How to Make Money on Rumble: How to Make $100 Per Video on Rumble With Other People’s Content

How to Make Money on Rumble: How to Make $100 Per Video on Rumble
How to Make Money on Rumble: How to Make $100 Per Video on Rumble

How to Make Money on Rumble: How to Make $100 Per Video on Rumble

Rumble is a video-sharing platform that has been growing in popularity in recent years. It positions itself as an alternative to YouTube which values free speech and does not censor or demonetize creators' content. This makes it an attractive platform for creators looking to monetize their videos without worrying about unpredictable policy changes.

While creating great original videos is the best way to gain a large following and make money on Rumble, it is possible to earn without uploading any videos of your own. Rumble allows users to make money in a variety of ways, even if you only upload and share other people's content. 

If you are looking to earn money from Rumble without investing time into shooting and editing high-quality videos, here are some methods you can try:

Share Videos and Earn Ad Revenue

The easiest way to make money from Rumble without uploading original videos is to share other people’s videos. Rumble allows users to repost videos from other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc. 

When you share videos on Rumble, you can monetize them through ads and earn a portion of the ad revenue. Rumble places ads on and around the videos, and when viewers watch or engage with the ads, the video owner and uploader both earn money.

The more views and engagement a video gets, the more ad revenue it can generate. Popular videos can make up to $50 per 1,000 views. While the earnings per individual video may not be very high, collectively reposting many viral and trending videos can add up over time.

To maximize earnings, focus on sharing videos that are already buzzing on other platforms. Timely, viral content often gets the most views and shares which translates into bigger ad revenue. Curate videos around themes and topics that are popular search terms as those get higher search visibility. 

Also, while sharing stolen content is obviously unethical and illegal, you can legally repost videos if you get permission from the content creator. Many creators allow their videos to be embedded and shared, so look for such reusable content. 

The key is to share videos that people want to watch, that generate discussion in comments, and that keep viewers engaged to allow ad placements. With smart curation, this can be a simple yet effective means of earning passive income from Rumble.

Upload Client Videos

Another way to earn from Rumble without shooting your own content is to upload videos on behalf of clients. Many businesses, brands, creators, and public figures want to establish a presence on multiple video platforms, including newer ones like Rumble, but may not have the time or resources to do so. 

You can offer video uploading and optimization services to such clients. First, ask them to share their video content from YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc. Get permission to download and reupload those videos onto the client’s Rumble channel. 

Provide additional services like:

– Editing and optimizing videos for the Rumble audience

– Writing engaging video titles and descriptions 

– Adding relevant tags and categories

– Promoting the videos organically by sharing within the Rumble community

– Monitoring performance and providing regular analytics reports to the client

The client owns the channel and content, but you do all the work of establishing and growing their Rumble presence. Based on the amount of work involved, you can charge monthly retainers fees. The client gets a new revenue stream from their existing content, while you earn without creating any original videos.

With this service, focus on signing up companies and influencers that already have popular video content on other platforms but no presence on Rumble yet. Politicians, public figures, athletes, musicians etc. make great potential clients.

Partner with Video Creators

You can also earn from Rumble by partnering with video creators who make high-quality original content but need help distributing it. Find talented video makers on Rumble and other platforms who are looking to expand their reach.

Offer to share their content more widely in exchange for a cut of the ad revenue their videos make from your promotional efforts. Essentially, they create content while you handle optimization, distribution, marketing, and monetization. 

Good videos often struggle to find an audience. Help creators share their work on relevant forums, groups, channels, and pages to get them more views. Use your social media presence and connections in the Rumble community to raise awareness about their work. 

The creator benefits from getting more eyeballs on their content, while you earn without producing any original videos yourself. With revenue sharing agreements in place, both parties can monetize the content through ads.

This model works best with relatively unknown creators who have great content but lack marketing skills and large followings. Be selective about which creators to work with, and split revenues fairly based on equitable contracts.

Host Video Competitions & Challenges

Hosting video contests and challenges is another engaging way to make money from Rumble without investing in your own video production. 

Come up with fun video contest ideas around topics that are popular with the Rumble audience. Some examples are:

– Weird Talent Showcase

– Epic Fails and Bloopers

– Movie & TV Recreations 

– Crazy Cooking Creations

– Hilarious Pet Videos

Promote your video contest extensively within the Rumble platform and community. Build excitement around the theme to attract participants. 

