Rhym Review: Imagine if there was a platform that let you create interactive and gamified marketing content in just a few clicks.

Rhym Review Imagine if there was a platform that let you create interactive and gamified marketing content in just a few clicks. Rhym Review: Imagine if there was a platform that let you create interactive and gamified marketing content in just a few clicks.

Rhym Review: Imagine if there was a platform that let you create interactive and gamified marketing content in just a few clicks.

Rhym is an intuitive content creation platform that makes it easy for marketers to create interactive and gamified content for marketing purposes. With Rhym, users can craft engaging experiences like quizzes, games, and more within just a few clicks using Rhym's drag-and-drop editor and library of customizable templates. 

The platform helps businesses boost engagement, generate leads, and increase sales through interactive content without the need for development skills or a huge budget. This in-depth review will explore the key features and benefits of Rhym, how to use the platform, pricing information, and my overall experience testing out Rhym.

Rhym Benefits and Who Can Benefit

There are several key groups that can benefit greatly from using Rhym for their marketing needs:

  • Marketers: Rhym allows marketers to create premium gamified experiences and interactive content like quizzes and surveys to boost engagement and capture leads. The platform helps marketers stand out from the competition through fun and viral marketing content.
  • Agencies: Marketing and creative agencies can use Rhym to provide gamified content services for their clients easily. They can manage multiple client accounts and projects through Rhym.
  • Online businesses: Ecommerce stores, SaaS companies, and other online businesses can drive higher conversions by using Rhym's interactive content and games to educate audiences, provide discounts, and recommend products.
  • Bloggers and influencers: Content creators can engage their audience and boost readership through Rhym's wide range of interactive content options integrated seamlessly onto blogs and websites.
  • Non-profits: Non-profits and organizations can utilize Rhym's education-focused and donation-encouraging templates to better engage supporters and donors.

Some key benefits Rhym provides include increasing website engagement, capturing leads, boosting sales through targeted product recommendations, personalizing the customer experience, and amplifying your brand through fun and social sharing-worthy content.

Rhym Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive and easy drag-and-drop editor requires no coding skills
  • Large library of customizable templates for different content types
  • Flexibility to fully customize colors, fonts, graphics for branding
  • Seamless integrations with analytics and CRM platforms
  • Leads are qualifiable and retargetable from interactive content
  • Affordably priced even for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses


  • Limited current selection of templates compared to future potential
  • Some features like lookbooks are still in development
  • Does not currently integrate with all major CRM and marketing platforms
  • Performance may suffer at higher usage levels for lower pricing tiers
  • Learning curve for utilizing all advanced customization options

Overall, the pros significantly outweigh the minor cons. Rhym delivers an impressive solution for creating engaging content at scale considering its ease of use. The development team also seems dedicated to continuously expanding feature sets based on user feedback.

Rhym Profitability

Rhym can quickly prove its worth and boost profits for businesses that utilize the platform effectively. Some ways Rhym helps increase profitability include:

  • Higher conversion rates: Interactive content and quizzes can educate shoppers and provide personalized recommendations to convert browsers into buyers. This leads to more sales.
  • Increased average order value: Loyalty programs, likeliness to buy add-ons, and targeting discount incentives through Rhym all help grow basket size.
  • Boosted loyalty: Brand engagement activities keep customers feeling valued and coming back for more over time. This supports retention and repeat purchases.
  • Reduced customer acquisition costs: Free interactive marketing content reduces the costs associated with traditional advertising while also generating qualified leads.
  • Enhanced insights: Analytics from Rhym content uncover customer pain points, preferences, and goals to better optimize the marketing strategy over time.
  • Viral reach: Fun, engaging Rhym templates encourage shares and social referrals that multiply brand exposure and market penetration.

For businesses willing to consistently create fresh Rhym campaigns, the potential profit gains can easily surpass any costs associated with the platform. It provides an impactful yet affordable marketing solution.

How to Use Rhym

Setting Up Rhym

To get started, you'll first need a Rhym license which can be purchased on their website. Once purchased, you'll receive login credentials to access the Rhym dashboard.

From there, you can add your brand assets like logos, connect marketing and analytics platforms, and set up user roles if needed for teams. You're now ready to start creating!

Adding Templates

Rhym has a wide selection of pre-made interactive template types grouped into categories like quizzes, games, and surveys. You can preview them before importing to your campaign library.

Customizing Templates

Double click a template to open the content editor. Here, you can change colors, fonts, backgrounds, CTA buttons, and more using simple drag-and-drop. You can also upload your own images.

Adding Logic & End Screens

Build custom logic rules and conditional end results. For quizzes, display scored results or recommendations. For games, offer rewards or incentives to drive further actions.

