[Quality Giant PLR] Resilience Is My Superpower – 340 Affirmations and Guided Meditations [PLR REVIEW]

[Quality Giant PLR] Resilience Is My Superpower - 340 Affirmations and Guided Meditations [PLR REVIEW]
[Quality Giant PLR] Resilience Is My Superpower – 340 Affirmations and Guided Meditations [PLR REVIEW]


In today's fast-paced and stressful world, developing resilience is more important than ever. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity and challenges. It's a set of skills and mindsets that allow us to thrive in the face of difficulties. 

Resilience Is My Superpower – 340 Affirmations And Guided Meditations is a comprehensive personal development product designed to help you build resilience and mental toughness. Created by renowned personal development coach JR Lang, this giant PLR bundle equips you with 340 affirmations, meditations, reports, graphics, articles, emails, and more to boost your inner strength. 

Whether you want to develop resilience for yourself or help others do so, this PLR pack allows you to create your own products and establish yourself as an authority in the lucrative self-help niche. Read on for an in-depth review of what this product offers.

Benefits and Who Can Benefit

Resilience Is My Superpower provides numerous benefits both for your personal growth and business success. Here's an overview of how different groups can benefit:

For Personal Development:

The 340 affirmations target 17 aspects of resilience like problem-solving, self-regulation, emotional awareness, perseverance and more. Repeating these positive statements reprograms your mindset for mental toughness. The guided meditations also strengthen resilience by instilling empowering mindsets. 

Together, the affirmations and meditations help you face life's challenges with more inner strength, optimism and agency. The fill-in journals allow self-reflection to grow your resilience. This product enables profound personal transformation.

For Coaches and Consultants: 

The PLR pack equips coaches and consultants to create programs, books, courses and other products on resilience – a highly sought-after topic. You can establish yourself as an expert by rebranding this comprehensive content. 

Use it for blogs, videos, podcasts, newsletters and social media to attract coaching clients. The included sales page and graphics make product creation easy.

For Online Business Owners:

Budding online entrepreneurs can utilize this PLR to grow their business in multiple ways. Create info products to build your brand and authority. Use the content for lead generation. Upsell the PLR or break it into smaller pieces for multiple streams of income. 

The articles, emails and social media updates help drive traffic and build lists. Expand your online business with this versatile high-value PLR.

The Pros and Cons

Let's look at the key pros and cons of this product:


– Massive PLR bundle with 340 affirmations, 2 in-depth reports, 4 guided meditations, 3 journals, 17 graphics and more 

– Very high-quality, well-researched content from a top PLR creator

– Helps develop an in-demand skill – resilience – to handle life's challenges 

– Suitable for all ages to build mental strength and emotional intelligence

– Can be rebranded to create your own products and establish expertise

– Great for traffic generation, list building and profits

– Loaded with editable source files for unlimited usage and branding

– Dime sale pricing offers exceptional value for money


– Given the volume of content, using all elements optimally requires some work

– Not suitable for those looking for a quick or effortless way to make money 

– Limited benefit if you do not leverage the PLR effectively for your goals


This PLR pack offers excellent profit potential in multiple ways. Here are some profit streams you can leverage:

– Create Your Own Product: Repackage parts or all of this PLR into your own info products like courses, ebooks, workbooks etc. Price it attractively for healthy profit margins.

– Upsell the PLR: Sell this PLR “as is” to audience seeking high-quality resalable content. Offer it at a markup from your cost to earn profits.

– Unbundle the Package: Break it into smaller PLR bundles focused on affirmations, meditations, articles etc. and sell each at their unique price points. 

– List Building: Use the lead magnets like the free report to build your email list. Then promote affiliate offers or your paid products to this warm, targeted audience for sales.

– Affiliate Marketing: Promote affiliate products that align well with resilience and personal development through your blog, social media and emails. The relevant niche content helps convert visitors into buyers.  

– Sell Personal Use Licenses: Let people buy this PLR pack for limited personal use for a fee. This earns you profits for the rights.

