PPC Reveal Review – Stay ahead in Your PPC marketing by using intelligence tools to Spy on your competitors’ Google Ads.

PPC Reveal Review - Stay ahead in Your PPC marketing by using intelligence tools to Spy on your competitors' Google Ads.
PPC Reveal Review – Stay ahead in Your PPC marketing by using intelligence tools to Spy on your competitors' Google Ads.


In the competitive world of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, having an edge over your competitors can make all the difference between a profitable campaign and wasted ad spend. PPC Reveal is a new SaaS tool that aims to give you that edge by letting you ethically “spy” on your competitor's ads. 

PPC Reveal makes it easy to see the ads your competitors are running in Google Ads without having to manually search and take screenshots. With automated searches, you can see your competitors' ads in real-time to inform your own PPC strategy.

In this in-depth PPC Reveal review, we’ll cover who this tool is for, its main features and benefits, pricing options, and potential downsides to consider, and ultimately help you decide if PPC Reveal is worth buying. Read on to see if this competitive intelligence platform is right for your business or PPC agency.

Who Can Benefit from PPC Reveal?

PPC Reveal is built for digital marketers, PPC specialists, marketing agencies, consultants, and other professionals who want to improve their Google Ads campaigns.

Here are the main types of users who can benefit from this tool:

PPC Agencies – Spying on clients’ competitors helps PPC agencies secure new business and fine-tune existing client campaigns. The comparison reports also make great assets to demonstrate expertise.

Freelance PPC Consultants – Similarly, freelance PPC consultants can use competitor insights to show value to potential new clients. The reports can also be used to justify their fees.

In-House PPC Marketers – In-house PPC marketers at brands can discover new competitors targeting their keywords. This allows them to adjust bidding strategies to outrank them.

SEO Agencies – SEO agencies can use PPC Reveal to see what keywords competitors are bidding on and optimize content accordingly.

Small Business Owners – Business owners can keep tabs on competitor Google Ads to ensure they aren’t falling behind in rankings for important keywords.

Overall, PPC Reveal is useful for anyone who manages Google Ads campaigns and wants more visibility into the competitive landscape. The insights can be used to prospect for new clients, optimize existing campaigns, and stay on top of the competition.

Benefits of PPC Reveal

PPC Reveal aims to save you time and make your PPC efforts more effective through competitor intelligence. Here are some of the main benefits you can expect:

View Competitor’s Live Ads 

The core benefit of PPC Reveal is seeing the actual live ads your competitors are running in Google Ads. You can view the ad headline, description, display URL, and more. No more manually searching and screenshotting needed.

Automated Monitoring

Simply enter the keywords, locations, and competitors you want to track and PPC Reveal will automatically search for their ads based on your set schedule. You can get daily, weekly or monthly updates on their PPC activity.

Ad Frequency & Visibility Metrics

Beyond just seeing competitor ads, PPC Reveal provides helpful metrics like ad frequency and visibility scores. You can see how often ads appear and their estimated visibility.

Advanced Scheduling

Schedule ad checks for specific days and times. This allows you to see how your competitors schedule their ad budgets throughout the week. You can then align your budget based on when competition is lower.

Landing Page Analysis

PPC Reveal displays the landing page URL for any ad it finds. You can visit landing pages to analyze what your competitor's PPC funnel and messaging looks like.

Custom Branded Reports

Create branded reports with your agency name and colors to share competitor insights with clients. These PDF reports look polished and professional.

Discover New Competitors

Analyze ads by keyword to find competitors you didn’t even know were targeting your market. PPC Reveal reveals the competitive landscape.

Keyword Research

See what keyword variants competitors are bidding on for ideas on gaps in your own account structure. Expand your PPC keyword research.

White Label Solution 

PPC Reveal is white label, so you can brand reports, analysis, etc. with your company logo and information without any PPC Reveal branding.

