Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR Review – Tap into Limitless Earnings with This Exclusive Yoga PLR Package: Your Pre-Made Pass to Excel in the Lucrative Wellness Industry!

Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR Review - Tap into Limitless Earnings with This Exclusive Yoga PLR Package: Your Pre-Made Pass to Excel in the Lucrative Wellness Industry!


Yoga has become an increasingly popular practice in recent years, offering numerous benefits for both the body and mind. With busy and stressful modern lifestyles, more people are turning to yoga as a way to find balance, relaxation, and improved health. 

For those interested in yoga, Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR provides a comprehensive set of resources to help teach and promote the practice to others. This private label rights (PLR) package includes professionally filmed HD yoga videos, an in-depth printable ebook, attractive graphics, sales materials, and more. With full PLR rights, buyers can easily rebrand and resell this content for large profits.

In this extensive review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR. You’ll learn about the contents of the package, who it’s for, the many benefits it provides, any potential drawbacks, profit strategies, frequently asked questions, and more. 

Read on for the full scoop so you can decide if this yoga PLR bundle is right for your business or personal needs.

Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR Benefits

Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR provides a wealth of valuable content and resources for teaching yoga to others. Here are some of the main benefits that it offers:

– Professionally Filmed HD Yoga Videos – The core of the package is 10 HD video yoga tutorials filmed with experienced instructors in a professional studio. The production value is extremely high-quality with excellent visuals, audio, and clear instruction. Videos range from 5-10 minutes in length and cover beginner to moderate difficulty levels. Buyers can chop these up into shorter clips or use as-is.

– In-Depth Printable Ebook – A beautifully designed 44-page printable ebook titled “Yoga for Everyday Wellness” provides a wealth of background information on the benefits of yoga, how to begin a practice, basic poses and sequences, and more. It’s written by a professional writer in an engaging, easy-to-understand style.

– Attractive Graphics – Professionally designed ebook covers, social media images, banners, sales page graphics, and more allow buyers to brand and market the package beautifully. The modern, eye-catching design of the graphics will give any yoga business a polished, professional appearance.

– Sales Materials – The bundle includes a professionally written sales page and email swipes to immediately begin selling the products. These high-converting templates make it effortless to rebrand the content and draw in buyers quickly.

– Rebrandable and Resellable – Buyers get full private label rights to the content, meaning it can be edited, rebranded, broken apart, and resold for 100% of the profits. This allows for almost unlimited ways to leverage high-quality content.

– Simplifies Yoga Teaching – For those looking to teach yoga, this bundle eliminates the challenges of creating professional videos, writing ebooks, designing graphics, planning sequences, and more. All the hard work is done, leaving you to focus on your specific teaching style.

– Very Affordable – Considering the amount of value included, the price point is very reasonable. Buyers can acquire a comprehensive set of yoga teaching resources for a fraction of the typical cost.

– Beginner-Friendly Content – With its focus on basics, gentle sequences, and an informative ebook, this is an ideal package for yoga teachers catering to beginners looking to start a practice. 

– Time-Tested Niche – Yoga has remained popular for decades and continues to grow. This “evergreen” niche virtually guarantees buyer interest year after year.

As you can see from just a high-level overview, Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR packs tremendous value. For anyone looking to profit from the yoga niche, or establish themselves as an instructor, this bundle offers an easy turn-key solution. 

Next, let’s look at exactly who can benefit most from this package.

Who Can Benefit from Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR?

Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR can benefit a wide range of buyers looking to profit from the yoga niche in some way. Here are some of the main types of buyers who would gain tremendous value:

– New yoga instructors – For those just starting out in yoga instruction, this bundle eliminates the high upfront costs of video production, writing, and graphic design. New instructors can quickly create a polished, professional brand.

– Established yoga instructors – More experienced instructors can utilize the content for backend offers, membership site material, bonuses and more. The videos and ebook are great for expanding existing product lines.

– Yoga studios – Studios can utilize the content for their own classes, rebrand it for at-home practice, and more. It’s an easy way to increase revenue opportunities.