To enter the contest, creators will have to upload videos aligned to the theme on their own Rumble channels. Charge a small entry fee to submit videos, and keep a portion of each fee.

The prize money for winners can come from the entry fees collected, or you can get external sponsors to contribute prize money. This way, you don’t have to invest your own funds into prize amounts.

The submitted videos remain on the creators’ channels. You can also create compilation videos showcasing entries and winners that you can monetize via ads. This generates earnings for you while letting contest participants gain greater exposure. 

Contests keep the platform vibrant with fresh content and help you establish a reputation in the community. As you build an engaged following, you can generate recurring earnings from user-generated content.

Curate Themed Channels 

Curating content into themed channels is a smart hands-off strategy for earning from Rumble. Channels are an effective way to organize content around specific topics that attract certain audiences.

For instance, you can create channels like:

– Extreme Sports Videos 

– Cute Animal Moments

– Food Recipes & Kitchen Tips

– Best of TikTok Compilations

– Funniest Parenting Fails

The benefit of focused channels is that they develop loyal niche followings. Fans looking for content on a specific theme will keep returning to your channel instead of searching all over Rumble.

You can monetize your channels through ads placed between videos. The more views your compilations get, the higher your earnings. Carefully curate and sequence videos in your channels to boost watch time and viewer retention.

Also focus on topics and themes that are in demand but underserved. Fill gaps that exist instead of just rehashing the same viral videos as everyone else. Leverage insights from Rumble’s analytics to optimize your channel content for maximum earnings.   

Remember to get usage rights before adding any videos to your channels. Look for creative commons content that is free to reuse or collaborate with creators who will share revenue.

Become an Affiliate Promoter

Rumble has an affiliate program that lets you earn commissions by promoting the platform. Under this program, you get a unique affiliate link to share. When new users sign up via your link, you can earn up to 20% commission on what they earn by uploading videos.

This requires zero video creation work from your end. Simply focus on spreading brand awareness about Rumble and getting more people to join the platform. Promote your affiliate link on your website, social media, email newsletters, and other channels.

Rumble provides useful promotional assets like banners, buttons, and text links. Track your affiliate dashboard to monitor sign ups and earnings. 

The key is to target and pitch to video creators who are already looking for new platforms beyond saturated ones like YouTube. Reach out to creators who have faced issues with censorship or demonetization elsewhere. Focus your messaging on Rumble’s differentiation as a free speech platform with monetization opportunities.

While the lifetime value of users acquired can be low, with sufficient scale this can become a steady revenue stream that requires minimal effort to maintain.

Sell Branded Merchandise 

You can also earn from Rumble by creating and selling branded merchandise, without uploading any videos. Rumble’s influencer marketplace lets you create and list branded products like T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, posters etc.  

Design merchandise featuring cool graphics, logos, and text related to viral video themes, funny quotes, pop culture references, etc. Printful and Teespring allow easy merch creation and dropshipping.    

Promote your branded merchandise through dedicated listings on Rumble’s influencer marketplace. Share the listings within relevant Rumble groups and channels to reach your target shoppers. 

List limited edition merchandise around new viral sensations to quickly capitalize on trends. Timed exclusivity and intelligent bundling can boost sales. 

Rumble lets you set your own price and takes a small commission on merchandise sold through its marketplace. As your pieces gain more visibility through smart promotion, you can build a passive income channel.

Leverage User-Generated Content

Leveraging user-generated content (UGC) is a great way to make money from Rumble without producing your own videos. 

Rumble has an extensive library of UGC across topics that you can license and monetize, while complying with their usage terms. Think of fun video concepts that people would enthusiastically create and upload, like:

– Recreations of popular movie/TV scenes

– Dance videos set to trending music 

– Reviews of new viral products/games

– Responses to popular TikTok challenges

Encourage users to create and upload such videos. Curate the best submissions into compilation videos to generate more views and ad revenue. 

You can also use UGC to create entertaining listicles and countdown videos around themes like “Top 10 Epic Product Fails”, “Funniest DIY Videos” etc. Remix the content into engaging video montages that people love to watch. 

Work out fair revenue sharing agreements with UGC creators to avoid copyright issues. This win-win model rewards creators for contributions while allowing you to monetize quality crowd-sourced content.

Live Stream Viral Content

Live streaming popular and timely content is an easy way to capitalize on existing viral interests. 