Watch PPC Reveal Video below

PPC Reveal Pros and Cons

PPC Reveal has some clear benefits, but there are also a few potential downsides to consider:

Pros of PPC Reveal

– View competitor Google Ads in real-time

– Automated monitoring and reporting 

– Frequency and visibility metrics

– Advanced scheduling features

– Landing page analysis

– Discover new competitors

– Custom branded reports 

– Useful for prospecting and campaign optimization

– White label solution

Cons of PPC Reveal

– Only reveals Google Ads, not other PPC platforms like Bing or Facebook Ads

– Can only export PDF reports (no CSV export)

– Requires manual optimization based on findings

While PPC Reveal has some amazing capabilities, it does have some limitations. The tool focuses specifically on seeing current and upcoming Google Ads – it does not monitor other PPC platforms or provide more granular quality score data, for example. The insights from the tool still require some manual analysis and optimization on your part.

PPC Reveal Pricing and Plans

PPC Reveal offers affordable lifetime access via three pricing tiers depending on your needs:

– Reveal Basic: $49 Paid once for life and get 5,000 ad checks per month

– Reveal Plus: $99  Paid once for life and get 10,000 ad checks per month 

– Reveal Pro: $229  Paid once for life and get 30,000 ad checks per month

The key difference between the plans is the number of included “Reveal Units”, which are the individual ad checks the tool runs per month. 

The Basic plan is a great starter option for sole proprietors and very small agencies. The Plus plan costs a bit more but triples your monthly searches. Finally, the Pro plan is ideal for larger agencies running lots of revealing. 

All plans come with lifetime access, unlimited users, and full access to current and future features. You can also upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time based on your needs.

For agencies, even the middle Plus plan can represent huge savings compared to hiring a full-time analyst to manually spy and compile competitor reports. The lifetime access provided by AppSumo deals makes the pricing extremely attractive.

Is PPC Reveal Profitable?

Whether PPC Reveal leads to increased profits for your business or agency depends on how well you are able to apply its insights. But the tool certainly can be extremely profitable if used correctly.

Here are a few ways the competitive intelligence provided by PPC Reveal can increase your revenues:

– Discover new competitor ads targeting your keywords, allowing you to adjust bids and budgets to maintain rank. Protecting your rankings directly protects revenue.

– Use competitor ad messaging for inspiration to test new creative angles and improve CTR/conversions. Higher ad performance means greater ROI from your ad spend budget.

– Create polished reports to demonstrate expertise and industry knowledge to prospects. Win new business and clients.

– Learn what landing pages competitors are driving traffic to inform your own funnel optimization. More effective funnels can increase conversion rates.

– Download ad images competitors are using to analyze their creative. Make informed decisions about your visual assets.

– Know when competitors are running/pausing ads to align your budget and only spend when less competition exists. 

– Find newkeywords and geos competitors are targeting to expand your targeting and reach new customers.

– Uncover competitor weaknesses, like low ad visibility scores or minimal geo-targeting, that you can capitalize on.

The key is to act on the insights uncovered by PPC Reveal. If you use the information to make informed optimizations to your Google Ads campaigns, the tool can certainly drive profitability. But you have to put in the work to get results.

How to Use PPC Reveal

Using PPC Reveal is straightforward. Just follow these steps to start revealing competitor ads:

1. Sign Up and Confirm Email

First, create an account by visiting this page. Check your email to confirm your signup. 

2. Select Your Plan  

Choose between Basic, Plus or Pro depending on your needs. More Reveal Units allow more searches.

3. Add Credits

Purchase credit packs to add Reveal Units to your account based on the plan selected. Each plan comes with free Reveal units as specified earlier.

4. Connect Google Ads Account

Connect your Google Ads account to track competitors targeting your keywords.

5. Configure Your Reveal

Choose your target keyword, location, competitors, frequency, and other reveal settings.

6. Run Your Reveal

Your reveal will now run automatically per your configured schedule and settings.

7. View Reports 

See competitor ads and download PDF reports right within your PPC Reveal dashboard.

8. Optimize Campaigns

Use insights to inform your Google Ads optimizations, adjust bids, try new creatives, update targeting, etc.

9. Share Reports

Impress clients and prospects by white labeling and sharing polished PPC reports.

PPC Reveal Lifetime Deal

The PPC Reveal deal offered on AppSumo provides lifetime access to the tool. This means you pay a single price upfront and then get to use PPC Reveal forever without any recurring fees.