– Spas/gyms – Many spas and gyms now offer yoga classes. This content can be used for both in-person and online instruction.

– PLR sellers – Those who specialize in selling PLR content can resell this bundle for 100% profits or break it apart for multiple income streams.

– Bloggers/influencers – The informative ebook can provide extensive content for yoga blogs and social media. Videos can be embedded or linked as well.

– Affiliate marketers – By rebranding the sales materials, affiliate marketers can promote the yoga package and earn commissions without any inventory.

– People new to yoga – For those wanting to start an at-home yoga routine, this beginner-focused bundle provides an affordable way to learn properly.

As you can see, Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR is versatile enough to benefit a wide range of buyers in the wellness and internet marketing niches. Next, let’s look at some of the pros and cons.

Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR Pros

Based on our extensive analysis, here are some of the main pros that make Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR an exceptional value:

– Very high-quality video production – Buyers rave about the crisp, professional studio filming and instructors. This makes the videos easy to resell at a premium.

– Covers the most popular beginner poses – The content focuses on the basics that any new yogi needs to know, ideal for beginner instruction.

– Excellent value – Considering the amount of content provided, the price point is very affordable compared to hiring this work done.

– Attractive and professional graphics – The ebook covers, banners and other graphics are modern and polished. They boost the perceived value tremendously.

– Optimized for branding – With full PLR included, buyers can easily customize the content with their own logos, colors and personal touches.

– Packed with bonus materials – In addition to videos and ebook, you get sales templates, graphics, social posts and more to amplify profits. 

– High-converting sales materials – The professionally crafted sales page, emails and other templates practically guarantee sales for those who utilize them properly.

– Evergreen niche – Yoga has been popular for decades and continues to grow in popularity, especially amongst millennials. This guarantees buyer demand long-term.

– Beginner-friendly focus – With its emphasis on basics, the content is perfectly tailored for those looking to start a yoga practice at home.

– Not overly technical – The ebook and videos emphasize practical application over technical details, making the content beginner-friendly.

– Money-back guarantee – Buyers have a 30 day money-back guarantee, providing a risk-free way to evaluate the product and see if it meets their needs.

– Excellent customer support – For any issues or questions, the creator (Sajan Elanthoor) and his team are very responsive in resolving buyer concerns quickly.

For those looking to profit from the yoga niche, Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR makes the entire process incredibly seamless and friction-free. Next let's look at a few of the potential drawbacks.

Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR Cons 

While the pros clearly outweigh the cons for this product, here are a few potential drawbacks to consider:

– Not for advanced students – With a beginner focus, the content may be too basic for instructors looking to teach advanced poses and sequences. However, beginners are the largest audience.

– Limited number of videos – While 10 high-quality yoga videos are included, some buyers may want more variety or additional lengths. However, buyers can easily create additional sequences by combining poses from multiple videos.

– No backend videos – The base package focuses on frontend content. However, backend OTOs are available that include additional lengthier class-style videos.

– Requires promotion – Like any product, this one will require active promotion and marketing to generate sales. However, this effort is well worth it based on buyers' revenue potential.

– Some customization required – While professionally created, most buyers will still want to personalize the content to some degree with their own logo, branding etc. However, this is easy and expected with PLR.

So in summary, potential buyers should be aware this package is ideal for beginners, contains 10 core videos optimized for front-end selling, and will require active promotion and some customization to maximize results.

Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR Profitability

One of the biggest questions buyers have is – just how profitable can this yoga PLR package be? Let's explore some of the many ways buyers can generate sizable profits: 

– Resell the Package As-Is – By simply rebranding the sales materials and promoting the bundle as your own offering, profits can be huge. Considering the low cost of the PLR, reselling for $97-$197 with a $27-$67 commission is very feasible.

– Split Into Multiple Offers – The videos, ebook, and graphics allow buyers to easily create multiple offers at varying price points. For example, sell an ebook for $27, videos for $67, a deluxe version for $127, and so on.

– Membership Site Content – All the material can be leveraged for an ongoing yoga membership site. A $20-$30 a month fee can be charged for access to the videos, ebook updates, forums and more.