Scan trending topics across news, pop culture, sports, and politics for content that will attract high viewership when streamed live. Be ready to quickly go live covering events that are buzzing, like new movie trailers, big game releases, election debates, etc.

You can add commentary and reactions over the content to make it more engaging for viewers. The key is to ride ongoing waves of interest around hot topics. This requires your time but no expensive video production. 

Rumble allows creators to earn revenues from live streams via viewer tips, super chats, and gifts. The more viewers you attract, the higher your income potential. 

Promote your timely live streams widely across relevant Rumble groups, channels and external platforms. Collaborate with influencers in mutually beneficial deals to co-stream hot trending content. 

Position yourself as the go-to destination for live coverage of must-see events. Reliably streaming buzzworthy content will help build a loyal audience.

Cross-Promote Content Across Platforms

While Rumble should be your primary platform, you can supplement your earnings by cross-promoting content across other video sites like YouTube, Facebook Watch, Vimeo etc.

Exploit the fact that you can repost Rumble videos across platforms to expand reach. Upload your most engaging Rumble content onto other platforms as well. 

Different platforms have different audiences, so distributing videos widely gives more monetization opportunities. Just ensure each platform's guidelines are followed when uploading. 

Cross-promotion lets you earn from a video across multiple platforms instead of just Rumble. For instance, a funny pet compilation may get strong earnings from YouTube ads in addition to Rumble

Use descriptions and end screens to add links across platforms for each video. This makes it easy for viewers to check out more of your content. Over time, you can build large followings across multiple platforms, tapping into bigger pools of video ad revenue.


While creating great original content is the surest way to succeed on Rumble, the platform offers ample money-making opportunities even if you do not produce your own videos.

With the right strategies around curation, licensing, affiliates, live streaming, challenges, merchandising and cross-promotion, you can develop multiple income channels. Rumble's expansive and engaged user base presents a wide open arena for creative monetization.

By providing value through your efforts, you can build an audience and earn income passively. As you gain a better understanding of what content best resonates with the Rumble community, you can refine your approach for higher earnings.

The key is to experiment continuously with different models and zero in on what works based on data and analytics. Rumble's architecture empowers enterprising creators to monetize without complex production skills or resources.

If you commit time to thoughtful curation, promotion and community building on Rumble, the platform offers myriad ways to convert other people’s content into steady earnings for yourself.

Here are some tips to effectively cross-promote your Rumble content on other video platforms:

– Add links in descriptions – Include links to your Rumble channel or specific videos in the descriptions of the videos you upload to other platforms. This makes it easy for interested viewers to check out more of your content.

– Verbally mention your Rumble channel – Briefly mention your Rumble profile name verbally within the first few seconds of your YouTube, Facebook Watch etc. videos. This raises awareness.

– Use end cards and annotations – End screens, annotations and cards allow you to add clickable overlays and links to your Rumble profile or videos. These drive traffic from other platforms to Rumble.

– Share previews on social media – Post short 10-15 seconds preview clips from your Rumble videos on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. to pique interest and add Rumble link.

– Cross-post selectively – Don't simply repost all Rumble videos. Evaluate performance data and only cross-post your best and most popular content with relevant audiences. 

– Collaborate with influencers – Get influencers in similar niches to help promote your Rumble content to their followers on other platforms for greater reach.

– Participate in forums – Share your Rumble videos where relevant in topical forums and communities on YouTube, Reddit, Quora etc. Follow rules and don't spam.

– Run targeted ads – Consider running low-budget but hyper-targeted ads on Facebook/Instagram to get your Rumble content in front of interested users.

– Analyze metrics – Track clicks, traffic sources, watch time etc. to know which cross-promotion efforts work best for optimizing strategy.

– Promote consistently – Cross-promotion works best when done periodically and consistently. Don't just do a one-off burst. Build momentum over time.

The key is providing value to audiences on each platform while strategically leveraging cross-promotion opportunities to drive traffic and earnings from your Rumble channel.

Ready to Try Earning from Rumble?

Rumble provides a vibrant and engaged community with multiple avenues for monetization even if you don’t create your own videos.

If you’re looking for a platform that rewards creativity, curation and community engagement, it’s worth giving Rumble a try. 

Sign up for an account for free and start exploring different ways to share content, build your niche and earn from promotions. 

With persistence and consistent effort, Rumble can become a steady income source. So tap into this opportunity and start monetizing without complex video production.

The future of video platforms is wide open. Become an early user, learn the ropes, and position yourself for long-term rewards.

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