples of deals that may be available:

– Frontend + Unlimited OTO Bundle

– 80% Off Agency License 

– Free Commercial License for a Year

– Buy 2 Years, Get 1 Free

– Free Lead Generation Toolkit

– Extensive Video Marketing Course

– Hosting Credits

– Cash Bonuses

Your best bet is to check the VidVista sales page for any current discounts or bonuses being offered. Occasionally they will open up free trials for a limited number of users. But these fill up fast, so jump on any trial offers quickly if they become available.

Who Created VidVista?

VidVista was created by two experienced internet marketers – Lalit Chhipa and Laxman Singh. Together they have over 15 years of experience building online businesses. 

Lalit Chhipa is a serial entrepreneur who has created numerous successful products in the technology space and specializes in cloud-based software. 

Laxman Singh is an expert at building high-converting funnels and marketing campaigns. He has generated millions in sales with his funnels. 

Lalit and Laxman teamed up to leverage their respective skills in software development and digital marketing. They saw a need in the marketplace for an easier, affordable video hosting solution – so decided to build VidVista to solve that problem for small businesses.

Both founders are passionate about helping others succeed online. They created VidVista to level the playing field so anyone can benefit from video marketing – not just big corporations with huge budgets.

When Was VidVista Launched?  

VidVista originally launched on October 22, 2023 at 11am Eastern time. It launched for a limited-time flash sale at a special discounted price. After the initial launch period ends, the price will increase.

VidVista is only available for purchase through the Warriorplus platform. It is not sold on platforms like eBay, Amazon, or app stores. The founders handle all the sales and distribution directly.

Any future updates, features, bonuses, or special offers will be announced on the VidVista sales page at Check there to stay current on the latest release information.

VidVista Bonuses

To boost sales during the initial launch period, VidVista is offering some valuable bonuses for anyone who purchases through the main website:

Bonus #1: Training For Start Email Marketing

This bonus provides step-by-step video training on email marketing to help maximize your profits with VidVista

Bonus #2: Email Marketing Cheat Sheet  

A cheat sheet on turning cold leads into buyers and tips for growing your email list. 

Bonus #3: 100+ Marketing Emails  

Get access to pre-written email copy you can use for your own campaigns.

Bonus #4: 80% Discount on All Upgrades

Save big when you purchase upsells by getting 80% off every OTO offer.

Bonus #5: 30 Agency Licenses

Get 30 reseller rights licenses to sell VidVista accounts as an agency and keep 100% profits.

These bonuses provide immense additional value on top of the core VidVista platform. They help you maximize your profitability. But make sure to purchase soon before the bonuses expire!

Should You Buy VidVista?

VidVista is a game-changing platform for anyone wanting to leverage videos on their website or social platforms. Here are some key reasons to buy:

  • – No video hosting limits – upload unlimited amounts.
  • – Lightning fast video loading speeds increase engagement and conversions.  
  • – Turnkey system anyone can use without video or tech skills.
  • – Monetize the software with the commercial license and profit from your own agency.
  • – Great for driving more sales by hosting video demos, testimonials, tutorials.
  • – Attract more leads with built-in conversion tools like exit intent popup forms.
  • – Get more traffic and social engagement with the viral social sharing capabilities.  
  • – 30 day money back guarantee provides a risk-free way to try it out.
  • – Onetime pricing locks in unlimited hosting and usage forever.
  • – Valuable launch bonuses and discounts make it very affordable.

The only downsides are the software is cloud-based so an internet connection is required, and there is no live streaming functionality yet. But for hosting and sharing prerecorded videos, VidVista simply can't be beat.

The platform enables small businesses and marketers to leverage sophisticated enterprise-grade video hosting at an affordable price point. Compared to investing thousands in building your own video platform, it's a bargain.

So if you are looking for an easy way to add unlimited video hosting and sharing capabilities to your website, funnel, or platform – VidVista is absolutely a smart buy.

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VidVista Call to Action

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With the commercial license, this powerful platform pays for itself by allowing you to profit from video hosting and production. Unlock unlimited earning potential.

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Just imagine hosting all your videos without Limits, converting more visitors into leads and customers with no buffering or delays, and profiting from your own lucrative agency business!

Take your video marketing and profits to record heights with VidVista.

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Disclaimer: This is a personal review sharing my experiences and opinions. I may receive compensation if products are purchased through links on this website, at no additional cost to the buyer. All reviews expressed are solely my own.