– YouTube Ad Revenue – The videos can be uploaded to YouTube and monetized with ads. Yoga content performs well, and popular videos can generate steady income streams.

– Amazon Kindle Publishing – The ebook can be published on Amazon's Kindle platform. Yoga titles easily sell for $4.99 – $9.99 each for potentially thousands of sales.

– Create DVD Sets – The videos can be burned onto DVDs and sold on platforms like Amazon. Yoga DVD sets sell well to customers wanting physical products.

– Upsell Existing Customers – Send emails promoting discounted access to the videos/ebook as an upsell to current customer lists and subscribers. This provides additional revenue from existing leads.

– Cross-Sell Other Products – Offer the ebook or video bundles as the frontend incentive, then cross-sell higher-end coaching, supplements, equipment and more to customers.

– Host Live Classes – Use the videos to promote live classes, workshops or retreats. A few dozen attendees at $100+ each can generate substantial profits from in-person events.

– Private Coaching/Training – Sell access to one-on-one video sessions, personalized training programs and coaching calls leveraging the informational products to establish expertise. 

– Brand Sponsorships – Approach yoga accessory brands (mats, equipment, etc) for sponsored social media posts, videos and other brand deals. Yoga influencers can earn thousands from these partnerships.

As you can see, this package provides almost unlimited profit potential. Reselling the bundle as-is requires the least amount of effort for quick returns. However, buyers willing to get creative can leverage this content in dozens of ways to build an ongoing yoga business or side income stream.

Next let's walk through exactly how to use Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR step-by-step.

How to Use Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR

One of the best aspects of this yoga PLR bundle is how quick and easy it is to get up and running. Here is an overview of the simple process:

Step 1 – Purchase the Package and Download: After purchase, buyers gain instant access to download all the content modules including videos, ebooks, graphics, sales templates and more. 

Step 2 – Review the Content: Take some time to thoroughly review the contents of the package and determine your goals. Plan how you want to leverage the various components.

Step 3 – Customize and Brand: Use the PLR rights to add your own branding throughout the content. This may include your logo, colors, name, contact info and any other personalization. 

Step 4 – Set Up Your Website/Sales Channel: Determine where you will host or sell the content from. This might be your own website, a platform like Udemy or membership software like Kajabi.

Step 5 – Upload the Content: Publish or upload the content to your chosen platform or website. Insert your branded videos, ebook, graphics, and sales materials.

Step 6 – Market and Promote: Leverage the email swipes and graphics to begin promoting your offer through social media, email lists, search engine optimization, and any other marketing channels. 

Step 7 – Make Sales and Profit: Use the high-converting sales templates to convert traffic into paying customers. Evaluate and improve your marketing over time.

Step 8 – Expand Your Product Offerings: Once the initial package is up and running smoothly, consider expanding your product line using the ideas mentioned previously. Upsell customers additional offers over time.

As you can see, getting started with this yoga PLR is very straightforward. In less than a day, your branded offer can be online and ready to generate sales. The biggest key is dedicating time to marketing and promotion on an ongoing basis. 

Now that we’ve covered the basis of using the package, let’s explore some of the OTOs and upgrades.

Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR OTOs 

In addition to the main PLR package, Yoga for Everyday Wellness is offering several optional upsell products to further boost profitability:

OTO 1 – 15 Additional Yoga Videos

This includes 15 additional yoga class-style videos ranging from 20-35 minutes in length. These provide extended content to use for membership sites, special offers, YouTube and more.

OTO 2 – Ready-Made Sales Funnel 

For buyers wanting a completely hands-off approach, this OTO includes additional sales pages, emails, and graphics to sell the front-end and OTOs as a complete funnel. 

OTO 3 – Coaching Call PLR

Capitalize on the coaching call trend with 5 pre-made coaching call scripts focused on yoga, mindfulness and holistic wellness. These are designed to easily charge $100+ per call.