– Client Proposals: Coaches can use this PLR as a framework to create customized resilience coaching proposals and programs for clients. Charge premium fees.

The varied monetization avenues make this PLR pack a very profitable investment. The potential earnings far outweigh the low cost of the front-end and OTOs.

How to Use It

Resilience Is My Superpower PLR has a wealth of content and you get full private label rights. Here are some ways to maximize it:

– Study the affirmations and build them into your daily routine to strengthen resilience. Listen to the meditations regularly.

– Personalize the affirmations and meditations by putting your name in them wherever relevant. Record in your own voice.

– Pick suitable affirmations and create short audio or video clips to share on social media. 

– Create a printable affirmations PDF to share or sell. Do the same with the meditations. 

– Repackage the PLR content into a book, video course, online program, or membership site on building resilience. 

– Use the articles and emails content for blog posts, email newsletters, and social media updates.

– Make short snackable articles from the long articles to use as blog posts or social media updates.

– Create graphics and share them on social media and Pinterest using relevant hashtags.

– Use the sales page graphics and copy to build a sales page for your own products.

– Give away the reports and journals as lead magnets in exchange for emails to build your list. 

The options are infinite. With full PLR rights and editable source files, you can utilize this content in any way imaginable for personal growth and business success.

OTO Details

The Resilience Is My Superpower PLR has 3 OTOs currently to further expand your personal development and monetization toolkit:

OTO 1 – 7 Part eCourse: 7 Components Of Resilience  

This supplements the front-end product with a comprehensive eCourse structured into 7 modules focusing on key aspects of resilience like mindfulness, self-care, managing emotions, mental toughness and more.

The 7 modules make it easy to digest the subject matter and implement it through action steps. At $27, it has excellent value-for-money given the importance of the topic.

OTO 2 – $110 Worth of Quality PLR for $35

You get 2 additional PLR packs covering highly popular personal growth topics valued at $110 for just $35 in this OTO. 

The topics are 30 Ways to Eliminate Insecurity and 25 Key Traits of Confident People – extremely useful additions on building self-confidence to supplement resilience.

If you buy the front-end, getting this additional $110 worth of PLR for just $35 is a steal.

OTO 3 – 340 Self-Validation Affirmations & Meditations 

The third OTO provides another set of 340 affirmations and meditations focused specifically on self-validation and self-love. The positive empowering statements help undo negative conditioning and develop a healthy self-image.

Like the front-end, you get the affirmations in various formats, guided meditations, fillable journals, articles, emails, and more. At $27, it's yet another useful PLR investment if you buy the core offer.

The OTOs provide complementary personal growth and monetization assets at reasonable prices. They offer excellent additional value without being mandatory purchases.


Here are some common questions about the product:

What are the usage rights for this PLR?

You get full private label rights to edit, rebrand, publish and sell the PLR online and offline subject to the included license terms. The only restrictions are around mass sharing/redistribution of the raw editable files or claiming full copyrights.

Can I put my name as the author? 

Absolutely, you can remove the existing author name and put yours on the content pieces you use. This allows establishing yourself as an expert.

Can I split this PLR into smaller pieces and sell them separately?

Yes, you can break down this mega PLR bundle into micro-components like individual affirmation sets, meditations, articles etc. and sell them as separate PLR products.  

Can I give away some of this PLR content for free?

The private label rights permit giving away portions of this PLR to your email list, social media followers or website visitors for free including as opt-in bonuses. This helps attract leads.

Can I use these affirmations and meditations in my own life?

Definitely, you can personalize the affirmations and meditations for your own use to develop empowering mindsets and resilience. Deriving

Money-Back Policy

This PLR pack comes with a standard 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you are not fully satisfied with the product for any reason, you can simply ask for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase to get your money back.

This provides you risk-free trial time to evaluate the product quality and usefulness for your specific goals. If it does not meet your expectations, you can obtain a hassle-free refund.  

Do note that given you get immediate full access to the downloadable PLR content, there is an honor system expectation that you will not freely distribute the product before requesting a refund. Standard conditions apply, please review the refund terms on the sales page.