Publishing & Analytics

Share your campaigns via embed codes or direct links. Track performance using Rhym's built-in analytics to see engagement, leads over time, and more. Retarget audiences as needed.

Rhym makes creating interactive content approachable for all skill levels. Some experimentation is recommended to truly unlock its potential. But the learning curve is quite gentle overall.

Rhym FAQs

Here are some common questions about Rhym:

Q: What file types can I upload as images for my templates?
A: Rhym supports JPG, PNG, SVG and GIF file formats. Images should be less than 5MB each.

Q: How do I track leads and shares from my Rhym campaigns?
A: Rhym integrates with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel for tracking. You can also view analytics directly within your Rhym dashboard.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of users I can add for my account?
A: The number of users allowed is dependent on your plan tier. But there is no cap on the number of campaigns, templates, or sites you can create.

Q: Can I customize the look and feel beyond just colors and fonts?
A: Yes, you have full control over the template design. You can adjust images, icons, layouts, and even add custom HTML/CSS as needed.

Q: What file types can I export campaign data and leads in?
A: You can download campaign results and leads in CSV format which is widely compatible.

Q: How do I know if followers have completed certain actions like a purchase?
A: Through integrations with marketing tools, you can track conversions, purchases, and other important behaviors linked to interactive content exposure.

Rhym's support team is also very responsive to any other questions through their online ticketing system. Their detailed help center articles also answer many common queries.

Rhym Money-Back Guarantee

Rhym offers a generous 60-day money-back guarantee on all purchases made through their website. This allows new users ample time to fully explore the platform, create some sample projects, and assess whether Rhym truly benefits their needs or not.

If for any reason during the 60 days a user feels Rhym does not deliver as expected, they can request a full refund with no questions asked. Simply open a support ticket explaining why Rhym did not work out and a refund will be promptly processed.

This risk-free testing period encourages users to give Rhym a fair evaluation before fully committing. And it shows the company's confidence in its solution delivering real value to marketers. The money-back policy helps alleviate concerns for those wary of investing in another new tool.

Rhym OTO (One-Time Offers)

While the Rhym core functionality delivers great value on its own, higher-level users may want access to additional advanced features. That's where Rhym's OTO offerings come in – one-time upgrades available post-purchase:

  • Developer API Access: For agencies building their own Rhym integrations or customizations. Real-time access to lead and analytics data.
  • Enterprise Plan: Dedicated success manager, unlimited usage, SLA support for very large businesses or enterprise clients.
  • Rhym Consultation Sessions: One-on-one coaching/audit calls with their success team for campaign optimization guidance.
  • Rhym Theme Kit: Premium library of additional campaign template designs beyond the standard package. Themes auto-update.

OTOs are not always necessary but allow power users to supercharge their Rhym experience. It depends on individual business goals and scale of their planned Rhym marketing initiatives.

Rhym Lifetime Deal

In addition to its standard monthly subscription plans, Rhym also frequently runs limited-time ‘lifetime deals' for new customers. These promotions provide the best long-term value by making the Pro plan or higher a one-time purchase with no ongoing fees.

The Current Lifetime Deal

The lifetime deal being offered currently includes:

  • Lifetime access to all the features of the Rhym Pro plan (normally $99/month).
  • All future upgrades and new features are added to the Pro plan at no extra cost, for life. This ensures maximizing the investment over the long run.
  • Flexibility to still upgrade to higher plans like Pro Plus or Agency as needs evolve. Or downgrade any time without penalties.
  • Same 60-day money-back guarantee for risk-free testing of the platform.

At a 96% discounted price of only $49 instead of the annual recurring fees, it is easily the most cost-effective option for businesses aiming to utilize Rhym for the long haul.

Key Advantages of the Lifetime Deal

  • Budget certainty – Know your total Rhym expense upfront vs uncertain recurring payments.
  • Time savings – No need to continually renew plans or cancel auto subscriptions.
  • Unlimited future-proofing – All backend improvements and new features unlocked as long as you use Rhym.
  • Loyalty rewarded – Get access to lifetime deal by being an early believer in Rhym's potential.
  • Lower lifetime cost – Paying the one-time fee ends up cheaper than paying monthly or annually for many years.

While the monthly plans offer flexibility, the lifetime deal provides the best overall investment protection and value realization over the long run for committed Rhym users. It's highly recommended for agencies, businesses and freelancers planning to significantly use Rhym long-term.

Get access to Ryhm Lifetime Deal here

Who Created Rhym

Rhym was founded in 2021 by Canadian entrepreneurs Ekta Singh and Gaurav Singh. Ekta serves as the CEO and brings over 10 years of experience in growing successful tech startups.