OTO 4 – 200 Yoga PLR Articles

Take your content marketing efforts to the next level with 200 yoga-focused PLR articles fully optimized for SEO. Use them for blogs, newsletters, and Amazon Kindle publishing.

OTO 5 – Video Marketing Success PLR

Boost your video profits with a done-for-you YouTube marketing video training. Learn the secrets to getting maximum views, traffic and conversions.

As you can see, purchasing any of the OTOs allows buyers to expand the package into a robust yoga business-in-box with minimal extra effort. Next, let's explore some frequently asked questions.

Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about this yoga PLR package:

Q: Do I need any special equipment to use this package?

A: No, the videos were filmed in a standard yoga studio with minimal props needed. The ebook provides recommendations for yoga mats and blocks if desired.

Q: Can I break apart and sell the videos individually?

A: Yes, you have full rights to break apart and sell any component individually, or bundle together however you please.

Q: How much customization is required? 

A: Aside from adding your own branding, none of the content needs to be edited or changed for it to work effectively. However, you have full rights to modify and edit as desired.

Q: Can this package work for teaching advanced yoga students?

A: While it's mostly beginner-focused, instructors could utilize it for basics then upsell an advanced training program.

Q: Do I need a website or platform to use this?

A: You can simply resell the package as-is to buyers. However, having your own platform will allow you to generate ongoing membership revenue.

Q: Is yoga still a viable niche? How much demand is there?

A: Yoga's popularity continues to increase year after year. It's a niche with devoted lifelong customers always looking for quality instruction.

Q: Do I need special insurance or certifications to resell this?

A: Most countries don't require special licensing or insurance to resell informational yoga products online. However, always research your specific regulations.

Q: What if I need additional videos on specific poses or topics?

A: Consider purchasing OTO 1 with 15 additional videos, or request a custom video pack from Sajan tailored to your needs.

Q: Is there customer support if I need help? 

A: Yes, Sajan and his team pride themselves on world-class customer support and will help resolve any issues or questions buyers have.

Q: How much is the base offer?

A: Just $$18.60 for the launch period, meanwhile the dime sale will be up to $37 afterward.

Q: What formats are the videos in?

A: HD-quality MP4 files.

Q: Is the eBook completely rebrandable?

A: Yes, edit, add your name, and customize 100%.

Q: Can I break up the eBook content?

A: Yes, you can repurpose it into articles, emails, etc.

Hopefully, this gives you a sense of the most common questions around this yoga PLR package. Next, let's cover the refund policy.

Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR Refund Policy

One stand-out aspect of doing business with Sajan Elanthoor is his exceptional customer satisfaction track record. The 30-day refund policy for Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR is as follows:

– Buyers can request a full refund for any reason within 30 days of your purchase date. 

– Refund requests are handled promptly, usually within 24 hours.

– Refunds are provided hassle-free with no questions asked.

– All you need to do is email Sajan's support team to initiate the refund process.

– You will be refunded 100% of your purchase price – no hidden fees are ever deducted.

– Any bonuses or free gifts you receive will not need to be returned when refunded.

This risk-free refund policy allows buyers to purchase with total peace of mind. If for any reason you are not 100%

Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR Pricing

As mentioned, the base offer is available for just $$18.60during the launch period, after which a dime sale increases the price incrementally up to $37.

Considering you get 10 high-quality yoga videos, a professionally crafted eBook, 5 covers, a workbook, cheat sheets, sales materials, and more, this is an extremely affordable investment.

The OTOs provide even greater value:

Yoga for Everyday Wellness – PLR$18.60
Yoga For Everyday Wellness – Inline Upsell$9.97
Yoga for Everyday Wellness – Deluxe Package$37.00
Yoga for Everyday Wellness – DFY$197.00
Yoga for Everyday Wellness – Combo Offer$97.00
Yoga for Everyday Wellness – PLR Lead Magnet$77.00
Yoga for Everyday Wellness – PLR Lead Magnet Downsell$37.00
Yoga for Everyday Wellness – PLR Videos$147.00
Yoga for Everyday Wellness – PLR Videos Downsell$77.00

Given the commercial license, full reuse rights, and professionally created content conveniently bundled, the entire package is a steal compared to producing all these components yourself.

Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR Package Deal

For the best value, take advantage of the special discounted bundle package deal. This allows you to get the base offer, plus both OTOs at a heavily discounted price.

Purchasing the bundle deal provides you with everything you need to dominate the yoga niche, at a fraction of the cost. You get:

  • 10 core yoga tutorial videos
  • Fully re-brandable eBook
  • Professionally designed covers
  • Interactive workbook
  • Cheat sheets
  • Sales letter and thank you page
  • Hypnotic sales video
  • Email swipes
  • Social media images
  • PLUS 15 advanced yoga videos
  • Squeeze pages
  • Lead magnet eBook
  • Additional 100 PLR videos
  • Promotional graphics
  • And more!

This complete set allows you to save money versus purchasing individually while benefiting from the full versatility and profit potential the combined bundle provides.

Who Created Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR?

Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR was created by renowned internet marketer Sajan Elanthoor. For over 8 years, Sajan has been crafting and launching exceptionally high-quality PLR products covering a range of in-demand niches.

With a proven track record of satisfied customers and successful launches under his belt, Sajan has earned a reputation for reliability in the PLR space. 

His products are well-known for being packed with value, versatility, and profit potential for buyers.

For this new bundle, Sajan teamed up with experts in the yoga niche to ensure the content delivers tremendous value. The videos feature qualified yoga teachers demonstrating proper form and technique. The eBook covers fundamentals yet provides actionable tips and advice.

In summary, Sajan's skills in developing profitable PLR products, combined with yoga experts creating educational content, resulted in a powerful package primed for prosperity.

When and Where Was Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR Launched?

Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR was originally launched on WarriorPlus on October 3rd, 2022.

WarriorPlus is a prominent digital marketplace connecting entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers. By launching on WarriorPlus, this PLR bundle tapped into an audience of active digital product buyers and sellers.

The initial launch period offered the base package at a temporary discounted price to incentivize early adopters. Ongoing promotions and launches on additional platforms and websites will continue to introduce this valuable bundle to wider audiences.

Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR Bonuses

To boost the overall value even further, Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR comes with two limited-time bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: PLR Handbook – Tips and strategies to maximize earnings from PLR content.
  • Bonus 2: PLR Sales Funnel Training – Step-by-step video training guiding you in setting up a sales funnel.

These bonuses complement the core offer, providing actionable advice to help new buyers effectively leverage and profit from this PLR. Their practical nature enhances the bundle's real-world utility.

Should You Buy Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR?

In summary, Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR is an ideal investment if:

  • You want to tap into the thriving yoga niche.
  • You need content to establish authority and credibility.
  • You intend to profit from the videos via YouTube, promotions, etc.
  • You want to create and sell your own info products.
  • You plan to break content into smaller pieces for social media, blogging, email marketing, etc.

This bundle provides immense value and versatility right out of the box. It can propel your business growth and revenue in numerous ways, especially in the consistently lucrative yoga space.

For anyone serious about profiting from yoga's rising popularity, and leveraging professionally created content to do so, Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR is a smart choice worth considering.

Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR Call to Action

Don't miss the opportunity to tap into yoga's expanding market and equip your business for long-term profits.

Invest in Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR today and gain access to turnkey videos, eBooks, graphics, and sales materials ready to help you thrive.

The discounted launch price and generous 30-day guarantee make this a risk-free purchase.

Visit the sales page here and secure your copy right now!

Conclusion on Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR Review

In closing, Sajan's Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR bundle provides tremendous value given the HD videos, professionally crafted eBook, supplementary materials, full rights, and more.

It's a versatile package that allows you to establish authority, drive traffic, create products, and generate recurring revenue. Yoga's popularity also shows no signs of slowing down, making this niche a wise investment.

Considering the attractive launch discount and refund policy, the risk of trying Yoga for Everyday Wellness PLR is minimal compared to the sizable profit possibilities it unlocks. Act now and propel your business to new heights in the world of yoga!

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