Resilience Is My Superpower PLR is affordably priced through a dime sale. This means the price increments slightly with every purchase starting from a low initial point. 

At the time of writing, it is priced at only $$24.10 which offers tremendous value considering you get 340 affirmations, 2 detailed reports, 4 guided meditations, and much more PLR content.

The regular price as per the creator is $70 without discounts. So buying at the current dime sale price gives you massive savings on very high-quality niche PLR.

Even after multiple purchases, the price is unlikely to exceed $25-27 given the small increments. This is an unbelievable deal for the quality and quantity of compilation provided.

The discounted OTOs are also attractively priced for the massive additional value provided on extremely useful personal development topics.

Bundle Deal

This product is not currently being bundled with any other offers by the creator. The only bundle available is the front-end plus OTOs deal for maximum savings.

Of course, affiliates are free to create their own bundle deals with complementary products they feel their audience may like when promoting this PLR. But there are no pre-packaged bundle options at this time.

About the Creator 

Resilience Is My Superpower PLR was created by JR Lang of InternetSlayers.com – one of the most popular PLR stores online. The site has provided 100% original, high-quality PLR to over 50,000 customers since 2013.

JR has one of the best reputations as a PLR creator for his comprehensive, well-researched content and ethical business practices. He is considered the “King of PLR” by many longtime PLR users with thousands of 5-star reviews. 

Given his expertise and trustworthiness, you can be assured of the highest quality with this PLR pack. Everything has been created from scratch adhering to strict standards.

When Launched 

Resilience Is My Superpower PLR was launched on September 30, 2023. 

Being brand new content on an evergreen topic that always remains relevant, it provides great lead time for maximum monetization before others also purchase and use the PLR.

Where Launched

This PLR pack is launched on the established JVZoo platform. JVZoo is one of the most popular and trusted online marketplaces for digital products including PLR. 

It has a large built-in audience of buyers looking for quality PLR which makes it easy to discover and buy this product. JVZoo facilitates global sales with its digital delivery system.


This PLR comes with very attractive bonuses handpicked by JR to complement the offering.

The bonuses are 2 additional PLR packs focused on overcoming insecurity and building confidence. These are extremely relevant bonuses for the target audience.

Here's an overview:

– 30 Ways to Eliminate Insecurity PLR Pack ($35 Value)

– 25 Traits of Confident People PLR Pack ($35 Value) 

Total Bonus Value: $70

That's $70 worth of extra niche PLR you obtain for free to help expand your personal development toolkit.

The bonuses alone exceed the cost of the front-end, making this an indisputable high-value deal given all that you get.

Should You Buy It?

Resilience Is My Superpower PLR is a top-quality offering created with years of experience by a reputed PLR authority. Considering what is included, the dime sale pricing is an absolute steal. This is a compelling buy without hesitation if:

– You want ready-made niche content to establish expertise and attract clients without creating it yourself.

– You need content for traffic generation, list building and affiliate promotions.

– You wish to create your own products on resilience – one of the hottest personal development topics. 

– You seek trustworthy PLR sources providing true value more than mere templates and generics.

– You appreciate well-organized, structured PLR bundles that make monetization easier.

– You value legally safe, original high-converting niche content with a trusted brand name behind it. 

With zero risks thanks to the refund policy, this is a no-brainer investment into your personal growth and business success.

Final Call to Action

In conclusion, Resilience Is My Superpower PLR created by JR Lang of InternetSlayers.com provides a powerhouse combination of personal empowerment and business monetization potential through 340 affirmations, meditations, reports, articles, and more 100% original niche content with full private-label rights.  

Available at an unbelievable dime sale discount, it lets you profit from one of the most in-demand self-help topics while also developing your inner resilience to thrive in life. Leverage this expertly crafted content in any way imaginable without the effort and costs of creating it all yourself.

Empower yourself and your business with Resilience Is My Superpower PLR today before the dime sale ends and price increases.

Click here now to purchase Resilience Is My Superpower at a special discounted price!

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