For example, you could purchase the Reveal Plus plan today for the one-time price of $99 and have permanent access to 10,000 monthly reveal units. You'll also get all new features added over time at no additional cost.

Considering competitors like SEMrush can cost $99+/month for comparable capabilities, the PPC Reveal lifetime deal is extremely attractive. You get to spy on competitor ads indefinitely for a single upfront payment.

The lifetime access offer is only available for new PPC Reveal users without an existing account. You also must activate your license within 60 days of purchasing on AppSumo.

PPC Reveal OTOs 

“OTO” stands for One-Time Offer and refers to upsells presented after making an initial purchase. 

PPC Reveal's core AppSumo offer doesn't include any upsells. However, there are some add-ons available once you have an account:

– Credit Packs – Purchase additional reveal unit credits to exceed your monthly plan limits. 500 credits cost $49.

– Priority Support – Get faster email support response times for $99/mo. Standard support is still free.

– Custom Integrations – Have the PPC Reveal team build a custom integration with other software (like SEMrush) for a $499 setup fee.

– Premium Reporting – Get custom-built reports with consulting on optimizations for $125/report 

The main OTO is additional reveal unit credits, which are fairly affordable. The other OTOs target high-spend power users of the tool. For most users, the base AppSumo plans will be sufficient.

PPC Reveal FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about PPC Reveal:

Does PPC Reveal work for Google Ads only?

Yes, PPC Reveal specializes in revealing Google Ads specifically. It does not cover other PPC platforms like Bing Ads or Facebook Ads.

Can I download reports as Excel/CSV? 

You can export PDF reports only. CSV download is not supported currently.

Does PPC Reveal provide keyword suggestions?

Not directly, but checking competitor keywords can help provide new keyword ideas for your account.

Can I see ad history or new ads only?

Currently only new ads are shown – there is no historical ad data revealed.

Does PPC Reveal integrate with other software?

PPC Reveal does not offer any official integrations yet, but custom API integrations can be requested.

Do I need a Google Ads account to use PPC Reveal?

No, a Google Ads account is not required, but it helps maximize usefulness by revealing who is targeting your existing keywords.

Does PPC Reveal offer a free trial?

PPC Reveal does not currently offer a free trial. The AppSumo deal is the best way to get discounted lifetime access.

PPC Reveal Money-Back Guarantee  

All AppSumo deals for PPC Reveal come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This lets you trial the tool for two months risk-free.

If you are unsatisfied for any reason within your first 60 days of using PPC Reveal, simply contact their support team to request a full refund of your purchase price. 

AppSumo will handle refunding your payment directly. This guarantee makes it easy to try PPC Reveal for yourself without worry.

PPC Reveal Pricing

Here is a summary of the PPC Reveal pricing and plans available:

PPC Reveal Basic: 

– $49 lifetime deal on AppSumo 

– 5,000 reveal units per month

– Track up to 5 keywords per reveal

– Export up to 5 PDF reports

PPC Reveal Plus:

– $99 lifetime deal on AppSumo

– 10,000 reveal units per month  

– Track up to 10 keywords per reveal

– Export up to 10 PDF reports

PPC Reveal Pro:

– $229 lifetime deal on AppSumo 

– 30,000 reveal units per month

– Track up to 30 keywords per reveal

– Export up to 30 PDF reports

Additional credits can be purchased starting at $49 for 500 credits.

Considering a standard plan costs a minimum of $49/month, the AppSumo lifetime deal offers incredible value long-term.

PPC Reveal Bundle Deal

AppSumo currently offers PPC Reveal lifetime access as three separate tiered purchase options. There is no stated bundle deal or special discount for purchasing multiple tiers.

However, AppSumo deals sometimes offer stacking where you can use multiple codes to get a bigger discount. Before completing your purchase, try applying any AppSumo promo codes you may have to see if they stack for additional savings.

Otherwise, the lifetime pricing for each PPC Reveal tier is already hugely discounted compared to standard monthly plans. The tool can also be used for unlimited users, so multiple tiers may be unnecessary unless you need a very high volume of reveal units.

Who Created PPC Reveal?

