Uhive review: A 'metaverse' and social media app that pays you for using it!. Get Paid Using a Secure Social Media Platform.

I came across this wonderful app called UHive recently. So I am going to briefly write a UHive Review in summary here for you.

From the few hours I have been using Uhive, it's a surprisingly nice social media and Metaverse app in one place. And Like every other social media app, it's just an entertaining way to have fun online by discovering new content.


The difference it has to other apps is there are no ads, and you will be earning Uhive Tokens from using the application and interacting with it. In this App, anyone can create a ‘Space'(a page to post content such as video, audio and images to). You can also use ‘The Oasis', a 3D map, to discover other spaces and find new content. This app also has an NFT marketplace where you can upload your content such as images and videos as NFT and make money selling them.

If you download and join Uhive, you'll immediately get 500 Uhive Tokens. If you use this link (or code PP4M9E) to register on the app, you will get 200 UHive tokens more. Meanwhile, The 700 Uhive tokens you get free are worth about $1.70 for now.


I have already reached over 100 more tokens from just playing around in the app, but you can probably accumulate way more tokens than that if you actually create a popular ‘space'. I believe there is still a ton of opportunity to do so on this app.

You can also flawlessly purchase more tokens instantly from the app using Google Pay and PayPal. I have actually done that as an investment into the future. You can also stake the tokens for up to 40% APY. Meanwhile, The max supply of these Uhive tokens is limited, so there is no unlimited inflation at all.

Would love to hear opinions about this app!

Earn Money Using a Secure Social Media Platform

Uhive brings a brand new social media adventure to users across the globe, even though the concept of a social media medium where users get paid for just spending time on, and creating content on social media has been in circulation for quite some time, this is the first time ever I am seeing it been conducted so competently with much excellence.

The success of any platform depends on the number of users that the platform can acquire. However, in this case, this MetaVerse platform has shown incredible momentum till now. It is still in the beta stage But it has already surpassed more than 300,000 users that have posted over 4 million posts. I highly recommend that you try this platform at least once and see things yourself.

uhive review uhive token price

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND SIGN UP FOR UHIVE ( or use this code PP4M9E to register on the app and you will get 200 tokens)

What is the Concept of the Uhive Token?

The Token is a utility token based on ERC-20 Ethereum blockchain, limited in supply and will be utilized in the social network. The token was developed under five years of research and is intended to be the foundation of a fully- sustained economy on the social network.

This platform is building a comprehensive social network with infinite possibilities for the user, and the token would eventually become the method for exchanging services or buying goods.

During the early stages of Uhive, tokens can be purchased directly from the app and the online account, the tokens will be stored and managed in the internal wallet within the app.

Uhive Token Usage

  • Buy and reserve spaces. (Learn more)
  • Buy attraction for your space.
  • Get paid a share of the revenue your space/s generate.
  • Advertise.
  • Get special effects.
  • Subscribe to certain Free World spaces.
  • Allow businesses to sell using Uhive Token.
  • Buy merchandise (in the future).

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND SIGN UP FOR UHIVE ( or use this code PP4M9E to register on the app and you will get 200 tokens)

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