Prior to launching Rhym, Ekta and Gaurav ran a hypercasual mobile games studio that gave them valuable insights into how gamification increases audience engagement. They realized the huge potential for applying those concepts beyond just entertainment and to business marketing challenges.

This inspired them to develop Rhym as an easy-to-use platform focused on simplifying and democratizing the creation of interactive content like gamified experiences for all companies. The co-founders aimed to solve the problems that marketers face when trying to organize engaging content on a limited budget and timeline.

When Rhym Launched

Rhym officially launched in March 2022, opening its platform up for businesses and agencies to start crafting interactive content and campaigns. However, the founders had been working on Rhym's foundational development and features for over a year prior while transitioning operations from their previous company.

There was an initial private beta period in late 2021 where select users tested out early versions and provided feedback. This helped Rhym refine its content editor, templates, and features ahead of the public launch to ensure everything met audience needs out of the gate.

Rhym Price

Rhym offers four different pricing tiers to accommodate various business sizes and budgets:

  • Starter Plan: $49/month billed annually. Includes basic features for solopreneurs or very small teams.
  • Pro Plan: $99/month billed annually. Recommended option for most growing businesses.
  • Pro Plus Plan: $249/month billed annually. For established brands with larger marketing teams.
  • Agency Plan: Custom pricing for enterprise clients, agencies or large organizations.

All plans include unlimited campaigns, templates, sites, users, and storage. The higher tiers simply provide more users, monthly traffic limits, and prioritized support. Rhym also sometimes runs special promotions for discounts on its annual plans.

Platform Where Rhym is Available

Rhym is accessible directly through their website at Rhym.io. Users can log into the browser-based Rhym admin dashboard to manage accounts, content, settings and more.

However, the true power of Rhym comes through being able to integrate and share its interactive templates across different major online platforms. Out of the box, Rhym seamlessly syncs with:

  • Websites: Embed Rhym campaigns anywhere using simple embed codes.
  • CRMs: Integrate with platforms like ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit and others.
  • Email Platforms: Add Rhym templates directly into email newsletter workflows.
  • Social Media: Deploy Rhym games, quizzes as Facebook and Instagram post templates.

This unprecedented versatility is a huge benefit for marketers, allowing Rhym content to reach audiences where they are already engaging most.

Rhym Bonuses

When purchased through affiliate marketing sites like AppSumo, Rhym sometimes includes additional bonuses for new customers:

  • Marketing Analytics Masterclass: 11 module video training on analytics optimization worth $1,497.
  • Link Management Tool: A SaaS to simplify link handling and tracking across all digital campaigns.
  • Social Media Toolkit: Graphics bundle, templates and posts to jumpstart Instagram marketing.
  • Email Swipe Files: 50+ professionally designed email templates for multiple industries.
  • Consultation Sessions: 30/60/90 min Zoom calls for strategy advice from Rhym experts.

The free bonus resources aim to supplement the Rhym education and help users drive even better outcomes from their interactive content creation. It's great value for the already affordable Rhym licensing prices.

Call to Action

If your business is looking to boost engagement, generate more leads and increase sales through attention-grabbing yet affordable marketing, then Rhym is worth a trial.

I suggest clicking the link below to:

  • Explore the interactive campaign demos and get inspired by the possibilities
  • Read real customer case studies on the results companies are seeing
  • Choose from the competitive plans to fit your budgets
  • Take advantage of the special bundle offers while available

At just $49/month, the Rhym Starter Plan is minimal risk to see how much you could accomplish. Plus there's a 60-day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

Don't delay and start bringing your content marketing to the next level today with Rhym. Click here now to get started.


In conclusion, Rhym is an innovative platform that simplifies and democratizes interactive content creation process for marketers. Its easy drag-and-drop editor, diverse ready-made templates, full customization controls and seamless integrations set it apart from competitors.

Businesses of all sizes can use Rhym to boost website engagement, capture quality leads, increase sales through targeted recommendations and gain deeper customer insights. The platform vastly expands the format possibilities for content marketing at an affordable cost.

While Rhym is still growing and refining its feature set overtime, the framework already delivers substantial value especially considering the minimal learning curve. The engaged founder-led team also ensures continuous enhancement based on user feedback.

Overall, the opportunity for high returns combined with the risk-free trial makes Rhym absolutely worth evaluation for any company seeking to take their online content and campaigns to another level of user immersion and results.

So in summary, if you want to drive stronger marketing impact through viral interactive experiences created without technical hassle or costs, then sign up for Rhym today using the link here. The investment is minimal while the potential benefits are significant. Thanks for reading!