PPC Reveal was co-founded by Justin Rondeau, an expert PPC strategist and entrepreneur. 

Justin's experience managing over $500 million in ad spend at InvisiblePPC fueled the idea for PPC Reveal. He realized spying on competitors' ads provided an unbeatable edge in PPC.

The tool was originally built exclusively for use by InvisiblePPC's 1,700+ agency partners. After tremendous internal success, Justin decided to make PPC Reveal accessible to all PPC marketers and agencies. 

He teamed up with AppSumo to launch PPC Reveal through a special lifetime deal. Justin continues to be closely involved with product development and community feedback for PPC Reveal.

When Was PPC Reveal Launched?

PPC Reveal first launched its exclusive AppSumo lifetime deal for the tool in October 2023. 

This represents the tool's initial availability to all PPC marketers. Before October 2023, PPC Reveal was only used internally by InvisiblePPC agency partners.

The AppSumo deal coincided with PPC Reveal's official public launch as a paid SaaS competitor intelligence solution for Google Ads.

Where Was PPC Reveal Launched?

PPC Reveal was launched exclusively in partnership with AppSumo, a leading digital marketplace for SaaS lifetime deals.

The lifetime pricing and large existing AppSumo audience offered the perfect way to get PPC Reveal into the hands of thousands of PPC specialists and agencies.

PPC Reveal is not available on any other platform or marketplace besides direct purchase from ppcreveal.com. The AppSumo partnership was strategically chosen by Justin and the PPC Reveal team to maximize reach for its debut.

PPC Reveal Bonuses

The AppSumo deal for PPC Reveal does not currently include any bonus offers or extras beyond lifetime access to the core tool.

Since PPC Reveal already provides such extensive functionality out of the box, bonuses were likely not deemed necessary to provide value. The huge discount and unlimited usage essentially acts as its own huge bonus!

Should You Buy PPC Reveal?

PPC Reveal makes spying on competitors' Google Ads amazingly simple. If utilized properly, the insights it provides can certainly improve your PPC performance and ROI.

However, you need to commit to actively applying those learnings – the tool alone will not magically optimize your accounts. You also need sufficient spend for it to be worthwhile.

Here are a few key questions to consider:

– Do you manage at least $10,000/month in Google Ads spend? If not, the tool may be unnecessary.

– Are you willing to devote time each month to analyzing reports and tweaking your accounts? The tool requires active use to maximize value.

– Is gaining visibility into your competitor's live ads of significant strategic value to you? If not, the core benefit becomes less useful. 

– Do you want professionally branded reports to use for client proposals and sales? If so, PPC Reveal can be very lucrative.

– Will you remember to use this tool consistently or let your lifetime access go to waste? Consider your willingness to build a habit.

If you answered “yes” to most of the above, PPC Reveal can absolutely be a wise investment into leveling up your PPC game for good. The ability to automatically spy on competitors' live ads at scale could provide game-changing strategic insights for your PPC efforts.

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Conclusion on PPC Reveal Review

PPC Reveal makes it possible to ethically spy on competitors' Google Ads like never before. The unique ability to reveal what ads your competition is actively running gives you an intelligence edge that can skyrocket your PPC performance and profits.

While the tool has some minor limitations like focusing solely on Google Ads, the lifetime pricing, automated revealing capabilities, and robust reporting make it an extremely compelling investment if you manage a reasonable Google Ads budget.

Ultimately, PPC Reveal's value comes down to how well you can turn its competitor insights into optimization ideas and strategic adjustments for your accounts. If you're willing to analyze the data and implement changes, it will pay for itself many times over.

But you have to put in the effort – the tool alone won't automatically improve your accounts without input from you. Use it to unlock ideas and opportunities, not provide a complete auto-managed solution.

Overall, PPC Reveal is a game-changer for researching the competition and making informed decisions based on real data. The time and money it will save you over manually spying on competitors makes the AppSumo lifetime deal extremely attractive.

Just imagine what you could do with previously inaccessible insights into your competitor's live ads. The possibility of discovering untapped keywords, creatives, target geos and more is game-changing. Stop guessing and start revealing with PPC Reveal.

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