Twitter Business Tips: 8 Excellent Tips to Make An Effective Brand Profile Or Twitter Business Account

8 Excellent Tips to Make An Effective Brand Profile Or Twitter Business Account
8 Excellent Tips to Make An Effective Brand Profile Or Twitter Business Account

Want to get the best out of Twitter? Check out these little yet meaningful Twitter Business Tips to make your brand a star on the social platform.

There are over 350,000 tweets posted per minute and more than 330 million monthly users.

Do you know who’s out there in that solid, engaged audience?

Your possible customer and clients. 

If they’re on Twitter, your brand or business should be, too.

It’s not only clients and customers that are active on Twitter.

Journalists, influencers, and bloggers who are looking for brands, company story ideas, and fans are also active on Twitter – and when they go searching for something in your vertical, you want to be certain that your business displays.

And let’s not forget our ardent consumers who go to Twitter to voice their complaints, concerns, and opinions – if an interaction starts about your brand, you want to watch it, steer and participate in it.

There’s no dispute that you should be on Twitter, and the first step to succeeding at Twitter is bringing on a solid-rock Twitter profile.

Discover eight tips to make an effective Twitter business or brand Your Twitter profile below:

1. Craft Your Twitter Details with Care:

8 Excellent Tips to Make An Effective Brand Profile Or Twitter Business Account
8 Excellent Tips to Make An Effective Brand Profile Or Twitter Business Account

Your Twitter details are the opportunity for you to go into Twitter’s search engine and the visits to your profile with not more than 160 characters or less. Use the most appropriate hashtags and keywords.

When you consider which hashtags to use have in your mind, remember that the hashtags you use in your details will be clickable and could be a distraction from your details also.

If someone clicks through the hashtag be aware that you are not taking them to your competitors if you use an industry hashtag.

2. Upload The Right and Proper Profile Picture:

Always upload a photo to your Twitter profile.

Brands and businesses should use a version of their logo that recognize and represent your brand easily.

If your logo doesn’t display well or it has much text in the small square for your profile picture, consider doing a secondary logo that will fit Twitter and other social media profile pictures.

Think about the image size, color, and how it will appear from a mobile device as well.

Twitter supports GIF, JPEG, and PNG file formats, and will accept profile pictures up to 2 MB.  400×400 pixels is Twitter’s suggested file size.

3. Upload a Header Picture:

8 Excellent Tips to Make An Effective Brand Profile Or Twitter Business Account
8 Excellent Tips to Make An Effective Brand Profile Or Twitter Business Account

Compare your header picture to a magazine cover.

Change it continually and use the space to display your brand.

You have 1500×1500 pixels, so there’s more room to play with compared to your profile picture!

Below are a few ideas of what you put forward in your header photo:

  • A new product
  • Top-selling products
  • Your business at a trade show
  • A special business even
  • A launch book
  • A picture of your team

Whichever picture you choose, be sure to enhance all images by saving the picture file name with your brand keywords to increase your opportunity of being found in a picture search.

This point applies to your profile picture, as well!

4. Refer People To a Particular Page On Your Site:

This is where you can go beyond the typical home page link.

Imagine some specific pages you would like to send your Twitter followers.

Since many bloggers and journalists use Twitter to start their stories, you could link to your company blog or newsroom.

On the other hand, you could use the link to refer your followers to subscribe to your email list, download a free guide, sign up for a webinar, or any other needed conversion you might have in mind.

5. Location Must Be Added To Your Twitter Profile:

If you’re a local business, complete the location part of your Twitter profile.

Twitter’s algorithm can match your content this way with other locally based audience prospects.

6. It Is Necessary That Your Tweets Aren’t Protected:

This might look somehow, but it still needs to be said. Make sure your tweets are public.

In the Safety and Privacy section within your settings, ensure the box next to Tweet Privacy is unchecked.

Businesses and brands’ Tweets should be public so that users can see them easily.

7. Set Up Your Inbox On Twitter for Direct Messages:

If you really want to see your brand more reachable and also enhance your accessibility on Twitter, turn off the privacy of your direct messages.

This is how you do this!

On your Twitter setting page, click on the Privacy and Safety area on your Twitter settings page.

> Scroll down the page

> open the direct message option, and check “Receive Direct Messages from anyone.”

8. Pin a Tweet To Your Twitter Profile:

If your cover picture on Twitter looks like a magazine cover, your featured story should be the pinned tweet.

To pin a Tweet to the top of your profile is often missed, yet its enhancing feature is valuable where you can display your content.

Have a well thought plan when you pin tweets by including strong visuals, relevant keywords, strategic hashtags, a clear call to action, and a link back to your site or blog for more elaborate information.

Have in mind that when new users open your profile, the first thing they will see is the pinned tweet in your Twitter stream.

Make it presentable!

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